Bee Honey

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Bee Honey

Bee Honey has 2 Variants as Pure and Special Honey


Bee Honey: This fine crystal vial is filled with a thick amber liquid that glitters dully in the light. You can smell a sweet scent, even though it is tightly corked.

Special Honey: A clear crystal bottle of a dark brown fluid that you got from the bee handmaiden. It gives off a strong sweet smell even though the bottle is still corked.

Pure Honey: This fine crystal vial is filled with a thick amber liquid that glitters in the light. You can smell a sweet scent, even though it is tightly corked.


Bee Honey: Obtained from defeating Bee Handmaiden in combat.

Special Honey: Given to highly bee-morphed players after voluntary sexual intercourse with a Bee Handmaiden if the "Sex" option is chosen instead of "Fight".

Pure Honey: Obtained from sexual intercourse with a Bee Handmaiden.


Bee honey and its variants can have 1-4 effects per use. All effects listed cost 1 effect unless otherwise noted.

You can not use Special honey when possessed by Exgartuan

Requirements for the change to happen are between Brackets [] in the beginning of the line. No [] means no requirements.

The effects below are ordered in the way they are checked. Ehe chances given are the chances of the effect happening when that effect is being checked not an overall chance of them happening.

Effects exclusive to Pure Honey are marked with Amber color Pure Honey

Effects exclusive to Special Honey are marked with dark brown color Special Honey


  • [Special Honey/Pure Honey, Faerie Pregnancy] Decreases pregnancy corruption. Does not count towards effects per use and always happens when pregnant with a faerie.
  • [Pure Honey, corruption >0] Corruption decreases by (1 + players current corruption divided by 20). Always happens even at 0 corruption thus giving Pure honey one less change than other honeys.
  • [Pure Honey, libido >40, corruption >0] Libido decreases by 3 and Lust decreases by 20. 66% chance of happening
  • [Tentacle hair] Hair changes back to normal hair. 50% chance of happening
  • [Intelligence <80] Intelligence increases by (0.1 * (80 - the player's current intelligence)). 50% chance of happening
  • [Hair color not "shiny black" or black and yellow", hair longer than 10 inches] Hair color changes to "black and yellow" (11% chance to happen) or "shiny black". 50% chance of happening
  • [Hair shorter than 25 inches] Hair grows longer by 1-4". 33% chance of happening
  • [>2 rows of breasts, Hyper Happy setting is off] Remove lowest row of breasts and decreases Sensitivity by 2. 33% chance of happening
  • [No antennae, no horns] Grow bee antennae. 33% chance of happening
  • [Horns] Removes horns. 33% chance of happening
  • [No bee legs, No centaur body] Grow bee legs. 25% chance of happening
  • [Multiple nipples per breast] Sets nipples to all breasts to 1. 25% chance of happening
  • [Bee abdomen, No Bee ovipositor] Grow a bee ovipositor. 50% chance of happening
  • [No Bee abdomen, No tail or 66% chance to ignore no tail requirement] Grow a bee abdomen with venom of 10 and recharge of 2 or in case of a tail lose the tail and grow a bee abdomen. 25% chance to happen
  • [Bee abdomen, venom recharge rate <15] Venom recharge rate increases by 1 and increase venom by 50 to a max of 100. 50% chance of happening
  • [Small bee wings] Grow large bee wings. 25% chance of happening
  • [No wings or shark fin] Grow small bee wings. 25% chance of happening
  • [Demon wings] Removes demon wings. Always happens when enough changes left over.
  • [Gills] Removes gills. 25% chance of happening

Special Honey

In addition to the changes above these changes will always happen when using special honey and don't count towards the amount of changes you get out of honey.

  • [No cock] Grows a human cock of 8-10 inches long and 2 inches thick. Increases Sensitivity by 10.
  • [More than 1 cock] Increases the length of your cock by (5 + √(0.2*area of your biggest cock)) and thickness by (√(0.2*area of your biggest cock)) and removes your previously largest cock. Increases sensitivity by 5
  • [Cock area <100, 1 cock] Increases cock length by 4-6 inches and thickness by 0.5-0.9 inches. Increases sensitivity by 5
  • [Cock area >=100, 1 cock, Race is bee-morph] Changes cock into a bee cock. Increases cock length by 5 inches and thickness by 1 inch. Increases Sensitivity by 15. Disables masturbation
  • [Cock area >=100, 1 bee cock] Increases cock length by 1-1.9 inches and thickness by 0.1-0.2 inches. Increases Sensitivity by 3
  • [Corruption >= 5] Decreases corruption by (0.1* current corruption + 5) and increases Libido by the same amount. It cannot decrease corruption below 0
  • [Corruption < 5] Sets corruption to 0 and increases libido by 5
  • [40 >= femininity >= 60] Increases Femininity under 40 or decreases Femininity over 60 by 3
  • Increases lust by ((0.2 * libido) + 5)

Other Uses

Special Honey may trigger a bad end, giving a male or herm player a bee-cock and ultimately causing them to be abducted to the bee hive.

Pure Honey may be given to Vala in Zetaz's Cavern to purify her. She's later seen in The Wet Bitch in Tel'Adre. Consuming Pure Honey while pregnant with a Phouka child will decrease its corruption. Drinking Phouka Whiskey has the opposite effect.

Minotaur baker requires Bee Honey to make Madeleine

Corrupted Jojo can be cured with Pure Honey

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