Shriveled Tentacle

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Shriveled Tentacle is an anemone transformation item. It can be obtained by fighting Anemone (always).

Description: A dried tentacle from one of the lake anemones. It's probably edible, but the stingers are still a little active.


Stat changes

  • (Toughness<50) Toughness increases, sensitivity decreases
  • (Speed>40) Speed decreases
  • (Corruption<20) Corruption increases


  • (Tail is bee abdomen) Tail is removed
  • (Wings are small or large bee-like) Wings are removed
  • (Hair is not tentacles) Hair becomes tentacles; unlocks Anemone Sting special attack.
    • Hair stops growing, and its length is set to 5
  • (No gills, skin is "aphotic blue-black") Grows gills
  • (Skin is not "aphotic blue-black") Skin becomes "aphotic blue-black"


  • (Tentacle hair shorter than 36") Hair grows longer


Short Name: 'DryTent' Long Name: A shriveled tentacle Value: 6

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