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Whisker Fruit is a cat transformation item. It can be obtained by exploring the Lake: 1/12 chance by default; 1/10 if the character is level 1 or if Rathazul is in the camp; 1/8 if character is level 1 and Rathazul is in the camp. Chance is lowered to 40% of usual if the player has not yet discovered Farm as a place. It can also be obtained by fighting Akbal (3/10).

Description: This small, peach-sized fruit has tiny whisker-like protrusions growing from the sides.

Lake: You find an odd, fruit-bearing tree growing near the lake shore. One of the fruits has fallen on the ground in front of you. You pick it up.


Stat changes

  • (Speed<75) Speed increases
  • (Strength<40) Strength increases
  • (Strength>60) Strength decreases
  • (Toughness>50) Toughness decreases
  • Intelligence decreases
  • (Libido<80) Libido and sensitivity increase


  • (Non-feline penis) First non-feline penis becomes feline
    • Grows sheath if not present
  • (Feline penis longer than 6") All feline penises longer than 6" shrink
  • (Non-feline ears) Ears become feline
  • (Non-feline tail, feline ears) Tail becomes feline
  • (Feline tail and ears, non-feline lower body) Lower body becomes feline ("cat paws")
  • (Feline tail, ears, and lower body, no fur) Body becomes covered with fur
  • (Feline tail, ears, and lower body, fur) Face becomes feline
  • (Gills) Gills are removed


  • (Vagina, not pregnant) Go into heat/heat prolongs
  • (Vagina, breasts larger than D-cups) Breasts shrink
  • (No vagina, breasts larger than B-cups) Breasts shrink
  • Restores HP, raises Lust if no other effect occurred.
  • Thickness decreases up to 5
  • Tone increases up to 76
  • (Male or genderless) Femininity increases up to 85

Other Uses

Can be given to Katherine to change her cock to a cat cock, or to re-fur her


A Champion that has cat ears, tail, and paws may acquire a new perk, Flexibility.

On acquisition of Flexibility perk, a Champion can select the 'Lick' option when masturbating. The first time this is used, the Champion has a slightly different 'discovery' text. Afterwards, it is repeated as standard. Upon losing the Flexibility perk the 'lick' option remains, but the text implies you are no longer flexible enough to preform the action so you stop. It will raise lust slightly.

Item Code: W.Fruit

Transformation Items Table, Transformative Items