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A list of of updates and their additions.

To Do List:

  • Add all previous Character Viewer build releases. Unknown amount of work.


Corruption of Champions

Current Release:



  • Equipment upgrade system has been added!
  • Most generic weapons and shields can now be upgraded to +1 (fine) and +2 (masterwork) variant, increasing attack rating by +2 and +4 respectively.
  • Some masterwork weapons can be upgraded to obsidian weaponry. In order to upgrade, you'll need some gems and obsidian shards.
  • Unique equipment can be upgraded.
  • Beautiful Sword → Divine Pearl Sword (new): 1x pure pearl, 2000 gems
  • Ugly Sword → Scarred Blade: 4x lethicite or 1x large lethicite and 2000 gems
  • Jeweled Rapier → Midnight Rapier: 5x lethicite and 2000 gems
  • Spellblade → Runed Spellblade (new): 1x lethicite, 2x fox jewels, 1500 gems
  • Eggshell Shield → Runed Eggshell Shield: 1x lethicite, 2x dragon eggs, 1250 gems
  • Weapons have received two new variables:
  • Durability: New degradation system used for obsidian weapons and huntsman cane. Durability is indicated by tooltip and on equipment.
  • Weight: Weapons are now categorized as light, medium or heavy. This will allow code to take advantage of weight system.
  • New equipment:
Divine Pearl Sword: Boasts +4 attack over beautiful sword, same purity requirement. At full purity, 21 attack.
Runed Eggshell Shield: Offers +2 block rating over the regular dragon shield.
Obsidian Weaponry: Offers +2 attack over the masterwork weapons (+6 over base) but degrades, breaking after 200 hits.
  • 7 additional perks:
Improved Endurance 2 & 3 (Tier 1 & 2, rank 3 is NG+, both increase max fatigue by 10 each)
Improved Self-Control 2 & 3 (Tier 1 & 2, rank 3 is NG+, both increase max lust by 10 each)
Tank 3 (NG+, Tier 2, increases max HP by 5 per level, making it 20 HP per level)
Indefatigble (NG+, Tier 3, can no longer lose by lust. Note that in the future, opponents might learn of that.)
Titan Grip (Tier 3, lets you wield large weapons in one hand!)
  • Additional Sprites:
Zetaz (Two variants!)
Kiha variants (Unarmed)
Additional image pack support for several of the scenes!
  • Added option to turn off enemy stats panel.


  • Huntsman cane now has 25 durability.
  • Simplified enemy info to be more TiTS-like.
  • Revamped stare ability. It now decreases speed per turn.
  • Changes to Cockatrices:
  • If speed falls to 1 while facing cockatrices, you now automatically lose.
  • Cockatrices now have 1/3 chance to use paralyzing stare attack.
  • Minotaur now has a chance to auto-rape you. Better raise your strength and intelligence!
  • More tooltips have been added to Farm, especially if you want to turn Kelt into Kelly.
  • Piercings now reset on ascension.
  • Ferret transformations have been revamped.
  • If you encounter the tree with sword after blowing up the factory, you'll now pick up the broken remnants. In the future, you'll be able to reforge the sword.
  • Buffed tail slap and 'mander tails now get tail whip.
  • Iron Fists 2 no longer requires New Game+.
  • Corruption requirement from Midnight Rapier has been removed.
  • (Under-the-hood) Many engine code cleanup as well as pregnancy progression.


  • Mino Mutual infinite loop should be fixed.
  • Fixed Edryn impregnation while she charges money.
  • Fixed a missing closing italics tag at Anzu.
  • Ring descriptions should now be fixed.
  • Kitsunes should now properly have different hair colour when in battle.
  • The boulder from ice giant should no longer persist.
  • Fixed the underfur dye issue.
  • Some formatting fixes, thanks Whimsalot.
  • 1.4.13b hotfix: Fixed Benoit(e) egg pregnancy.


(Under-the-hood) Finally removed MainView.swc and ScrollPane.swc

Previous Releases:



For developers: Added better RNG functionality by brrritsocold. --CHANGES & TWEAKS--

Updated Jewelry shop, thanks Starglider! Refactored breast rows into a vector. Refactored appearanceDefs into body part classes. Revamped the dungeon map engine to make adding dungeons maps easier instead of copy-and-paste. DRY coding basically. The following transformatives now remove extra breast rows. Salamander Firewater Reptilum Dragon TF (Ember's blood or Drake's Heart) Snake Oil (Tiger-)Shark Tooth --BUG FIXES--

Tattered scroll should now affect all breast rows instead of first row. Some Priscilla formatting fixes. Removed a leftover bracket from one of Ember scenes. Lust should no longer go over the cap. Owca italics bug should be fixed. Fixed perma-bold from entering game settings and from Lethice fight.



Support for image pack has been extended to several more, including camp. --CHANGES & TWEAKS--

Stats bars and sprites should now have drop shadow once again. The font for the stats bars have been changed back to Palatino Linotype. Tweaked dog score and wolf score. Lizard eye type now only count towards lizardScore if score is at least 2. Corruption tolerance has been refactored under the hood. Button refactored, thanks Aimozg! There may be new bugs but any new bugs will be ironed out. Many transformatives now account for New Game+. Changed the prices of dragonscale, including clothes and armour. This effectively nerfs profit completely. You can no longer name the gargoyle "1", this is done for people who plays with keyboard. Virgin description will always show if you're an anal virgin to reduce confusion. You can now put off Phylla virgin sex, temporarily disabling encounter for a day. --BUG FIXES--

Many under-the-hood fixes. Several instances of perma-bold and perma-italic bug should be fixed. Mimic encounter should now be 1 hour properly, not 2 hours. Might should now properly buff strength and toughness over the maximum again. Fixed multiCockDescriptLight() error when losing to imp lord as genderless. Goblins can no longer be raped on SFW mode. Losing to Basilisk should now decrease speed. Joy and Izmael should now be accounted for in milk bath. Fixed Vapula threesome menu. Fixed some issue with the scene where you show Amily the items. Talisman dispel should now properly dispel opponent's Might. Minerva should no longer replace existing pregnancy. (Thanks cartoonmessiah) Corrections to minotaur cum flag. (Thanks Linulaneilly) Ascension permery menu should be fixed. (Thanks Belshazzarll) Stadler76 has provided those bug fixes. Fixed parser errors in Fixed exception in kangaroo TF for PC without a vagina Fixed for an unclosed -tag in Kangaroo TF Fixed Might Buff calculation. Restored previous speed and toughness thresholds for reptilum.



(DEBUG BUILD ONLY) Added experimental sprite viewer for appearance by Aimozg. This is a work in progress! Terracotta Impy shadow achievement added. --CHANGES & TWEAKS--

UI completely refactored, thanks Aimozg! Black borders around the game are now restored. Brought more of image pack support across many more scenes and tweaked several as part of the on-going efforts. --BUG FIXES--

Fixed the missing text if your speed decreases at basilisks. Fixed the Blademaster perk not working with large claymore. Corrected the tooltip if you don't have enough ebonbloom for armour or robes. Should state 10 ebonblooms required, not 8. Tooltip mix-up for ebonweave thong and jockstrap should be fixed. Tail Slap can no longer be spammed past full fatigue. Tail Whip now fatigues you. Minor correction for entering Uma's clinic without meeting Loppe. Correct Joy turning into Jojo during Marble Purification quest and Jack Frost event. Dominika error should be corrected. Farm talk should be corrected regarding the lake corruption after blowing up the factory. Wellspring of Lust now takes priority over Battlemage. Fixes to Priscilla foreplay. (Peterinox) Tooltip header font should be fixed. (Aimozg) Lust resistance should now properly apply to most lust attacks again. (BelshazzarII) Fixed unclosed italics tag. (BelshazzarII) Fixed unclosed bold tag. * Many transformative items should now properly increment TIMES_TRANSFORMED flag. * Fixes to Rhino Steak transformation. * Imp Food should be fixed now. * Corrupted Glades should no longer be encounterable if extinct. * And many more undocumented fixes.



Added Cockatrices! Combining the deadly aspects of basilisks and harpies, they should be a challenge to fight. The game now shows how much lust you gain in combat, for most encounters. Added more IDs for pictures for image pack. --CHANGES & TWEAKS--

Priscilla has been overhauled when it comes to sex. Wrestle scene has been added. Some of Behemoth sex scenes have been rewritten! Pure Jojo anal virgin scene is redone as well. Thanks misplaced-radish! Building camp wall now cost stones. Finally, an use for the stones! Some tweaks to racial scores. --BUG FIXES--

Special character creation should work again. Minor text QC for bimbo miniskirt. Kitsune ovi scene now checks for cock. Some more bug fixes not documented. --REMOVAL--

Removed max attribute modifiers from races. Now all races have the usual 100 cap. New Game+, buffs, debuffs, and certain perks still affect the maximum.



A new shop has been added to Bizarre Bazaar by the name of Chilly Smith where you can buy weapons and armour. This is also where you can buy Inquisitor robes/corset. New weapons: Midnight Rapier and Ugly Sword. They can be bought from the aforementioned shop. Implemented perk requirement API under the hood. Changes/Tweaks:

Black Book can now grant Blackfire. Giving birth to Satyr now may cause butts and hips to expand. Exiting inventory menu now exits item deletion mode to solve any case of "Damn you muscle memory" If Benoit's shop is closed, it now shows a disabled button. Corrupted glades now regenerate much slower if there are fewer. If there's only 1 left, it'll take 9 days for a single glade to recover. It's now a bit easier to encounter the remaining glades if you want to wipe them out. Bug Fixes:

Make Mareth Great Achievement should now correctly display as unlocked if you have it. More fuckery with Wolf Pepper. Seriously, when are the issues going to end? Xmas Elf female scene should now correctly require vagina. Knocked Back status effect should now be fully cleared on loading saves. Menu should now be fixed after buying biscuits. Some fixes with dynStats call, in particular, resisted parameter. Removed a stray clearOutput that causes blank text in save/load menu. Removal:

Output booleans should now be purged completely from codebase. Finally removed parseAsMarkdown from codebase.



More under-the-hood changes. Profiling API. Explorable interface implemented. WeightedAction.addMany added. Added a button to disable Corruption Tolerance. But why would you? Added body part editor from Xianxia, accessible from secret debug menu. Blackfire spell added. It's accounted for in several situations that would use fire abilities. Ebonweave, a new tier of material, added. You can have clothes and armour made out of them. Changes/Tweaks:

Some tweaks to Wolf Pepper. It is now possible to be recognized as imp-morph properly. The text "Oh dear, you are bad-ended!" now have a chance to appear even when not in silly mode. Bug Fixes:

Fixed an issue with Mimic combat not starting. Fixed an exception with some Faerie scenes. Fixed a crash with Ghoul description. Several more typo fixes.



Ghoul encounter. Spooky! Sheep TFs! Now you can become a sheep-morph with Clovis. Fluffy! Changes/Tweaks:

Brought consistency to corruption tolerance. Changed item deletion from shift key to mode. Implemented encounter API for the rest of the zones. Laybans are now useful in regular basilisk encounters. Male spider-morphs now have 50/50 chance of giving you spider silk instead of gossamer when talking. Pacifist-friendly! You can buy more LaBova and Lactaid after having taken a total of 5 loots from friendly Sand Witches. Using the bow now increases your bow skill up to a cap. Kelt still teaches faster. Unhindered, Improved Endurance, and Ascension Endurance now influence Wild Hunt success factor. Ant children now count towards ascension. At a cap of 5000, they will count as 30 regular children. More internal code changes and refactors. Bug Fixes:

Some fixes regarding critical hits. Fixed corrupt goblin dicking scene. Imp cock size inconsistency should be corrected. Juggernaut and Unhindered should work properly again. Some fixes regarding Kath menu. Fixed Rathazul flirt blanking. Fixed Helia menu not clearing when departing to dungeon. Boat exploration should be working again. Bonus vaginal capacity is now taken into account. Several more typo fixes. Too many fixes to count. Removal:

Prison is now disabled by default due to its unfinished state.



Amarok, a level 22 encounter in Glacial Rift. Try not to lose to him 5 times in a row. Wolf transformations. Can be done by eating wolf peppers, dropped by Amarok. Added a silly mode where Rathazul appears to die but he'll be fine, accessed by selecting "Flirt". Added imagepack support for Anzu. Racial scores now show up in stats. Changes/Tweaks:

Moved the Back button from 10th slot to 15th slot when giving Rubi items. This is to account for the fact that you can carry 10 items. Rearranged farm menus to be tidier. It is now possible to prevent bimbofication of Jojo if you send him to chase thief. Halved Urta affection decay to 1% every 4 days. So many menu refactors! Bug Fixes:

Lethicite staff should be fixed. Goo pregnancy fixes Fixed potential trap oil crash. Fixed crash if useItemNow is called with one argument. Fixed potential empty screen if you repeat lunch scene with Anzu. More small undocumented fixes. Removal:

Disabled choices() and simpleChoices(); they're now commented out and can be safely removed. Note that has some left for reference. Commented out multipageChoices() as it's never even used. Removed createCallBackFunction2 as it's no longer needed.



Lethicite staff can now be made. After a long time, the staff is now obtainable again. Changes/Tweaks:

Changed "Armor" to "Craft" under Rathazul menu to reflect the fact that he also makes a weapon. Cleaned up some mf() and maleFemaleHerm() code. More of the scenes now have customized orgasm functionality. Refactored skin() to skinDescript(). Bug Fixes:

Truckload of typo fixes. Fixed a crash when cockless player drinks special bee honey. Fixed Izmael errors. Fixed blank screen when approaching Rathazul while having Izmael. Ring of power of all tiers should now correctly show effect on tooltips. Lethicite ring should now properly corrupt the wearer over time again. On defeating Drider Incubus, your strength should now properly be restored.



MinoMutual code should be more readable. More orgasms have been specialized across the code. If you decline to make a baby with Minerva, the text now accounts if you're naked. (Currently applies to males.) Doppelganger now accounts for pig ears. Made the 12 hour display code more efficient. Bug Fixes:

Sprites for special imps/goblins should be fixed. Fixed a bug where Erlking doesn't give gems. Fixed a blank text for bimbo miniskirt by removing the 10 corruption requirement. Some typo fixes with purified Minerva. Salamander Firewater has received typo fixes. The text for gaining lustzerker is also overhauled. Rathazul should now offer debimbo if Izma is brofied. Attempt to fix blank Isabella appearance when she's pregnant. Attempt to fix Anzu issue regarding relationship level as well as time display when talking to him.



Anzu the Avian Deity. Find his palace in Glacial Rift. You can befriend him and even have sex with him. (More content will gradually be added and he will be polished in future updates.) Izma can now be broified into Izmael, with plenty of new sex scenes as well as bathtime. If you change your mind, you can turn Izmael back to Izma with Bimbo Liqueur and Debimbo. Tier 2 and 3 rings have been added. They are also added to drop table. Pablo the maleherm pseudo-imp added. You can find him in the gym. You can now scavenge the Town Ruins for limited amount of resources. This will make cabin building much easier. You can now buy items from Oswald. The items sold there would be the same from Benoit/e. Basilisks codex entry has been added, courtesy of MissBlackthorne. Added basilisk eyes. You can also petrify imps and carry the statues to camp as deterrence. Bimbo miniskirt now starts bimbofication progression. You can also choose to disable that feature in inventory. Added 5 humourous bad ends texts only available in silly mode. Some of them are reference to other games. Changes/Tweaks:

Broke the save deletion code in hardcore mode. If you have empty equipment slot, unequip button will be greyed out instead of not being shown at all. All used unknown flags have been renamed for readability in code. Nerfed fatigue cost from squeezing from 20 to 10. More children are now included for ascension points: Amily, Jojo/Joy, Benoit(e), Cotton, Brooke, Edryn, Loppe (futureproofing), and Lynnette. Bug Fixes:

Fixed the issue where you can get spider silk undergarments without the 500 gems, breaking the game. Echidna cakes no longer remove Oviposition perk. Satyr sexuality should now be obtainable. Maleherms now start with balls properly. Combat images no longer change every round. Uma no longer refers to Loppe if you didn't meet her when revisiting the clinic. The button for Minotaur King docking scene now properly checks if you have a cock. Fixed a rare issue where Kiha's affection is not shown. Fixed an issue where Marble can randomly appear for swimming when she's away to get her family. Valeria now properly counts towards followers total when wearing her as goo armour. Fixed missing name reference in one of Kath Employment scenes. Fixed infinite strength and toughness gain if you have Battlemage perk when initiating sex with pure Jojo. Lick 'Gina now counts properly. Fixed the issue where the textbox for Lethice redemption appears over text. Fixed a bug where the minimum lust from Shouldra would reset if you merely access her from Followers. The screen where you choose to fight or consort Lethice is no longer blank. Fixed a duplicate word in Succubus victory. Fixed a bug where the game will lock up if you have bimbo Jojo and Vapula and didn't pass the intelligence check. And more fixes that aren't listed.


Various bug/typo fixes. Possibly more.


Various bug/typo fixes. Possibly more.


  • Fixed some issues relating to how certain morning event scenes conclude, actually allowing progress through them.
  • Urta x Scylla should trigger again.
  • Tamani’s Daugters should diminish at the proper rate.
  • Hardcoded around some potential item slot issues. Somehow, certain slots were becoming “locked” again inadvertently.
    • We dunno what was causing them to save in the locked state, but the least we can do is force the initial 3 slots to always be available. [Investigation Intensifies]
  • Cleaned up a few more D3-fight status effects that could cause issues later on down the line.
    • There are probably more- the combat system SHOULD be cleaning them up, but it isn’t, so I’ve taken to handling it manually.
  • Minor content tweaks:
    • Essrayles content should now only make references to multiple tit rows when the player actually has more than a single row of boobs.
    • Some more cock indexing issues should be fixed with the Herm Centauress.
  • Fixed being able to discover D3 without having Zetaz’s map.


  • Fixed some issues with the Laybans not properly being detected.
  • It should no longer be possible to run from fights in D3.
  • Cleaned up Benoit(e)s prices.
  • D3 fights should now properly clear up any lingering status effects at the end of combat.
    • The “Reapproach” thing after fighting the giant statue should get cleaned up on-load.
  • Fixed a bunch of oversights with the setup of D3 fights.
    • Doppleganger not properly copying certain player setup.
    • Typo fixes for the Centauress
    • Changes to the discovery mechanic of D3.
    • Accounted for Ceraph’s Fetish mechanic in a bunch of places.
    • A bunch of tweaks to the French spoken by the basilisks in D3.
    • Caught some missed variations in various places.
  • Fixed a bunch of other niggles with older content.
    • Incorrect formatting for Fox Jewel usage messages.
    • Attempt to streamline some logic relating to bimbo Sophie and the camp.
    • Tweaked a buy-menu message variant used by Benoite.
    • Tweaked some Heckle/Brooke content to account for the fact a player may not have actually done much with Heckle previously.
    • Fiddled Arian so he should only be encounterable/helpable once per day. If you turn him away, you’ll have to wait a day. Should stop RNJesus spamming his initial greeting if you don’t want to deal with it.
    • Should fix a bunch of shit with Shelia. Namely making two attacks per turn when Corrupt and her appearance flitting between corrupt/non-corrupt.
    • Fixed the mysterious blank page that can sometimes appear when going through Amily’s content.
    • Handled an inappropriately-available scene option when interacting with Hel.
  • IndirectOne tweaked a bunch of stuff relating to the inventory.
    • In-Camp inventory management should now provide the option to put an item back, rather than forcing you to toss it or use it.
    • Oswald and Benoit(e) now have a “Sell All” button.
    • There’s an option to unequip your current weapon without replacing it.
    • Items with submenus should be far more resilient. See Gro+ and Reducto.
    • I believe this might also clean up a lot of issues with the Kitsune’s Gift.
    • A bunch of the VERY VERY OLD code relating to Giacomo and Rathazul have been fiddled in an attempt to make it less FUCKAWFUL to work with.
  • IndirectOne also fixed a bunch of stuff with the time-handling mechanics that got switched over in 0.9.0
    • Certain time-based updates should work properly (ie either actually happen, or not happen far too much).
    • I think maybe some combinations of time-specific events should now be possible. (Long standing issue).
  • Minor tweaks to Kath’s additional content.


  • The first part of Dungeon 3- Lethice’s Stronghold- is now available.
    • Search the high mountains with Zetaz’s Map to locate the place.
    • Once found it’ll be available under the Places -> Dungeons menu.
    • None of the enemies have any shiny loot yet- but we’ll handle it in such a way that when we figure out what the loot is (and then add it), you’ll still be able to get it even if you murderhobo the enemies now.
    • The layout is a a little closer to TiTS-style environments than CoC-Dungeon standard fare, so I’m working on a means to rig up some kinda proto-map just for this. I got some ideas, but it isn’t done.
  • IndirectOne finished off some old QuietBrowser work and coded an expansion for Katherine.
    • This thing was the reason for the Pregnancy system rework.
    • It’s some good shit.
  • New pregnancy system fixes.
    • A bunch of fixes have been rolled out to handle issues with the new pregnancy system from the previous patch. Specifics include:
    • Tamani
    • Helspawn
    • Ember
    • Urta
    • Phylla
  • Fixed HP regen whilst suffering from Marble’s Milk withdrawl.
  • Fixed more Femoit things. I SHOULD HAVE IT ALL THIS TIME GUISE SRS.
  • The usual gamut of typo fixes from Prisoner, and now magic9mushroom.
    • This was actually way, way more typos than most other releases.
    • Seriously, this was a lot of fucking typos mang.
  • Handled some inventory stuff with Kid A.


  • IndirectOne did a bunch of rework to NPC/Player pregnancy systems on the lead up to some other stuff. Things might be a little flakey, you know the drill.
  • Femoit should actually consume the items required to trigger the feminisation process.
  • Benoit should be less gender-fluid and not alternate between masculine and feminine versions. There’s probably still some things I missed (modifying old content to add new stuff is always a pain).
  • Huge number of typos fixed care of Prisoner416
  • Raphael should FINALLY not magically give you an item that you’ve already retrieved from his person.
  • Minerva should have all of her talk scenes actually available now; one was being hidden behind logic that would (I assume) never allow it to be displayed.
  • Jon1128 also provided a bunch of typo fixes.


  • Benoit can be a lady.
  • Probably tons of typos and stuff I’ve fallen behind on.


  • No more double nipple rows on creation.


  • Added a new threesome for Helia involving Bimbo Sophie, courtesy of Gardeford.
  • Reorganised the stats display to group all the PCs children together away from other stats.
  • Tagged up Rubis massage scenes to properly support variable gendered pronoun selections; they’re now available for both settings.
  • Tweaked Katherines introduction process to clearly differentiate between the two recruitment paths. Her talk scene about the gang will now not mention the PCs past involvement with the gang if Kath was met via the new alternate path, although this will only work properly from now on; saves prior to this patch will still treat both paths as the same.
  • Fixes for: Holli, Imps, Urta, Arian, Farm Corruption, Katherine, Rogar, Masturbation scenes
  • Fixed an instance where all breast rows could be removed from the player, and break a couple of internal functions that assume there will always be at least one breast row present. Saves in this “broken” state will have the default breast row inserted during load.
  • Cleaned up some instances where, in the course of combat, two “You are blind” messages could be displayed at once.
  • Cocksocks have had some extensive tweaks, courtesy of two new contributors over on Github. Thanks to Enterprise and MMM for their efforts.
  • Rentzilla has also contributed a huge cleanup to Heat & Rut states.


