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In combat, the player has the opportunity to use special attacks on their opponent. These attacks are divided into physical and mental/supernatural, and are accessed via P. Specials and M. Specials menus, and affect the target in a variety of ways. Most special attack increase fatigue when used, and cannot be used if using it would push the character's fatigue over 100. Doing so will also give the opponent a free attack.


Anemone Sting

Attempt to strike an opponent with the stinging tentacle growing from your scalp.

Requirements: Have tentacle hair. Obtainable by consuming Shriveled Tentacle.

Effects: Increases enemy lust while decreasing their speed. Effect greatly affected by hair length.


  • Base success chance ~70%. Decreased if enemy is faster (roughly -1% per point), increased by hair length (roughly +1% every inch).
  • Hair length determines the effect. Base 1 or 2 doses. If at least 1' (12"), add 1 or 2 doses. If at least 2' (24"), add 1 or 2 doses. If at least 3' (36"), add 1 dose.
  • Anemone Venom effect: 5..[11] per dose. Total effect increased by LV*1.5 after this. Target's speed decreased by half the effect, deals full effect as lust damage.

Comments: No cost, great with 36" hair and decent speed. Excellent addition to your special arsenal.

Bite (shark mouth)

Bite your foe with your retractable shark teeth.

Requirements: Shark face, obtained from consuming shark tooth or tiger shark tooth item.

Fatigue cost: 25

Effect: Deals STR+45-0..[Target's Toughness]-Target's ArmorDef damage.


  • Automatically fails against worms and Amily under Concentration status.
  • Success rate determined via speed dodge, but Blind status now caps it at 1/3.
  • The History: Fighter perk will add 10% damage.

Comments: High fatigue cost, laughable effect. About as useful as Kick and FoxFire. You may find it useful depending on the situation.

Bite (snake fangs)

Bite your foe with your snake fangs, injecting venom.

Requirements: Snake face, obtained from consuming snake oil.

Fatigue cost: 10

Effect: If successful, reduces enemy strength and speed by 5..[10] (to a minimum of 1). Causes Naga Venom or +1 dose. Each dose causes -1 strength and speed each turn.


  • Success rate: Roll 0..[Speed/2+40]+20. If greater than Target's Speed/1.5, success. (100% chance against enemies with less than 30 Speed)
  • Automatically fails against Amily under Concentration.
  • Only PCs can get rid of Naga Venom. It will not wear off. Naga Tease will automatically fail on a target under Naga Venom status.
  • As stated, multiple attacks indeed stack, so if an enemy has been bitten 3 times, they will lose 3 strength and speed each turn.

Comments: Pretty handy. The high random variation also allows for some leeway if the target is fast.

Bite (spider fangs)

Bite your foe with your spider fangs.

Requirements: Spider fangs, obtained from consuming Sweet gossamer.

Fatigue cost: 10

Effect: If successful, deals 25 lust damage, with a 20% chance of an additional 25 lust damage (affected by lust resistance).

Notes: Uses the same success rate (and enemy) checks as the above version.

Comments: A decent lust special.


Fire an arrow into your foe.

Requirements: The bow key item, obtained from Kelt.

Fatigue cost: 25

Effect: Does damage based on the character's strength, bow skill, and speed. Also reduces enemy lust by 20.

Notes: Special text at 100 skill. Will automatically fail while Blind, facing Isabella or facing worms. Vala has a 70% chance of deflecting the arrow. 90% chance of failing during a Sandstorm.

Comments: Easy to get and master, great at a very low level. You can then forget about it unless you really like firing arrows with supreme skill. And maybe even giving antisocial centaurs a blowjob.


Entrap your foe with your snake-like coils.

Requirements: Naga lower body, obtained from consuming snake oil.

Fatigue cost: 10

Effect: On success, constricts opponent for 1-4 rounds. While they are constricted, the player may choose to Squeeze, Tease or Release.


