Minotaur Blood

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You've got a scratched up looking vial full of bright red minotaur blood. Any time you move it around it seems to froth up, as if eager to escape.

Minotaur Blood is a minotaur transformation item, and a male counterpart of LaBova. It can be obtained from a Minotaur (1/2).

It can also be obtained from Edryn if the character has penis with area less than 24 and already took two GroPlus from her, with 1/2 chance of getting it or Incubi Draft. It is also a possible drop from Imp Lord.


You drink the bubbling red fluid, tasting the tangy iron after-taste.

Stat changes

  • (Strengh<100) Strength increases
    • (Strength>50) (Speed>1) Speed decreases
  • (Toughness<100) Toughness increases
    • (Sensitivity>10) Sensitivity decreases


  • (Feathery or chitinous arms) Arms becomes normal
  • (Lower body is not hooves or centaur) Gain hoofed lower body
  • (Non-horse penis) Penis becomes horse-like
  • (Cow ears, hooves, taller than 7'6", non-cow face) Gain cow face
  • (Cow ears, cow tail)
    • (Cow horns)
      • (Vagina, horns longer than 4") Adds 200 to "Hours since cum"
      • (Vagina, 4" horns or shorter) Horns grow larger
      • (No vagina) Horns grow larger; 1/2 chance to add 200 to "Hours since cum"
    • (No horns) Grows cow horns; if player had cow horns, horns length becomes 2"
  • (Cow tail, non-cow ears) Gain cow ears
  • (Non-cow tail) Gain cow tail
  • (Gills) Gills are removed


  • (Horse penis, no balls or balls that are 5" or smaller) Grows a pair of balls/Balls grow larger
    • Vagina will disappear if it was "tight" (0) before change
      • Clit will grow into horse penis if player has no penises
  • (More than one row of breasts) Removes a row of breasts
  • (Breasts) Breasts shrink
  • (Horse penis) Horse penis grows larger
  • (Penis) Go into rut/rut extends
  • (Not genderless) Makes masturbation impossible for 96 hours
  • (Shorter than 9') Character becomes taller
  • Femininity decreases up to 5
  • Tone increases up to 85
  • Thickness increases up to 70
  • If no other effect occurred, heals player
    • Also adds 200 to "Hours since cum" if player has balls

Other Uses

Minotaur Blood is a liquid, and can be used accordingly.


Horns of 6" or larger will unlock "Gore" special attack.

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