  • Added an overlooked outfit event back to Rubi.
  • Whitney’s massage scenes should properly allow herm characters to select a desired variation.
  • Bunch of fixes to Phouka.
  • The Farm button should now be forced to display in the Places menu if you opt to start the corruption process before it would otherwise be available.
  • Minor changes to some Rubi item consumption functions to enable certain TFs as appropriate. (Red Skin, Horns etc)
  • Removed some more usage of the prototype parser in a number of scenes.
  • Fixed some item tool tips to be consistent with the items actual effect.
  • Made some changes to Owca content. Certain paths should now not result in huge amounts of weirdness.
  • Total Births should now be displayed on the stats screen.
  • More cleanup work towards properly fixing Kitsune’s Gift. Other assorted fixes for Kitsune events.
  • Fixes for Uma’s Chi Reflow – Defense perk.
  • More additions to Isabella to support accent training.
  • Fetish Zealot’s should now transform male player characters armor appropriately.
  • Gargy should properly take the players vagina virginity during the tailfuck scene.
  • Bimbo Sophie’s appearance screen should now be available in her menu.
  • A lot of British English spelling has been converted to American English.
  • NewGame+ should now properly bring forward equipped weapons.
  • Cleansing Palms attack description should be worded more appropriately for its target.
  • Whitney now actually takes payment for the Milk Tank upgrade.
  • Whole pile of typos fixed from Prisoner416.
  • The UI element used for perk selection should now disable properly so it cannot be targeted by various key binds when not appropriate.
  • Minotaur Blood should now be capable of transforming multiple cocks.
  • FutaFaculties has been added to a bunch of existing scene variations checks for BimboBrains.
  • Marble should now properly arrive at the players camp once recruited if the farm has been corrupted.


  • Phouka, an encounter written and coded by Indirect, has been added to the bog. You’ll note they include some new items and a new pregnancy.
  • CoC for android SHOULD now be capable of using “load from file”. No guarantee on this, and some other wonkiness might appear.
  • There’s now a warning that continuing Kath’s recruitment will lead to sex as well as an “abort forever” choice.
  • A raft of bugfixes. Seriously. I saw Gedan lashing them together and sailing into the distance along with a volleyball.


  • Corrected the logic to determine which version of Whitney’s core menu to display when you back out of a submenu.
  • Forced the UI to update the gem count without having to go back to camp whilst still in the farm menus.
  • Fixed the purchase button for the massage/orgy room. It’ll now no longer show up for players with a dominant Whitney (because of a lack of available content for that path), and will show up correctly for players with submissive Whitney.
  • Fixed some issues with gendered Arian tag lookups.
  • Merged in a change from wyvern to fix some issues with Hellhounds & Worm infestations.
  • Follower Sophie should now be available in the farms Follower menu.
  • Fixed a bunch more typos throughout lots of content.
  • Marbles milking scene option shouldn’t be overwritten by her talk option any longer.
  • Players without a weapon equipped no longer discard their fists when initiating the farm corruption content.
  • Corrected the scenes with Ceraph dealing with farm corruption.
  • Cleared up some stuff in the prosperity scene.
  • Fixed a mess of incorrect tags in Whitneys content.
  • Fixed the invalid cock index issue (I think) with some Whitney scenes. (Gedannote: If this is still happening after this update, please bugreport on the forum and provide a save so I can look into it in greater detail).
  • The “Work” option should be available under the “Farm” option whilst at Whitney’s farm once corruption has been initiated. Work probably needs better content to match what is taking place at the farm, but this avoids Marbles recruitment path from being stonewalled once you’ve started corrupting the farm.
  • Stopped the Farm option from being hidden in the places menu if you meet all the requirements to initiate the corruption path, but had previously double-raped Marble and been kicked off the farm.
  • Forced the corruption prompt to be displayed if you have absolutely no access to the farm (see: Double-raped Marble).
  • Stopped Whitney from kicking you off the farm if you double-rape Marble after starting the corruption process.
  • Latexy now properly returns to camp when you tell her to.
  • Jojo has been enabled in the branding menu.


  • Whitney’s farm can now be corrupted and taken over by players!
  • An additional scene for Marble has been added, penned by TDM and coded by Noobsaleh.
  • Fixed a bunch of incorrect tags in the Erlking content. Mostly by adding tags that I was surprised weren’t already implemented. [wings], [tail] and [oneTail] are now things (although I think only Kitsune tails can actually make real use of [oneTail]).
  • Also added virginity/stretching checks to applicable Erlking scenes.
  • Tweaked the “Question” option for Erlking to better represent the content of the linked scene.
  • Added support for Tattoos to many of the followers involved with the farm corruption process.
  • Fixed typos all over the place.
  • Added some more un-accented variations to a number of Isabella scenes.
  • Fixed a talk scene that was erroneously excluded from Corrupt Amily’s list of available random topics.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in no chat scene happening whilst gettin’ yo’ yoga on with Cotton.
  • Fixed a bunch of overlooked variations in a number of scenes.
  • Scenes that “milked” the player should now result in milk-related messages being suppressed properly.
  • Gargoyle has also been shifted to the places menu once encountered for the first time.
  • Raphael no longer magically reacquires the stolen pendant from the player before he leaves camp if the player had already swiped it back earlier in the interaction.
  • Niamh’s bimbo/corrupt options should now properly limit access to the scenes based on having the correct item in your inventory rather than either item.
  • Rubi no longer picks up slitted eyes from certain items. (they properly display as solid black)


  • Erlking / The Wild Hunt is now encounterable in the deep forest.
  • Tweaked some logical dissonance in some Amily scenes
  • Fixed the day not advancing if you sleep with Sheila
  • Fixed marble confusing the gender of her children in some scenes.
  • Included Dragonic trait scores in some Ember and Benoit scenes.
  • Fixed a name issue with Gargolye.
  • Fixed Kitsunes Gift not displaying the item swapping prompt if it rewards you an item and your inventory is full.
  • Fixed a Pregnant Urta scene hiding portions of the Wet Bitch description.
  • Should have straightened up game options so they’ll all load in correctly from saves and not be overwritten by current settings.
  • Fixed some prior-meeting stuff with Katherine.
  • Fixed Katherines cock not being correctly configured if you use the new alternate path. (This MAY fix saves with her having a broken cock setup, but it’s not 100%)
  • Fixed some Phylla stuff involving corruption.
  • Added a camp description for Isabella during the Marble purification quest.
  • Fixed some issues with Marbles camp description involving your children during the early evening/night.
  • Fixed Marbles Milk addiction cap bug.
  • Fixed some tooltip issues.
  • Included yet more gendered tag lookups for Arian.
  • Fera can now take vaginal virginities during her first encounter.
  • Fixed equipping Valeria not displaying the item swapping prompt when equipping her if your inventory was full.

  • There’s now a series of rare events in Tel’Adre that can unlock Katherine without having to go through Scylla’s storyline. It also adds a handjob scene to Katherine’s menu, all written by Indirect. He did a great job with it (aside from all the missing commas).
  • Marble’s “Sleep With” variable is now cleared when she leaves camp as it was causing some minor bugs.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in no Helia at the bar once she becomes a follower.
  • Playing with Marble’s kids should no longer fuck up genders.
  • Marble should be able to come back after leaving over corruption post-purification.
  • Fixed marble breast sizes being wonky.
  • Pure marble should be able to be given lactaid again.
  • Marble should now stop giving you La Bova after progressing her purification.
  • Rafts of grammatical error fixes from Prisoner416, the man in charge of making me look like a hack.

  • Fixed incorrect checks for certain followers during the “Call Her Out” scene in Marble Purification. Note that not every follower has special texts.
  • Marble’s quest should now not start until she has been a follower for 200+ hours.
  • Purified Marble can now be impregnated, as I beleive TheDarkMaster intended.
  • Marble no longer gives gifts or sleeps with the PC at night while away.
  • Marble’s pregnancies will now go into stasis while she is out on purification errands.
  • Marble’s purification has been properly gated off to pure Marble only.
  • Nursing from pure Marble now reduces fatigue instead of adding it. Whoops!
  • Nursing from Marble in the morning while she away on purification quest should now be a non-issue since you can no longer start it while addicted to her. This was how the quest was written and specified; I’m simply coding it as written. Many of the texts don’t make sense if you’re still addicted.
  • Giving lactaid to pure Marble should no longer give a blank screen.
  • Fixed two typos in Urta quest
  • Fixed Ceraph taken breast rows not contributing to the odds of a Ceraph bodypart dream.
  • Fixed a slight logic issue for very high lactation in the Scylla alley cat scene.
  • Fixed the intro to visiting Urta’s place getting skipped in certain conditions.
  • Fixed a variety of other issues.
  • Kinda fixed a weird Jasun incongruety that could pop up.
  • Fixed arriving at a sand witch with zero HP causing her to inexplicably lose by lust.
  • Fixed a crash with Izumi if you decline smoking, fight her, run away, and then come back to her cave.

  • Marble’s purification is live in game. It should work, but it’s got a surprising amount of variations and shit for the confrontation with Clara that make it liable to be bug prone.
  • Gedan did some stuff a while back that SHOULD fix the chrome lag/hanging issue.

  • Frosty added to the bakery. She has three sex scenes. All the sex was written by Spy.

  • New Dildo use scenes written by IxFa from the forums and cleaned up a good bit by me. Includes the following:
    • Virginity loss with dildo at low corruption
    • High corruption virginity loss
    • Normal vaginal usage
    • Anal usage
  • Finished and coded a scene for corrupt, dick-sporting nagas to feminize rubi into a shemale bimbo via dark magic and hypnosis.
    • PC needs to have a bigger dick than Rubi.
    • PC needs corruption >= 85.
    • Rubi needs to use masculine pronouns.
    • Rubi needs less than C-cup breasts (inactive currently, will be fixed next release).
    • Rubi can’t be a bimbo.
  • Assorted bug fixes courtesy of Gedan.

  • Fixes for Ferret TF.
  • Fixes some text weirdness in a couple of scenes.
  • Yet more Izumi tweaks.
  • Fixes for Valeria/Goo Armor equipping.
  • Fixes duplicate Valentines perk issue
  • Bunch of BugMonster alerts fixed
  • Prisoner happened all over Amily and Ceraph.
  • Non-sexual Jojo expansion. Jojo can now be encountered and recruited by low corruption players.

  • Ferret fruit added for sale in the Tel’Adre bakery for 20 gems.

  • Fixes tons of bugs and other issues.
  • Fixes tons of typos and grammatical errors in Phylla, Kiha, and Amily.

  • k, izumishit done, fixed some broken shit, many bugs rekt, font size control implemented
  • (Fenoxo’s Changelog) Buffed Goblin Assassin HP slightly.

  • Fixes a raft of bugs
  • Added a goblin assassin to the game, but I did not get time to polish her. She uses normal goblin scenes for victory and three new scenes for losses.

  • Fixed boatloads of typos all up ins. Still some persistent bugs like enemy’s standard attacks always missing or hitting for 0 damage to deal with.
  • Slipped a readme file into the image pack to tell people how to install it.

  • Probably broke a buncha shit.

Images added to the image pack for the following:

  • A buncha Urta shit
  • Vala fight
  • Tamani fight
  • Sophie fight
  • Shouldra fight
  • Sheila Fight
  • Secretary Succubus Fight
  • Helia fight
  • Naga fight
  • Kitsune Fight
  • Kiha fight
  • Kelt fight
  • Jojo fight
  • Izma Fight
  • Isabella Fight
  • Incubus Mechanic fight
  • Imp Mob Fight
  • Imp Lord/Imp Fights
  • Harpy Fight
  • Fetish Cultist/Zealot Fights
  • Chameleon Girl Fights
  • Akbal Fights

  • Urta will now react to players in heat or rut.
  • Fucking Urta while in Rut will add 5 to her max capacity each time (to a max of +40).
  • Being too big has its own variants.
  • Being in heat and rut allows another additional scene that results in the PC getting a bit too much attention from the whole bar.

  • Fixed a game hang when genderless PC’s beat a bee girl.

  • Dropped letters from build numbers by request of open source folks.
  • A lot of bugs introduced by refactoring last week were quashed.
  • Some other fun bugs were crashed, like a rare hangup in canine peppers if a genderless person ate them and got the dream sequence.
  • Xmas elf will now mention giving Kelly a big fat dildo instead of giving Kelt coal if you have Kelly instead.
  • Various other sundry bugs and fixes.


  • Uma can now be encountered in Tel’Adre. Talk to Loppe about her Mom and the option to go visit should proc.
  • Uma can give the PC some neat little perks and minor temporary buffs.
  • Uma won’t have any sexytime scenes unless you’re girly enough. There’s four of those scenes by the way.
  • Uma’s talk menu also has five different talk scenes about Loppe that it can pull. Try and catch them all, CoC-mon!


  • Kami should work now.
  • An issue with [VagOrAss] should be addressed.
  • If you initially decline to knock Helia up, you should be able to do from her follower menu.
  • Pregnant Urta forcibly buttsexing you should result in the loss of virginity and/or appropriate stretching.
  • Having a bimbo perk and going into heat should no longer result in a huge libido gain at the end.
  • Fixed some MORE arian gender bugs.
  • New icons for Venus, the Kitsunes, and Rubi.
  • Fixed the bugs I introduced to the goblin blow and buy minocum options in the salon.


  • Lynnette the goblin can now be fucked and impregnated. She’s pretty picky about her cum – you’ve gotta let it stew for 24 hours before you fill her up, and if you don’t cum enough, she won’t be real happy about it.
  • If you make Lynnette happy enough with her stuffings, she’ll offer you free service at the salon for life. You can still pay if you want to, though.
  • Nieve can now has a repeat appearance screen. Unfortunately I had the old stats clear at the end of last winter because I assumed you’d get to build them again, so there’s a brief debug prompt to reset your Nieve.
  • If you are locked out of the farm, Oswald can now sell you a carrot.
  • Kami the Christmas Roo has had her times extended to match Nieves.
  • Polar Pete and Jack Frost holiday events have been migrated to silly mode due to their silliness.
  • Fixed bunches of typos and stuff. The open source guys were working on trying for PS3 compatibility, but I don’t think we’ve got it back yet.
  • Hel no longer drinks at her still when pregnant.


  • Added a new scene for people getting their second turkey girl encounter. Requires a cock, and tamani’s dildo or lust draft. If you don’t have the dildo or draft, it should continue to bash you in the face with the turkey until you qualify.
  • Turkey encounter chance has been made more random.
  • Added a repeatable scene in Tel’Adre involving a pig-slut for some omni-gender, butt-expanding funtimes.
  • Turkey stuff written by Savin, and pig stuff written by Wood Harris. I can’t wait till I’m pushing TiTS updates with the author names directly embedded. *swoon*


  • Added a new scene with goo-girls involving Valeria when she’s worn.
  • Pushed out some more open source bugfixes/changes.


  • Switched image display methods to a way that should work in browsers and not just in flash player.
  • Posting this one on the play page along with an image pack download link.


  • [Update: This appears to only work with Adobe Flash player standalone for right now. We're looking into it.] Support for the new, optional image pack (unzip into a folder named img in the same folder as CoC).
  • Should fix some bugs with the new overhauls.


  • There are likely a lot of bugs. For example, imp lords seem to cause some issues when encountered. Sophie’s follower screen is bugged, etc. Report the issues in the comments here or on the forums and we’ll get them sorted.
  • Have a ton of additions and improvements to the game backend that I don’t even understand yet by some kind folks who have been tuning up the game while I’ve been puttering around on TiTS.
  • Many, many, many sprites have been replaced with newer, 16-bit style sprites. These are also done by Gats.
  • Some NPCs got sprite variances, like Sophie, who now has a bimbo and a regular sprite.
  • There are now 100 sprites in total. Even the tentacle monster has some!
  • Looks like there’s a settings screen! I didn’t make that one, and I’m not really sure what those extra modes are about just yet.
  • Might not be compatible with some of the save editors out there due to changes in how flags are stored.


  • Freeing Fera for females requires the following: Don’t be pregnant. Also, have more than 2 wetness or 30 fertility. Before it required a combination of all of those.
  • The female perks now boost pregnancy speed.
  • The perks should now display descriptions.


  • Fera’s encounter code has been fiddled with.
  • Fera now has a second encounter that can be bumped into in the deep woods after you free her. You’ll know it’s her when you find her glade. New words of content: 8000+
  • Three new Fera-related perks have been added to the game. Enjoy!


  • If you have a pussy, you can now volunteer to take frog eggs in your twat.


  • Fixed a bajillion errors with Arian.
  • The appearance screen now has a next button that goes back to camp to fix some button glitches.
  • Fixed a few Rubi errors like doubled clothes and not needing 5 peaches to get the peach scene.
  • Fixed some phantom cock issues with Rubi.
  • Growing Rubi a cunt should enable the “She” tag on Rubi immediately.
  • The reverse is also true – losing her cunt should switch it back to “he”. It can still be set in the menu to whatever.


  • The explore menu got a “next” button, giving a second page. (GASP!)
  • High Mountains got moved to the second page and mountains moved to the second row to make room for the new button.
  • Exploring the swamp enough times will now unlock the bog.
  • The Chameleon girl was moved to the bog, as the swamp was getting pretty crowded.
  • A frog-girl can be encountered in the bog for some non-combat egg-butt-stuffin’. Lovingly written by Frogapus, and coded as a belated birthday present! ^.^
  • Birthing frog eggs gives you a slippery butthole, if you’re into that.


  • Rubi’s massage scene can no longer happen unless Rubi isn’t bimbo’ed and rubi has a penis. That scene was not torn apart and overhauled and I don’t have time to mess with it right now.
  • Fixed a few missing gender tags and such.
  • Fixed Rubi’s cock resetting if you make it grow past the max.
  • A few other odds and ends.


  • Rubi can now be given the following items: Bondage Straps, Inquisitor’s Corset, Equinum, Whisker Fruits, Purity Peaches (x5), purified succubus milk, succubus milk, and purified incubus drafts in addition to his/her old options.
  • Rubi’s penis can be enlarged and shrank. The same goes for breasts, up to a maximum breast rating of 7.
  • Rubi’s gender pronoun can be specified by the player after visiting him in his house, using the talk options located there.
  • Rubi has some new sex scenes that unlock after 75 affection, notably hotdogging, get fucked, and training (to increase Rubi’s capacity, which maxes at 100).
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs that were present in the test version I posted earlier.
  • Fixed swapping randomly between vagina and butthole in “get fucked”.
  • Can now give Rubi items that aren’t in your first item slot.
  • Bimboing Rubi should now properly describe her as “she”.
  • Added the option to talk to her and specify what gender pronoun to use independent of Rubi’s body. Rejoice?! (It’s in the talk heading in Rubi’s House)
  • Bimbo Liqueur should now proper award Rubi a vagina.
  • Giving Rubi bondage straps or the inquisitor’s corset should actually give them to him now.


  • Arian has a new F/F scene. It requires having a dildo.
  • Fixed a metric butt-ton of pronoun issues for Arian. I’m sure there’s still more too. Jesus, I hate variable-gendered NPCs
  • Sophie’s capacity is way way up, back to what she was pre-follower.
  • Helspawn’s incest value was not being set correctly. Save editors – flag 970 should be set to one if you want incest enabled for the future.
  • Amily’s cup-size should now show in her appearance.
  • Fixed an even bigger pile of typos. Prisoner416 gave me a fucking typo-hunting workout.


  • Fixed a pile more incorrect Arian pronouns.
  • Tweaked Arian’s talk page to give a hint what you ought to do if it’s still too early for nookie.
  • Infinite Urta births and skipping of the knock Helia up scene has been fixed.


  • Fixed erroneous penis appearance in penetrating female Arian.
  • Fixed a bunch of he/she errors.
  • Tweaked a thing in Pre-follower Kiha’s talk scenes to help alleviate issues caused by save editing.
  • Can no longer DP male Arian.
  • Leaving Arian’s menu no longer kicks you back to T’A when you’re done.
  • No more DP in Phylla recruitment when you only have one dick.
  • Tweaked some issues in Marble’s pre-follower talks.
  • Sophie follower should be back. Whoops!
  • Fixed a bunch of typos and grammar issues. Thanks Prisoner416, and I hope the laptop issue sorts itself soon!


  • Helia has a new stat, “Bonus Points”. These accrue on top of her affection, effectively allowing it to reach 250%. (Sorry for the grind!)
  • Once Helia hits 250% affection, she should tell you about the “Pale Flame” and how she wants to get pregnant.
  • You can choose to knock her up if you have a cock, tell her to fuck Mai, a spiderboy, or wait.
  • Having her wait doesn’t currently have an option to turn around and try again – I’ll work on that with the bug fixes.
  • Once knocked up, she’ll progress through three pregnancy stages. She won’t spar and such while pregnant.
  • Helspawn’s personality is either slutty or fairly chaste depending on your corruption (if you’re the father) and the choices you make raising her.
  • You can set her fighting style.
  • The first time you talk with her, you get a one time dialogue with a few choices… if you want to potentially have incestual funtimes (assuming someone writes them), choose carefully.


  • Arian will actually appear in camp once made a follower.
  • To sleep with Arian, visit him towards nightfall and select the “sleep with” option. It will repeat every night, so if you just want it one time, come back later and choose to stop sleeping with him. There are a good variety of sleeping things available, depending on his buttsluttery.
  • Female Arian will lay eggs every thirty days. You can choose what color.
  • All the sex and stuff is still there too.
  • His Amulet can be imbued with a shielding spell or a fire spell. The shielding reduces damage taken by 25 or so down to a minimum of 1 and the fire spell is basically a stronger whitefire.


  • Arian can be met by players level 4 and above in Tel’Adre. If you want to bump into him quickly, just enter and leave a shop a bunch. There’s a 1 in 10 chance.
  • All Arian’s sex scenes, transformations, and pre-follower development is implemented, excepting one thing.
  • Arian can be TF’ed with Reptilum, Purified Succubi Milk, Purified Incubus Drafts, Reducto, and has a temporary Lactaid scene.
  • The Talisman functionality is only placeholder, and if you take Arian as a follower he disappears (until next week’s patch). If you do this by accident and need to save edit, set flags 933 to 0 with save editing to unfollow him.


  • Arian can be met by players level 4 and above in Tel’Adre. If you want to bump into him quickly, just enter and leave a shop a bunch. There’s a 1 in 10 chance.
  • All Arian’s sex scenes, transformations, and pre-follower development is implemented, excepting one thing.
  • Arian can be TF’ed with Reptilum, Purified Succubi Milk, Purified Incubus Drafts, Reducto, and has a temporary Lactaid scene.
  • The Talisman functionality is only placeholder, and if you take Arian as a follower he disappears. If you do this by accident and need to save edit, set flags 933 to 0 with save editing to unfollower him.


  • During this month, people who have Helia and have completed the Harpy Dungeon can proc a party event with Helia.
  • Added a function that can be used to generate dynamic content lists “Helia, Kiha, Ember, and Shit” or “Penises and Dongs” and format it correctly. That actually saves me a lot of time down the road and I should have done it sooner.
  • That’s it for now!


  • Ovipositing bee-morphs can now lay eggs in the butts of defeated imps, as lovingly written by Frogapus.
  • So many typos fixed that my head imploded four times over. Thanks Prisoner416!
  • Fixed a loop where Amily could wind up in a loop where she would leave to meet Urta and immediately come back as if you had just killed Holli.
  • Other odds and ends that I may be forgetting.


  • Fixed my item consumption bugfix.


  • Being a deadbeat dad now properly turns off interactions with Cotton in the future.
  • Adjusted a Kelt scene to comment on your current anal gape.
  • Rebuilt the “consumeItem” function to select items from slots with smaller amounts of items first. Much less hacky and better looking too. Let me know if you have any hangs during scenes that eat items (and attach the relevant save file so I can test it myself!)
  • Fixed a ton of typos in some of the Christmas events.
  • Various other small bugs and tweaks.


  • Helia will now offer to anally train herself if you’ve got a dick bigger than her ass can handle. There’s two one-time scenes that can be activated from her talk menu (which has some options consolidated down into it) so long as your want is big enough and you’ve got a goblin ale for her to use.
  • Shouldra forcing herself on you if you don’t tend to her needs for some time no longer happens if you are genderless as there were a number of genital errors present in it.
  • Cum multiplier is now capped at 9999. If the value goes over, it will update down to 9999 at time passage. Similarly, ball size is capped at 400. This is to help prevent cum quantities from getting so high that the game can’t handle it. I don’t really like capping these things, but I prefer this to people complaining that they broke the game with their jizz.
  • Phylla’s explanation about pregnancy changes a little bit if you were too big to stick it in now.
  • The canine pepper fantasies now handle genderless without crying themselves to sleep at night.
  • Urta’s sitter won’t try to harvest your eggs while you’re pregnant anymore.
  • Urta no longer orders a bunch of booze if you tell her to drink more while she’s pregnant!
  • Since Jojo’s token against Holli is consumed when used, if you use it and run, you will not be able to summon Jojo for the next attempt.
  • A pile of prisoner416 typo reports.
  • Other typo odds and ends.


