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Zetaz is an imp encountered by the player upon first entering the demon realm. Described as 'completely naked, an improbably sized pulsing red cock hanging between his spindly legs', he drugs the player with a Lust Draft and is surprised when they manage to resist. After the player pummels him, he flees swearing revenge.

He is later encountered in the Deep Cave, found in the Deepwoods, and he is the last mandatory encounter in that dungeon. As a boss fight, Zetaz is quite challenging; he wields a far improved version of the Arouse spell, which means that PCs with high Libido are almost certain to lose against him (Bad End). He also possesses the ability to Blind the player, and uses a telekinetic attack to buffet them for health damage.

Level: 12

HP: 520



Zetaz asks, "Do you even realize how badly you fucked up my life, 'human'? No, of course not. That's the kind of attitude I'd expect from one of you!"

"I lost my post! And when you blew up the factory? I barely escaped with my life! You ruined EVERYTHING!" screams Zetaz.

Zetaz snarls, "Do you know how hard it is to hide from Lethice? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA!? I've had to live in this fetid excuse for a jungle, and just when I found some friends and made it livable, you show up and DESTROY EVERYTHING!"

Zetaz explains, "I won't let you go. I'm going to break you."

"Would it have been that bad to go along with me? You've seen the factory. We would've kept you fed, warm, and provided you with limitless pleasure. You would've tasted heaven and served a greater purpose. It's not too late. If you come willingly I can make sure they find a good machine to milk you with," offers the imp lord.

"Why won't you fall?" questions Zetaz incredulously.

The imp lord suggests, "If you give up and let me fuck your ass maybe I'll let you go."

Zetaz pants, "Just give up! I'm nothing like the weakling you met so long ago! I've been through hell to get here and I'm not giving it up just because you've shown up to destroy my hard work!"

He glares at you silently.