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The Demons' Factory sits at the foot of the Mountain. It cannot be found until after visiting Marae by using the Boat found at the Lake.



The demons seek to corrupt the lake and the spirit of the land, life-goddess Marae, to make her like them. Using a combination of magic and industry, they trap the pure rains in the clouds around their mountain, starving Marae, and in it's place they spill their tainted sexual fluids. The Demons' Factory is the source of the fluids they use to taint the lake.

Once its existence has been revealed by talking to Marae, the player may find the Factory at random by exploring the Mountains, after which it is added to the Places menu under dungeons.

Be cautious; a character cannot masturbate inside the factory, and the encounters here are very strong and very adept at increasing lust. However if the player has gained the Enlightened perk through training with Jojo, the player may instead lower lust through meditation, accessible on the masturbate bar.

Within the Factory

Demon Factory.png

Inside the factory, the player is confronted with a receptionist's lobby, decorated in accordance with the perverse tastes of the occupants - two pictures, one depicting a beautiful smiling woman who has tentacles coiling around the hem of her skirt, the other depicting a pack of Imps gang-banging a "vaguely familiar" woman, are mentioned. The receptionist's desk is empty, and there is nothing of interest there. Three doors are present in the room; one, to the south, leads you back out of the factory, and to the north and east lie a secure-looking iron door and a door made from some unusually dark red wood respectively. The iron door to the north is locked, and so the only way to progress is through the eastern door.

Taking the eastern door reveals an expansive break room, dominated mostly by tables and chairs. On the far eastern wall stands a small counter, on which is a statue of a voluptuous woman fashioned from ebony with "Mrs. Coffee" printed on its side; below the statue is a pot of steaming hot coffee, which gives off an invigorating smell. Standing besides the statue, sipping from a mug with "#1 Dad" printed on it, is the absentee secretary from the previous room; a busty Succubus with blue skin, the nubs of horns on her forehead (which are described as being a foot long when in combat with her), flowing blond hair, and a spaded tail. Dressed in a tiny vest that barely contains her jiggling breasts, short skirt, and sheer stockings, she looks every bit an air-headed secretarial ditz. Upon spotting the character, the Secretarial Succubus will ask what the character is doing here (if they are human) or ask them to help them find the latest human to be sent from the character's village, as "that idiot Zetaz" screwed things up and let the player get away (if the player has been transformed to the extent their character description proclaims they "gave up their humanity"). The character may choose to immediately attack her, talk with her, or run away from her. (Mrs. Coffee)

If the player chooses to talk, the Secretarial Succubus will mention that it's good for them that the character came to them, instead of needing them to hunt him, her or them down. She asks them if they will come along and "get to work" of their own free will, promising to make it pleasurable. If the character says yes, they receive the "Demon Sex Cow 1" Bad Ending. If they say no, the Secretarial Succubus will attack. If they ask what the demons want them for, she will bluntly explain that the factory takes human and formerly-human champions, alters them into hermaphrodites, then locks them into chambers where they will be pumped full of aphrodisiacs, chemicals designed to warp the body to better increase production, and corruptive drugs, while simultaneously being milked of their tainted cum and milk, for the rest of their life. This will be used to stockpile liquid corruption to overwhelm the last bastions of purity in Mareth. If the character proclaims this sounds fun, they will receive the "Demon Sex Cow 1" Bad Ending, but if they say that this is sick, then they must fight the Secretarial Succubus. If their Demon score is over 4 and their corruption is 75 or greater, they will be given a chance to fully transform into a demon; if this is accepted, the "Taking Charge" end is triggered.

Losing means the character will have sex with the Secretarial Succubus (females will have their clitoris grow into a giant penis to pleasure her) before experiencing the "Demon Sex Cow 2" Bad Ending. If the character defeats her with sufficient lust, they may choose to rape her. (Note: If you choose to rape her, she will turn your cock into a demonic cock)

Once defeated, no matter what the player chooses to do, the Secretarial Succubus will vanish, leaving behind a Lactaid and an Iron Key. Picking this up adds it to the Key Items list, and it enables the character to unlock the iron door back in the reception lobby. If the character investigates the "Mrs. Coffee" statue, they will take a drink of the coffee from the pot; this heals the character but also causes lust to rise. After they place the coffee pot back, the statue will come to life and ecstatically milk its breasts of steaming hot coffee to replenish the pot, then freeze back into lifelessness, prompting the character to wonder if the statue was created or is yet another victim of this dark place.