  • Fixed a METRIC TON of typos that Prisoner416 alerted me to. Thanks bro (though I don’t agree with you de-capitalizing everything following ellipses).
  • In the Heckel dominant version of the Brooke threesome, you can now nope out of it before you get dragged into servicing Heckel.
  • Genderless bad end for Holli no longer gets stuck.
  • Putting on Ceraph’s trapped armor while she’s your slave no longer pierces you – instead Ceraph interrupts, explains, and takes the armor to dispose of, offering to pierce you at any time you request.


  • Fixed a pile of typos!
  • Fixed some Ember scenes not displaying when triggered during time passage.
  • Brooke’s tribadism scene should now actually display the tribadism scene.
  • Fixed Brooke’s double dick scene hanging if your junk wasn’t up to snuff.
  • Harpy scissoring is no longer possible for Nagas since it doesn’t make sense. (Sorry!)
  • Tricking Urta and Raphael into a 3some now stretches your butt properly.
  • Fixed the “Talk” option for prefollower Kiha glitching out if you’re too corrupt to recruit her.
  • Debug mode no longer defaults to Phylla on desert explorations.


  • The threaten option for Holli has been brought back.
  • After threatening Holli, you can slap her and then attack her if you want.
  • You can also attack Holli with Jojo, he can disable her regeneration after a few turns.
  • The bad ends are sexy in weird ways. There is one for males, one for females, and one for genderless. Herms randomly get male or female.
  • Jojo will only come back if you have him help you and select to have him join you after winning (and don’t have Vapula).
  • Amily will move back on her own after the fight if you lost her because of Holli.


  • Fixed an avalanche of typos and bugs, most of which aren’t actually related to Brooke.


  • Brooke can be found in the showers after lifting weights or jogging (go ahead and enjoy the machine the first time, she’ll proc after that)! You do need some tone (30+) to get anywhere with her.
  • Brooke can be found between 1600 and 1800 in the showers.
  • Once you get Brooke’s affection high enough, you can proc a threesome with Heckel by visiting Heckel between 1300 and 1500.


  • Players over level 5 can encounter a turtle-girl by the name of Venus at the lake. She’s a bit of a giantess. (Thanks for writing her, Big Papa Coyote!)
  • Her encounter chance replaces a “wasted” encounter chance, so it doesn’t actual make any of the existing encounters harder to find.
  • Venus will start as a herm if you blew up the factory tanks before meeting her.
  • Venus will turn into a herm if you blow up the factory tanks after meeting her (special scene).
  • Venus can be turned into a herm with ten incubi drafts.
  • Having sex with Venus too frequently can result in a bad-end. Don’t put your dick in crazy too often!
  • Talking to Venus actually lowers bad end tracking variable, so doing that will help avoid that if you like her a bit too much.
  • Added mouse transformation dreams written by TDM.


  • Fixed the ant colony screwing up and throwing you back into combat if you completed the chain but told her to stay there.
  • Fixed Akbal’s “Strong” version of the make him a bitch scene.
  • Fixed follower Helia not going to the bar in Tel’Adre.
  • Fixed acres of typos.
  • Fixed other minor bugs.


  • All existing scenes with knotting variations should now show for coeurl cocks. At a glance, it seems like Urta has the most knotting variations. Need more knotting for other NPCs!
  • Fixed repeat canine peppers with Kelly showing the first-time scene.
  • Mouse Cocoa prices added to the ingredients pane in the bakery.
  • Fixed the usual array of typos and bugs, including a lot of Phylla text clean-up.


  • If Akbal is sexually used frenquently enough without losing, some special scenes can now occur where the PC can abuse him – assuming the PC’s stats are high enough.Thanks Foxxling!
  • Kelly (female Kelt) can now be given canine peppers for four boobs, be tit fucked, get pregnant, and have pregtaur sex with you. Thanks, Nonesuch!
  • Added some extra function to the cockThatFits function that will allow me to find the best fits for length as well as overall area. It shouldn’t change anything, but there’s a chance I broke something in the process.


  • Fixed numerous bugs.
  • Cocksock descriptors shouldn’t show at inappropriate times anymore.
  • Fixed a scene crash in Phylla’s BJ for big dicks.
  • Fixed getting stuck in Cock-sock menus.
  • You can no longer have mention of slit cat eyes and black trap eyes in the same appearance screen.
  • Fixed a bunch of typos.
  • The “knot” pun in the coeurl cock scene now only exists in silly mode.
  • Mouse transformation no longer puts non-vagina-wielders in heat.
  • Mouse-boy/girl and Mouse-morph racial descriptors should appear when sufficiently mouse-morphed.


  • Sheila now has different combat attacks for when the player is blind. Thanks for writing those up, big Z.
  • Mouse transformation is live now. Enjoy your buckteeth and giant-ass ears, people.


  • Amerethine (sp?) cock-socks will now induce a change in the night.
  • A new cock type has been added to the game: Coerl Cocks. Enjoy them!
  • Fixed a bug that could cause cerulean succubus events to prevent the game from showing events that happened earlier in the night.
  • Added a 1/5 chance of an adjective about your cock-sock to show up in cockDescripts.
  • Added lines for the new penis type to masturbation.
  • Benoit was saying he would pay you 1/3 an item’s price but actually paying 1/2 an item’s price. This has been fixed.
  • After having kids with Benoit, he will improve his prices from 1/3 to 1/2.
  • Fixed a bunch of Phylla bugs, I hope. No pun intended, so stop making that pun.


  • Fixed a ton of bugs today. I need to not let those pile up! Hopefully Phylla will work a bit more cleanly now.


  • Greta can now sell cocksocks. Ask her about her inventory, then wait 24 hours and she’ll finally get stocked up.
  • Right now the purple one with the name I can’t remember how to spell doesn’t do anything, so don’t buy it yet because it might glitch it out. I’ll get it finished tomorrow after fixing up Phylla bugs.


  • Phylla is now enabled in the game in normal mode. She should be encountered every 8 explorations in the desert if you are level 5 or more.
  • Phylla can be recruited as a lover. She appears in the lovers menu.
  • Phylla can spawn a colony or not.
  • Phylla has a chance of finding you gems once a day (if she fails, she’ll keep failing until the next day).
  • Phylla can have incesty funtimes once she’s had a good number of ants.
  • Phylla can be impregnated with drider-babies.


  • The minotaur + cow-girl scene in the mountain has the option to join in if the PC is suitably cow TF’ed and addicted to minotaur jizz.


  • Fixed a few milk waifu typos.
  • Fixed the missing back button in slaves menu.
  • Added a chance of a some dude-buttsex happening at the bazaar if you go there around 19:00 or 20:00. It should proc every fourth visit during those hours, so don’t savescum or you’ll never see it. Written by Donto (So you can stop voting for it!)


  • Tail whip attack for those with appropriate tails has been added. Obviously it’s better for Raccoon tails (lasts a bit longer).
  • Raccoon TF’ed players have a new Easter Egg. Just like the TF itself, these two were penned by Z!
  • You can now buy the milkbath girl’s freedom from the Sand Mother if you are friendly with them. There is nothing written for taking her home for corrupt folks, but I imagine they wouldn’t need to pay the 2000 gems if we ever get it written.


  • Made some changes to menu processing that should result in the bar no longer getting hung up.
  • Fixed a mess of other bugs and typos, including some new ones with Ringtail Figs.


  • The bakery’s talk and purchase menus got shuffled and rebuilt a bit.
  • The bakery now has an option to talk to the minotaur baker and ask him about the products the bakery sells. (Written by Z)
  • The bakery now sells “Ringtail Figs”. Raccoon transformation is now live. Players with big-ish balls who are raccoon morphs will earn the racial description “Tanuki”. (Written by Z)


  • Spells now show their cost in their tooltip.
  • A count is now kept of how many times spells are cast.
  • Casting spells now unlocks a perk that progressively reduces spell cost from 20% up to 50% at the most. This should reduce reliance on robes somewhat. It’s spread across 3 tiers that are unlocked at 5 spells, 15 spells, and 45 spells cast.
  • The robes have had their spell cost reduction reduced to account for the above.
  • The wizard’s staff and similar item have had their spell cost reduction removed. The Wizard’s Focus perk that they grant now provides a boost to your spell multiplier.
  • Spell multiplier, spell cost, and total spells cast are now visible in the more stats screen.
  • More stats has had the “Hidden Stats” category split into “Combat Stats” and “Hidden Stats”.
  • A new tier 2 toughness perk has been added: Iron Man. Iron Man reduces physical specials’ fatigue costs by 50%.
  • Worm infested PCs now use 40 fatigue for their infest attack.
  • All fatigue-using physical specials have had their fatigue costs updated to use the new system introduced with the Iron Man perk.
  • Buffed Latexy’s Obedience and Happiness gains for many of her scenes. Some losses have also increased. This should reduce her grindiness somewhat.


  • Fixed a bug in Urta pregnancy descriptions.
  • Fixed some Sheila typos.
  • “Ruin Them” option with Sheila and Jojo now properly disables Jojo again AND displays a warning before choosing it that Jojo will vanish after.
  • If Sheila gets too lazy to continue combat as a demon, you no longer count as losing if you aren’t horny enough for sex.
  • Legit beating demon Sheila should now properly display a victory message with the sex options.
  • Rebuilt the Tel’Adre bar menu in a much better way to allow for more NPC’s to be jammed in as needed. The downside is that NPCs no longer have a fixed location, but it eliminates wasted, “reserved” button space.
  • Double Attack now has options for how it will work. By default you’ll always double attack (at reduced strength when over 60), but it can be changed to dynamic (double attack until over 60, then single attacks), or always single. The options are in the perk menu!
  • Adjusted messages for gaining double attack and descriptions for how it works into its descriptions.
  • Demon Sheila’s “Twu Wuv” attack now properly refunds the intelligence it reduces afterward.


  • All regeneration effects have been converted to % values and there’s now a standard system with a cap of 5%/round in combat and 10%/hour.
  • If the PC has met Essrayle, you can bump into her again in the west side of the Sand Witch dungeon. Thanks to Essrayle for writing it!
  • Fixed date detection for the Valentines day.


  • Fixed some errors on Sheila, hopefully it’s working well for everyone? If not, keep fresh bug reports coming.
  • Tel’Adre’s tailor and armor shops have had their buttons combined into an “Armor Shops” sub-menu since they are likely to be some of the least accessed locations in T’A to make room for…
  • Tel’Adre got a new library! It’s located in a section of the central tower that is accessible to the public and run by a snotty mage. It’s currently closed, but you can pop in after hours to read some books and maybe learn a spell if you haven’t picked them up already…


  • Fixed an error in the 69 scene that could cause early Sheila demonization.
  • Reduced the time Sheila stays away from the plains in a certain situation from 13ish days to 4.
  • Fixed on of demon Sheila’s attacks clearing the output buffer during combat.
  • Fixed a bug in Demon Sheila’s attacks that caused permanent int loss (I hope).
  • Assorted other small Sheila bugs fixed.
  • I’m getting reports of scenes causing more than a 10 point sway in corruption – if it happens to you please reload and doublecheck, then fax me a copy of the scene and any relevant info (your corruption and sheila’s corruption before/after).


  • Demon Sheila is now encounterable.
  • The stats screen now tracks Sheila’s corruption and kid count (both roo’s and imps).
  • Sheila and Demon Sheila now drop loot.
  • If you demon-TF Sheila as part of a post-combat scene it no longer hangs.


  • The event to transition to Sheila-fucker should always trigger when exploring the plains at hour 20 now, if the PC is eligible.
  • Previous Hotfix: Fixed Sheila encounter stacking on top of other plains encounters.
  • After losing and getting fucked by Sheila, her apology menu should properly display on the next encounter.
  • Benoit should no longer be able to knock up the PC when the PC is on contraceptives.
  • Fixed some typos and such in Sheila and the Sand Witch Dungeon.
  • Fixed a glitch in the Sand Mother repeat menus that could cause many buttons not to display properly.
  • Satyrs can no longer knock you up when you’re on ‘the pill’.
  • Cum Witches should now fuck herms PCs with either gender’s scene after the PC loses.
  • Sheila’s first consensual sex scenes should now properly have the “first time” ending choices.


  • Sheila is now encounterable in the plains.
  • Sheila’s people tend to pick up emotional characteristics of their partners during orgasm, so she picks up corruption if the PC has corruption and can later spread it back to you when purified.
  • Sheila can become a demon if her corruption gets up to 100, though for now that disables her encounters and leaves you holding the lethicite.
  • Sheila can be knocked up plenty of times.
  • Sheila can be kept hostile and fucked into the ground.
  • If you want her to take advantage of you when you lose combat, you need her lust to be over 75 at the conclusion of combat.
  • This is probably buggy as sin, so be sure and tell me about it so I can tear out my hair over it tomorrow.


  • Fixed some assorted bugs and typos with the Urta petplay scene.
  • Fixed other bugs, like one where if you visited Urta’s house back in the day it could’ve gotten glitched to be unrecoverable in newer builds.


  • Third’s sex scene for Lover Urta is in. Requires a PC gender and Urta to be lover status. Gotta go to her house.


  • Hotfixed – you might have to download and refresh. Note I forgot to update the ingame version number, but anyways, Cum Witch births SHOULD be fixed.


  • Milk bath fuck is fixed.
  • The appearance screen now matches pregnancy Updates with Urta-based pregnancies.
  • Losing to Cum Witch no longer has blank buttons for certain characters.
  • Various other sundry fixes.
  • Added a “leave” button to the corrupt player’s Sand Mother menu.
  • Cum Witches can now impregnate the player.


  • The corrupt path (fucking the Sand Mother without explaining yourself) should be working on future attempts. Note it tends to have less options and no option for repeatable cum witch fights. In this instance, nice guys finish first.
  • Cum Witch – Cum Hunger attack should now properly only proc against females.
  • Disabling the option to have Izma feed Latexy should now properly cause Latexy’s fluid count to lower again.
  • Fixed a potential scene crash in the victory vs sand witch mob scene for males.
  • Bunches of typos and mixed typo tags in the Sand Witch Dungeon are being cleaned up.
  • Collecting Bimbo Rubi’s profits should actually credit you with the money now.
  • This happened in a previous patch (0.7.9) but I forget if I mentioned it – the gargoyle shouldn’t automatically name itself to your name if you recently newgame+’ed.
  • The trap ball “pouch” status (Trap Oil) should now properly display the status disappearing if your balls increase above size “1?. Do you prefer this or would you rather it stay until the player uses something like succubi delight/dream to counter it?
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Urta’s kids genital types to get swapped around. It SHOULD work correctly from this point forward. It’s been reported a few times and I’m sorry it took me so long to fix -_-
  • Urta’s “FuckAndLick” scene now prevents you from fucking her if you’re too big. Sorry!
  • Hummus can now remove black nipples, black vaginas, and the trappy ballsack.
  • Fixed some navigational errors with the cum witch dungeon.
  • Fixed a TON of bugs!


  • Fixed getting stuck at the sand witches victory screen if you didn’t want to have sex with them.
  • Fixed getting stuck at the pregnant sand with room if you were too big.
  • Fixed missing if-checks to gate a few scenes to members only or pussies only.
  • Fixed a few other minor bugs.


  • Options to enable repeat Cum Witch fights or disable Sand Witch encounters if the witches are friendly with you.
  • Desert encounter system has been rebuilt.
  • Being blind now prevents you from seeing the mob’s description and state.


  • Sand witch dungeon is findable in the desert. Requires level 4+ or so.
  • The Sand Witch Dungeon has 16 or so rooms, four monsters (three “proper” fights), and tons of sex.
  • Milk baths and fucking pregnant sand witches is in.
  • The Sand Witches can be friendly or hostile depending on your options after facing the Sand Mother.
  • There’s contraceptives if you’d like to not get pregnant. I need to see about adding them to Benoit’s shop as well.


  • If you have Sophie daughters with incest enabled, there should be a new scene available for dick-wielders in her sex menu, provided you have a dick that fits.
  • Rubi’s massage should no longer show if you bimbo’ed him.


  • Slapping Raphael at the first meeting will disable AND prevent him from seeking shelter in the camp when running from the law. With how that scene is written, it didn't make much sense for PC’s who had only ever slapped him in the face.
  • Urta can no longer impregnate you through her condom.
  • Rubi’s home menu has been rebuilt with the new button system.
  • At higher affection values, Rubi will offer some sweets and a massage. Includes the option to keep him orgasm denial’ed or let him blow.
  • When orgasm denialed, Rubi’s “blue balls” value no longer goes up over time, since after talking to Third, that was not intended. So now you have to tease him a bunch if you want to watch him explode like a geyser when he finally gets to cum.


  • Pushed out the last custom character profiles from my form.
  • Cleared the form bug reports. I’ll get the forum bug reports tomorrow AM.


  • Three custom character profiles are in the game! One of which I couldn’t do quite to spec because the person wanted things that aren’t in game like a flaming halo, flaming sword, regenerating hymen, etc. I do think having a perk that would do that last one would be cool and I’ll see about slipping it in sometime.
  • The Gargoyle is coded and active. Her talk scenes can only be seen once, so read them carefully if you care about that kind of stuff. Big thanks to Savin for writing her!
  • Gargoyle can be found by selecting “explore” from the explore menu. Debug mode increases her odds, for now.


  • Fixed butt-tons of typos and such. Enjoy!
  • Ember’s scene is meant to take place after a quest, but we thought having it available now at high affection since it’s done would be a good idea.


  • Converted Ember’s sex menu over to the new system. Likely something broke.
  • Added a new “Lusty Fuck” scene for Ember. Requires a penis and high libido, high minimum lust, or a lust draft. There’s a TON of variation in it, so likely some errors, typos, and gender tags that got flipped or missed. For future reference: If you plan to write a multi-gendered scene, use male pronouns so I can easily find and replace with code on a more global scale. ”Her” can match to “His” or “Him” depending on the situation, so I can’t just find and replace that one.


  • Third has penned a special spring massage from everyone’s gayest masseuse, Joey. 20 Gems at the slippery squeeze.
  • Adjatha has penned a special encounter with the bunny-girl where she’s been restrained and fucked completely full of eggs, with options as to how to deal with her depending on gender. This one will still be around after Easter, though it will be much more rare.


  • Fixed a buncha typos and bugs, particularly some with the imp lord.
  • Imp Lords now drop items.
  • Imp Lord Feeder scene now resets feeder counter.
  • Minerva’s sex menu now requires 33+ lust.


  • Added a new scene for ovipositing into the bunny as an arachnid (though it has variations for bee’s that will show up sometimes for bee-folks too).
  • Added a scene where you can help in the bakery, written by Applesauce1. Turns out the PC is really bad at helping.


  • Goo PC’s (Goo lower body & skin) now have a special scene available at Urta’s house. It really treads on the borders of what I’m comfortable with, but Third did an amazing job with it and my penis signed off on it.
  • The Imp Lord from the forums got coded in! It was kinda rough and I coded way more than 3/4 of an hour, but I’m crazy. Sue me! They show up around level 8 or so in place of normal imps. Just like normal imps, you gotta lust win if you want to win fuck them.


  • Minerva can now be sparred with for fun and profit.
  • Minerva’s peaches can be picked for a decent healing item and fatigue reducer.
  • Drinking from Minerva’s spring reduces lust and slightly reduces corruption.


  • The special delivery scene for pregnant Urta should now proc correctly.
  • Minerva’s vaginal scenes no longer unlock until she is romanced.
  • Sand Trap transformation (black nipples) should work properly.
  • Trap nutsacks should display appropriately now.
  • Fixed issues with the updates I made to testicle descriptions AND vagina descriptions. Seems there was some screwy shit going on. Point out if any persists.
  • Various other typo and bug fixes.


  • Minerva is encounter-able in the high mountains every eight explorations.
  • Minerva’s talk and sex options are done. Not done: Fighting and stuff.
  • Sand trap bad ends are now possible. Requires two successive losses to sand traps with sand trap wings & eyes.
  • Black nipple’s for Sand Trap transformation should be working now.


  • Fixed a pile of typos and issues in some of the Urta kids interactions.
  • Fixed a bigger pile of typos that Prisoner416 reported. Seriously this took an obscene amount of time.
  • Flexibility pussy licking SHOULD work now. Bug report again if I managed to fuck it up AGAIN.
  • Sand traps now drop a ‘Trap Oil’ item.
  • Trap oil increases masculinity if male, decreases if female. It also does thing like shrink balls/penises (all the way up to a unique, sissified nutsack), turn nipples black, and turn pussy black. Oh, and it does eyes too.
  • A number of items can counter some of the newer effects, notably goblin ale and harpy seeds, though a few others do too.
  • It is no longer to get the worm re-infestation at night if you’re already re-infested.
  • Urta will no longer proc the backroom Scylla scene if she isn’t horny.
  • If the message about her being in the backroom appears, Urta will not be horny for a few hours.


  • Added an option in Urta’s talk menu to visit your kids. This unlocks visiting Urta’s house.
  • Added a ‘homes’ button in Tel’Adre, which rolls together Raphael’s Orphanage and Urta’s house into a submenu.
  • Added a random event that can proc in TA when one or both of you are pregnant where you drop off a gift basket from Edryn.
  • Visiting Urta’s house has a number of interactions with the kids or their sitter, a rather unique skunk-girl.
  • Yes, the skunk-girl has two sex scenes.


  • Added self oviposition back to the new masturbation menu.
  • Added a new sex scene to pregnant Urta’s menu.
  • Added the Tease option in when Urta is fully pregnant.
  • Stripped the mention of Urta helping you with your needs when you’re pregnant since there’s no content written to support that.
  • Licking your pussy via flexibility should be working in the masturbate menu again.
  • Fixed assorted typos and bugs.


  • Urta can get pregnant and give birth.
  • The PC can get pregnant and give birth.
  • Urta has four new sex scenes available when moderately pregnant and above.
  • There’s a new scene you can bump into in Tel’Adre where you can see Urta and Edryn potentially bringing pregnant justice to a criminal.


  • Fixed many bugs.
  • Tentacle masturbation options should show more reliably.
  • Cat flexibility masturbation should now have different buttons for each gender option, so herms get to actually pick now.
  • Isabella’s accent has been taken out of a few scenes after she’s had training to remove it.
  • Other assorted fixes and Fen-crying-inducing typos.


  • Rebuilt the masturbate menu to put fapping toys in a sub-menu.
  • Moved the flexibility cat-licking and tentacle-baiting variations into specific choices in the masturbate menu.
  • The toys submenu was completely rebuilt as well, so be sure and report any oddities for me to fix tomorrow.


  • There’s a low chance of worms trying to reinfest you at night if you’ve ever been infested by them before. Note that the variable for tracking this was introduced in this build, so infestations before now don’t count.
  • The spontaneous worm-gasm after lust losses should now occur with just about every foe in the game. Lemme know if I screwed up with someone’s reaction or broke something.
  • Players with tentacles and vaginas have a chance of stuffing themselves with it when fapping, with additional texts for more tentacles.
  • Players with tentacles have a chance of stuffing it up their bum during masturbation (written by PKD).


  • Fixed numerous bugs and typos.
  • Scylla can’t be at two places at once anymore.
  • Valentines no longer lasts all year. It should only happen between the 13th and the 15th of the appropriate month.


  • If you haven’t fucked Urta in a week or so, sucking her off should result in a new PC cumflation scene.
  • Izma can now randomly dominate Latexy, and is able to automatically feed her (bugged, will be fixed next build). The scene can be repeated from her sex menu.
  • If the PC is eligible for Raphael’s Orphanage scenes and knows Urta, they can rope them both into an accidental threesome while Urta is drunk. It’s one time only though.