  • Has no effect in fights against multiple enemies (except for the Oasis Demons), Amily under Concentration or the Fungal Pod. Failing against the pod or multiple enemies will not waste Fatigue.
  • Succeeds if 0..[Player's Speed + 40] > Target's Speed. If the attack fails, the player also loses 5 HP.
  • Squeeze does damage equal to 10..[25]% of the target's maxHP.
  • Tease: Does not work like the default tease.
    • Base chance 62%. If the target is genderless or under Naga Venom status, automatically fails without any tease XP gain, unless it is a slime.
      • Increased by 5% for every Tease level (+25% at level 5).
      • Increased by 10% if the player has the Seduction perk.
      • Increased by 10% if the player has the Slutty Seduction perk.
      • Increased by 10% if the player has the Bimbo Body perk.
      • Increased by 10% if the player has the Bro Body perk.
      • Increased by 10% if the player has the Futa Form perk.
      • Increased by 5% if the player has any of the above three perks.
      • Increased by 2% if the player has the Sensual Lover perk.
    • Base lust damage 6..[9]+0..[7]. (6..[16])
      • Increased by 5 if the player has the Seduction perk.
      • Increased by the value of the Slutty Seduction perk - if applicable.
      • Increased by 5 if the player has the Bimbo Body, the Bro Body or the Futa Form perk.
      • Increased by the player's level.
      • Increased by 2 for every Tease level (+10 at level 5).
      • At this point, damage is multiplied by 90%.
      • Damage is multiplied by 115% (+15%) if the player has the History: Whore perk.
    • On success, round 10 times the damage to the nearest integer, divide by 10, deal lust damage (keeping at most a single-digit float) and gain 1 tease XP. On failure, gain 5 tease XP.
  • Release: Let go. Why would you do this?

Comments: Amazing special with 100 Speed. If facing a slow target, constrict, squeeze/tease, repeat, profit. If the target is too fast, use Anemone Venom or bite.


Skewer your foe on your bullhorns.

Requirements: Cow/minotaur horns at least 6" long. (Can be gained from Minotaur Blood if vagina length is 0 or horns are 4" or less or LaBova if horns are 5" or less. Cow horns cannot grow higher than 7".)

Fatigue cost: 15

Effect: Deals direct damage equal to (STR+RutModifier+HornSize*2-0..[Target's Toughness]-Target's ArmorDef)+LV*2-Target's ArmorDef.


  • Can be quite nice with 40" horns, high strength and high speed difference. (Speed, ArmorDef and Toughness reduction effects help a lot. Level not so much; increases damage by 2 and the cap by 10.)
  • Due to the way the attack works, the optimal level to prevent getting capped at maximum power and a target's ArmorDef of 0 is 10. More really won't help much.


  • Automatically fails against worms or Amily under Concentration status.
  • Success rate: 60% if at least 6" but lower than 12", 75% if at least 12" but lower than 20, 80% if over 20". Base 20% if facing Vala.
  • Success rate is then affected by speed difference (+0.5% or -0.5% per point). Maximum success rate against Vala is 95% (PC's Speed at 100 and -50 Speed Vala using Illusion).
  • Horn size effect capped at 40". 25% chance of using both horns and HornSize*4 instead (due to the code performing a strict check, chance may actually be nonexistent instead if not rounded).
  • RutModifier: 5 if under Rut status and player has at least one cock.
  • Damage is then capped at 5 minimum and LV*10+100 maximum.
  • Damage is increased by 10% if the player has the Fighter perk.
  • If the attack fails against Vala, player gains 5 Lust.


Masturbate and shoot your worm-filled semen cannon at your foe!

Requirements: The character must have a cock, be under the Infested status (infested with worms) and have had 5 orgasms while infested.

Fatigue cost: 40

Effect: Attempts to infest your foe while stroking your shaft and increase their lust in the process. Only works well against minotaurs and imps. Reduces your lust by 20 after use.

Comments: Good for laughs and special sex scenes or getting rid of some unwanted Lust.


  • If used against Izma, she will freak out and you won't meet her again until you get rid of your little friends.
  • If target is under the Twu Wuv status (Demon Sheila), she will use her tainted aura to take over, causing you to masturbate against your own will and you will end up gaining 5+Sensitivity/10 Lust.
  • If used against a minotaur or imp and their lust is over 70, instant lust win. If their lust is 70 or less, they gain 5 lust. (If you actually care about their health, they technically won't get the Infested status.)
  • If used against an anemone, she will consume the worms and regain 20 HP.
  • Fails to do anything noteworthy against any other target.


Kick your foe with your powerful legs.

Requirements: Hooved, rabbit, kangaroo, or centaur lower body.