Returning to the lobby through the west door, the character may now proceed north, revealing an intersection. Sounds of pleasure may be faintly heard from the western door, while the vibrations of machinery emanate most strongly from the eastern door, indicating the site of the power plant. The northern door is quite unremarkable.

Entering the northern door reveals it to be a tiny storage closet, used to house pieces to build and repair the sexual pumps used in the factory's "production line". If the player has at least 40 Intelligence, they will notice that there are enough parts for the character to choose to build either a Breast Milker or a Cock Milker, but not both. Either one will be added to the Key Items list, but they need to bring them to Whitney along with 250 gems for them to be installed. Note that both are available elsewhere. (If the PC wants to install both, it is recommended to build a Breast Milker and buy the Cock Milker from Joey for 200 gems, as this is the cheapest method - 700 gems total. If the PC isn't smart enough to build anything, they can still buy the Breast Milker from Whitney for 250 gems and get it installed for free provided they are lactating at least 2000mL. If they build the Cock Milker, that increases to 750 gems. If they can't build anything and aren't lactating enough, slightly tainting the farm with slaves will allow investment in the Breast Milker for 1450 gems total.)

Taking the door to the east does indeed reveal the power room, where strange machinery burns some kind of pink crystal to produce purple-white energy. It also reveals an Incubus Mechanic, who is responsible for overseeing the place. The character may immediately leap to attack the Incubus, or talk with him. If the character talks, the Incubus suggests that the character just surrender; the character may either submit (results in "Demon Sex Cow 2" Bad Ending) or fight. Alternatively, if the PC have purchased the Hentai Comic, he or she can make a deal with him and if given him the comic he will ignore the PC and let them pass. If gone back it will just say he is still reading the comic. (They may still fight the Incubus Mechanic while he is reading but will not get the comic back.)

Losing results in the Incubus using his ability to turn his penis into multiple penis-tentacles to rape the character before they get the "Demon Sex Cow 2" Bad Ending. If the character ends the battle in such a way that sex is an option, they will have three options; to do nothing, to rape the Incubus, to service the Incubus, or to have anal sex with him. Herms and males who choose the Rape option will have anal sex with the Incubus; females will have vaginal sex with him instead. Characters of any gender will be on the receiving end if they choose the Service Him (oral sex) or Anal Sex options. Once the Incubus Mechanic is defeated, he drops a vial of Gro+ and vanishes. The machinery in the room, though, is too sturdy for the character to have a chance of destroying it.

Heading into the western door will reveal the "production line"; a huge chamber full of harnesses, from which hang a variety of hermaphrodites, all with massive breasts and penises. Pumps are attached to every elephantine nipple and penis head, and an array of needle-tipped chemical hoses descend from the roof above each one to ensure they are perpetually flooded with vile serums devised by their demonic masters. There are far too many to free individually; the character resolves that the better option is to destroy the controlling machinery and offer the chance for these victims to free themselves. The only place to go from the production line is up a staircase on the southern wall to a foreman's office.

Taking the staircase brings the character face to face with the Omnibus Overseer, the demon who runs the factory. At first, she appears as a classically gorgeous blue-skinned woman with an hourglass figure, whose only clothing is a narrow band of fabric that wraps around her substantial breasts so tightly it emphasizes rather than conceals her nipples, shiny black gloss on her bubbly lips, and dark eyeshadow to highlight her red eyes. Upon further interaction, though, she reveals she is actually a hermaphrodite with a retractable penis (like with female characters who drink a Priapus Potion, her clitoris becomes a penis). The Omnibus taunts the character that they were lied to by their village, and they were sent here as an offering to become another slave in the demon's sex-factories, not as some kind of champion or liberator. The character wishes to deny her claim... but is unable to; the proof of it has been seen since the beginning. The Omnibus then gives the character the option to accept their fate, or to fight against it. Accepting your fate results in the "Demon Sex Cow 2" Bad Ending. Defying her results in a battle with the Omnibus Overseer.