  • Added a new scene that can randomly show up if you have bimbo Sophie AND Izma where Izma ties up the slutty girl and fucks her. The PC can interrupt, and after the first time, it doesn’t happen again unless you put Sophie up to it (It shows up in her sex menu).
  • Tweaked Essrayle’s dialogue so she isn’t explaining how she needs to feed again.


  • After the second Scylla plot progression event, a new option to feed Scylla yourself will appear in the bar. It can be done once per day between 8 and 12 o’clock. Big thanks to Adjatha for giving me more amazing writing to work with!
  • Essrayle is now a repeatable encounter, though her odds have been dropped to a 3% chance of encounter.
  • Post-birth Edryn should have her sex options fixed, I hope.
  • [Inactive Content] Rough-coded up to page 62 of Sheila’s content. She’s far from done, but I’ve gone over 10 hours on her already.


  • An ottergirl will be encountered at the lake every 20 visits or so. She’s fairly stretchy and has a scene for girls and a scene for boys.
  • The ottergirl also has a healing item you’ll get from her that heals 25% of HP when consumed.


  • Fixed the bug where the option to pick a sex scene for Edryn after she gives birth disappeared.
  • Amily can no longer be given a nurse’s outfit when corrupt.
  • Fixed a buncha typos.


  • Urta should have a new option for in-house sexing by folks with dicks.
  • Edryn should have a new sexing option for folks with dicks.
  • Sorry ladies, I’ll try to throw you a bone(r) in the next update!


  • Ceraph now has a pet-play role-play option. It has options for walking around and being humiliated or being pegged. Best of all, it works for both genders. Big shout-out to Third for chipping in on getting it lesbo-compatible.
  • Amily can now be given the nurse’s outfit, which has a playful roleplay session for folks with penises. It becomes repeatable in her sex menu after the first time.
  • There’s now a semi-rare encounter in the forest involving Essrayle the plant-girl. It’s a one-time event, so I offset the yes/no buttons to make it harder to accidentally click through it. It features huge breasts, nipples, lactation, very light hypnotic elements and oral. Hopefully we can see some more of her in the future. Written by Essrayle.


  • Fixed a few typos in the new scene.


  • Fixed numerous incorrect gender references in the bikini armor titfuck.
  • Fixed swapping armor for bikini armor causing it disappear or return “ERROR” items.
  • Fixed numerous typos.
  • Naga Constrict->Tease now uses the tease skill mods and can level up tease skill.


  • If you have pure Amily (non-pregnant), Izma (non-pregnant), and a penis, when telling Amily to make babies she can offer to make a super fertility potion. Trying to will cause some rather unexpected (and messy) results.
  • After the first time, the scene is repeatable under Amily’s sex menu and it has variations for if either is pregnant, so it can be done at any point.
  • The above scene WILL fertilize either of them every time, regardless of contraceptives.


  • Lusty maiden’s armor should now be unequipable.


  • Cleared up a number of typos.
  • Ceraph and Anemone titfuck scenes should now work.
  • Bunches more typos. Seriously, thanks for catching so many Prisoner416 (even if I gripe while I fix them)!


  • A new shop has opened in the Bizarre Bazaar – Greta’s Garments.
  • Greta is currently knitting cock-socks for all her demonic friends and only has an exotic set of bikini chainmail she took from a captured slave to sell for 500 gems.
  • The “lusty maiden’s armor” is thoroughly warded and provides more protection to virgins than others. Unfortunately, due to its design, only females can wear it.
  • Players wearing lusty maiden’s armor have a custom tit-fucking scene they can use in the following foes: Imps, Minotaurs, Satyrs, Incubus Mechanic, Anemones, Spider Guys, Akbal, Drider, Fetish Zealot, Sand Trap, Ceraph, Red Kitsunes (with cock out). Due to the variety available here I could not test all of these.
  • The above scenes make heavy use of the eCockDescript function, which hasn’t been used or updated in ages. I gave it some little tweaks to bring it closer to par. Do you guys like having scenes like this that can be tweaked to work on a variety of foes? If so, let me know and I’ll try to have more stuff like this in the future (and a dedicated subsystem for it in TiTS).
  • The lusty maiden’s armor raises minimum lust to 30 if below 30 and minimum libido to 50.
  • The special titfucking scene increases the armor’s effectiveness by 2 (both for tease bonuses and defense values) up to a max of 8. It decreases by 1 every day back to its base value.
  • The lusty maiden’s armor will reduce the wearer’s corruption by 1 each time the titfuck scene is done, if the player is a virgin.


  • Two threesomes between big Vala and Vapula are now in. They should work with both main genders, but for the female one you need Vapula’s dildo.


  • If you’ve had the Shouldra X Vala giantess scene before, Vala will now comment on it when you approach her and mention that she’d like to do it again, a bit more consensually.
  • Currently giantess Vala has two options – Dom Me, which works for all genders, and Lick Me (Males Only).


  • Marble can now give birth even if you aren’t sleeping with her at night, I hope.
  • Fixed other bugs, typos, and junk. I was on my laptop and forgot to copy the changelog over when swapping PCs, so sorry about that.
  • The remaining prebuilt characters should ALL be in the game, except for two who’s transaction information I could validate. I sent you two emails, so check dat shit, yo.


  • Added the system for prebuilt characters. It should not look any different to most characters.
  • Added the first nine prebuilt characters. I won’t be releasing the names here, since they may want to keep them to themselves, but feel free to share if yours is in this batch! ^.^


  • Bimbo Liqueur now has the same odds to drop as bro brew. Enjoy.
  • Bimbo Liqueur now grows hips and ass to a rating of 12 if they are lower.
  • Bimbo Liqueur now lowers muscle tone to 0.
  • Bimbo Liqueur now removes penises and balls.
  • Bimbo Liqueur now causes much more dramatic breast growth, though they can still be shrunk down to a minimum of DD.
  • Bimbo Liqueur can now decrease strength along with tone by a good amount.
  • If your hips or ass even drop below a rating of 12, they will re-expand, provided you have the bimbo body perk.
  • (Stealth-Patched) A few builds back some of Kid A’s early scenes had minute wording adjustments to make it clearer how rapidly she matured.
  • Kid A can now receive training with the various weapons available to her.
  • Training Kid A can increase her ‘Confidence’ (XP) or decrease it, based on how she handles the weapon.
  • There’s now a sexy-times Kid A dream available once Kid A’s confidence passes 40.
  • Kid A’s confidence is viewable in the stats section.
  • If you’re training with Kid A and your lust hits 100 and you have compatible sexual equipment (dong not too big or vagina), there might be some sex, assuming Kid A’s confidence is high enough and you’ve had the dream.
  • If you’ve had sex with A, a repeat sex button is enabled.
  • Kid A can randomly proc scenes where she babysits Marble’s kids if you have five or more of the little tykes.
  • There’s a chance of catching some amusing interactions between Kid A and Izma kids if you have two or more in the mornings.
  • There’s a chance of Kid A squaring off with Tamani’s brood at nights if Kid A is doing watch.


  • Fixed bunches o’ bugs and typos. You report ‘em – I destroy em.
  • Most of the above bugs were related to Sophie texts.


  • Added a Pastie scene to the Valentine’s Day events that was missing. (Thanks for writing it, Adjatha.)


  • Sophie can now be purely recruited. It currently requires a penis in order to pull off. (Thanks for writing it, Gats!)
  • In order to recruit Sophie, you must have consensual sex with her five times without fighting her, and also have a penis. I’d like to have an option where you can breastfeed her into camp, but we’d need some alternate follower intro scenes for it.


  • Sophie can now be debimbo’ed. (Thanks to Savin for working out most of the intro stuff, and Hawtstuff for editing!)
  • Debimbo’ed Sophie has her own set of unique sex scenes, though they still number less than bimbo sophie in total.
  • Debimbo’ing Sophie moves her from slaves to followers.
  • Debimbo’ed Sophie can be slept with at night, and if you have a very small penis, she’ll have a cruel tease-fuck for it in the morning.
  • Debimbo’ed Sophie can get pregnant, but the texts are largely the same with a few alterations.
  • The game can now track if your daughters were born from Bimbo Sophie or regular Sophie, however daughters born before this patch won’t have that tag, so the game will treat them as born from pure Sophie. This is only really tracked for the first four and only makes small differences.
  • Pure Sophie recruitment is coming, it might be tomorrow afternoonish or evening.


  • Rathazul has had his purify items compiled into one button.
  • Rathazul’s menu has been rebuilt using the newer button system, note any crazy new bugs in the normal way.
  • Rathazul will now proc a scene where he offers to debimbo you if you’re a bimbo (or if you have Bimbo Sophie).
  • The resulting ‘Debimbo’ concoction will remove the futa faculties or bimbo brains perks. Nothing for Bro Brew stuff yet, since it would require some different texts.
  • SOPHIE CANNOT YET BE DE-BIMBO’ED – A lot more coding to go there.


  • Fixed a buncha bugs.
  • Fixed a buncha typos.
  • Nearly fell asleep at my computer.


  • Sophie will now go into “season” about once a month, during which she can be impregnated. Two special sex scenes will replace some of the normal options at this time, and old vaginal scenes should be capable of impregnating her two.
  • Pregnant Sophie has a custom tit-fuck scene for once she’s showing.
  • Pregnant Sophie will ask if she can sleep with you at night.
  • Sleeping with Sophie at night will have a chance of her fucking you in the morning, assuming you have a penis. Again – new scene.
  • Nice fuck and rough fuck have been rolled into one “rough fuck” scene that forks between the two dependent on corruption, as the author intended. They were 90% the same text anyhow.
  • The new vaginal fuck replaces the old “nice fuck”.
  • Sophie will lay an egg after a while which will hatch after a while.
  • Sophie’s first four daughters each have unique attributes. There may be a later patch to name them. After that they become generic.
  • There is an incest toggle with her daughters which is yet unused, but may allow incestual content down the road.
  • The more daughters you have, the bigger they will build their rookery, adding to the camp description.
  • When your daughter is maturing, there is a ‘daughter’ button added to Sophie’s menu to check on her current maturity level.
  • Fixed some typos and run-ons in the Valentine’s Day Events.
  • Added a proper scene for fucking Abby during the Valentine’s Day Events.


  • The valentines event now requires you be eligible for the addiction group counseling before progressing.


  • There’s a Valentine’s event that proc in Tel’Adre today! It involves the addiction counseling group. Adjatha – if anything needs tweaked let me know, I kinda had to rush on this one! (They’re his characters!) It’s partially finished, so a number of the more aggressive scenes have simple placeholder text for now. If you’re a writer and can jam me up a replacement to fill the gap, I WILL CRAM THAT SHIT IN (provided it’s good).
  • Added three new Valentine’s perks with very minor effects.
  • Kelly now has a proper virginity-taking scene.
  • Cleared my reported bug logs.


  • Added a scene that will randomly proc when visiting Kelly where she will admit to masturbating and give you options on how to punish her.
  • Two punishment options added: Rimjob, and Ride. Both require the PC to have a penis, and the repeated ride scene requires access to Tel’Adre for full, public humilation.
  • All this brought to you by Nonesuch!
  • Android Mobile Version updated to this, brought to you by Futa Contractor!


  • Rebuilt the farm menu with the newer menu system.
  • Kelt’s button now changes to Kelly after breaking.
  • Whitney now flips out after you breaking Kelt and properly restricts the rest of the farm.
  • Kelly now has PKD’s tentacle sex scene active – usable if the PC has two or more tentacle penises. (Untested)
  • Kelly can now be given a horse vagina with equinum (and reverted back to a human vagina with succubi milk).


  • Fixed bunches of typos.
  • I’m pretty sure the items going negative thing from breaking Kelt is definitely fixed – my consumeItem function had never been used with more than five items at a time, so it turns out there was an undiscovered bug with it. This has been fixed.
  • Cotton should be fixed for centaurs. Finally. Maybe.
  • You can’t fuck Urta’s butt condomless if you’re too big for her any more.
  • After Kelly is broken it should no longer give a choice between going through normal Kelt events or going to Kelly (whoops!)
  • Removed a discontinuity about where the succubi milk came from during the Urta x Gnoll Princess Succubi Milk scene.
  • Looking a Kitsune’s Gift with a full inventory and selecting to use it now SHOULD work properly. I didn’t get a chance to test it yet myself.
  • Losing to Kelt no longer hangs the game (no, he wasn’t supposed to kill you.)


  • Attempted to fix some Urta capacity issues and the kelt item bug.


  • Added some new cow-girl milk teases to the tease rotation. They SHOULD automatically select when fighting any minotaur-based foe and do bonus damage against them, if possible. (Requires big tits, a vagina, and lactation over 500mLs.) Thanks to Frogapus for writing them!


  • If you took the orange tentacle as Urta, her capacity should now be 500. Enjoy!
  • Kelt can now be broken, assuming you have a cock and a metric fuck-ton of succubi milk. You need to gather up fifteen of them (or ten and a pink egg) to get started. Thanks to PKD for doing most of the grunt-work!


  • Enhanced Kitsune gems now boost corruption often.
  • Enhanced Kitsune gems can grant the “corrupted nine-tails” perk, which unlocks two spells - corrupted foxfire and terror.
  • You can gain the “enlightened nine-tails” perk by meditating at a shrine while carrying a fox jewel. This unlocks foxfire and illusion (illusion effectively tanks the enemy’s speed – minus 50 per hit).
  • I THINK the issues centaurs and nagas were having with Cotton should be fixed.
  • Various other typo and bug fixes.


  • Urta’s quest for fertility can now be embarked upon! It features a gauntlet of five foes you have to fight while playing as the illustrious fox-morph guard-captain. To begin, you must have “lover” status with her and begin asking her about her family. Afterward, there should be an “infertility” option that replaces her family chat.
  • The Minotaur in Urta’s Quest should no longer glitch out and beg for milk non-stop after the succubus runs out.
  • Sophie’s ‘nice fuck’ scene should be a LITTLE nicer.
  • Fox jewel vaginal capacity enhancement should now actually work if you haven’t had your bonus capacity enlarged yet.
  • Fixed the last page of several of Urta’s bad-ends being cut off.
  • Bulbous Peppers should properly initialize your testicle size when growing you a pair.
  • Fixed Shouldra dreams appearing even after kicking her out.
  • Fixed some errors in kitsune skin TFs.
  • Fixed Rubi’s tease displaying the combat tease description on mouseover.
  • Fixed the Seduction perk description so that it no longer says it will change the name of the attack.
  • Cotton’s pregnancy stuff should now show up even if you are a centaur or naga.
  • Fixt Enhance Kitsune Gems not giving the full range of skin colors unless they were defurring you.
  • Various other small bug and typo fixes.


  • Rubi’s release should now have a next button after.
  • Kitsune hair color should now remain consistent throughout the entire encounter.
  • More typo fixes and such. Keep reporting, and I’ll keep fixing!


  • The “grow dick” option for redhead kitsunes should now make her dick actually come back.
  • Rubi’s release scene should now properly display.
  • Kitsune’s Gift is no longer usable in combat, and should allow for you to properly loot the items after even with a full inventory.
  • Fixed 20 or so Kitsune typos that were reported.


  • Kitsunes now drop fox jewels, an item that will transform the user into a kitsune.
  • The Kitsune’s Gift item has been added as well.
  • Fox jewels can now be enhanced by Lumi into Mystic Jewels, a fox jewel with slightly different effects and higher chances of every single TFs.


  • Rubi’s “tease” option should now properly set him into orgasm mode – someone please check this and report if there’s still any bugs.
  • Kitsune “FuckVag” scene has been renamed “FuckHerVag” and now requires a penis for the button to appear (my bad).
  • The “dick vanishing” thing for kitsunes should no longer happen unless its a redhead, and even then, not all the time.
  • Swapped all the vag/butt determiners in the redhead kitsune to standard if/else instead of ternary operators – it looked correct as it was, but a lot of people were having it switch holes midway through for some unfathomable reason.
  • The kitsune statue should no longer disappear if you look at it.
  • Kitsune mob no longer has gender set as 1, which should fix the text not displaying when naga constrict + teasing them.
  • Fixed a scene mentioning cumming in her womb and her ass at the same time.
  • Minimum Fertility has been moved from 6 to 1.
  • Fixed Latexy’s name being saved as the notes on a file when quicksaving with f1-f5. (my bad).
  • Feeding Vapula as a chick should now reset lust.
  • Debug mode no longer makes the ember egg event show up all the time when exploring the swamp.
  • Amily’s swimsuit fuck can now knock her up.
  • Fixed numerous typos.


  • Kitsunes have had their stateline tuned to be more in line with the deepwoods area (Lv. 6) (note: the damages of their attacks have not been thoroughly tuned. If an attack seems to be doing better or worse than you think it ought to, toss it in a bug report for me to consider.
  • Kitsunes can be encountered in the deep woods in all modes now.
  • Kitsunes have had their victory scenes added. There’s a decent amount of basic scenes that are available for all of them, as well as a number of scenes specific for each of the kitsunes. Note: there’s a scene for Lactaid, Ovi Elixir, and Fuck draft with a certain hair-colored kitsune.
  • The “kitsune’s gift” has been temporarily set to a random selection of a few nice items. It’ll be changed to the kitsune TF item once it is finished.
  • Hotfix: added a ‘leave’ button to the kitsune combat win menu.


  • Fixed some issues with the new ‘virility’ rating calculating incorrectly for Edryn, resulting in a near zero percent chance to knock her up. Players with spunk-based perks should note an increase in pregnancy odds for her. (Having fertite now adds 6% (doesn’t stack)!)
  • Helia now has a “MinosR Bad” option after the minotaur threesome. You can ask her to swear off minotaurs, but it will result in a decent chance of her jumping you every day while exploring for sex. Denying her tanks affection. Choosing to sate her yourself obviously prevents that scene from ever reappearing and locks you in fuckbuddy mode. (Note, follower mode should still be obtainable just fine.)
  • Players with follower Isabella who allow her to milk herself can now proc a scene where she is in the middle of milking herself at the farm up to once a day by selecting the farm’s explore button. Note the scene is only for Cocked PC’s and will not happen if Isabella’s milk timer is still counting down from you taking milk from her. This scene was a birthday present from Savin back in January and he’s awesome. :3
  • I think I fixed the epilogue that mentions the plains popping up in some of follower Hel’s scenes. Keep me posted in the bug reports link on the right or the bug report forum if not (please not in comments).
  • Hotfix: Hel’s bar foursome should be back even if you have follower Hel.
  • There’s a good chance I fucked something up, since I’m pretty tired now.


  • Added two scenes by Venithil (sp?) for Urta – a new condomless Urta sex scene for gendered Nagas, and a new option in the drunk Scylla x Urta threesome for cock-wielders.


  • Helia can now guard camp from imps at night.
  • Helia can now have threesomes with Vapula, Kiha, and Valeria. I was gonna push into overtime to do a threesome with Vala, but it didn’t look like it was done, sadly. Maybe later. (This concludes follower Hel!)
  • Fixed a few lil bugs along the way.


  • The ‘feed’ and ‘feed’ with a dildo for Vapula have been split into two different buttons so that you can choose which to use if you wind up with both options.
  • It should no longer be possible to have a threesome with Amily via the date option, then have her freak out about Urta afterward.
  • Cotton’s Herbs discussion should now always be available after her first pregnancy.
  • “Children With Cotton” Added to the more stats menu.
  • Hel affection can no longer exceed 100 or drop below 0.
  • Sean should no longer be able to take more Bimbo Champagne after starting on a Bimbo Liqueur (and wind up stealing five champagnes).
  • Kiha, Ember, Isabella, and Helia should no longer drop Ceraph’s fetish trap armor.
  • Anal Looseness on “More Stats” should no longer display vaginal looseness values.
  • The ‘Just Friends’ button during Helia recruitment now works properly.
  • Fixed the standard masses of typos.


  • Took off the vagina requirement for Valeria’s “Get Fucked” scene. Apparently she had texts for males too.
  • Follower Hel is now recruit-able (I accidentally left an early version in before, so some of you may already have her).
  • Follower Hel’s sex scenes have been set up.
  • Follower Hel’s hug and cuddle options are active. (Cuddle replaces hug at 21:00 and up and sets Hel as your “sleep with” choice.)
  • Follower Hel can be boxed with (if you have a dick and high lust and lose, there’s some great muddy footjob + fucking action)


  • Fixed assorted bugs and typos.
  • Drunk Urta will no longer want to talk, at least until some drunk talk scenes get written.
  • Fixed another hang in Loppe’s sex menu.


  • Cotton can now impregnate and be impregnated by the PC.
  • After the first kid, you can play with Cotton brood.
  • After the first kid, the odds of having another kid while cotton is on birth control decreases (I made the first easy).
  • Luckily, you can ask her to go off the herbs after the first one, improving the odds quite a bit!
  • There is a new virility rating function I can pull that will give me some chances of getting around contraceptives for any future encounters.
  • Edryn’s preg chances have been altered to take advantage of the new system.


  • You can now choose whether or not you’d like to sleep with Marble at night.
  • Marble’s Info and Talk options have been consolodated into a talk menu that also has the options for sleeping with or without her.
  • The above was coded with a “sleep with” variable that can be set to other NPCs to allow the PC to choose a specific bed partner to snooze with at night.
  • Players with two or more tentacle penises can now “Share” tentacles with Scylla’s addiction group. Note, that for full awesome, the player should have six dicks, else some of the ladies might get away.
  • Bimbo Sophie now has a nicer Vaginal Fuck scene, and the corruption requirements have been removed from the mean fuck version.


  • Fixed some bugs with Shouldra’s sprite appearance when it shouldn’t.
  • Holli will now bear fruit after being broken.
  • Dragon legs and ears now properly count towards calling your character a dragon-morph in the appearance screen.
  • Asking Loppe for sex will raise lust some. It should make sure you’re up for whatever ^.^
  • Loppe’s sex menu should no longer blank screen players.
  • Tons of typos resolved, lots in Vapula & Loppe in particular.


  • Loppe is added to the game. Enjoy 70+ pages of horse-cocked herm with a bunny-girl’s breeding urges.
  • For now, Loppe has a 100% encounter rate in the bar, and can later be encountered in the gym. Next build the encounter rate will be 10% for the first time meeting.


  • The Orphanage button has been added to Tel’Adre, along with three new sex scenes (one for first time, two repeatable) for Raphael and plenty of filler.
  • The formula for determining latexy overpowering direct feeding PCs has been adjusted so she can’t overpower you at or near max strength.


  • The first time the PC asks Izma about removing her penis, they now have the option to be okay with her protests or to force the issue as her Alpha. Repeated attempts obviously push ahead as normal.
  • Fixed a glitch with the egg pregnancy cancelling once vagina was removed that would make the PC unable to conceive again in the future.
  • Added a failsafe to clear the screwed up pregnancy status from the PC in the above event.
  • Kiha, spidermorphs, and Kid A have had their sprites restored. Ironically, I fixed this myself the other night while investigating what was wrong with the shark-girl sprite. Then I read a bug report on it this morning >.<
  • Tamani Lesbo face-sitting no longer incorrectly mentions the PC taking her dildo.
  • Satyr butt pregnancies should now show some text in the appearance screen, if the PC does not have another pregnancy at a bigger stage in their vagina.
  • Trying to assert yourself when directly feeding a rebellious Latexy can fail and result in her draining you dry like normal if your strength isn’t up to par. This isn’t a bug (and I’m not actually changing anything).
  • Naga face TF now mentions the PC gaining a face if their face is not currently humanoid. If you notice nitpicks with things not quite making sense, please point them out in bug reports. I WILL attempt to address them.
  • Fixed large eggs not being consumed when TFing Latexy.
  • Fixed numerous typos.
  • Fixed an issue with Latexy recruitment that could cause you to have to find her later even though it mentioned you bringing her home.
  • Shouldra and Isabella sprites should now appear in their follower scenes.
  • Added sprites for: worms, basilisks, driders, Roxanne, Valeria, Tel’Adre weaponsmith. Thanks to Disco, and sorry it took so long!


