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Please Note: Some of the information may be inaccurate or incomplete. More information will be added as it is discovered.

"You, like, totally want some dick to suck! -You"


This small bottle of liqueur is labelled 'Bimbo Liqueur'. There's a HUGE warning label about the effects being strong and usually being permanent, so you should handle this with care.


Bimbo Liqueur is a consumable item, a female counterpart of Bro Brew. It is also a transformation item reducing the player to a ditzy platinum blonde bimbo, this item is irreversible unless a De-Bimbo potion is taken.

Obtained from

  • Kid A can drop it as one of their daily gifts at 51–75 XP and 100 XP with a 1% chance.
  • If the player brings 5 bottles of Bimbo Champagne to Sean, he can distill them into one dose of Bimbo Liqueur. This costs 500 gems, and requires the player to come back one day later to receive the finished product.
  • Can be obtained from Oswald in the pawn shop very very VERY rarely for 2000 gems (After seeing it once and scrounging up the money i went through about 120 days of checking with no success)
  • Can be obtained as loot from enemies (unknown probability)


Stat changes

  • Strength decreases by 35 if higher than 90, by 25 if higher than 70, by 15 if higher than 50, by 5 if lower than 50
  • Intelligence decreases is set to 21 and decreased by 1
  • Libido increases by 4
  • Sensitivity increases by 45
  • Lust is set to minimum of 40 because of Bimbo Body


  • [Any hair or fur] Hair becomes platinum blonde
  • [Penis] You no longer have a penis!
  • [Balls] Your balls recede into your body, leaving nothing behind
  • [No vagina] You grow a new virgin vagina with a clit length of .25 and a wetness of slick
  • [Vagina] Sets wetness to slick if it's lower than that.
  • Increases your breast size by 4 to 9 cup sizes
  • [Hip size <12] Increases hip size to 12
  • [Butt size <12] Increases butt size to 12
  • Tone is set to 0
  • Femininity is set to 100


Gain “Bimbo Body” perk (Unlocks the Bimbo Tease special attack)

Gain “Bimbo Brains” perk (Intelligence gains are reduced by 50% and intelligence losses are increased by 100%) (Unlocks bimbo versions of some scenes)


  • Whenever breast size goes below DD they regrow to DD size and you lose 1 intelligence and gain 15 lust.
  • Whenever hip size goes below 12 it regrows to 12 and you lose 1 intelligence.
  • Whenever butt size goes below 12 it regrows to 12 and you lose 1 intelligence and gain 10 lust.
  • If the character's vagina is ever lost while having the Bimbo Body perk, it will regrow
  • It is possible to reverse the Bimbo Brain perk though not the Bimbo Body perk.
  • Drinking Bimbo Liqueur and having both Bimbo perks allows you to obtain the ‘Futa Faculties’ and ‘Futa Form’ perks if Bro Brew is also consumed.

Bro Brew

When taken after Bro Brew these effects occur instead.

  • [Tallness <77] Increase player tallness to 77 if lower than that
  • [Breast size < E-cup] Increases cup size to E if lower than that
  • [No vagina]] Grows vagina and sets hip and but size to 12 if lower than that.
  • [Feminity < 80] Sets femininity to 80
  • [Intelligence >35] Sets intelligence to 35 and decreases it by 0.1
  • [Libido < 50] Sets libido to 50 and increases it by 0.1

Other Uses

Jojo - If you have a Bimbo Liqueur In your stash you will have the option to change Jojo to Joy.

Sophie - If a player fights and defeats Sophie whilst having a bottle of Bimbo Liqueur in their possession, they are given the option to force-feed it to her.

Niamh - After becoming her "favorite customer," if you give her a Bimbo Liqueur, she will undergo a transformation and be kicked out of Tel'Adre. Following an encounter in the plains, she will be available here at all hours.

