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The Lake is a location that the champion can explore. It is always the second location the champion discovers while exploring.

At first there are no combat scenes by the Lake, only items to find, friendly NPCs to meet and Places to discover. This makes it an ideal as the first place for explore for a new player. Hostile encounters start to appear once the player reaches level 2 and more are added as the game progresses. Even so, the Lake always remains a relatively low-level location.

Possible Encounters


  • Town Ruins - You find an overgrown hidden pathway. Following it takes you to the Town Ruins which are than added to the places menu.
  • The Lake Boat - Allowing you to explore the interior of the lake, not just the shore. The boat is added as a place once it's been found.


  • Beautiful Sword - a sword stuck in a tree. If the character has overloaded the factory, the tree will be broken and useless.
  • Whisker Fruit - You find an odd fruit-bearing tree and pick up a fruit that has fallen on the ground.
  • The character finds a vial of equinum.


  • Ponies - A Yearly Event encounter. Only occurs on April Fool's Day and only if the player is a centaur.
  • Lights. Only appears if the character is pregnant with eggs. Choosing a colour determines what colour eggs the character is pregnant with.
  • The walk around the lake lets the character's mind wander. Characters with corruption > 30, lust > 60, or libido > 40 will have their lust increased, while other characters will gain 1 point of intelligence.
  • The character encounter a scene where several Green Slimes are gang-raping a Goo-Girl, slightly raise Lust.
  • The character takes a quick walk around the lake. If their speed is below 50, it is increased by 0.75.


  • Izma the tiger shark girl. Appears every 8th exploration of the lake, and only if the character has met a shark-girl before.
  • Whitney at work on her farm. She gives the character a canine pepper, and after three encounters the farm is unlocked as a place and can no longer be encountered while exploring.
  • Rathazul - A rat-morph alchemist. After purchasing 3 items from Rathazul he will offer to move to the champion's camp, becoming a follower.
  • Callu - A friendly otter-morph who only wants to fish and fuck.
  • Venus - Players over level 5 can encounter this turtle-girl.


  • Green slime. A goo-boy that attacks on sight. Characters with intelligence < 25, speed < 30 and strength < 40 will be caught unaware and start the fight with +10 lust. Green slimes can only be encountered by characters who are level 2 or higher.
  • Goo-Girl. A curious goo that takes on the appearance of a female, found in the lake. Encounter rates are affected by a PCs actions in the factory.
  • Fetish cultist. A female member of the Followers of the Fetish who attacks on sight. Fetish cultists can only be encountered by characters who are level 2 or higher and have defeated the Factory Dungeon.