  • Holli can now be intimidated into being more submissive to the PC. Intimidation is based primarily on level, with bonuses for tall PCs and PCs with horns.
  • Intimidated Holli has different sex scenes where she is far more submissive: Fuck her, 10 Tentacle Gangbang (untested), and Ride Her Tentacles.
  • Various texts for her have been adjusted. If anyone spots any lines where she’s still a bitch, let me know!
  • To intimidate Holli, simply ask her to guard camp, and when she acts like a bitch, click ‘assert’.


  • A new Minotaur Hotdogging Loss (Requires: buttRating >= 15, vag capacity below mino cock size, tone below 60.
  • Girls who haven’t yet taken Tamani’s Dildo can tell her they like girls and let her ride their face to orgasm.
  • Corrupt-ish PCs with bimbo Sophie can now dominantly fuck her vagina.
  • Latexy should now properly reduce lust on all her feeding options.
  • Riding futa latexy now feeds good PCs.
  • Recruiting Latexy and being unable to carry her back the pure way now has a more appropriate followup scene.
  • Fixed a bunch of latexy Typos.
  • Fixed the sharkgirl sprite not appearing.
  • Dragon ears have been changed from earType 6 to the new earType 10 which includes mention of the fins in the appearance description.
  • Dragon legs are no longer described as digitgrade (swapped to lowerBody 18).
  • Note, the dragon changes require re-TFing to update.
  • Ovipositing into your own penis can now work if any dick is over 100 cock-size, not just the primary one.


  • Unfinished Kitsune Content is accessible in the deepwoods while in debug mode (nothing new here!)
  • The “fight” options for Kitsunes should now work.
  • Kitsunes have a nice variety of attacks, but their damage, stats, and HP have not been tuned to any particular level yet.
  • The Kitsune Seal attack was changed slightly to impact a random ability rather than the one the PC had just used. This was an ease of coding change since I had no method to track what ability the PC used after the fact and wanted to get as much sex done in the allotted time as possible. Obviously I still went about an hour over.
  • The loss scenes for Kitsunes are in.
  • Losing to the black haired kitsune while lactating can proc a special loss.
  • Losing to the red-headed kitsune when she is turned on can proc a special loss (small chance regardless).
  • Losing to the blonde kitsune with a single small penis can proc a special loss.
  • Losing with high cum production (1000+) can proc a special loss.
  • Kitsune also have a female/genderless loss and a male/herm loss.


  • If you failed to carry your prize home, you can now rarely remeet her. Currently I don’t have a proper followup to the pure path for this, so until I can write one (I’m in no shape for it atm), we’ll make do with the corrupted path. Pure fix should come tomorrow.
  • Latexy’s Obedience now decreases by 1 every day when her happiness is lower than 75.
  • Latexy’s Obedience increases by 1 every day if her happiness is over 90.
  • Latexy’s Fluid now decreases by 2 every day.
  • If her fluid goes below 50, happiness decreases by 1 a day.
  • If her fluid goes below 25, happiness decreases by an additional 1 per day.


  • PC’s can now transform a goo-girl into a latex girl and take her back to camp as a slave. For how-to, see below.
  • The latex girl (who I’m going to call “Latexy” for now) can be named.
  • Latexy has three main stats: Obedience, Happiness, and Fluid. Depending on your actions, they’ll raise and lower in response, effecting everything from her appearance to dialogue.
  • Latexy can be transformed into a herm with incubi draft of minotaur blood.
  • Latexy can have her dick changed into a dog-cock, demon-cock, cat-cock, horse-cock, or back to a normal cock.
  • Latexy can be fed indirectly (safer at low obedience) or directly (recommend having high strength if you want to remain in control). She can also be fed minotaur cum or milk (if she has decent happiness and the PC is lactating).
  • The PC has three dominate fuck scenes in addition to all the feeding variants: Vag scissoring (Vag required), Ride the futa (Vag required), and Fuck Every Hole.
  • All total, she comes to about 45 pages of new content.


  • Fixed typos and small bugs. Nothing major. Big thanks to Prisoner for reporting so many typos!


  • Added a harpy in the high mountains that will trade ovi elixirs for eggs of your choice. Two elixirs for one regular egg, three for a large.
  • Added a vaginal looseness stat to the ‘more stats’ page. Capacity and looseness aren’t quite the same thing.


  • Condomless options added to Urta’s house. One for dick-wielders, one for cunt-holders. The cunt scene has a few special paragraphs for virgins and the cum scene changes for if you’re a herm as well. All scenes are very, very messy.
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • In order to resolve some bugs, disabled data, perks, appearance, etc buttons when not at camp. Please don’t hate me.
  • Obviously fixed a bugs and typos.


  • High strength characters can now arm-wrestle Heckel for a chance to fuck her cunt.
  • Submitting to Akbal with a nice, plump rump and tone that is not extremely high will get to receive some butt-based TLC from him. Note: requires 5+ submissions and that you have not resisted him more than once.
  • The Shouldra + pure Vala scenes accessible from Shouldra’s sex menu now have a new fork where giant Vala will use the PC as an insert-able toy. Enjoy!


  • Fixed bugs ‘n typos ‘n shit.


  • If the new year has clicked over, the Holiday events should all be over. Please remember by changing your system time back to Christmas before opening CoC, you can go back and experience the wonder of watching Jack Frost jizz all over your camp.
  • Third’s event, Nieve the snow(wo)man is live. Unlike the others, this is more tied to winter than the Christmas Holiday. It lasts from December 1st until the end of January. To get started, rest a night or two until it snows and start building that snowman!


  • A huge, 34 page epic Christmas scene with bits for damn near every follower in the game (except bimbo Sophie – poor girl) has been added. Written by Quiet Browser and Lukadoc.
  • The new event can be encountered by exploring the mountains.


  • Polar Pete has been added to the plains (by Donto!). He’s a polar bear with a bulging sack, a foreskin-clad cock, and pepperminty cum.
  • Polar Pete can give you the item “Peppermint White” which fully heals HP and fatigue once.
  • Polar Pete can only be met once.


  • Okay, the special bakery events should work again.


  • The bakery had its menu torn down and rebuilt to handle jamming more things into. It now has a “talk” and “menu” section.
  • Kami the Kangaroo waitress was brought on the staff to help with the added Holiday traffic. She can be accessed in the “talk” section of the new bakery menu.
  • Kami has four sex scenes (one for double penetration) and a capacity of 70 nondescript dick units.
  • After meeting Kami, a Holiday Pudding option appears in the main bakery menu. It costs 35 gems and can give you antlers.
  • Kami originally written by nRage, edited and polished by myself, Gats, and Shamblesworth.


  • The old Christmas Elf is updated! The intro and outro will now reference you meeting her before, even if the sex scenes themselves haven’t been changed.
  • The Elven Bounty perk will now only give bonus to fertility or cum production as intended. The original version was implemented improperly and I had to make it increase both because I didn’t know what the fuck I was doing.
  • The Elven Bounty perk can now be ‘enhanced’ by repeating the Christmas event.
  • When unwrapping their elf, herms can choose which gender to use with her.
  • Very low corruption players will now get Spider Silk equipment as a present!
  • Players who got duplicate Elven Bounty perks should have the extras removed on loading.
  • Players with an improperly set up version of the old perk should have the values fixed on loading.
  • Gats’s, Shambles’s, and Kirbu’s Christmas tale should now let you keep the key item in the 2 endings that have the PC staying in possession of the key.


  • Fixed character creation being broken by my new back-end. It wasn’t properly giving starter perks and forced everyone to have the blacksmith background. Whoops!
  • Fixed numerous typos in various places.
  • Added a few “horse-cock comfort level” boosts to various Urta scenes (necessary to proc the Scylla threesome). Note: Fucking her vaginally actually slightly decreases how comfortable she is with using her dick.
  • If Jojo freaks out and leaves because of Holli and the imp gangbang procs, it should no longer claim that Jojo was the one that prevented it.
  • Other small stuff I’ve already forgotten!


  • Many of Kelt’s checks now rely on a combination of current lust, libido, and corruption combined rather than simple corruption.
  • CoC’s event handling back-end was gutted like a fish and rebuilt like a cybernetic police officer. No changes should be visible, but it’s possible I broke something somewhere in a horrible way. The upside? It’s easier and faster for me to build menus now.
  • The depressing Christmas tale crafted by Gats, Shamblesworth, and Kirbu is in.
  • Abraxas’s christmas Chicken (j/k, she’s a harpy) should be in.
  • Kirbster’s bunny trap should be encounterable on the plains (this one was a little rough, but simple).


  • Cleaned up a mention of Amily’s fur in her new bikini scene.
  • Giving Amily a bikini should now remove it from your inventory.
  • The tag for detecting how many times should now properly increment, allowing the repeat versions of the intro to play (and the bimbo shopping event for bimbo PCs with bimbo Rubi).
  • Selling tit-booze will no longer give fractional gem amounts. Repeating the event will also clean any fractions out of your gem box if you go do it.
  • Fixed some typos in the harpy scene.
  • The Amily swimsuit scene is now only available if she is pure.
  • Fixed an absolute metrick fuckton of typos that were reported in an email and in Prisoner416's massive typo list that has been backlogged for months.


  • Players with clits 3.5" or larger can now fuck generic harpies with them.
  • Players can now taunt a sand witch, which results in the sand witch eventually turning the tables on them and giving them a spanking they won’t soon forget. Hopefully the intro dialogue in the sex select menu makes it pretty clear that choosing that option is going to lead to bad things.
  • Amily can now be given one of the shark-girls’ bikinis and go for a swim in a nearby stream with you, which results in sex. Requires the PC to have a penis.


  • Took out the catch in Benoit’s womb TF stuff that was still cock-blocking centaurs (though in this case it was more of a cunt-punt)!
  • If Vapula forces herself on you in the night from not being fed, you can now punish her with a thorough spanking. Of course, she gets off on it, but at least everyone involved had fun, right?


  • Once Scylla and Urta threesomes are unlocked via the drunken threesome the first time, it is possible to have a sober version of the event with differing scenes and outcomes. There’s two at present: one for folks that can fuck Urta with their dick and one for folks with gigantic dicks.
  • Generic Basilisks will now detect your “eggability” if you have a basilisk womb and fuck you themselves instead of just leaving you paralyzed.
  • Fixed some reported issues with the new Niamh bar fuck scene.


  • Benoit should now be fully centaur compatible.
  • Players with Basilisk wombs should have a different birth scene if they get knocked up by “standard” basilisks.


  • Players with ovipositors full of eggs and nipplecunts can cram their nipples full of eggs. Warning: May cause breast enlargement when the eggs are absorbed. (Requires HH+ cup tits).
  • Players who lactate significantly and drink Niamh’s beer in the bar have a chance of temporarily ‘catching’ a bad case of beer-tits themselves. The effect is temporary, but you can sell your beer and start an orgy, if you want. (Note: I am aware that selling your beer is not currently generating gems. I’ll be fixing this.)


  • Driders & Bees can now lay eggs in pure Amily (something she’s canonically done for Bee-Girls in exchange for honey in the past). (Thanks to Bagpuss!)
  • Amily now has a short egg birth scene for if you oviposit her with fertilized eggs. (Thanks to Bagpuss!)
  • Players can now Bee Oviposit the bunny-girl (Thanks to Eliria)
  • The bimbo minidress will no longer show up as a suggestion for Rubi’s outfits. It’s something that requires the PC and Rubi to both be bimbos and isn’t something you even give to him – it just shows up in a shopping event that rarely procs. I’ll be looking into tweaking the bimbo liqueur soonish to get it out there a little more often.


  • The two hours worth of Kitsune coding can be found by turning on debug mode and exploring the deep woods. Please don’t waste time with bug reports – content that isn’t coded yet just exits straight out of the events. It’s mostly just setups for the kitsune fight content, but it has a solid 3 or so sex scenes in there.
  • Be warned, there is a bad end if you’re at 100 fatigue that doesn’t give you much warning.
  • Rathazul no longer embezzles you out of silk/cash if you’re give him a second stack while he’s working on the first armor.
  • Credits updated for Satyrs and Ember. Let me know if I missed anyone.
  • Satyr butt preg should now have status updates display.


  • If Rubi has been bugged and never came out to your character yet, please chat, buy tea, or buy milk to make that proc and fix him.
  • Giving adventurer’s clothes to Rubi should work properly.
  • Large cocks shouldn’t give the normal cock insertion AND the big insertion bit.
  • Fixed an [eachCock] tag being in place of a [chest] tag in the dildo scene.
  • Milk now costs 3 gems instead of 5.
  • Fixed some references to Rubi’s cunt appearing in sex when Rubi is a male.
  • Fixed some him/her’s that weren’t properly changed.
  • If you lose your cunt mid-fight with the minotaur gang, they no longer fuck you with tons of errors.


  • Rubi’s “coming out” scene should always proc properly now.


  • Fixed one or two things with Rubi and broke as much as I fixed.


  • Rubi is now encounter-able in the Bakery, all 47 pages or so of him.
  • Rubi can be fucked, fucked with Tamani’s dildo, given all manner of clothes, and turned part incubus or bimbo.
  • I even went ahead and coded a hint system for those who want to compulsively give Rubi all his/her outfits.
  • Rubi’s affection can be viewed under more stats.
  • A mess of bugs were fixed, though I’m sure plenty of new Rubi ones were introduced (I didn’t get to bug test Incubus/Bimbo TFs).


  • Satyrs are now encounter-able on the plains.
  • Satyr pregnancies (vaginal & anal) added.
  • Satyrs have a chance of dropping incubi drafts.
  • Sand traps have a chance of dropping Ovi Elixirs for now.


  • The tree can now reach growth level 4, and blossom into a demonic dryad-type thing.
  • Pure Amily and Jojo will not tolerate the full grown tree, and will move out. However, each of them should be willing to come back if you get rid of it (NYI), unless you slapped Amily.
  • The full-grown tree-woman can be ‘impregnated’, which actually just causes the tree to grow fruit.
  • Eating Holli’s fruit has a 1 in 3 chance of transforming a penis into a tentacle penis.


  • If Marae is corrupt, after getting the second scene with her, a plant will sprout in camp a week later.
  • The plant grows slowly, and blossoms into something reminiscent of the pussy flowers in the corrupt glade after a week.
  • After 25 days it will grow into a tree. Fucking it accelerates the growth.
  • It maxes out at small tree size for now. The fourth and final phase will come in a final patch, I want to make sure it’s edited before I push it out.
  • Smashed a few bugs on the way.


  • The message for losing your bee ovipositor should no longer accidentally refer to it as a spider ovipositor, and it should now properly remove the perk.
  • The Urta appearance that references her having a flat tummy again (after laying) should no longer show up before you ever lay eggs in her.
  • Plugging in the cock milker at whitney’s farm no longer assumes you got it at the demon factory.
  • Self Egging is now only for bee ovipositors, as was intended.
  • Fixed other small typos and bugs.
  • The below credits have been added to the in-game credits.


  • Sand witches, Urta, and slave Ceraph can all be ovipositioned by spider AND bee -butts. (Scenes largely identical)
  • Urta’s followup version of egg laying is now in (it doesn’t change THAT much).
  • Sand witches have a birth followup scene if you run into one a few days after laying fertile eggs.
  • The player can now gain a bee ovipositor.
  • Cocked players can now self-inseminate via wet bee-dream.
  • The following characters can have bee eggs laid in them: Anemones, Basilisks, Minotaurs, Corrupt Camp Jojo, and Goo Girls.
  • The following characters can now have spider eggs laid in them: Anemones.
  • Bee Ovipositing characters with Exgartuan-sized (100+ ‘cock area’) cocks can lay eggs into themselves. Over-rides the deluxe dildo button when available.


  • Doubled the chance for male driders to get ovipositors (it’s still half of the chance that females have).
  • Tweaked a few things in tease code. Tease damage slightly reduced.
  • Made a “player.hasLongTail()” check so I can easily differentiate between PC’s with long tails that can wrap around things from PCs with shorter, less useful (or more insect) tails.
  • Went through all player.tailType > 0 checks and replaced with above where necessary.
  • Ovipositor dream sequence now requires a cock.
  • I finally fixed the hang up when losing to Sand Traps. My bad!
  • Various other small bug fixes.


  • You shouldn’t be able to get the spider ovipositor perk multiple times now.
  • Eggs should now have a chance of being fertilized any time you have a chance of being knocked up by something non-demon, non-egg (vaginal only).
  • Ovipositor wet dream should display correctly now.
  • The Ovipositor perk should go away once you stop meeting the requirements now.
  • Various other small bugs squished.


  • “Drider Ovipositor” transformation, perk, and associated functions are in. Gotten by eating the drider TF (black gossamer) after becoming very drider-TF’ed.
  • Drider Ovipositor wet dream.
  • Scenes for Drider Ovipositing PCs to lay eggs in goblins, basilisks, harpies, nagas, minotaurs, tamani, slave Ceraph, and bees (GLORIOUS REVENGE).
  • Urta can now be an egg surrogate, though her alternate, repeatable scene is not yet ready. For now, the first time scene is repeatable.


  • Fixed assorted anemone anal issues.
  • Fixed some issues in the sand trap scenes.
  • I’m getting some reports of losses to them hanging with blank screens. If anyone is experiencing that, please fax me a copy of your save so I can figure out what’s going on with that. Thanks!


  • New enemy in the desert: Sand Traps! (Or in silly mode, Sand Tarps!) Make sure you use the climb button (replaces wait) when you sink too deep into their pit!
  • Anemones now have an “anal” scene. Don’t be mad when it takes a surprising twist, though. Supports clit-fucking for uncocked, huge-clitted ladies.
  • Nipples piercings will currently only display on the top row of tits in appearance. The game doesn’t actually track how many nipples are pierced, and some folks were getting confused when they grew more tits and had it mentioning the piercings on them as well. I’m not quite sure how I want to fix this… another thing I ought to refactor for TiTS when the time comes for that game.
  • Attempting to convert a womb to a basilisk womb without the items will now remind you what ingredients you need.
  • Benoit affection now displays once it is raised above 0 in more stats.
  • Benoit’s eggs will now display how many have been laid in more stats.


  • Benoit can be fucked, complete with a way for females to get the ovipositor perk WITHOUT having to be a bird or lizard or whatever.
  • Benoit can knock the PC up with proper basilisks (both genders), however there is no appropriate version of this for getting knocked up by generic basilisks yet.
  • Brigid’s post-queen-defeat bad-end should now properly trigger a game over.
  • Some bug/typo fixes.
  • The griping demons in the bazaar should finally work right. If not, I’m going to cry.
  • Another ember gender confusion bug fixed.


  • Girls should now be able to experience the wonder and glory of fucking a turkey-girl, at least until the holiday timer clicks off. (Thanks to Bagpuss)
  • The female turkey event comes with a new perk, enjoy!


  • There’s a new Thanksgiving themed event for dick-wielders (Written by Savin).
  • Kiha’s sprite should no longer show up when exploring her territory after paying her (or after she moves into camp).
  • The worm colony should no longer have invisible attacks.
  • No more ending a sentence with a preposition in camp texts.
  • Fixed a La Bova error with Benoit’s shop.
  • Fixed some lingering gender pronoun issues with Ember.
  • Reducto can now shrink hips.
  • Fixed a bug where using Reducto on ginormous asses would barely shrink or actually make them grow. Stupid missing ()’s.


  • Benoit has been added to the Bizarre Bazaar. He pays out a little less than Oswald, but he has the benefit of selling a wide array of items (including some rares). No sex scenes active yet, though I have one coded. I likely won’t get the whole way through the entire 52 page submission – getting all the shop bits together took a good chunk of time and I still need to work up a mechanism for how he finds “lost” unique items to sell back to the PC. (I’m currently 15/50ish pages in)
  • The death scene I added for Brigid in the tower of the phoenix? Yeah, that’s been replaced with a sexier scene written by Z.


  • Abraxas has been credited for the Chameleon.
  • The mixed draft scene should now be selectable if the PC is also carrying succubi milk. Kind of an odd bug to be sure.
  • Kiha, Kid A, Shark-girls, Spider Guys and Spider Girls all got sprites, courtesy of Disco.


  • Swamp explore chances were overhauled. Odds for existing stuff shouldn’t have changed, but it will let me play fast and loose with the numbers a bit more effectively.
  • Chameleon Girl has been added to the swamps, written by Abraxas. (Hidden scenes: You can give her a succubus milk or a mix of lust & sensitivity drafts (bugged ATM) after beating her!)
  • Debug mode boosts the encounter rate for Chameleon Girls somewhat.
  • Ember’s birth scene should now display 100% of the time.
  • If the PC regrew a vagina to birth dragons, it should now properly update gender immediately.


  • Fixed missing text for Giacomo book purchases, quicksaves and loads, and the explore screen.
  • Fixed Vapula’s threesome scene incorrectly describing Ceraph as red.
  • Ember should now wait 12 hours after birth before being able to proc her normal interruption events (high lust nagging, mino cum freakout, etc.)
  • Fixed missing text for moving Rathazul into camp.
  • Fixed missing texts for growing the vine canopy using Lethicite.
  • You can no longer get eggs from ember while she is pregnant.
  • Knocking Ember up now takes her virginity.
  • You can no longer get the ember impregnation scenes to proc BEFORE ember is hatched.


  • Ember can be knock up the PC or be knocked up by the PC.
  • Drinking deep of Ember’s blood can now send the PC into heat or rut as appropriate (just like her milk). I did this for folks who didn’t have a lactic ember.


  • The alternate, non-sexy bad-end for Brigid SHOULD proc correctly now. If someone has a save that could easily test it, that would super.
  • The issue with Rathazul hanging in certain scenarios should be resolved.
  • Fixed some of Raphael’s final scenes showing blank if the PC didn’t get awarded a Rapier.
  • The scrollbar should no properly reset when having several long scenes back to back.
  • Fixed one of Amily’s scenes having a blank screen.
  • Fixed an issue where choosing gender for a Marble sex scene didn’t display the scene. Hopefully all the marble fuck bugs are fixed now…
  • Various typos and minor bug fixes.


  • Fixed Vapula hanging out with Raphael or Izma when you don’t have them as a follower.
  • Fixed the cerulean succubus assist toggle for Vapula not to appear as a blank button anymore when it shouldn’t be available.
  • Giving Ceraph your last pair of tits should set lactation to 0 now.
  • Fixed the griping bazaar demon’s text being invisible.
  • Trying to take the beautiful sword while corrupt no longer has invisible text.
  • Fixed a rare circumstance with double attack that would allow more than two attacks in a single turn against a basilisk.
  • Other misc bugs/typos.
  • If you deal with the Harpy Queen and then lose to Brigid, she executes you rather than take you to her defeated queen.
  • Anal Capacity and Vaginal Capacity (if applicable) should show in the more stats screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the gender select for herms with Marble was overridden with a next button. (I might have broken something else – Marble = spaghetti-code)


  • Fixed imp gangbang being invisible.
  • Fixed basic enemy attacks not displaying damage.
  • Fixed some other small bugs/typos, like Marble’s ovi elixir scene not showing.


  • Fixed another Marble bug that prevented the PC from properly going through the addiction storyline. My bad.


  • Hopefully fixed the issues with some of Marble’s scenes not displaying. There’s a chance I may have utterly broken something mucking around in there, so bare careful.
  • Fixed an extraneous ”face” tag in Ember’s scenes.


  • Jojo masturbation should properly display now.


  • Rathazul should work now.


  • The corrupted driders can now be tied up and fucked with tough webbing or by PCs with web attacks for safe, worry-free fucking thanks to Bagpuss (See “Bondage Sex” option).
  • Victoria in Tel’Adre can now be fucked thanks to Schpadoinkle (See “Flirt” Option)! (To clarify – choose an item of clothing, then choose flirt – requires a penis.)
  • Migrated over to a new way of displaying text and fixed most bugs that folks were reporting on it (I had switched it on in debug mode but not regular mode last build). There may still be scenes that have problems with it – please continue to report them as you come across them.
  • Fixed Owca appearing constantly at a certain point.
  • Fixed more ember issues.
  • Bro Brew should do a better job of removing the feeder the perk now.


