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Equinum is a horse transformative item. It can be obtained by exploring the Lake: 1/12 chance by default; 1/10 if the character is level 1 or if Rathazul is in the camp; 1/8 if character is level 1 and Rathazul is in the camp.

Lake: You find a long and oddly flared vial half-buried in the sand. Written across the middle band of the vial is a single word, 'Equinum'

Description: This is a long flared vial with a small label that reads, "Equinum". It is likely this potion is tied to horses in some way.


Stat changes

  • (Strength<60) Strength increases
  • (Toughness<75) Toughness increases
  • (Intelligence>5) Intelligence decreases


  • (Feathery or chitinous arms) Arms become normal
  • (Feathery hair) Hair becomes normal
  • (Has a penis that's not horse or demon) Penis becomes horse
  • (Lower body of a minotaur) Lower body becomes centaur
    • Also raises speed
  • (Quad eyes) Eyes become normal
  • (Fur, horse ears, non-horse face) Face becomes horse-like
  • (No fur, horse tail) Grows fur
  • (Ears are non-horse, horse tail) Ears become horse
  • (Tail is not horse) Tail becomes horse
  • (Gills) Removes gills


  • (All penises are horse or demon) Increases length of a shortest penis
  • (Horse penis) Increases width of a thinnest horse penis
  • (Horse penis, no testicles) Grows a pair of testicles
  • (Horse penis, testicles<4?) Testicles become larger
  • (Vagina gaping or tighter) Vagina becomes looser
  • (Dry vagina) Vagina becomes moister
  • (Female or herm) Character goes into heat/heat extends
  • (D-cup breasts or larger) All D-cup or larger breasts shrink
  • (Tone<60) Increases tone by 1.
  • If no other effect occurred, heals the player and increases lust slightly.

Bad End

Bad End may occur if character with fur, horse face, horse tail, and non-minotaur legs drinks large amounts of potion. First stage: While you drink the tasty potion, you realize how horse-like you already are, and wonder what else the potion could possibly change... Second stage: You feel a creeping chill down your back as your entire body shivers, as if rejecting something foreign. Maybe you ought to cut back on the horse potions. Third stage: You wonder how many more of these you can drink before you become a horse... At the third stage, player may randomly get a bad end.

Other Uses

Equinum can be used by a fluid-dependent player to get liquid.


Amily may tell the character about Equinum if it's brought to her:

  • Pure Amily: "That's a distillation of horse essence, I think." Amily says. "I guess it would probably make you stronger and tougher... but horses aren't smart, and it might be too strong for a human to handle without changing them." She warns you.
  • Corrupt Amily: "That's a distillation of horse essence, I think," Amily says. "It would probably make you stronger and tougher... Perhaps it could also give you a horse cock. Or perhaps give you a pussy as wet as mine," she giggles. "Whatever happens, could you come test it on me?" she asks seductively.

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