Rubi - Giving Rubi Bimbo Liqueur causes him to become a female, also turning the now female Rubi into a constantly horny bimbo

Ceraph - If the PC has Bimbo Liqueur, she will offer to remove all of the PC's fetishes in exchange for the Bimbo Liqueur.


  • Bimbo Liqueur does not remove any transformations caused by item use apart those listed above.
  • Hummus does not reverse the effects of Bimbo Liqueur.
  • PCs who drink Bimbo Liqueur have a slightly modified defeat scene against Imps.

In-Game Descriptions

On Consumption

You pop the cork from the flask and are immediately assaulted by a cloying, spiced scent that paints visions of a slutty slave-girl’s slightly-spread folds. Wow, this is some potent stuff! Well, you knew what you were getting into when you found this bottle! You open wide and guzzle it down, feeling the fire of alcohol burning a path to your belly. The burning quickly fades to a pleasant warmth that makes you light-headed and giggly.

You grab a lock of the silken strands and watch open-mouthed while streaks so blonde they’re almost white flow down the purple hair. It goes faster and faster until your hair has changed into perfectly bimbo-blonde, flowing locks.

Moaning lewdly, you begin to sway your hips from side to side, putting on a show for anyone who might manage to see you. You just feel so... sexy. Too sexy to hide it. Your body aches to show itself and feel the gaze of someone, anyone upon it. Mmmm, it makes you so wet! You sink your fingers into your now sloppy, wet cunt with a groan of satisfaction.

Another bubbly giggle bursts from your lips, which you then lick hungrily. You, like, totally want some dick to suck! Wow, that came out of left field. You shake your head and try to clear the unexpected, like, words from your head but it’s getting kind of hard. Omigosh, you feel kind of like a dumb bimbo after, like, drinking that weird booze. Oh, well, it doesn’t matter anyhow – you can, like, still stop the demons and stuff. You’ll just have to show off your sexy bod until they’re offering to serve you.

You sigh and run one hand over your over-sized cherry-like nubs, surprised at how large and rounded your expanding breasts have become while fresh tit-flesh continues to spill out around your needy fingers. They feel so supple and soft, but when you let them go, they still sit fairly high and firm on your chest. The newer, more generous, big F-cup cleavage has you moaning with how sensitive it is, pinching a nipple with one hand while the other toys with the juicy entrance of your folds. Mmmm, it, like, feels too good not to touch yourself, and after being worried about getting all dumb and stuff, you need to relax. Thinking is hard, but sex is so easy and, like, natural! You lean back and start grunting as you plunge four fingers inside yourself, plowing your twat like no tomorrow. By now, your miniature button is throbbing, and you give it an experimental caress that makes your legs give out as you cum, splattering female fluids as you convulse nervelessly on the ground.

Though the orgasm is intense, you recover a few moments later feeling refreshed, but still hot and horny. Maybe you could find a partner to fuck? After all, sex is, like, better with a partner or two. Or that number after two. You brush a lengthy, platinum blonde strand of hair out of your eyes and lick your lips - you’re ready to have some fun!

As you start to walk off in search of a sexual partner, you feel your center of balance shifting. Your ass and hips inflate suddenly, forcing you to adopt a slow, swaying gait. You find that rolling your hips back and forth comes naturally to you. You make sure to squeeze your butt-muscles and make your curvy tush jiggle as you go.

Like, weirdest of all, your muscles seem to be vanishing! Before your eyes, all muscle tone vanishes, leaving your body soft and gently curvy. You poke yourself and giggle! Everyone’s totally going to want to, like, rub up against you at every opportunity. Your thighs are so soft you bet you could squeeze a pair of dicks to orgasm without even touching your moist cunny. It does get a bit harder to carry yourself around with your diminished strength, but that’s, like, what big strong hunks are for anyways! You can just flirt until one of them volunteers to help out or something! Besides, you don’t need to be strong to jerk off cocks or finger slutty pussies!

(Bimbo Body - Perk Gained!)

(Bimbo Brains - Perk Gained!)