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The plains are a location that the champion can choose to explore. It can be discovered by exploring, but only if the character has first found the mountain.

The plains are covered in grass and largely flat, allowing the champion to see the mountain, forest, and lake in the distance. Despite the flatness of the plains, travel is as unpredictable as anywhere else in Mareth due to the tall grass, which can grow up to a dozen feet high.

Possible encounters

  • The Bizarre Bazaar - a settlement formed from brightly coloured wagons and tents, the Bazaar is only open to characters with a corruption stat of 33 or higher. The Bazaar is found on every tenth exploration of the plains, provided the character has not yet entered and unlocked it as a place.
  • Oviposition Elixir - a discarded bottle of oviposition elixer.
  • Kanga Fruit - a kanga fruit growing from a strange plant.
  • Isabella - a tall cowgirl who speaks with a stereotypical Germanic accent.
  • Bunny Girl - a monster-girl bunny who takes on the role of an Easter Bunny.
  • Gnoll - a predatory hyena-morph who attacks the champion on sight.
  • Gnoll Spear-Thrower - another hyena-morph, this time armed with a number of javelins.
  • Helia - a female Salamander berserker.
  • Satyr (two different scenes)
  • Owca
  • Sheila - A female Kangaroo-morph encountered when exploring the Plain (New addition, not much data available yet)