Lethice’s Stronghold

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The first part of Lethice’s Stronghold was added in the 0.9.0 update and can be found while searching the High Mountains. This location cannot be found until finishing the Deep Cave dungeon - the third dungeon in the game's main quest. After arriving at the Stronghold, it can then be found in the Places menu. So far, there are only 4 known Bad Ends.

This is the haphazardly made map Stronghold.png

Mirror Room

In the Mirror Room, you can either put on Glasses or Leave. Putting on the Glasses results in a battle with your Doppelganger, a fight which is extremely difficult, as you have to use uncommon methods (special attacks like the bow or dragonfire) to be able to land a hit consistently. It's also possible to defeat the Doppelganger by using lust attacks, such as Tease/Seduce, or the Arouse spell. Failing to defeat the Doppelganger in 6 rounds results in an instant loss, followed by a Bad Ending.


In the Hall, you will encounter a horde of Basilisk. If you try to move past them without Laybans, you will be crowded and captured, and eventually be brought to their king, Jean-Claude. Trying to go back after running past them with Laybans will result in the same thing. After explaining that he knows about you from your adventures, you can goad him into a fight by choosing the 'Taunt' option. Choosing the 'Run' option leads you to a Bad End. Alternatively, if your Speed is high enough (Was 100 when attempted), you can make it through without being caught, allowing you to make it to the other end, and into a small room which further leads to the Slope.

  • You can fail on the Run option even with 100 speed. I attempted running with 100 speed, without Laybans, was caught and given the Basilisk Womb bad end. My PC is currently male so the ending had all sorts of errors regarding the current male sex.

Tentacle Garden

The Succubus Gardener can be fought in the Tentacle Garden. The best way to beat her is by using Tease and casting Arouse after having brought her down to 50% health, where her health will be restored to 100% when she takes enough damage (~50%). The text of this healing implies that it leaves her more susceptible to lust. Choosing to fuck her after victory will result in a Bad End.

Statue Room

A Living Statue can be found here, which when beaten drops a Lethicite crystal. Its use, as stated by Fenoxo, is purely as a combat challenge, being a massively difficult foe at level 22, dropping a large portion of EXP. After you defeat it, it crumbles to pieces, and you find a Lethicite (not Marae's Lethicite) nearby, glowing a purple color. If you do not defeat it, it leads to a Bad End where you are crushed underneath the Statue's hammer.


The Centaur Herm can be fought here; a massive, highly corrupt centaur that has the ability to heal herself and orgasm to relieve lust. Fucking her after defeating her does not lead to a bad ending, just a satisfying sex scene.

Entrance to the Throne Room

In the room that contains the throne entrance is a locked portal, which you can't understand. Currently, the only option is to continue on your way. After defeating gardener and centaur, and with corruption of 5, tried going north at sealed door- it worked. I've no idea if that means new content, conditions met, or people never tried. have a belt pouch space open for premium god mead (full heal, reduce lust to base)

First fight is with a Drider with a goblin attached. Can easily be beat with physical attacks, does moderate damage. After winning you can sex drider, sex goblin, kill drider, recruit goblin. I was able to sex the goblin, recruit her, then either sex or kill drider. Recruiting the goblin may not matter, depending on next choices.

Your next opponent is a level 22 minotaur king. You have to beat him physically (he will heal when killed) to reduce his lust resistance. Before first heal you do 1.5 tease damage, after first heal you do 6.5-7, and 10.5 to 11 after second heal. After you get him to max lust, he fucks the cowgirl, and is ready for more (back to 0 lust, fully healed). The second time you beat him with lust, you win. You can now sex him, sex his slave, or kill them.

Now you fight Lethice, level 25. Lethice can be defeated conventionally. During the fight she summons some black tentacles- kill them with white fire as soon as possible. After you beat her, she sends her demon horde at you, while she recovers.

Demon horde is level 25. The demon horde appears to be the same encounter as the first Lethice, as blinding Lethice blinded them. After beating them, you can sex them, cast heal, or attack Lethice right away. It may be necessary to fuck them to reduce lust.

You now get to fight Lethice a second time. She has a warning that pops up "shes going to try something trickey", Since my normal attack was melee, I tossed a white fire at her- her response was to create an anti-magic /anti range weapon shell, which lasted 4 rounds.

After beating her again, you can finally sex Lethice. Plowing her reduces her to a broken shell, and you are given a choice of killing her, or leaving her. Leaving her causes her to be kidnapped by a shark demon for his harem. You now get a bunch of end-game choices, but all of them lead to a game over, so choose what you want to choose based on your own experience.

Exit - Cable Car

As you exit the facility from east side, you run into the cable car. If you chose to give the Incubus Mechanic the book in the demon factory, he stops your leave, demanding a toll. The champion has three options here:

  • The first is to pay 500 gems, though the incubus comments he was only joking about the gems, but still accepts the toll.
  • The second option is to suck the incubus's dick.
  • The third option is to fight him, though he is a lot weaker than any other opponent in this dungeon.


  • In the mirror room, your character will take a moment to look at his/her reflection in the mirror. If you have multiple non-human transformations, then it will give the standard text saying something along the lines of "The last time you looked into such a sharp reflection you were human; a pang of regret steals through you as you consider probably not even your parents would be able to recognize the strange human/(current PC race) clad in her armor standing in front of you now." If you have only human parts, the text instead says, "It is honestly surprising, given everything you have encountered since you stepped through that portal what seems years ago, that you are still recognizably human. You wonder if your parents would be able to recognize the battle-hardened woman clad in her armor standing in front of you to be the wide-eyed youth they bade their heartfelt goodbyes to all that time ago, though."