Fatigue cost: 15

Effect: Attempts to perform the equivalent of a normal attack with a modified weapon attack depending on lower body (rabbit=20, hooved=30, kangaroo=35, centaur=40) and several exceptions.

  • Will not check for First Attack status (no Double Attack).
  • Will not ignore or reduce armor in any way.
  • Will not attempt to cause Stunned or IzmaBleed status.
  • Ignores the Charge Weapon bonus.
  • Ignores the Chi Flow bonus.
  • Ignores the Earthshield status.
  • Ignores the Sealed status.
  • Ignores the Thunderous Strikes perk.
  • If facing a Sand Trap under Level status, will not add the extra damage.
  • If facing a Basilisk, will not roll the safety check since you're kicking at it.
  • Critical hits will never happen.

Comments: May be helpful depending on the situation, such as a really low level, really bad weapon, while being Sealed or for a slightly higher accuracy if the target has Earthshield on. That's about it.


Kiss your enemies with your lust stick lipstick coated lips.

Requirements: Must be under the LustStickApplied status effect (caused by using a Lust Stick).

Fatigue cost: 0

Effect: Attempts to increase target's lust and cause the LustStick status effect. If the status is already there, attempts to add more doses instead.


  • Automatically fails if under Blind status, the target doesn't have a cock or the target has a lust resistance of 100% or more.
  • Success rate affected by speed dodge check. If successful, target's lust increases by 12/15/20/30 (equal chances). Apply LustStick status or add 1 (25%), 2 (50%) or 3 (25%) doses (effect/10 rounded to nearest integer).

Comments: Lust poisoning is good but you need to find some lipstick and a cock to kiss.


Sting your foe with your bee stinger. This is the PC variant of the Bee-Girl attack.

Requirements: A bee tail. Bee tail can be gained from bee honey.

Venom Cost: 25. Attack cannot be used when venom is at 33 or below.

Effect: If attack succeeds, deals 35+0..[Libido/10]+(LV*3,30+(LV-10*2),50) lust damage. <range type="comment" id="515169420_1">Also causes Lust Venom but it has no effect on monsters</range id="515169420_1">.

Comments: A deadly lust attack at level 20+ and 100 Libido if the player is at least as fast as the target and reduced the target's ArmorDef to less than 30, causing at least 85 lust damage (before lust resistance changes).


  • Success rate affected by speed dodge check and difference between target's ArmorDef and player's level. If ArmorDef-LV is 10 or more, 25% chance of failure (can't penetrate armor).
  • Automatically fails against worms or Amily under Concentration status.
  • Level influence depends on the player's level; will increase lust damage by 3 per level up to 10, then an extra 2 per level, capped at 50. Maximum lust damage is [95] with 100 Libido at level 20.
  • Does not fail if target's Lust Resistance is 100% or more but lust gain effects still are affected.
  • Venom recharges daily. Bees have a minimum recharge of 5 and can gain up to 15 via transformations. A player with a spider abdomen and 25 (max) recharge will keep the recharge if they change their tail to a bee-tail.

Comments: Will eventually become a powerful lust damage special at higher levels and high Libido if you can take the drawbacks.

Tail Whip

Use your tail to trip foes and greatly decrease their armor defense for a limited time.

Requirements: Have a demon, dragon, lizard, shark or raccoon tail. Raccoon tail lasts twice as long.

Fatigue cost: 0

Effect: If attack succeeds, causes CoonWhip status, decreasing their armor defense by 75% (rounded to the nearest integer) down to 1. Lasts for 2 rounds (4 if Raccoon).

Notes: Performs a speed dodge check and a Blind check (success rate capped at 50% if Blind).

Comments: Great, free way to temporarily negate a slower opponent's armor defense until you get access to a permanent one. Also works against all targets.


Use the webbing from your spider abdomen to slow down your enemies.

Requirements: Gain a spider abdomen from sweet gossamer.

Webbing cost: 33

Effect: If attack succeeds, decreases speed by 45, down to 0. Does not cause WebSilence status.