The Omnibus Overseer has a powerful melee attack, can squirt milk at the character, and can create an intense aura of lust that causes the character's arousal to build sharply. If the character fights and loses, they receive a Bad End; Omnibus' Personal Sex Slave (this ending varies depending on the body parts your character has). If they win, the Omnibus offers to use her powers to grant a wish to the character if they will only spare her. Accepting any of these wishes, however, leaves the character marked by the Omnibus's magic; they gain the perk "Omnibus' Gift", which means their new minimum Lust score becomes 35 instead of 0.

Alternatively, the character may choose to refuse the Omnibus' offer and either let her go (she sprouts wings and flies away) or kill her by snapping her neck.

The Factory's End

Once the Omnibus is dealt with, the character may examine the foreman's office in more detail. The northern "wall" is a glass window overlooking the production line. In the corners of the room are statues of men and women, all locked in mid-orgasm; the character wonders if they are just perverse statues or petrified victims of the demons. In the south, behind a simple, bare-topped desk, is a locked door marked "Premium Storage". If the character examines the desk, they will find a key to open the Premium Storage door; while almost empty, there are five samples of both Gro+ and Lactaid to be found here. In the east wall lies a door that leads to the control room for the factory. Here, the character is presented with three options; to just leave things as they are, to close the storage vent valves and overload the fluid storage systems, or to perform a shutdown and then smash the controls so they can't be turned back on. Simply smashing the controls would free the girls and shut the factory down, but the demons would be able to eventually fix the place up and go back into business (although this has yet to be implemented). Messing with the valves, on the other hand, would damage the factory so bad as to force a permanent shutdown - but also release thousands of gallons of tainted fluids pouring into the nearby environment.

Whichever option the character chooses, the sex-cows are all freed. While a great deal of them gather their wits and escape as best they can, many more remain behind, too addicted to the sensations they went through to leave. They start puzzling out how to operate the machinery, and eventually most of them fall into a mindless orgy. Those who retain particularly great control of themselves, perhaps being especially corrupted, become the leaders and start doling out the chemical cocktails that were once constantly pumped into them. When the character approaches them, one of these leaders approaches the character and offers to give them a dose to "relieve some tension". This will cause the penises of a male or hermaphroditic character to increase in size, grow breast and turn penis into demonic penis. But partaking three times results in the "Meet The New Boss" Bad End.

Shutting down or destroying the factory affects the spawn rate of Green Slimes and Goo Girls. If the Factory is shut down, Green Slimes spawn at a 25% reduced rate but Goo Girls increase by 75%; it's reversed if the factory is destroyed.

The quest ends when the character returns to Marae. The result depends on how they shut the factory down:

  • If they merely turned the controls off and smashed it, Marae is exultant, thanking the character for their hard work and having struck a blow against the forces corrupting Mareth. Already, she feels more at peace because the assault on her soul has eased, and in thanks she gives the player a Pure Pearl, which may be eaten to lower Corruption and Libido and slows lust gains.
  • If they messed with the valves, though, then the bulk of the fluids have flooded the lake, permanently tainting it and completing the corruption of Marae. She appears before the character in a vastly more sexualised form, offering them her lethicite and also the chance to become her lover and give her the pleasure she craves. If the character flees, then Marae will repeat her offer for them to become her lover should they ever sail out to her island again. If the character tries to grab Marae's Lethicite, then the result depends on their Speed; if it is high enough, they steal the crystal and escape the island, adding it to their Key Items and avoiding Marae's Island from then on, but if it is too low, then Marae catches them, the lethicite is lost forever, and will punish them for their actions by either greatly increasing their fertility (if female) or by greatly increasing their cum production (if male). Herms can get either outcome, but fertility is more likely, and genderless characters are given a virgin vagina, followed by the regular female scene. If the player accepts Marae's offer, then they are transformed into a tentacle penis-equipped character and receive the Bad End "Marae's Eternal Lover".
    • Successfully completing the corruption of Marae and then declining the offer to become her eternal lover also results in a further Marae sex-scene becoming available. It does not end the game and it does provide either the Stud or Breeder perks, depending on the PC's sex. The scene is found at random by using the boat after declining Marae's offer, regardless of whether or not the PC took Marae's Lethicite. It is initiated by Marae herself, and only PCs with flight-capable wings have the option to avoid it.
    • Shutting it down this way, makes the Followers of the Fetish appear. Humans who perhaps were from the factory.

Either way causes Scylla to appear in The Wet Bitch.