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Shark Tooth and Tiger Shark Tooth are shark transformation items. Shark Tooth can be obtained by fighting Shark Girl (1/2). Tiger Shark Tooth can be obtained from Izma.

Shark Tooth: A glinting white tooth, very sharp and intimidating.

Tiger Shark Tooth: This looks like a normal shark tooth, though with an odd purple glow.


Much like other 'enhanced' transformative items, Tiger Shark Teeth have the ability to alter the user's features en masse, and do not follow the ordinary pattern of changes. Furthermore, Tiger Shark Teeth will change the user into a hermaphrodite.

Shark Tooth effects are marked gray. Tiger Shark Tooth effects are marked orange.

Stat changes

  • (Strength<50/60) Strength increases
  • (Speed<75/100) Speed increases
  • (Sensitivity>25) Sensitivity decreases
  • (Libido<75/100) Libido increases
  • (Intelligence>40) Intelligence decreases


  • (Non-shark face) Gain shark face; unlocks bite special attack
  • (Quad eyes) Eyes become normal
  • (Non-shark tail) Tail becomes shark
  • (Skin type is not human, not "rough gray", or not "orange and black striped") Skin becomes human; skin becomes "rough gray" or "orange and black striped"
  • (No fin) Gain shark fin


  • (No vagina; always if genderless) Grows a vagina
  • (No penis) Grows a penis
  • (Less than 4 balls) Grows a pair of balls
  • (Hair is not not "silver") Changes hair color to "silver"

item code = Shark.T

Tiger Shark Tooth item code = TSTooth

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