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Players in Corruption of Champions can collect and use various items which could have either a good or bad effect on their character. Items can be equipped to give a character an advantage, magically enhanced by either the player or certain NPCs, combined together to creating a new item, or consumed to alter a character's stats and physical appearance. However, caution and a certain amount of moderation should be taken by the player when giving their character certain food items and potions. Sometimes, their effects are good or otherwise neutral. Other times, however...

A character will start out with 3 inventory slots, which can be increased as the character levels up. The number of inventory slots are increased when the player chooses the "Strong Back" and "Strong Back 2: Strong Harder" perks.

Each individual item requires its own inventory slot, in which a stack of up to 5 of the same item can be made. More than 5 of an item can still be carried, but an extra inventory slot will be required to hold it. (Example: If a character has a stack of 5 Canine Peppers in its inventory and you are given another by Whitney, the sixth Canine Pepper must be placed in another available slot.) When there are no inventory spaces available for an obtained item to be placed, the player is given 3 options:

  1. Drop the item
  2. Use the item now, or
  3. Replace the contents of a filled inventory slot with it and discard the slot's former contents.

Certain items, when equipped, are taken out of the character's inventory slot and listed on the inventory screen; weapons/armor, clothing, certain books, and sex toys are among the list of equip-able items. Key Items will not take up any inventory space and are immediately listed on the inventory screen.

A Chest can be found by the player, which allows the storage of 6 extra Item stacks at the Hero's camp site. This chest can be located in the Desert area.

Some items may be exchangeable for gems at the Pawnshop in Tel'Adre or at the Bizarre Bazaar's junk seller which will help the champion in managing the character's items and earn it money.

This is a list of items which can currently be picked up by the player from around Mareth. They are categorized into different sections: Consumable Items, Weapons, Armor & Clothing, Magical Books, Camp Upgrades, and Key Items. This list is subject to change as the game is updated.

Equipped Weapons and Armor, Books purchased from Giacomo, and Sex Toys are "Key Items" and will not use an inventory slot, they will instead be listed on the inventory screen.

Consumable Items

"You don't have to put everything you find in your mouth, you know."

Crafting Materials

"Let me show you the different lengths of string I used,"

Rare Items

Not to be used lightly.

Transformation Items

There are various methods of transformation that mostly include consuming various items.

Items enhanced by Lumi

-The DM notes that the current door event is a placeholder. As the event for finding the door suggests, her lab is actually inside the Fetish Cathedral, and you'll only be able to get to her through the cathedral once it has been added.

Items purified Rathazul

"Good news everybody."

Items sold by Giacomo

"I'm-a practically cutting my own throat here!"



  • Dangerous Plants - when the character would encounter the tentacle beast in the forest, there is a chance that they will detect the beast first and have the option to avoid the encounter. This chance is dependant on the character's intelligence.
  • Hentai Comic - provides an alternative scene in the factory.
  • Traveler's Guide - together with the plant guide may allow the champion to skip certain encounters.
  • Yoga Guide - unlocks scenes with Cotton for Naga or centaur characters.

Sex Toys

For Males & Herms

For Females & Herms

For Herms Only


Most weapons must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one weapon at a time may be listed as Equipped.


Several different weapons sold by the Weaponsmith in Tel'Adre.

Armors & Clothing

All worn items must be Equipped out of Inventory to be of any use. Only one worn item at a time may be listed as Equipped.


Several different armors sold by the Blacksmith in Tel'Adre.


Several different outfits sold by the Tailor in Tel'Adre.

Greta's Garments

Several different wearable items sold by Greta's Garments in Bizarre Bazaar

Magical Books

Alternative to book gathering continues to be Dominika

Camp Upgrades

"The portal shimmers in the background as it always does, looking menacing and reminding you of why you came."

  • Armor Rackcan be found to store 9 armor items at camp.
  • Chest can be found which allow storage of 6 extra Item stacks at the hero's camp.
  • Thorn Canopy can be grown to protect the residents of the camp from nightly raids.
  • Weapon Rack can be found to store 9 weapon items at camp.

Key Items

All key items are worn outside of inventory system and as such can't be dropped - only used at the appropriate time

The Key Items List have been moved to a separate page.