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Snake Oil is a Naga transformation item. It can be obtained by fighting Naga (4/10).

Description: A vial the size of your fist made of dark brown glass. It contains what appears to be an oily, yellowish liquid. The odor is abominable.


Stat changes

  • (Speed<70) Speed increases


  • (Wings or fin) Wings/fin is removed
  • (Antennae) Antennae are removed
  • (Non-snake tongue) Tongue becomes snake-like
  • (Snake tongue, non-snake face) Face becomes snake; unlocks bite (snake fangs) special attack
  • (Snake face, non-Naga lower body) Lower body becomes Naga-like; unlocks constrict special attack
  • (Gills) Gills are removed

Other uses

Snake oil can be used by fluid-dependent player to satisfy their thirst.


  • Characters with a Naga lower body and an additional tail will have their additional tail merge into the Naga lower body when time next passes.
  • The Naga in the desert will be friendly with characters who also possess a Naga tail, and the usual combat encounters are replaced with sex scenes. This means that snake oil will be unobtainable until the champion loses their Naga tail.
  • A snake tongue is a necessary condition to acquire a demon tongue.
  • Usually the oil will have no effect, with the champion unsurprised since 'snake oil' is slang for 'placebo' or 'useless/ineffective medicine.'

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