Bizarre Bazaar

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The Bizarre Bazaar is a settlement in the plains. It serves as a counter to Tel'Adre, in that it welcomes those who are corrupt and rejects those who are pure.

The Bazaar is encountered every 10th exploration of the plains, and will continue to be discovered until the character has successfully entered the city. The Bazaar is guarded by a 10 foot tall man with crimson skin, who will turn away any character with less than 33 corruption.

Once a character has entered the Bizarre Bazaar, it will be moved to the Places menu and the character can return at any time, even if their corruption has dropped below the entry threshold.


The Bazaar is a large camp that has been set up by a traveling caravan of wagons. The ground is hard-packed, trampled as if walked over by hundreds of hooves, paws, and feet. A massive bonfire rages in the center of the clearing, crackling and popping as it consumes its fuel gluttonously. Surrounding the blazing behemoth are tiny, wheeled food-carts with vendors hawking everything from sausage to something called a 'marshmallow'. Huge wagons ring the clearing, many set up to display exotic wares or services. The player character can see everything from dancing centaurs to demons browsing the wares, but it seems an uneasy truce of sorts reigns here. Then again, as they note, maybe the demons have just not had the chance to openly attack this place yet.

NPCs and shops

  • Cinnabar - A female rat-morph whore, who starts work at 15:00
  • Greta's Garments - A tailor shop run by the succubus Greta
  • A pair of Griping Demons
  • Lilium - A hermaphrodite demon whore who starts work at 17:00
  • Roxanne Poisontail - A shemale lizan pirate who can be found drinking from 13:00 to 18:00
  • Slippery Squeeze- An erotic massage parlor
    • Joey - A bunny-boy trap who works at the Slippery Squeeze
    • Sara - A masseur at the Slippery Squeeze
  • Fapping Arena - appearing as 'tent' in the menu, the arena holds circlejerk competitions in which the player can participate.
  • Niamh - After becoming her "favorite customer," if you give her a Bimbo Liqueur, she will undergo a transformation and be kicked out of Tel'Adre. Following an encounter in the plains, she will be available here at all hours.
  • Benoit - a old, blind basilisk that runs a shop from 9:00 to 17:00
  • Tiger Assault - Between 19:00 and 20:00 tiger-morph and his fellows may try to rape you. (Only if you're male.)