  • Fixed some Ember gender issues.
  • Resolute should now prevent Ember stun.
  • Ember no longer displays two PC victory scenes at once.
  • Dragon wings now actually let you fly.
  • Succubus milk can now properly turn Ember female.
  • Small bug and typo fixes galore.
  • Ember’s “Get Milk” scene should now have all variants working.
  • Fixed an error in dragon cock TF – there was an error in the code that was making it behave in unusual ways.
  • I’ve changed the way text output is handled in debug mode, which should make large scenes load much much faster, minimizing any lag. Give it a try and report on speed and/or if it causes any new issues.


  • Fera’s Halloween event (system time must be set to around Halloween) now has a female alternative! Pumpkin-fuck! GIT YOU ONE!
  • Ember now has her eight sex scenes coded! Good luck, and have fun! (Likely buggy – 34 pages with lots of variations, so I’m sure more than a few things slipped through. You may want to hold out for tonight’s bug fix build.)


  • Redid the code for item use in combat. Wing sticks should work a bit better. There may be some spacing issues that need cleaned up – please report them.
  • Fixed spacing issues in the buy screen for Tel’Adre’s weapon shop.
  • Giving blood to ember now keeps her dick reptilian after the first “donation”. The next time will convert Ember’s penis to human. Obviously this is pre-hatch, and assumes you have a male/herm Ember.
  • You must now be level 8 to encounter Owca.
  • Owca encounter rate reduced.
  • Debug mode no longer guarantees you to find Owca.
  • Shouldra’s shrink cock option is no longer glitch-able.
  • Kelt’s submissiveness display in the stats screen has been converted to a % display.
  • Folks that worked on Shouldra follower content have been properly credited. If you wrote something and aren’t in the credits for it, email me or bug report it!
  • You can’t run into Maddie with Shouldra at the bakery before creating Maddie any more.
  • Fixed a pile of typos and whatnots.
  • Ember’s ‘Spar’ option is in. I’m now caught up to all edited Ember content.
  • Ember can no longer lay eggs if male.


  • It should no longer be possible to repeatedly lose and regain the slime core perk over and over.
  • Some small bugs and typos fixed.
  • Cleaned up a bit of Halloween event text.
  • Added a user submitted Halloween dream.


  • Shouldra now has some interactions in the bakery involving some force feeding. Between this and the golem scene with Exgartuan I’m starting to think her authors are using her as a vehicle for all the things I typically dislike (inanimate fucking, weight gain, etc). In any event, if you like that stuff, enjoy it (Note: Requires Maddie to exist.)
  • There’s a new Halloween event involving a pumpkin in the deep woods. It requires a dick to do much with because I didn’t have time to flesh out a female version (If anyone wants to work out a female version I’d be happy to slip it in tomorrow!). For the full, fucked-up package, very high cum production is needed. Enjoy!


  • Helia now moves back to the plains after completing her dungeon.
  • Being sacrificed at Owca now disables use of the bow.
  • Demon transformations now only give up to 12 horns.
  • Hel no longer shows up in Tel’Adre when she’s at camp.
  • It’s no longer possible to glitch Hel’s affection past 70.
  • The usual pile of minor typo, glitch, and bug fixes.


  • Shouldra can now be recruited as a follower. Beat her more than three times in a fight and just keep running into her till she offers!
  • Shouldra now has a unique win sex scene vs Sand Witches when a follower.
  • 106 pages of new Shouldra content total. Enjoy!


  • If you leave Hel’s dungeon without making a decision on the harpy queen, Hel will kill her after you leave.
  • Phoenixes in Hel’s dungeon can now knock the PC up with ovi elixer eggs. (Repeatable Phoenix fights and proper pregnancy are being worked on by some good folks.)
  • Threesomes for non-follower Kiha with Hel should no longer proc if Kiha is a follower.
  • Cleaned up some old stuff with []‘s in it for the imp gang fight in dungeon 2 that was causing an infinite loop.
  • Owca’s attitude score can never increase above 100.
  • Hel can no longer be encountered in the plains once she moves into camp.
  • Fixed a glitch that would allow Brigid to make 2 moves in 1 turn.
  • Fixed a bug with slime cores freezing fluid counter time instead of merely halving the rate.
  • The usual array of typo fixes.


  • Gangbang Village is NOT yet accessible in any form.
  • Goo transformation will now change hair color when turning hair to goo.
  • Goo transformation will now change skin color when changing skin to goo.
  • The goo colors are: green, blue, purple, cerulean, and emerald.
  • Coil fuck with Helia should now properly check dick size.
  • Minotaur threesome with Helia is disabled after becoming fuck-buddies with her. I’m tired of getting bug reports on it, and until I can get time to work Savin’s overhaul in for that, it’ll have to do.
  • Drop rate for Luststick on harpies has been lowered slightly.
  • The newer “dominate” vaginal scene for Izma can now impregnate her.
  • Phoenix sex menu now reports when you are too big to fuck her.
  • Phoenix sex menu now allows futas access to the vaginal options.


  • The Eldritch Staff is now properly tagged as a weapon.
  • Fixed a big ol’ pile of typos.
  • Valeria should now properly equip in debug mode. If you managed to lose Valeria, editing flag 498 to a value of 1 using minerva will put her back in her place as a follower.
  • Bova TF can now make the fourth breast row have quad nipples.


  • The Harpy Jailer, Brigid, no longer stuns players with the ‘resolute’ perk.
  • Edryn threesomes now increase Helia’s affection.
  • Fox ears should no longer hide hair description in appearance.
  • Typos resolved.
  • Valeria’s “get fucked” scene should no longer default girls to the genderless version.


  • Fixed fox berries giving girls more man-cum from nonexistent penises.
  • Fixed fox berries making males go into heat with their nonexistent vaginas.
  • Fox ears now display properly in PC descriptions.
  • Various typos fixes.
  • Stash Button has been moved to button #4.
  • Followers has been split into three buttons: Followers, Lovers, and Slaves. Horray! Room!
  • Helia now has an affection stat which caps at 70 and allows you to unlock her new high-level dungeon.
  • Valeria the goo-girl armor is now available in Hel’s dungeon. She can be worn as armor or enjoyed as a follower.


  • Fox berries will now try to ‘even up’ smaller breast rows to the bigger ones above.
  • Lumi can now ‘enhance’ fox berries. Enhancing them allows them to cause the growth of new breast rows and raises the potential TF cap to five. It also allows the body part transformations to happen in any order.
  • Fox berries now have a short daydream sequence (nonsexual).
  • Fox berries can now change penis type to dog-type.
  • Fox berries can now enhance cum quantity.
  • Fox berries now shrink balls down to a max of apple-sized or so.
  • Dogdescript now changes dog-cock nouns to fox-cock nouns once the players “fox score” is higher than their “dog score”.


  • The bakery now sells fox berries. Some of the text was shamelessly ripped from WedgeSkyrocket’s kitsune stuff! Some was provided by Z! Some was my own terribleness.
  • Kitsune TF currently does not mess with genitals/boobs. I intend to mess with that later. While I’m thinking about it: Multitits – yes/no (and if yes, want a fourth row?)


  • The beginning components of the ant colony are available in the desert when debug mode is toggled on for preview. Currently it only goes as far as the third arena fight. Please be careful, as losing a lot of arena fights and saving could lock you into a bad end once the ant colony goes live.
  • The ant colony requires you to be at least level 5 before being encountered.
  • I only had 2 hours on it, so I spent something like two and a half hours to bring you this much. I will finish the rest on my own free time or if I get donation day funding to work on it, whichever happens first, you know the drill.


  • Joey can now offer to sell the PC a cock milker for 200 gems if they didn’t get one in the factory. Thanks to 05095 for whipping up the texts for it.
  • Fixed some various bugs and typos.


  • Re-added nonsexual Izma kids stuff.
  • Marble’s capacity increases by 10 after giving birth.
  • Marble’s can now be turned full cow-furry, giving her quad nips and increase vajajay capacity.
  • Marble’s release scene now has an oral variant. (By PKD)
  • Marble now has a breastfeeding release scene by Venithil.
  • If Futa Marble is pent up, you can now give her a tailjob.
  • The playtime option with Marble’s kids should work properly now.


  • Took out the scenes involving Izma’s children, since as pointed out in comments, they pretty much involve loli.
  • You can no longer talk to Marble after attempting to rape her.
  • There’s now an option to play with Marble’s kids, netting a once a day reduction to corruption and libido.
  • Marble got some more in-camp talk scenes and had some ‘breadcrumbs’ set up to help point the PC towards Zetaz’s Lair or Tel’Adre as necessary.
  • Replaced NOPE!!! button with ‘Leave’. This also starts a whole new chain.
  • You can now rape marble regardless of strength after defeating her in combat.
  • You can now force-feed Marble after defeating her, courtesy of Spy.
  • Raping Marble now gets you kicked off the farm for good.


  • Mostly small tweaks to how her night sex triggers. That whole system has been overhauled. (This took longer than I care to admit)
  • New random camp texts involving her kids. A few interaction scenes should be done tomorrow too!
  • Marble’s release option now has a special naga variant.


  • Marble gained seven fairly large new talk scenes that can be discussed while she lives at the farm.
  • A Marble button has been added to the farm menu, though at low affection it’s just talking – you’ll still need to do some work with her to get her to the point where you suckle. I’ll see if there’s a way I can work that talk stuff in to follower Marble for those who don’t have it yet.
  • Affection gain from talking with Marble has been decreased.
  • There’s now a NOPE!!! option when meeting Marble to avoid her forever (not on TDM’s expansion stuff, but I thought folks might appreciate it).
  • You can request Marble move out of camp, but she’ll never come back. (You’ll still hike to the farm in the morning automatically though. She can also still be encountered at the farm.)
  • Adjusted some of her bad end texts


  • Fixed various bugs.
  • Niamh won’t appear in the bazaar before meeting her in the plains.
  • Fixed a ton of typos, for a full list, see the first post here. Thanks again prisoner416!
  • Characters with an anemone penis and low corruption (sub 25) who get pregnant with Anemone will have a chance to birth it properly, rather than it becoming a symbiotic appendage. Note, to get pregnant while having a dick, you have to win the fight and choose to use your vagina – anemones always go for the dick if the PC has one and they win.
  • Niamh can be bimbo’ed with any corruption now. Shambles whipped up some alternative text so it wasn’t so mustache twirling evil. However, I did add a fairly large corruption gain to the action since turning someone into a bimbo involuntarily isn’t exactly nice


  • Urta can now be spanked and fucked (with a suitable wang or Tamani’s dildo) when she’s drunk.
  • Cleaned up some stuff the parser didn’t like in Roxanne’s new scene.
  • Roxanne’s new scene can no longer happen the first time you lose to her.
  • Tweaked Urta’s crime and punishment bit to make Tel’Adre law a little less nutty.
  • A few small typo issues in the new Roxanne scene.

PECoCS (The Save Editor) Update:
  • It got lots better. I don’t make it, it’s fan maintained, but the guy doing it passed me an update I’m sure you’ll all like.


  • Niamh can now be given Bimbo Liqueur, get kicked out Tel’Adre, and move into the Bizarre Bazaar. Note: Requires 66+ corruption and a bimbo liqueur. Note2: An option to dose her with succubi milk instead is planned.
  • Bimbo Niamh can be tit-fucked.
  • Bimbo Champagne can be taken to Sean to be distilled into more Liqueur. Have fun!


  • Generic harpies have a new sex scene.


  • Niamh the cat-girl now sells her breast-beer until 4PM in Tel’Adre. I’ll be doing a bit more content for her tonight, for those interested.


  • Urta’s generic talk scene has been replaced with far more in depth menus and options allowing you to learn a bit about her history, Tel’Adre, and even request she drink less. You can also find out about Edryn, and break up with her if you want. Thanks to QB for writing it and putting up with my bitching about it “not sounding like her”!
  • Roxanne Poisontail has a new scene for big-butted PCs. Requirements: Have lost to her before, have a big butt (over 12 butt rating) , and have tone below 50. (untested).


  • Fixed not consuming pure honey when healing Vala.
  • You can now buy minotaur cum before ‘paying’ at the salon.
  • Genderless masturbation now takes time!
  • Numerous other typo fixes and small fixes.
  • Fixed Ceraph taking incorrect breast rows.


  • “Defur” option no longer persists during Amily recruitment after the PC defurs her.
  • The game no longer displays incorrect penises as being pierced.
  • Fixed a ton more typos, big credit to Prisoner416 for taking the time to page through every line in the source and identify every typo he found, even if they are slowly breaking me.


  • Two new dominance-filled Izma scenes written by Radar have been added. One where you can dominate using just your butt and another where you use her vagina.
  • Two new scenes for follower Isabella, written by Savin. One is receiving Oral, and is available immediately after you go down on Isabella. The other is fucking her vagina, and it turns out that you can actually talk her into taking them up to her full capacity – 164.


  • Name input window has been moved so that it doesn’t overlap text at certain scales. If anyone knows a way to embed an input box directly onto the end of the text in actionscript, hit me up.
  • Choosing ‘back’ in Ceraph’s sex menu no longer has a chance of causing HER slaves to sometimes appear instead of her.
  • Hummus now resets hair type.
  • Isabella’s follower BJ option in the sex menu wasn’t working properly, it is now (the scene is more or less the same as pre-follower Izzy BJs).
  • Fixed some of the flags for Ceraph’s dick appearing or hiding in portal magic scenes (some were backwards).
  • Fixed numerous typos and smaller bugs.


  • All followers’ “back” or “leave” buttons should now go back to the followers menu. Before, some would go back to the menus and others would back you the whole way out to camp.
  • Izma’s follower scenes now have no-dick alternatives (or disable).
  • Radar’s variances for in-camp Izma sex to avoid surprise cum-in-face have been implimented.
  • Izma can now have her dick removed (or returned). She isn’t that happy about it though.
  • Swimsuit and Inquisitor’s Corset should no longer cause constant lust gains in combat.
  • Charge Weapon is unbroken.
  • Berserk now grants a flat 30 point weapon damage bonus.


  • Fixed a metric butt-ton of typos.
  • The beautiful sword now works properly with attack-boosting abilities.
  • Izma’s sex scenes now properly replenish goo-PC’s fluid supplies.
  • Bow skill will no longer temporarily surpass 100 after visiting Kelt.
  • If you let Amily ‘be the dad’ and later become male, the awkward first time sex stuff SHOULDN’T happen, since you’ve already been bumping uglies a bit.


  • Follower Ceraph now has two new sex scenes: Portal sex, for penis-wielders, and nipple-cunt penetration, for those with fuckable nips.
  • Follower Ceraph’s sex scenes were moved into a sex menu.
  • Follower Ceraph can now take PC body parts if they want to voluntarily give them up. Be warned, it may cause interesting dreams.
  • Five new Ceraph body-part dreams have been added to the game, to spice things up at night.
  • An issue that would cause bulgy spider-silk armor to have zero armor defense has been fixed (bug was introduced last patch).
  • An issue that would cause spider-silk robes to also give you spider-silk armor when unequipping has been fixed (also introduced last patch).
  • CoC was built with Adobe Flash CS6 instead of Adobe Flash CS4. So far as I can tell, fonts actually embed worth a damn so the game should look a little nicer. If anyone has any problems or issues that pop up, be sure to speak up.

0.6.14A14 :

  • Whore and Slut histories now start with no virginity.
  • Tactician Perk now properly unlocks.
  • Fixed a bad parser tag in corrupt Amily incest.
  • Fixed some more broken tags in the incest scene.
  • Fixed horsecocks getting the knotting variant of yvonne’s scene instead of dogcocks. WHOOPS!
  • Fixed some issues with bulge armor or fetish clothing and positive armor modifications causing armor score to increase forever.


  • Fixed armor perks repeatedly stacking on the PC. Changing equipped armor should clear out any duplicates.
  • A new dream written by Symphonie has been added to the rotation for corrupt characters with penises who have met Scylla and Dominika.


  • “Tier 1? perks now unlock at level 6, instead of after beating the factory.
  • “Tier 2? perks have been added. They’re available at level 12 and there is one for each of the primary four stats (strength, toughness, speed, intelligence).
  • There are now four more Tier 1 perks as well!
  • Many perks (for example, the mage ones) require a minimum in their associated stat to be active. No more idiot mages with strong spells or weaklings getting double-damage for using huge weapons!
  • Weapon Damage should be checked and updated every hour and every round of combat.
  • The variant damage messages for standard attacks have been removed, as they rarely made sense and higher level players would only ever see MUTILATES.
  • Fixed the issue causing cock errors in Amily Incest and Yvonne sex!
  • There may be some bugs introduced into combat or with the new bugs, so be sure to report them as you notice them!


  • Amily’s “Date” option and the Urta freakout will no longer be possible while Amily is preggers.
  • Fixed an error in bimbo tease text.
  • Fixed missing noun in a line for an Ifris scene.
  • Isabella x Hel threesome now properly reduces lust for the female variant.
  • Fixed some masculine mentions in the Amily x Jojo scene that appeared even for females.
  • The Amily + Offspring event will no longer let those without wangs (or wangs that fit) to fuck them.
  • Jojo is no longer capable of impregnating Amily. She’s a good slut and takes herbs offscreen now.
  • Corrupt Amily’s incest event now only has a 30 day countdown.
  • Fixed some typos in a black egg TF sequence.
  • Fixed typos in corrupt Amily.
  • Fixed typo in Yara’s events.
  • Fixed a typo in genderless cerulean succubus scene.
  • Fixed typo in follower fetish add/remove fetishes scene.
  • Improved wording of minotaur cum addiction fading (note: only possible before acquiring the perk!)
  • Fixed a fap arena typo.
  • Fixed LOTS of pure Amily typos.
  • Fixed numerous gnoll typos.
  • Fixed an Urta typo.
  • Fixed a goblin salon typo.
  • Fixed typos in equine bad-end.
  • Fixed typo in centaur TF.
  • Fixed two Izma typos.
  • Fixed an Oswald typo.
  • Fixed a Tamani typo.
  • Fixt a sand witch typo.
  • Fixed a demon mob typo or two.
  • Fixed a bimbo Sophie typo.
  • Fixed spider preg typos.
  • Fixed minotaur gang bad-end typos.
  • Fixed typos in centaur on bee-girl rape.
  • Fixed some dungeon 1 (Factory) typos.
  • Fixed some dungeon 2 (Zetaz’s Lair) typos.
  • Fixed a typo in april fools MLP event.
  • Fixed some regular Sophie typos.
  • Fixed a yara typo.
  • Fixed a super Fentendo typo (sand witch silly mode scene).
  • Fixed bunny TF typo.
  • Fixed typos in bimbo loss to goblin scene.
  • Fixed some cotton typos.
  • Fixed some fetish zealot typos.
  • Fixed spider girl typo.
  • Fixed typo in Ceraph’s Urta roleplay.
  • Fixed a Dominika typo.
  • Fixed a typo in naga TF.
  • Fixed typo in gloryhole dog-dick bj.
  • Fixed typo in Ceraph’s cat slaves.
  • Fixed a few others I forgot to note here.
  • Improved wording to reduce ‘echoing’ in a Yara sex scene.
  • Fixed Amily birth typo.
  • Fixed many pre-follower Kiha typos.
  • Fixed the wording for double-penetrating nipple-cunts during masturbation with odd numbers of dicks (The wording implied you had four dicks, even if you were only double-penetrating one nipple. Made it a bit more vague for sanity).
  • Fixed minotaur sons typo during BJ.
  • Fixed an error in the nipple piercing menu of Tel’Adre piercing studio.
  • Cleaned up some typos in the new Amily x Jojo teaching scene.
  • Fixed an issue with the text parser trying to parse [Evade]. It should be fixed now (that or it will get stuck in a horrid infinite loop. Exciting!)
  • Did I mention I added [sheath] to the parser? Outputs ‘sheath’ or ‘base’.
  • Shorter PC’s (5’5? and below) can now flirt with and fuck Yvonne the armorsmith in Tel’Adre. I wrote it as a quick one-off the other day. Warning: Mentions of sweat and B.O.


  • In combat ‘Wait’ command now restores 5 fatigue.
  • Attack and tease each restore 1 fatigue point.
  • You can now walk in on Corrupt Amily as she tries to teach Corrupt Jojo how to better server her Master/Mistress. 20% chance when visiting corrupted camp Jojo with a seven day cooldown.
  • Sixty days after corrupt Amily gives birth, you’ll be able to find her with some of her corrupt offspring, all grown up and ready for incestuous sex. The scene requires a penis, but if anyone would like to write a scene for those with vaginas or too-big dicks, I would love to code it!


  • Fixed a bunch of bugs.
  • Added a “cum bath” scene where male PC’s can help Vala clean away the days filth, with sexual filth (Written by her author, Adjatha!)
  • 10+ pages of corrupt Jojo/Amily stuff is written, I’ll have it coded tomorrow most likely. I have a really hard time not working on CoC, apparently.


  • Added the following tags to the event parser: [his], [her], [him], [master], and capital version of all of them. Obviously they base off the PC’s gender. For more info, see the event submissions link on the blog (I also added a small example that can be pasted into the parser to get an idea how I write these things. It’s linked on the event submissions page).
  • Okay, fixed another thing in Kiha dom that could tell girls they have a penis.
  • Fixed other typos.
  • Rewrote the first few paragraphs and the last one of Kiha’s dominate scene to try to mesh it better with the rest of her characterization.
  • Izma shouldn’t automatically cram herbs down your throat if you’re very visibly pregnant.
  • Bimbo Liqueur shouldn’t mention you touching your cunt if you’re a centaur, for obvious reasons.


  • The spidermorph gang fight with Kiha will no longer apply multiple copies of it’s web special (and thus, cause it to persist into other fights). Note this might take a few fights to fully clear off if you somehow got a lot of stacks of it.
  • Fixed some cockdescript calls made using the parser pointing to invalid cock locations.
  • Cleaned up the lusty fuck Kiha scene to remove some equine mentions for those not lucky enough to have a flare.
  • Fixed bad parser tag in tentacle scene. Whoops!
  • Kiha’s follower capacities were recalculated. Vaginal capacity should be 67 now and anal 94.
  • Large black eggs can no longer be used after shark skin TF to get ‘smooth rough gray skin’.
  • Fixed an instance of the dominance scene giving girls male texts.


  • Fixed some show-stopping bugs in the parser.
  • Added Kiha Dominance Scene.
  • Fixed a ton of typos.
  • Fixed some bugs.


  • Added some more stuff to the parser and updated the event submissions page with the relevant information!
  • Added some messages to Kiha’s sex menu to make it a little more clear what options you’ve got and why you can’t do certain things.
  • Giving Kiha an incubus draft no gives the PC a few points of corruption.
  • You can now give her a purified draft instead, which raises lust less.
  • Fixed an issue with lusty fuck that could cause those with dicks between 100 and 200 area to be unable to get it. Oh, and I raised the cap for it to 200 a while back.


  • Fixed the [asshole] and similar tags from not working correctly with the parser.
  • Those with religious history and exgartuan will now have to masturbate instead of meditate when the demon is ‘awake’.
  • Fixed some Kiha ‘hang out’ scenes overlapping.
  • Talk Option removed from Kiha once she stops having things to say.
  • [face]/faceDescript() now has differences for cat-faces and lizard snouts.
  • Fixed [nipples] displaying a cock description.
  • Fixed some of you getting stuck because you chose to talk instead of taking the loving hug. Fixed it!


  • Fixed vaginal 69 not working unless the PC was a herm.
  • Fixed sackDescript() not displaying in a scene written using the parser call [sack].


  • Fixed some bugs.
  • Fixed the parser being broken.
  • The lusty fuck with a horsecock should now work with any dick.


