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The Town Ruins is a run down town (or village - in-game descriptions differ) near the Lake. Originally populated by mouse-morphs, it was totally annihilated by demonic forces and is now all but abandoned.

Finding the Town Ruins

The Town Ruins is first encountered while exploring around the Lake. At one of your early visits to the Lake you stumble across a pathway and you are asked if you want to follow it. If you choose no, you go back to camp but the scene reoccurs frequently during later explorations around the Lake until you decide to follow the pathway. Once you have followed the pathway and discovered the Town Ruins, it will appear as a Place and can be visited directly.


  • Amily - the only survivor of the town's original population (or so she believes).
  • Shouldra - a ghost girl.

Both can be recruited by the PC - Amily as a lover or slave, Shouldra as a follower. If both have been recruited, the Town Ruins are left empty. It can still be visited but there is no longer anything to gain or loose by doing so.

Jojo was also originally from the mouse village but fled when the demons attacked and never returned, believing everybody else had been killed. It is quite a shock both for him and Amily if/when they are reunited at the Campsite.

Items Found

Two key items are found in the Town Ruins, the Weapon Rack and the Armor Rack. When found, they are automatically transferred to the camp, adding nine storage slots for weapons and armor/clothing respectively.


Meet Amily

Several different scenes, depending on your relationship with her. See the Amily page for details.

Meet Shouldra

Several different scenes, depending on your relationship with her and whether you have found the two item rack or not. See the Shouldra page for details.

Find an item rack

You find either the Weapon Rack or the Armor Rack and takes it home to camp. This scene happens only twice, once for each rack.

Empty ruins

You find the ruins empty. This scene only occurs if Amily is a follower. It always occurs if both Amily and Shouldra are followers and you have found both item racks.

Haunted ruins

You find nobody but have a sneaking feeling of being watched. This scene occurs if you have met Amily while having a Corruption level higher than 21, causing her to go into hiding. It stops occurring if you corrupt Amily and bring her to camp as a slave.


Amily tells about her home village in two of her talk scenes:

Life in the old mouse village

"Life in the village, huh? It was so many years ago... and yet, I can remember it almost like it was yesterday. The demons had already been around for a few years by the time I remember - I think I was born maybe shortly after they first appeared, I haven't celebrated my Day of First Breath in so long I don't really know how old I am. We had walls to protect the village, and guards, but we never really believed that we would ever have to fight. We were a peaceful, quiet little village; we had nothing of real monetary worth, we thought we would be safe, that the demons would just ignore us. We fished in the lake, went swimming and sailed boats to amuse ourselves, we gathered fruits and nuts and berries and mushrooms from the forest, we hunted birds and small game for meat."

She sighs softly. "We were fools... but we were so happy, can we be blamed for being fools? Life wasn't perfect, the hunters often had to hunt imps, but they never invaded our streets, and so we thought we were safe. We quarreled and made up, we laughed and loved and lived... It was such a wonderful time."

The fall of the mouse village

Hesitantly, you ask her what happened to cause her village to fall. Why is she the only survivor?

Amily looks shocked, and then sad. "I knew you would ask this, eventually," she murmurs. Her gaze unfocuses itself, memories she evidently would rather not recall coming flooding back. "It was the evening of the annual autumn festival. We were all in the town square, celebrating the end of another year and our success in stockpiling food to see us through the winter. That was when they came... a horde of them, spilling over the walls, smashing through the gates. We had no sentries up... we had no forewarning. We didn't know they were there until the screaming started."

You realize she's starting to shiver.

"There were so many of them... so horrible. Imps by the dozens, the hundreds, succubi, incubi, creatures I can't even name. Twisted forms, all blurring into each other..."

You place a hand on her shoulder, trying to draw her back into the real world. She stops shaking and continues, calmer.

"We had no weapons - we hadn't been well armed even before, and who took spears and daggers to a festival? It was pandemonium - we scattered in all directions like brainless animals. The demons just had to pick us off. Some tried to fight, but they were quickly overwhelmed - beaten down by superior force. Some of us must have gone mad from the corruption boiling off of them, because they just gave up and let the demons have them. I... I saw this one boy, he couldn't have been more then a year or two older than me. I could only watch as he just opened his arms and looked up blissfully at this monster with a human woman's face, cat ears, six pairs of big, milk-seeping breasts and a horse's cock as long as she was tall. She grabbed him, and forcefed him that huge dick - rammed down his throat and he just swallowed it and swallowed it, looking delighted as she pushed him to the limit."

"You can't imagine what it was like. Things flapping through the darkness, twisted shapes springing out of the gloom, the stink of blood, urine, milk and cum, screaming, laughing, roaring, howling... I don't know how the fire started, it could have been any of a dozen reasons. All I knew, when it was over, and I dared creep back into the ruins of what had been my home... I was the only one left."

In Game Descriptions

See the articles about Amily and Shouldra for descriptions of encounters with them.

Finding the Town Ruins by the Lake

As you roam the shores of the lake, you find your footsteps echoing as though you were stepping on wood rather than squishing in the sandy mud of the shore. Curious, you squat down and brush the soil away, revealing the rotting form of a wooden plank. Looking carefully at the ground underfoot, you realize that it is part of a pathway – the kind that villages make to provide easier access to and from muddy rivers, lakes and beaches. You believe you can make out the rest of the path clearly enough to follow it to its end.

Do you follow the pathway?

Choosing not to follow the pathway

Standing up, you turn and walk away. You presume from the state of the pathway that the village at the other end must either be in dire straits, abandoned, or overwhelmed by demons. In other words, it's no safe place for a traveler like you.

Choosing to follow the pathway

You follow the overgrown path inland, away from the shore of the lake. You pass through thick trees, struggling not to lose the path, before finally reaching what is clearly the end. In front of you lie crumbling walls, broken and scattered by the wind and rain... and by other forces entirely. Beyond them are houses that have been torn apart, burned or collapsed. This was clearly once a village, but it was devastated at some point in the past. Demon attack is the first possibility that leaps into your mind. You examine the ruins for a time, and then decide to head back to camp. You don't think it would be wise to investigate here without preparing first.

("TownRuins" added to Places menu.)

Finding the Armor Rack

While picking through the ruined houses and abandoned structures of this dilapidated village, you manage to find something useful! There's an intact but empty armor rack here. It looks like it could hold nine different armors. You check it over and spot an easy way to fold it up for transport. This would be a fine addition to your camp, so you pack it up and haul it back.

Finding the Weapon Rack

While picking through the ruined houses and abandoned structures of this dilapidated village, you manage to find something useful! There's an intact but empty weapon rack here. It looks like it could hold nine different weapons. You check it over and spot an easy way to fold it up for transport. This would be a fine addition to your camp, so you pack it up and haul it back.

Empty town ruins

You enter the ruined village cautiously. There are burnt-down houses, smashed-in doorways, ripped-off roofs… everything is covered with dust and grime. You explore for an hour, but you cannot find any sign of another living being, or anything of value. The occasional footprint from an imp or a goblin turns up in the dirt, but you don't see any of the creatures themselves. It looks like time and passing demons have stripped the place bare since it was originally abandoned. Finally, you give up and leave. You feel much easier when you're outside of the village.