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Tel'Adre is a hidden city, relatively free of and concealed from corruption, located in the desert. The city owes its freedom to the Covenant, a powerful group of magic-users who reside in the city. Two decades ago, when the demons began to work their way through the settlements of Mareth, the Covenant realized that direct confrontation was doomed to fail and used their powers to place the city under a veil of concealment. With guards stationed to ward off the corrupted and tainted on the rare occasions they did stumble upon the city, Tel'Adre has survived uncorrupted since then. However, Tel'Adre is not without its scars; though largely populated, for Mareth, much of the city is empty, many of its inhabitants having been lost when they left the city to help other settlements resist or hold out against the demons, and the locals have been forced to grow much more accepting of sexuality, given the circumstances.

Once the character is approved to enter (requires a corruption below 70 and that the character is not possessed by a demon), Tel'Adre will appear under the 'Places' button. Possession or increases in Corruption after that do not bar a character from entry.

Destinations Inside the City

  • Armor Shops
    • Blacksmith's Stand - An armor store run by Yvonne.
    • Tailor - The character can purchase clothes and armor from Victoria here.
  • Bakery - A place to add bodythickness and lower muscle tone.
  • Bar - (The Wet Bitch) - A local tavern and quite popular with the locals, including Edryn and Urta.
  • Gym - A place to improve your muscle tone, run by a busty centauress.
  • Homes - Available once you gain access to one of the locations under it.
  • Pawnshop - The character can sell unwanted items here for gems. (Comfortable Clothing will not be accepted.)
  • Piercing Studio - The character can get piercings for different body parts here. A variety of materials and styles are offered, but piercings are said to be permanent.
  • Tower - The location of the Tel'Adre Library.
  • Weaponsmith's Stand - A weapon store run by a nameless male husky-morph.
  • Park - added after helping Arian, but removed after your fourth encounter with Arian. (It is then replaced by Arian's house)
  • Clinic - added after meeting Loppe and meeting her mother, Uma. The character can get a massage (do-in) or acupuncture.

NPCs In the City

  • Abylon - An unusually sedate Goblin, implied to be a daughter of Tamani, who shows up to attend Scylla's support group for addicts.
  • Aunt Nancy - A female drider who works as the bartender at The Wet Bitch during the morning.
  • Arian - A male albino Lizian Mage whose endeavors to make white magic spells more powerful led him to a weak state of health
  • Boon - A male ferret morph who is one is one of Arians pupils/current aid. He, along with his sister, live with Arian and watch over his health.
  • Cotton - A herm equine-morph who works as a yoga instructor at the Gym.
  • Dominika - A human "fellatrix", a Black Magic spell-caster who has been corrupted to need to feed off of sexual fluids.
  • Edryn - A large female centaur who checks the character's corruption level before they're allowed into the city.
  • Heckel - An athletic herm hyena-morph who considers herself the "alpha bitch" of the Gym.
  • Ifris - A human who has acquired demonic traits (a demon tail, crimson skin and clawed feet) but escaped corruption. She enjoys hanging out at the Gym, where she flirts with those who try to use the bench-press machines.
  • Jasun - Aggressive shark-man who hangs out at the Gym.
  • Katherine - A hermaphrodite cat-morph who's a member of the Vagrant Cats.
  • Loppe - Hermaphrodite bunny-girl with impressive libido. First encountered in The Wet Bitch, and may afterwards be seen at the Gym.
  • Liaka - A female ferret morph and one of Arian's aids along with her brother, Boon. She is very protective of Arian and a bit hot headed.
  • Lianna - A skunk girl (and aficionado alchemist) hired by Urta to sit her kids.
  • Madeleine - A "cupcake girl" who the player can create at the Bakery
  • Niamh - Cat-girl that has beer-lactating-tits. She works at The Wet Bitch.
  • Oswald - A male dog-morph that runs the Pawnshop.
  • Pastie - A female fairy who attends Scylla's support group for addicts.
  • Raphael - A fox encountered by female PCs with certain qualities after they gain access to the city.
  • Rubi - A femboy waitress at the Bakery.
  • Scylla - A nun who appears at the bar after the Demon Factory is conquered.
  • Uma - A female horse-morph who runs a massage clinic and is Loppe's mother.
  • Urta - A hermaphrodite gray fox-morph that greets the player at the gate when they first arrive at the city.
  • Vagrant Cats - A band of homeless cat-morphs who so far appear in only one set of scenes, mugging Scylla (and potentially the PC) for her milk.
  • Vala - A female fairy the character rescued from Zetaz's lair.
  • Victoria - A female Corgi dog-morph that runs the Tailor shop.
  • Yara - A cat-woman that runs the Piercing Studio.
  • Yvonne - A female dog-morph that runs the Blacksmith's Stand.