  • Performs a speed dodge check, a Blind check (success rate capped at 50% if Blind) and fails against Amily under Concentration status.
  • If target's Speed is lower than 1, the player will receive a warning that the target is completely covered by webbing. At this point, it's safe to stop shooting webs...
  • The player can increase their amount of webbing by eating more Sweet gossamer. Because venom, webbing and tail count all share the same value (tailVenom), they may also retain what it was prior to transformation.
  • Interestingly if you attempt to use web after running out in battle it will tell you that you are out of web to sting with. (Seems fixed as of 0.8.8, the Player class run function needs some investigation.)

Comments: With enough webbing material, excellent special. Best combined with snake (debuff over time) or spider fangs (lust damage), and perhaps some anemone hair.



Requirements: Dragonfire perk

Cooldown: Can be used once a day by default.

Fatigue cost: 20

Effect: Performs a speed dodge check, capped at 50% success rate if Blind. If attack succeeds, deals direct damage based on the character's level and causes Stunned status unless the target has the Resolute perk.

Formula: (LV * 8) + 25 + 0..[10]

  • +50% damage when boosted. Eating a Dragon Egg while not in cooldown will provide a boost to the next breath (one-time only).
  • Blocked by Shell (Cum Witch) or Concentration (Amily). Fully reflected by Vala. Burns Holli. Melts Goo-Girls (+50% Damage, Acid -> Acid Slap). Damage reduced to 20% during a Sandstorm (Sand Witch, Sand Mother).

Note: Low random variation, very high success rate in most cases. A great special at higher levels if boosted.

Fire Breath

Breath a gout of green fire on your foes.

Requirements: Fire Lord perk

Fatigue cost: 20

Effect: Deals direct damage based on the character's level. Has a 20% chance of backfiring, dealing 10-[30] damage to the player character and increasing fatigue by a further 10 instead.

Formula: (LV * 10) + 45 + 0..[10]

  • Due to its almost constant damage output, 80% success rate and not too debilitating backfiring effect, very interesting at higher levels (around 20).
  • This attack will fail against a Concentrated Amily.
  • Isabella will use her shield to negate the attack.
  • Vala will deflect all of the fire damage back at the player.
  • The Goo-Girl will take 50% more damage but will go into Acid status, granting access to Acid Slap. Slaps will deal 10 more damage and inflict Acid Slap status, causing the PC to take 3+2% maxHP damage over time.

FoxFire & Corrupted FoxFire

Ethereal blue flame that can be thrown on your enemies, will burst on impact, showering dazzling azure sparks everywhere.

Requirements: The Enlightened Nine-tails or Corrupted Nine-tails perk. Both perks are gained from successfully growing a 9th fox tail and depend on the method used.

Fatigue cost: 35

Effect: Deals ethereal Fire damage. Both deal normal damage on a target with 50 corruption; to keep doing so, FoxFire needs more and Corrupted FoxFire needs less.

Formula: Same as Whitefire but with penalties, costs 5 more Fatigue, is much harder to get... and you can still use Whitefire if you get punched in the throat or silenced by the web.


  • FoxFire: 66% damage if target's Corruption is lower than 33; 80% damage if target's corruption is lower than 50.
  • Corrupted FoxFire: 66% damage if target's Corruption is higher than 66; 80% if target's corruption is higher than 50.

Notes: If both perks are found (because of a hack or bug), FoxFire will take precedence over C.FoxFire because they share the same button and it gets called last. Also applies to the Immolation Spell.

Comments: Almost useless. Only use if you can't cast Whitefire and you know what you are facing. (If you get to 75-85 Lust or more this often, you might want to change your setup...) Possibly due to a glitch, it deals full damage to The Doppelganger, which takes reduced damage from Whitefire. But other than that, not worth the effort.


Breath corrupt red flames on your foes.

Requirements: The Hellfire perk. The Hellfire perk is gained from giving up a piece of Marae's Lethicite to the Hellhound master.

Fatigue cost: 20

Effect: Deals Fire damage based on the character's level and corruption.

Formula: (Level * 8) + 0..[10] + (Player's Corruption / 5). If the target has at least 10 Intelligence, effect is reduced to 1/6 and converted to Lust damage instead.

Notes: Interesting skill if used correctly. Ignores Shell. Removes GooArmorSilence, causing 25 damage to Valeria. Removes WebSilence. Reactions from Amily, Isabella and Vala but not from Goo-girls.

