Bimbo Champagne

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Bimbo Champagne


Bimbo Champagne: A bottle of bimbo champagne.


Obtained from Niamh when bimbod and in the bizarre bazaar.


Requirements for the change to happen are between Brackets [] in the beginning of the line. No [] means no requirements.

As long as you're not drunk from bimbo champagne these effects happen

  • [Breasts smaller than DD cup] Increases breast size to DD cup
  • [No vagina] Grow a vagina
  • [Butt >12] Increases butt size to 12 and if hip is less than 10 it increases hips to 10 as well
  • speed decreases by 10, increases libido by 1 and lust by 25

If you are drunk from bimbo champagne

  • Decreases speed by 2, increases libido by 1 and lust by 10

Once the effect of bimbo champagne wears off, all changes are reverted by the amount they got changed when you drunk bimbo champagne except for hip rating

Other Uses

Sean can brew Bimbo Liqueur from 5 bimbo champagne.

Can be given to Pastie on valentine's day to have sex with her.

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