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Armors & Clothing

All worn items must be Equipped through the Inventory to be of any use. Only one worn item at a time may be listed as Equipped.

Bee Chitin Armor

Bimbo Skirt

Bondage Straps

Comfortable Clothes

Gel Armor

Goo Armor

Inquisitor's Corset

Inquisitor's Robes

Leather Armor Segments

Nurse's Outfit

Red Bodysuit

Scandalously Seductive Armor

Slutty Swimwear

Spider-silk Armor

Spider-silk Robes

Wizard's Robes


Several different armors sold by the Blacksmith in Tel'Adre.

Leather Robe

Chain mail Bikini

Full-body chain mail

Full plate mail

Indecent Steel Armour

Scale-mail armor


Several different outfits sold by the Tailor in Tel'Adre. (Needs Updating)

Ballroom Dress

Classy suitclothes

Green adventurer's clothes

Modest robes

Rubber Fetish Clothes

Semi-transparent bodysuit

Silk shirt and leather pants

Tube top and short shorts

White Shirt and Overalls

Greta's Garments

Several different wearable items sold by Greta's Garments in Bizarre Bazaar

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