Trivia: The Hellfire attack was written by TheDarkMaster, author of the hellhounds. He originally intended for the attack to do lust damage to enemies with low corruption, a mix of lust and HP damage to enemies with mid corruption, and HP damage to enemies with high corruption.


Distort reality by the sheer force of your will, clouding the perception of your foes.

Requirements: The Enlightened Nine-tails perk. This perk is gained from growing a 9th Foxtail by meditating at the Shrine of the Ninetails with a Fox Jewel in your inventory.

Fatigue cost: 25

Effect: Decreases speed by 20 (stacks, down to exactly -50 instead of -20 due to a glitch) and lust resistance by 10% if it is already 10% or less (not capped, but targets with negative lust resistance are rare).

  • Attack succeeds if player's INT/10+1..[21] > target's INT/10+10. Very high random variation. Having a very high Intelligence difference helps.
  • Blocked by Shell (Cum Witch). Cannot be cast if affected by WebSilence (Corrupted Drider, Spider-Morph) or ThroatPunch (Isabella).


You gather energy in your Talisman and unleash the spell contained within. A wave of burning flames gathers around, slowly burning the target.

Requirements: Arian's Talisman; 1 Sweet Gossamer and 2 Goblin Ale for the spell. Must be recharged after each use. Can be imbued with Shielding instead if empty.

Effect: Deals 75+(INT/3+0..[INT/2])*SEM unblockable damage to the target. 100% success rate. Ignores all defenses and does not cost Fatigue/HP.

Notes: A devastating special with high Intelligence and high SEM (causes up to 204-396 damage). The Talisman is automatically obtained after talking to Arian at least 3 times and offering at least 5 Vitality Tinctures.


Try to possess a body part of your opponent in an attempt to raise their lust.

Requirements: Ingesting a sufficient quantity of ectoplasm while having white or sable skin and transparent hair.

Effect: Deals 0..[20]+LV..[LV*2] lust damage (affected by lust resistance), depending on target's body form and Intelligence. Will also give more sex options to certain NPCs if their lust is filled.


  • Fails against Shouldra for obvious reasons. Note that due to Shouldra's huge Intelligence, she would still resist it as a living being.
  • Fails if the target has neither a cock nor a vagina, a lust resistance of exactly 100%, an Intelligence of exactly 0 or more than 100 Intelligence.
  • Succeeds if the player's INT is equal or higher to target's INT-10+0..[21].


You gather energy in your Talisman and unleash the spell contained within. A barrier of light engulfs you, before turning completely transparent, increasing your defense.

Requirements: Arian's Talisman; 1 Tough Spider-Silk and 2 Black Chitin for the spell. Must be recharged after each use. Can be imbued with Immolation instead if empty.

Effect: Reduces damage taken by 30 for the duration of the fight, down to 1.

Notes: Only affects some attacks. Some enemies override their attack set and don't include eAttack in it, making all damage-reducing effects useless against them.


Fill the mind of your foes with visions of otherworldly terror that defy description and have them cower before you.

Requirements: The Corrupted Nine-tails perk. This perk is gained from growing a 9th Foxtail by consuming a Mystic Jewel.

Fatigue cost: 20

Effect: Enemies will cower in horror and will be unable to attack during this round and the next.

Notes: Illusion formula. Similar to Whisper but ignores the Focused perk and decreases target's Speed by 5 if succeeds. Very useful to PCs facing very high Intelligence opponents. And gamblers.


Whisper into the mind of your foe, distracting them.

Requirements: The Whispered perk.

Fatigue cost: 10

Effect: Fills your opponent's mind with fear, preventing them from fighting back this round and the next.

Notes: 90% success chance. Fails against fungal pod, "there is no consciousness as you know it in the room". Fails against oasis demons, worms, Tamani's daughters, imp horde and minotaur sons. Fails if the character is silenced by the web, or punched in the throat. Fails if the character's intelligence is less than their opponent's.


Tease has its own button. Attempt to seduce your foe by flaunting your assets.

Requirements: Player must not be under Sealed:Tease status (Forest Kitsune). The target must not be under Blind status.

Effect: Attempts to increase enemy lust using up to 45(+6) poses. Sexy clothes, larger assets, extra body features, higher tease skill and perks will result in greater success rate and larger lust increase. For details, see here.

Notes: Has no effect on Sirius, worms or enemies with 100% lust resistance.