  • Kiha can now be recruited as a follower (Quick Guide: Have low to medium corruption, beat her and go through all the text scenes. You should encounter a special fight that can get the ball rolling.)
  • Lover/Follower Kiha has a number of new sex scenes: Vaginal (requires follower + size match), anal (size match), female sixtynine (needs cunt), lusty fuck with horsecock (needs more than 40 and less than 200 sized cock, follower, and either high minlust, libido, or a lust draft), giant dick handjob (needs dick size + 150), tentacle dick fuck (requires 2 tentacle dicks minimum and follower), and possessiongro+ sex (requires gro+, follower, and ghost perk).
  • The parser can now handle simple else statements. Example: [if (hasCock = true) "You got [cock]” else “No dig here boss!”]
  • The parser can now handle simple AND and OR logic. Note it CANNOT be nested in extra ()’s for particularly complex logic. Example: [if (hasVagina = true) && (hasCock = true) "YOU GOT [cock] AN [vag], son!” else “Whelp.”]
  • The parser now accepts [weapon], [weaponName], [armor], [armorName], and [name]. Happy writing!


  • Fixed a metric fuckton of typos.
  • Akbal can now knock girls up with imps. (He’s a demon – all offspring are always imps.)
  • The parser can now handle some basic logic. Logic is limited to single, basic if checks that cannot be nested or combined, but useful enough to handle things like optional sentences for balls or cum variances. (Mad props to furniture for helping make the underlying code NOT shit. He may not be the web guy anymore, but he’s still awesome!)
  • Some parser commands were updated, added to, or replaced (mainly the dick ones). Use [cock 2] instead of [cock2] for example. See the event submissions page for more information.
  • (Hotfix) Fixed some bugs with the parser


  • Basic text parser added for ease of adding scenes.
  • ‘Tester’ option added to main menu (after loading/rolling a character) that allows events to be tested before being coded.
  • Note: the tester won’t have proper vaginal/anal values for [cockFitsVag] unless the PC’s last fight was against an enemy with a vagina.


  • New Lottie silly mode sex scene: 30 minute orgasm.
  • A bunch of new dreams, including four variants that will occur on day ten dependent on corruption and gender.


  • Centaurs will now be given a pair of sex-toys when talking to Whitney, courtesy of Savin.
  • Fixed various bugs and typos (most notably, no more meditation referred to as ‘masturbate’)


  • Amily can now ‘pitch’ and ‘catch’ anally. Pure Amily of course.
  • If you have a Succubi’s Dream (not Succubi’s Delight!) and lose to a gnoll, they will take it, grow balls, go into a lust-driven frenzy, and fuck your ass for an entire day.


  • Players can now choose from seven different histories during creation, each with its own in-game benefit.


  • Fixed various bugs/typos.
  • Backspace no longer starts a new game, and instead loads the main menu (only when main menu option is visible).
  • ‘Resume’ on main menu is now hotkeyed to space (only when main menu button is visible).
  • Centaurs can no longer use female toys unless they have the flexible perk.
  • Centaurs can’t use Onaholes unless they have a really long dick of have flexibility perk.
  • Sophie’s sprite shouldn’t be continually displaying anymore.
  • Data screen now displays where saves are stored with google chrome.
  • Defurring Amily in camp should now consume the items.


  • New sprites enabled: Human Amily, Marcus & Lucia, Minotaurs, Naga, Oasis Demon, Oswald, Rathazul, Sand Witch, Scylla, Sean, and Sophie.


  • Foursome with Helia and her ‘foxy’ friends.
  • Scylla no longer requires balls.
  • Scylla will now choose the biggest of all dicks.
  • Herms can now defur amily before engaging in boneritus.
  • Yara now has a chance of boning PC’s after piercing their genitals. For males it requires a penis at or below 36 cock area (length x thickness).


  • Silly mode now auto-disables on game load. The one exception to this is if the silly mode toggle is pressed when the game is first opened. I’m tired of seeing silly mode stuff as bug reports.
  • Fiddled with lactation – it was reporting lactation was ‘normal for a pregnant woman’ when the PC was no longer lactating.
  • Shaving Amily should now work bug-free. Be sure to report any lingering bugs you find.
  • Other misc typos and fixes.


  • Tease damage has received a 20% nerf.
  • Tease does 50% more damage against ‘plural’ class foes than singular (minotaur mob, tamani’s daughters, oasis demon pack, etc).
  • Both inquisitor items and the spellblade can now be stored in the appropriate item rack.
  • Amily x Urta options now require you to have a penis or vagina to choose the appropriate scene.
  • Bro Brew drop rate reduced to 0.5% chance.
  • Amily de-fur is back in.
  • Hotfix: Defur button doing nothing has been fixed.
  • Hotfix: Defurring Amily now turns off her sprite.


  • Dominika now has a spellblade for players who have finished the second dungeon (same effects as wizard staff + higher attack. This might be changed later on to award higher magic damage instead in the future.)
  • The “Amily freaks out about Urta and then winds up boning her” chain no longer occurs if Urta has cut back on her drinking or if you’ve told her not to threesome in the past.
  • The above scenes also no longer have a 100% proc rate once all requirements are met, and instead occur roughly 10% of the time.
  • You can now opt to take Amily on a date in Tel’Adre and run into Urta then. You can leave without threesomes if you wish, preventing the option (or the above) from happening.
  • The ‘Urta’ option in Amily’s make love menu now has options to see the date scene threesomes in addition to watching. Enjoy!
  • Silly mode sand witch scene now includes a message telling you not to report it as a bug, because it isn’t. FUCK!


  • There is a new, alternate buttsex scene for defeating a gnoll written by WedgeSkyrocket (50% chance of it or the old scene).
  • Fixed the bug with cultist swim-suit rape not displaying the choice menu.
  • Finding lost Izma daughters will no longer happen until Izma has moved into camp.
  • Being “Bros” with Ro’gar no longer awards double sets of Bro perks.
  • Fixed a bug with new game+ where clicking ‘okay’ at name selection with no name entered would wipe you back to a brand new PC.
  • Fixed a rare bug where fetish cultists could be encountered at level 1 if Rathazul was a follower.


  • Inquisitor’s Robes and Inquisitor’s Corset can now be discovered when exploring Kiha’s territory. These items grant the “Blood Mage” perk, allowing you to consume HP instead of fatigue when spellcasting. Note, they may be tuned to use more HP than they do at present.
  • Kiha has been fixed so that if you didn’t ask to pay her in the initial meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to ask later on.
  • There’s a new male and new female scene for taking advantage of the fetish cultists when they’re wearing their swimsuits! (By TheDarkMaster)
  • Imps can now be raped with your nipples, assuming your nipples are fuckable! (Credit: Noogai)


  • Demon desert tribe bad-end requires the PC have a vagina, since it didn’t make much sense otherwise.
  • Marble now sometimes cuddles you when not fucking you at night.
  • Numerous new teases for players wearing the various.


  • Flash background restored to gray.
  • Home no longer disables the whole game background, and instead toggles the background color of the main text area only. Currently it does white, a flat tan, and back to normal.
  • Fixed more issues with Tamani’s buttfuck scene (BUTT FUCK!)
  • Fixed other odds and ends, like the “Backroom” option for Scylla x Urta showing “KATH CHEAT” instead of the proper text. Whoops!
  • Also the Kath cheat option was removed a build or two back.
  • Boobgartuan now has a night-time interruption scene, complete with an amusing dream sequence preceeding it the first time you get it.
  • Nagas with Penisgartuan have a new, alternative masturbation sequence for him.
  • Exgartuan now sleeps about 75% longer after being taken care of. (Praise Kirbu for the Exgartuan xpack!)


  • If you have a kid with Izma before recruiting her (possible by being female and winning, raping her dick, and refusing contraceptives) you can now encounter the kid in the wilds after recruiting Izma and add them to any kids you have at camp.
  • New scene to discipline the eldest minotaur son, written by Rusty Shackleford (Let me know what you wanna be credited for dude, and if you have any other uncredited scenes).
  • Exgartuan can now modify the following armors to be ‘bulgy’ (he’s like a moose!): practically indecent steel armor, red, high-society bodysuit, spider-silk armor, slutty swimwear, full-body chainmail, revealing chainmail bikini, full platemail, scale-mail armor, black leather armor surrounded by voluminous robes, rubber fetish clothes, green adventurer’s clothes, white shirt and overalls)
  • Loads of new Exgartuan combat bonus texts.
  • A new night-time forced masturbation scene for those with Exgartuan in their penis and <= 20 corruption.


  • Rogar is live. I am tired as fuck and he is probably riddled with more bugs. Enjoy the gay ork.


  • Pressing home key turns off the background (white background option). It makes the game look weird, but someone requested it, and it was easy.
  • “More Stats” now displays Isabella’s Affection at 100% after she moves into camp.
  • Fixed another phantom vagina error in Kath’s scenes.
  • Kath now requires you to have a vagina before you get double penetrated.
  • Fixed a Hel scene accidentally have a double-dicking scene for single dinguses.
  • Marble no longers allows the ‘release’ option when worm infected.
  • Tamani Anal should be totally fixed now.
  • Other misc fixes.


  • I had some shit backwards. Penetrating her vag no longer requires the PC to have one. Being penetrated in the vag should now require the PC have one.
  • Fixed a backwards she/he check in the Edryn x Hel scene.


  • If Hel is a fuckbuddy, Edryn is free, and you have a dick big enough, you can threesome them in the wet bitch.
  • Fixed a crash that would happen if you selected ‘normal groin’ after beating the factory as a player with no penis.
  • Suckling Kath no longer reduces corruption by 40.
  • Fixed some Kath scenes referencing non-existent vaginas.
  • Fixed a few specials sending you back to the old specials menu if you didn’t have the fatigue/venom to use them.
  • Added the option to tentacle-gangbang Lottie co-written by PKD & Gats.
  • Added an victory vs Tamani buttfuck (BUTT FUCK! BUTT FUCK!) (Written by Abraxas)
  • Ceraph gained a new slave that will sometimes arrive when calling instead of her. This new slave goes by Zetsuko, and she has a rather unique vagina. (Written by WedgeSkyrocket)
  • PCs can now get sucked by Ifris while lottie watches. The option shows up in Lottie’s weight lifting workout menu. Requires 1.5L+ cum, low lottie morale, low lottie fitness, high personal fitness, high strength, and the PC to have been sucked off by Ifris. (Warning: fairly mean and you will be fined 200 gems if Urta isn’t in love with you.)


  • Teasing tentacle beast no longer gives it double attacks that turn.
  • Teasing blind foes now properly clears the screen before telling you that you messed up.
  • Fixed DP’ing Helia using the same dick to somehow fuck both her holes.
  • Tweaked ‘Tall + Boobs’ tease to make more sense against genders other than male.
  • Breastfeeding a goo-girl as a feeder now properly resets the breast-feeding timer.
  • Fixed some butt/hip/PCname calls in Kath that weren’t tag properly.
  • Kath’s ‘double helix’ scene now requires you to have a dick that fits her pussy. This should fix the issue with the scene breaking.
  • Fixed the ‘no bartender working’ message displaying even if aunt nancy was working in the bar. It was a stupid bug I introduced when I added the ‘Kath Cheat’ button to the bar.
  • Kath’s knot can now be shrunk down to two inches.
  • Kath’s starting dick length adjusted to 8 inches.
  • Kath can now be given Bulbous, Large, and Double peppers.
  • The ‘Roxanne has a huge cock and you lose the contest to her’ scene was not properly proccing. This has been resolved.
  • “Goo score” should now properly count goo-hair towards the score (used to determine race descriptor text in appearance).
  • “Bunny Eggs” perk now has a description.
  • Fixed some typos/grammer issues.
  • (‘a’ build:) Fixed large peppers increasing knot instead of dick length.
  • (‘a’ build:) Anal penetration should now be available for males.


  • Katherine the dog-dicked cat-girl is encounterable (starting in the Tel’Adre bar) if you previously acquired her silver bell. She can be given reducto and various types of canine peppers.
  • Fixed some the last issues with new perks I hope. Please be vigilant in reporting any more remaining bugs with it, or with the new stuff!
  • For now, if you have debug mode on, there’s a button in the Tel’Adre bar to unlock Kath without having to get her bell from Scylla’s events.


  • It is now possible to drink both bimbo liqueur and bro brew to become a dumb, muscular, well-endowed futanari. Grants ‘Futa Form’ and ‘Futa Faculties’ perk and replaces tease attacks with ‘Futa Tease’ (roughly the same as bimbo tease). Futa Form perk ensures you always have tits, an 8? dick, and DD breasts. It also keeps you nice and horny, as you would expect. Futa Faculties caps your intellect at 50, as you would expect. (Unfinished: Does not properly restore/enlarge body parts yet, but I wanted to get this patch out to fix bugs.)
  • Strong Back, Strong Back 2, and Corrupted Libido should now properly be selectable from the new perk choices.
  • Getting an error when selecting a new perk should no longer consume a perk point.
  • The following perks should now display descriptions: Thick Skin, Messy Orgasms, Oviposition, Slutty Seduction, Bro Brains, Bro Body.
  • Bimbo/Bro Brains no longer cap intelligence at 50. Instead they reduce intelligence gains by 75% and increase intelligence losses by 100%. So, you can now be a bimbo wizard, but look out for anything that drops intelligence!
  • Bimbo/Bro Body now halves libido losses and doubles libido gains.


  • Perk descriptions have been overhauled and made more concise.
  • The back-end for displaying perk descriptions no longer relies on the description stored in the player file. It’s now pulled from the code based on the name. This will prevent issues with typos in perk descriptions persisting in old pfile’s long after the offending code has been fixed.
  • Wet Pussy perk now provides a 20 point boost to capacity (making it less likely to stretch).
  • Leveling up now generates a perk point. If you do not use it when leveling up (or can not), it is saved for later.
  • If you have unspent perk points, a “Perk up” button is added to the perk menu.
  • If you have unspent perk points and no pending levels, the level up button changes to a “Perk up” button.
  • Some perks have had their prerequisites lessened in cases where the requirements were there to prevent ‘button overlap’ in the old system. (Wiki folks – take note!)
  • Corrupt Salamander anal should no longer thing you always have 2 dicks that fit.
  • Salamander x Minotaur threesome should now properly proc again if you are fuckbuddies with Hel.
  • Isabella x Salamander threesomes should happen approximately 20% more often.
  • As you may surmise, this is a pretty big change, and bugs are VERY possible. Please keep your eyes open and be diligent in reporting them.


  • Most of the dialogue choices for the salamander now reset on followup Minotaur threesomes, enabling you to have a second chance at becoming fuck-buddies. The minotaur threesome now repeats for those in ‘fuck-buddy’ status, and it is now possible to go back to fighting her with it.
  • Typo/bug fixes (curse you function function{}!)
  • Changing from goo to solid should now be less depressing for those who felt like they were killing their slime cores. Now it pops out of you to keep, and you automatically put it back in if you ever re-goo.
  • Fixed the salamander’s capacity in fuck-buddy mode.


  • Hel the Salamander can now have a threesome with Isabella. Requirements – (Hel must be at fuck-buddy status, Isabella cannot be mad if in plains or must be a follower.) The event should proc about 1/30 times in the plains or once every 14 days at night if Isabella is a follower. Enjoy!
  • Fixed various typos/bugs (if there were any reported via email I haven’t done them yet – I’ve gone way overtime on CoC work today).


  • Added a new enemy to the plains (the Salamander!) (Written by: Savin)
  • Ceraph now has a roleplay scene for Dominika! (Written by Dominika’s author, Symphonie!)


  • Players with dicks bigger than they are tall will sometimes be encumbered by them while exploring the desert, lake, forest, raising lust and fatigue slightly. (This submission is so old it had code from Unnamed Text Game in it. It’s a little rough around the edges, but touches on some fetishes that CoC tends to gloss over a bit.) (Written by: Xodin)
  • Flee code has been overhauled for coding simplicity. Higher level foes now have a slight bonus against fleeing players.
  • Huge hips, butts, tits, or balls will now slow your efforts to escape from fights. There’s even special texts for all of them except balls. (Written by: Xodin, except the balls bit, that was me.)
  • ‘S’ is now a hot-key for ‘more stats. ’L’ is now a hot-key for leveling up.
  • I doubled the size of the drider’s asshole, because why not.
  • Anemone TF now includes anemone hair. (Reversed by honey, goblin ale, or golden seeds).
  • Anemone hair now unlocks the Anemone Sting attack.
  • Tease/Seduce has been moved out of the specials menu and placed next to attack.
  • Specials have been broken up into physical specials and magical specials.


  • Fixed hypno-blowjobs constantly repeating if the player had interacted a lot with dominika before they were added.
  • Fixed hypno-blowjobs to properly make it morning when you wake up after.
  • Fixed drider birth treating everyone like herms.
  • When shrinking chests, bro brew now reduces nipple count to 1 and removes fuckable nipples.
  • Bro Brew now removes the feeder perk.
  • Goblin fits scene should no longer get stuck upon completion.
  • Various typo fixes in the new scenes.


  • Dominika now has a hypno fellatio/cunnilingus she will sometimes do to you. It has ‘normal’, ‘too big’, and girl variations.
  • Save button placement has been made more consistent.
  • Kiha’s anal scene now allows larger members, with slight text adjustments to reflect it. Thank Savin for the edits!
  • Vaginally birthing driders is now 1000x more cute.
  • New tentacle beast loss scene for centaurs by User21!
  • New bunny-girl 69 with centaurs scenes (2 of them, randomly chosen). Note: They don’t involve sex, because there’s no way it can work.
  • Goblin ‘it fits’ victory rape scene has been moved to ‘jog fuck’ button and replaced with a new scene crafted by gats. Enjoy!
  • Added a new anemone-TF item.
  • Anemone Gills TF is now removed by most land-based creature-TFs.
  • Hair TF for Anemone stuff is not done yet. Maybe tonight.
  • Driders can now be butt-sexed. (Written by Savin)


  • Kiha can now have a penis inserted into her butt. (Requires penis under 20 ‘area’. If two penises are small enough, has a double-butt-dicking variant!)
  • Goo-girl binding should now remove itself at the end of combat.
  • Goo-girls can no longer eject their core and somehow still leave one behind.
  • Untainted PC’s will no longer see the bit about their cum turning goo-girl shells into slime-creatures.
  • Dominika now has blow-job texts for multiple cocks.
  • Those who have not met Scylla now have a scene where they find out how nucking-futs Dominika is.


  • Adjatha credited for goo-girls.
  • Slime core perk goes away if the player becomes less-than-goopy.
  • Goo Pregnancy should no longer be incorrect set to driders.
  • Fixed the female loss looping back into combat.


  • There is now a 50% chance of encountering a slime-girl instead of an ooze at the lake.
  • Slime-girl’s are new, level 3 foes at the lake. Enjoy!
  • Closing down the factory without blowing it up changes the encounter odds to 75% slime-girl, 25% ooze.
  • Blowing up the factory causes the reverse of above.
  • There’s a new, semi-rare voyeurism scene where an ooze can be seen transforming a slime-girl into an ooze.
  • If a PC is a slime-person who has reached the point where they crave fluids, there’s a high chance the PC will find a core on defeated goo-girls to absorb. It grants a perk that doubles the amount of time the PC can be without fluid.
  • There is a bad end for very goo-morphed PC’s who lose to goo-girls 5+ times in a row.
  • There is a goo-girl pregnancy.


  • PKD has been properly credited for fap arena and izzy tenta-dickings.
  • Oak has been credited for Izzy ProBova Burps.
  • All items that remove harpy arm-feathers now remove arm-chitin as well.
  • The following items now remove the spider multi-eye TF: Canine Peppers, Equinum, Reptilum, Golden Seeds, Goblin Ales, Kanga Fruits, and Shark Teeth.
  • Golden Seeds will no longer change elf-like ears to human ears (since natural harpies have elf-like ears).
  • Elf-like ears now count towards the ‘harpy’ racial score.
  • Notifications about your hair growing past a new threshold should now appear properly. Before, if nothing else happened during time passage, it would not display.
  • If Reptilum stops hair growth, using the hair growth item from the salon should restart it.
  • Multiple breast rows are now removed by the following items, in addition to large blue eggs and golden seeds: Goblin Ale, Sweet Gossamer (removes down to 2 rows), Bee Honey (removes down to 2 rows), and Minotaur Blood.
  • Multiple nipples are now removed by pure honey and sweet gossamer.


  • Goo Hair TF has been refactored to use the hair-type variable. It was possible to get some crazy hair-descripts by tagging this on with stuff like feather-hair and whatnot. Please note, characters with the “Gooey” descriptor need to change hair-colors to fix any odd double-goo mentions in hairDescript(). Sorry.
  • Shouldra’s drop can now give you milky white skin, sable skin, transparent hair, and a new perk, Incorporeality.
  • Possession attack for those with incorporeality. Current lust damage formula for damage is: intelligence/5 + RANDOM(0 to level) + level.
  • Isabella no longer drops gems as a follower.
  • Isabella now gives half XP in ‘light’ mode (since losing doesn’t take 8 hours, less risk = less reward).


  • Isabella now has a separate sex menu.
  • Isabella sex scenes now require 33+ lust.
  • Isabella can now spar with the player character, allowing the PC to fight her any time (and re-enact her old scenes).
  • Isabella can now be given Pro Bova, though the results are a bit out there.
  • The PC can now drink her milk just like they did before she was a follower. This resets the ‘overfull’ timer that can lead to taking her to the milkers.
  • Lust resistance has been switched to actually show the resistance, not the multiplier used in the engine. (Higher is better now).
  • Purity Blessing should now reduce libido an corruption gains again.
  • Fetish cultists now rarely drop La Bova (intended to be the case long ago, but it was broken).
  • “Resistance” Perk no longer requires high lust resistance in order to gain.
  • Isabella can no longer exist in two places at once.
  • Fixed a few misc bugs/typos.


  • Isabella has an affection stat and can now be recruited as a follower.
  • If you have tit milkers and follower Isabella, an event can happen that will that will enable her to give you fatigue reducing milk.
  • If your dick is less than nine inches long, Isabella will dispense option morning blowjobs (toggle in follower menu)
  • Isabella can learn to speak without an accent.
  • [Not Yet In] I intend to add a roleplay/sparring option that will allow you to fight her and get her old loss/win texts.


  • Fixed some issues with Shouldra’s silly-mode Paladin scene.
  • Added a scene where you can catch a satyr fucking a tentacle flower and can butt-rape him. Guess what? NO CORRUPTION REQUIREMENTS.


  • Shouldra now has a chance to drop ectoplasm. For now, ectoplasm will only modify stats and turn your primary dick human (if you have one). I did not have time to do the full bevy of transformation mods at this time.
  • Shouldra’s high intellect forced BJ rape should no longer get stuck at the option to let her orgasm in you or not.
  • It’s no longer possible to tell Amily you like her and Urta doing sex and break up with Urta after, but then still be able to get the threesome scene even though Urta won’t talk to you.
  • If you do the Urta x Amily voyeur(or threesome when implimented) before encountering Urta’s reaction scene, she’ll assume you’re good with it, and that scene will no longer trigger.
  • XP downscaling for being over-leveled now has a 2 level buffer zone before it kicks in.
  • If the PC turns down sex with lottie initially and on the fourth meeting, the sex menu will now appear later on once you enable one of the other sex scenes.
  • Bro Brew now properly stops lactation upon drinking. Lactation can be restored later on if you wish.
  • Bro Brew now properly reduces breast rating to 0.
  • The option to anally rape the basilisk now requires 66+ corruption, since anal is evil (this is a joke – the requirement is there because the scene involves the PC being a jerk and mentions your ‘tainted jizz’ or something similar).
  • Jojo tentacle sex now requires 33+ lust to be used.
  • Hourly lust gain is no longer reduced by lust resistance.
  • Bro Body should now properly regrow/enlarge your dick/balls if removed.
  • The TF2 mountain encounter has been moved to silly mode. In standard mode, another minotaur fights the first, allowing you to escape while they are distracted.
  • Small typo fixes.


  • Shouldra is now encounterable at the ruined village after looting the racks. (Unless you have debug mode on, then she is ALWAYS encountered. This will be turned off next build.)
  • Shouldra’s drops are not yet coded, so there are a few discontinuities until I get those done. Please do not report her not awarding items yet as a bug.
  • It looks like the high-intelligence force-BJ scene is bugged. This will be resolved next patch.


