Omnibus Overseer

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The Omnibus Overseer is in charge of the Demon Factory. At first glance, she appears as a classically gorgeous, blue-skinned woman with an hourglass figure. She wears only a narrow band of fabric that wraps around her substantial breasts so tightly it emphasizes rather than conceals her nipples. She has shiny black gloss on her bubbly lips, and dark eyeshadow to highlight her red eyes. If the player fights her, Omnibus will reveal that she is a hermaphrodite, her clitoris swelling out into a sizable penis.

The Omnibus Overseer awaits the player in the supervisor's room of the Demon Factory, reachable via a stairwell in the milking room. When they arrive, she claims that their village lied to them; they, like all of the other "Champions" before them, were sent here by the elders, a sacrifice to the demons to keep the village from being overrun. All of the other champions now lie in the milking room, and the Omnibus taunts that that is where they belong, as nothing more than a sex cow for the demons. If the player chooses to accept this taunt, then their game ends as they are unceremoniously herded into the milking rows. If they choose to defy her and fight, then the Omnibus reveals her penis, taunts that she will enjoy "visiting" them in their pen after they lose, and attacks.

The Omnibus Overseer has a powerful melee attack, can squirt milk at the character, and can create an intense aura of lust that causes the character's arousal to build sharply. If the character fights and loses, they receive a Bad End; Omnibus' Personal Sex Slave. If they win, the Omnibus offers to use her powers to grant a wish to the character if they will only spare her. She has an estimated hit point total of 340.

Omnibus Overseer's old sprite.

The options she offers are:

  • Grow Dick (turns a female character into a hermaphrodite with a demon cock, transforms all the cocks a male or hermaphrodite has into demon cocks)
  • Grow Breasts (gives the character large breasts)
  • Normal Legs (changes the character's legs back to normal if they have Demonic Claws, Demonic High-Heels, Dog Legs, Bee-girl Legs, Minotaur Hooves, Centaur Torso, or Goo Mounds)
  • Normal Groin (reverts the character's crotch back to normal for their gender - a character who has become a hermaphrodite will remain a hermaphrodite, but effects like giant balls, multiple dicks and having a slavering vagina will be removed. Additionally, players with demon cocks have observed their penises resisting the magical effects and only losing length and width in them)
  • Normal Face (removes unusual hair color, ears, horns and antennae, changes a dog, horse or cow-like face back into a human face)
  • Normal Chest (removes multiple breasts and fur, shrinks breasts down to E-cup if they are larger then that, removes lactation, removes nipple-cunts).

Accepting any of these wishes, however, leaves the character marked by the Omnibus's magic; they gain the perk "Omnibus' Gift", which raises their minimum Lust score from 0 to 35.

Alternatively, the character may choose to refuse the Omnibus' offer and either let her go (she sprouts wings and flies away), or kill her by snapping her neck.