  • I got the promised additions added to the Amily X Urta stuff. Now you can interrupt them and give them a chance to explain themselves, then still be a dick if you want. If you don’t interrupt, Urta will tearfully confess the next time you visit her, with an option to utterly crush her heart. No matter how you do it though, if you act like some asshole with double-standards, you’ll lose one.

Save Editor Update (PECoCS):
  • An industrial industrious (fuck why do you people let me write these awful things when I’m tired?) individual on 4chan created PECoCS, a simple flash for editing CoC save files. It currently can’t mess with genitals or tits much, but it’ll let you fuck with a lot of values or set skin tones back to normal if that’s your thing. Remember, winners don’t do drugs or cheat. DON’T SNORT MINOTAUR SEMEN. (Available on ‘Play’ page.)


  • A new silly mode sex scene for sand witches, as written by B-Side.
  • A new minotaur victory scene has been added (forcing the minotaur to suck you off) by ‘Not Important’.
  • Hummus now removes spider eyes and arm-morphs.
  • XP gains for defeated foes are now nerfed by 20% for each level over your enemy. Minimum of 20% until you are 10 levels over your foe, at which point, you get 1 XP from such under-leveled weaklings.
  • Amily’s capacity is bumped up to Urta-handling levels.


  • Bro Brew is now a random, rare drop for players above level 7 from any non-plot monster.
  • Drinking Bro Brew results in the PC becoming a hugely muscled man-hulk. It basically turns you into a terrible Jersey Shore character.
  • Bro’ed characters tease is replaced with ‘bro tease’, a tease attack that gains bonus damage from how fit you are.
  • Bro’ed characters gain bonuses to cum production.
  • Bimbo Liqueur cannot be used on characters with the ‘Bro’ perks.
  • Bro Brew cannot be used on characters with the ‘Bimbo’ perks. (A hybrid potion may be forthcoming.)


  • Amily can now find out about your dalliances with Urta once you reach the lover Urta phase, with hilarious consequences! Just hang out with Urta to start the ball rolling. (Pure Amily only). No threesome scenes written, but some nice voyeurism if you’re into it.
  • Joey will sometimes have a bad reaction to his potions that you can help him out with!


  • A new enemy is available in the swamps: A dragon-girl named Kiha! Look out, she’s a heavy hitter!
  • More Stats: Izma’s child counter does not appear until you have at least 1 child.
  • More Stats: Minotaur cum addiction % does not appear until you have taken minotaur cum inside you.
  • More Stats: Bow skill % does not display unless you have the bow.
  • Basilisk ‘tongue’ option now requires PC to have a gender (fixed crash bug).
  • Pulling out a vial of gro+ and putting it away in combat now uses your turn in combat. If you had the lust aura and gro+ you could continually enter and leave the gro+ menu, and each time the aura would keep arousing your foe. This fixes that exploit.
  • Fantasizing and lust drafts now ignore lust resistance.
  • Various other typo and bug fixes.


  • Fixed a bug with ProBova’s fur growth not properly setting skin type to fur.
  • Higher level enemies now take a few more gems when you lose.
  • 26 pages of typo reports resolved. My brain hurts, and I still have to catch up on the proper bug reports in the forum.


  • Amily can now be ‘defurred’ with the correct combination of items for those of you who prefer more humanoid breeders.
  • Oasis demon pack should no longer display incorrect HP % values.
  • The ‘Interpersonal’ section of more stats should only display info on characters once you’ve met them or popped out a kid or whatever.
  • Fap arena was improperly displaying the 2nd place text for the butt-fuck train even when you won. This should be fixed.
  • If you were too short when visiting the fap arena, it wouldn’t display the rules the next time you approached. This should be fixed.
  • Amily litter counter now includes litters the PC birthed as ‘mom’.
  • The ‘More Stats’ button should no longer be an option while in the level up menu.


  • Dream selection was improved to be less of a mess. There should also be a new dream available for cum addicts. Enjoy!
  • When creating a new character, your current settings for sprites, ez mode, and silly mode will be carried over.
  • When first opening the game, if you turn on silly mode, ez mode, or no sprite mode, it will carry that setting through if you load a game. Please note: this only applies to you if you’re changing the settings on startup and then loading, any other time you load it will use the stored values. The above changes should help eliminate confusion – some people were turning silly mode on and then loading their character, which was changing silly mode settings back to the saved value.
  • [Silly Mode Only] There is now a fapping arena set up in the bazaar for those who are into that sort of thing. I couldn’t take it 100% seriously so I thought silly mode would be a good fit. If there’s enough demand we could port it over to regular mode.


  • Bonus HP from level is capped at 20 levels worth of bonus.
  • Level 1 no longer grants free 3% lust resistance. Gotta level up!
  • The following NPC’s have had their stat-lines, attack values, and resistances to be more in line with their new levels (format – [level] [name]): 1 Imp, 1 Goblin, 2 Ooze, 2 Naga, 2 Fetish Cultist, 3 Worm Colony, 3 Sand Witch, 4 Bee-Girl, 4 Jojo, 4 Amily, 4 Tamani, 4 Shark-girls, 4 Anemone, 5 Minotaurs, 5 Hellhound, 5 Infested Hellhound, 6 Tentacle Beast, 6 Akbal, 6 Axe-taur, 6 Oasis Pack, 7 Marble, 7 Secretarial Succubus, 8 Incubus Mechanic, 8 Omnibus Overseer, 9 Ceraph, 10+ Tamani’s Daughters, 10 Harpy, 10 Imp Horde, 11 Sophie, 11 Vala, 11+ Minotaur Horde, 12 Zetaz, 12 Basilisk, 13 Spider-Girl, 13 Spider-Boy, 14 Gnoll (Both kinds). More will be done soon but I am burning the hell out on this. High level stuff didn’t get as close of a look over.
  • Tweaked sprite scaling to fix a few distorting.
  • Added lots more stuff to the ‘More Stats’ page: Pregnancy Speed Multiplier, Stat durations, Archery skill, Kelt submissiveness, Rut/Heat durations, Slime craving status, etc.
  • Breastfeeding Sophie properly resets the counters on the feeder perk.
  • Lactating players now have the option to fight Sophie if they want.
  • Regular harpy rape scenes involving lipstick should now apply the lipstick status.
  • Corrupt Amily’s appearance screen should now display that she has DD breasts (they’re maxed out by the transformation, that is why they cannot be enlarged further).
  • Tons more typos and bugs fixed.

0.6.11A :

  • Corrupt Jojo can now be used at the milkers. Finally! I’ve been intending to do this forever.
  • Tentacle Jojo has a much higher base cum output than regular Jojo and when milked in tentacle mode, produces vastly more.
  • Jojo can also be used to pay the girls at the Salon.


  • Leveling now raises max HP by 15 up to a max bonus of +300HP, and it also provides 3% lust resistance up to a maximum of 60%.
  • Most lust resistance perks received nerfs. Most are additive and tack on top of the level based resistance to a maximum of 75%.
  • Perks that raise minimum lust AND provide resistance are still calculated multiplicatively and are applied after the above.
  • New stats button shows you hidden stats like your lust resistance, NPC offspring, and addiction values!
  • Fixed some bugs in damage calculations for standard attack that caused it to be wayyyy to random.
  • Most attacks reduced by armor are no longer reduced by a random portion of armor. The full armor value is now removed. This should reduce incoming damage to players somewhat, nerf double attack against high armor foes (Isabella/Drider) some, and hopefully give people more reason to pursue higher armor values.
  • The PC’s version of Akbal’s Fire Breath attack now does 50 damage + 10/level with some random variation.
  • The PC Sting attack no longer benefits from higher corruption. It now does more lust damage at higher levels up to a maximum damage of 85 lust @ level 20.
  • Gore now gains slight bonus damage from levels.
  • Gore’s damage bonus due to horn length caps at a horn value of 40.
  • Gore now has a damage cap (level * 10 + 100).
  • Gore damage is now reduced by armor.
  • The drider’s toughness was decreased, but it’s armor was increased.


  • Players with the luststick adapted perk now have a chance to receive luststick when defeating harpies.
  • Luststick will last for 24 hours and replace the ‘bite’ attack with ‘kiss’.
  • Applying more will add an 12-24 more hours duration.
  • Kiss has a decently strong immediate lust effect coupled with a LOT (lust over time) effect. The LOT gets slightly strong with each kiss applied.


  • New Game+ should properly carry over weapons and armor again.
  • I’ve normalized most enemy victories to have the victory sex menus display at greater than or equal to 33 lust. They were all over the place previously. Let me know if something doesn’t give the option at 33+ when it should.
  • Ceraph now requires 33+ lust for camp sex.
  • Lottie now requires 33+ lust for her sex menu to appear.
  • Data button is now disabled in dungeons.
  • Various typos and whatnot fixed.


  • The game now tracks how many minotaurs you birth.
  • For ease of testing, minotaurs ‘grow up’ in 30 hours. In the next build, it’ll take 30 days per birthed minotaur. Enjoy it while it lasts.
  • After three minotaurs have been birthed and grown up, a new encounter will be possible in the [b]high[/b] mountains. It will require the PC to have a vagina.
  • Minotaur Mob/Tribe is in the game! Enjoy!


  • Silence Webs now prevent usage of breath weapons.
  • Heckel’s gym appearance line should now show up.
  • Heckel’s button should change to her name once you’ve been introduced.
  • A myriad of other small bugs and typos have been fixed.
  • Giving items to Lottie now consumes them. Derp.
  • Lottie should now allow you to progress past the first workout stage if you get in shape after the first meeting to train her.
  • The flags for Lottie’s discussions about ‘I got fat from blowjobs’ or ‘I got thin from anal’ will not occur if any other changes to her body-type occur. This should prevent her from talking about gaining/losing weight back to back.
  • Fixed a bug where some of Lottie’s checks were returning tone value instead of encouragement, which could lead to problems.
  • The gym centauress now charges you when you decide to roaming around looking for pigsluts.


  • Lottie is now available during the evening hours at the gym. Requirements: PC has a dick and has met Marae.
  • Fixed some typos.
  • A silly toggle is added to the main game screen. It enables substantially more silliness with Lottie, and in the future should enable some other restricted events (April fools, bunny being called ‘easter’ bunny and having chocolate flavored cum, etc).
  • Fixed a few events that happen over time not displaying 100% of the time.
  • Ifris’ double-dicking now only shows 50% of the time to allow for you double-dicked bastards to enjoy blowjobs from time to time as well.
  • There’s some crude size-checking on Ifris now – if you don’t have at least 2 dicks that will fit, you won’t get the scene. The orgasm scenes may still refer to super-huge members, but trying to restrict it much more would make the matching scenes way harder to get and a bit too specific for my tastes (It would be a lot of work too).
  • Ceraph now has a drunk version of the Urta roleplay for girls.
  • Ceraph now has a scene where she can roleplay Marble.
  • Urta roleplay now requires the PC boned Urta at least once.


  • Ifris will now be double-penetrated by players with 2 or more dicks during workouts.
  • There’s a bit of fore-shadowing about some final dungeon stuff that will sometimes happen at the bazaar.
  • Follower Ceraph’s cat-girls’ “function function” should be fixed. I missed some ()’s on a function call.
  • Ceraph is no longer encountered 100% of the time in the mountains with debug mode on. (Sorry, a leftover from testing)
  • Follower Ceraph’s wang status is no longer displayed incorrectly in her appearance.
  • Sophie’s glomps and lipstick applications weren’t properly displaying all the times that they happened. This has been fixed.
  • Weapon Mastery bonus attack is now properly added back on after being disarmed.
  • Bunches of typos and stuff fixed.


  • Ceraph can now be beaten into submission, allowing you to collar her and keep her in camp. She has quite a few options, though only 5 new sex scenes (Two special ones: one with cat-morph tit-fucks and one ‘special’ one hidden under roleplay, requires a cock – written by Adjatha). She will also allow you to roleplay defeating her in combat, though just like when you rape her from combat, she has a nasty habit of making her fluids boost libido/sensitivity.
  • Cleaned up some oddities in the pod’s encounter and dealing with bows.
  • Bow now benefits from Sadism.
  • Zetaz’s ‘gust’ attack now actually does damage when it says it does.
  • Exgartuan will now flee your body immediately after losing your wang. Before it was possible to lose your dick, then proc the Exgartuan dick masturbation scene, then have him leave. It was very weird.
  • “Luststick Adapted” perk now raises minimum lust and provides lust resistance.
  • Sophie will now keep smooching you after you get resistance, though less often, so as not to irritated folks with it constantly popping up.
  • There’s now a bit of warning in the drider victory menu to let you know that raping its vagina might be a bad idea.


  • Should fix Sophie glomping on you even if you didn’t have her as a bimbo yet.


  • Sophie will now glomp the PC in a random way once per day and kiss them.
  • The PC can now build up an immunity to harpy lipstick, even as a female (though you really need bimbo Sophie to do it that way).
  • This is mostly setting the stage for a future update when I may make the lipstick a drop-able item for PCs with the perk.


  • Sophie can now be given the Bimbo Liqueur, and be brought back to live in your camp, since Bimbos don’t survive well in the wild!
  • The Scylla ‘Take Advantage’ scene that’s part of her addiction group now has a variant for those with Exgartuan. Multi-cocks not required!
  • Fixed a bug with the spider disarm attack & charge weapon that could screw up your weapon attack value after combat.
  • Added a new victory rape against Akbal for females. Includes sizable variation between low/high cunt capacity.
  • The ‘bleed’ proc from Izma’s Gauntlets now properly deals damage based off max HP instead of current HP.
  • Spider disarm attack no longer works on gauntlets.
  • Driders will now properly have pierced nipples half the time. References to the nipple chains for non-pierced driders in the sex scenes have been clean up. They were showing in a few places for unpierced driders.
  • Regular driders had their HP and lust resistance slightly reduced.
  • Pierced driders have higher HP and more lust resistance.
  • Lowered drider speed and toughness slightly.
  • Drider spinneret capacity received a slight buff (Capacity 9 to capacity 12).
  • Massively buffed the chances of oviposition-based drider pregnancies taking ‘root’, since it’s pretty hard NOT to get pregnant from having eggs laid in you.
  • Fixed assorted other bugs and typos.
  • Hotfixed – may require clicking download and pressing f5 to recache properly. Fixed Sophie remaining in the mountains even after becoming a bimbo.


  • There was a scene not proccing for female PC’s after getting cummed in by worm infested hell-hounds. It should now proc properly.
  • Goblin vaginal victory rape should now be an option again. Poor girls got forgotten about!
  • SpiderScore() should now properly return the score, which should allow the spider-morph race text to show up properly. WHOOPS!
  • Drider added to the swamp.
  • Alpha to release changes: Drider HP reduced by 100, drider lust resistance reduced by 5%, vaginal rape should no longer hang.
  • Driders now drop black gossamer, an item that can TF the PC into a drider.
  • Oswald will no longer purchase items valued at 0 gems.
  • Fixed a metric crap-ton of typos.


  • Urta can now use swiss-army dicks.
  • Rathazul will now get nosebleeds if he sees Amily walking around naked.
  • Fixed an issue with spider pregnancy that could cause time to stop advancing.
  • Bee Honey will now remove horns even if the PC has antennae already.
  • Bee Honey will only grow antennae once the PC has no horns.


  • Basilisk added to the high mountains.
  • Minotaurs have been removed from the high mountains to make room for the above, though addicts might still run into them. There’s still plenty of them in the regular mountains!
  • Basilisks drop Reptilum.
  • Goblins and Imps overhauled to select from the full penile array. Both rape menus have been improved to allow more specific selection of scenes.


  • Fixed a bug where equipping a new weapon when disarmed would result in the old one being lost forever. Now the old weapon will be looted in place of an enemy drop at the conclusion of combat in that situation.
  • Penis girth should always be displayed to the nearest tenth of an inch, though if it is a round number it will write out the length by fully spelling the word. For example: 4.3 inches long or four inches long.
  • Harpy Anal scene has received a butt-ton of typo/grammar fixes.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies with using Izma’s books while she was at camp.
  • Fixed cotton thinking the PC was always turning down sex if they turned down sex the first time.
  • Fixed Izma’s bleed status not proc’ing properly or being removed at the end of combat.
  • Fixed “your breasts have shrunk to breasts” in a few places.
  • Other small bug fixes.


  • New item drop added (10% chance) to spider-girls and males: Tough Silk.
  • Male spider-morphs now have a chance to drop the spider TF item.
  • Female spider-morph have had their TF item drop rate reduced to 50%.
  • Rathazul received some slight changes to his menu to allow for more options in his offers screen.
  • Rathazul can now make two new pieces of equipment from the new Tough Silk item. (Requires Rathazul be in camp)


  • The PC can now become impregnated by the male spider morph. Enjoy your eggs!
  • The following sprites are now active: Dominika, Gnolls, Cotton, Bunny-Girl, Edryn, Exgartuan (Penis scenes only, no Boogartuan pic), Factory Omnibus, Faerie, Fen-imp (decided to throw the little guy in for the imp gang-bang), Fetish Cultist, Fetish Zealot, Giacomo, Goblin, Lake Ooze, Harpy, Hellhound, Ifris, Imp, Factory Incubus, Isabella, and Izma. Should you run into a scene with one of these NPC’s where the sprite doesn’t display, give me a bug report!
  • Spider-boy’s description is now properly male.
  • A few spots where spider-boy is referred to as a female have been fixed.
  • You can no longer rape spider-boy with less than 33 lust.
  • Fixed some small things in cockAdjectives() that could result in cock descriptions with a comma and no adjectives to back it up!
  • Two of Izma’s books weren’t charging money. This has been fixed.
  • Added a basic sprite toggle to the front page. It currently saves to the file, so you’ll have to set it on each save for now until I come up with a global settings toggle.


  • A spider-boy has been added to the swamp. He has five scenes total: Male Loss, Female Loss, Fuck His Butt, Huge Dick Frotting, and Ride Him Cowgirl.
  • Fixed an issue where the cerulean succubus and ceraph would display the incorrect sprite.


  • Added gats’ icons for Urta, Amily, Akbal, the Anemone, Ceraph, and the Cerulean Succubus to the game. They’ll show up in the lower left corner. If you run into any scenes that don’t have the icons displayed, bug report! I’ve got a crap-ton more to add as well.
  • Fixed a glitch that made the last slot of an armor rack not display properly. May have also affected weapon racks. It should be resolved now.
  • Hair can be cut ‘long’ at the salon as soon as it becomes ass-length. It used be to be about mid-way through the ‘ass-length’ hair length before it would allow you to cut it long.
  • Fixed a metric butt-ton of bugs. Oi.
  • Spider TF tightness change actually tightens you now. Whoops!
  • Spider TF thickness change should now properly trigger. Fat spider-cocks ahoy!
  • Base venom/web charge speed lowered from 25 to 5 for spiders (what it should have been). This will allow the venom boost effect to proc (which can raise it up to a max of 25).
  • Venom recharge for bee folks has been doubled from 1 to 2. Venom boosting bee event should now properly raise recharge speed up to a maximum of 15.
  • Ceraph was overlapping the chance for minotaur village bad-end (a minotaur addict bad-end). This has been fixed.
  • Imp Birth counter was not being properly, and night-time imp rape was happening less because of it. The little bastards should be more persistent now.
  • Throat punch and web silence now prevent usage of the whisper attack.
  • Fixed Izma shark-birth leaving the PC looking pregnant for an hour after birth.


  • Added a four eye TF to the spider item.
  • Added a web attack for the PC.
  • Added a spider-venom bite attack.
  • Added a TF that increases the webbing recharge speed (maxes out at total web refill in 4 hours).
  • Added a tracker of webs/venom to the tool-tip for the new ‘web’ attack and the old ‘sting’ attack.
  • Added a scene for PC’s with spider abdomens to rape goblins and use the webbing quite cruelly (untested).


  • A new area, the swamp is discover-able via the standard ‘explore’ mechanic.
  • A generic female spider-morph has been added to the swamp.
  • A new item “Sweet Gossamer” that spiders drop. The effects should be obvious to anyone who has consumed items that monsters in this game drop (hint: spider TF).
  • Fixed Aunt Nancy Paying you for strong drinks.
  • Numerous typo fixes for Lilium, Aunt Nancy, and some formatting fixes for Oozes.
  • Other generic fixes I forgot to write down.


  • Added a prostitute to the Bizarre Bazaar in the evenings by the name of Lilium. She costs 200 gems, will let you fuck her nipples, ride her dick, or butt-fuck her and jerk her off with your demon tongue if you have the demonic tongue.


  • Isabella is now capable of blocking fire breath with her shield, but no longer blocks white-fire with it.
  • Numerous Aunt Nancy bugs and typos.
  • A ton of typos and tensing errors in some of the harpy scenes resolved.
  • Found and fixed a problem where legacy save files would not properly initialize the gearStorage array (used for storing weapons and armor rack information).


  • “Oh, what a surprise! Ze cock, it is nice and comfortable in my pussy. I love cute little dicks ze best!” – this line now requires smaller dicks to trigger.
  • Having your hair grown longer at the salon will cancel the ‘no more hair growth’ effect from reptilum. Hair extension serum will have the same effect.
  • Isabella will no longer have a 100% encounter rate while you are cheating. Cheater.
  • HP and lust damage are halved while in ez mode.
  • Fixed some typos with Isabella.
  • Isabella’s text for blocking arrows with her shield will now reflect her blindness when blind.
  • There’s now a special scene for urethra-fucking a minotaur when infested with worms.
  • Aunt Nancy has been added to the Wet Bitch (Not Quite Done Yet).


  • Fixed Izma as a follower introducing herself at her follower menu and then at the book menu as well.
  • Fixed a bug with tentacle raping minotaurs getting stuck in an infinite loop.
  • Fixed a bug where selecting ‘Both’ (talk & sex) with pre-follower Amily as a woman would result in the game trying to load a male sex scene.
  • Fixed minotaur’s still giving you a blank rape menu when the PC has no options with which to rape!
  • Special weapon perks were not being carried over with equipped weapons for new game plus. This has been fixed.
  • Cleansing naga venom with the medicine perk was not restoring lost speed.
  • Naga venom should now properly restore all lost speed when it fades.
  • Isabella no longer pretends to be blind when avoids it.
  • Isabella no longer gives tiny dick rape scene after spanking unless PC’s dick is actually under 9 inches. (It was going by her vaginal capacity, which is fairly roomy.)
  • Fixed Isabella’s 69 scene mentioning a penis even if the PC did not have one.


  • Isabella has been added to the plains. Enjoy the superior german-engineered boobies.
  • She’s probably still got some bugs and weirdness, so hold off if you want to have the best possible experience.


  • Fixed an error that was preventing the minotaur victory sex menu from displaying properly.


  • Minotaur victory sex has been overhauled to allow scene choice and accounting for the PC’s various types and sizes of equipment.
  • Fixed various bugs including some weirdness with Izma’s books.
  • Fixed some grammar problems.
  • Fixed the armor rack listing the items in the weapon rack also.


  • I THINK I fixed the issue that was causing the gear array to continually double in size with every save. It should trim down effected files next save/load cycle.


  • An armor rack has been added to the game. It can be found in Amily’s ruined village.
  • An weapon rack has been added to the game. It can be found in Amily’s ruined village.
  • The camp UI has been overhauled to condense the storage chest interactions and new armor/weapon rack interactions down into the ‘stash’ button.


  • Stomped tiny bugs and typos all over the place.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause level 1 characters to have desert explorations do NOTHING. Click button, nothing – fixed now! (I hope for good!)
  • Izma can now fuck the PC’s vagina in camp, and knock them up.
  • Izma’s books can now be read in camp for free once every 10–11 hours or so.
  • Removed some copied text from Amily’s pregnancy that wound up in the shark-preg texts for the PC.
  • Fixed failure to use certain attacks due to fatigue re-triggering the effects of regeneration/poisons/heat.


  • Izma can now be told to stop taking her drugs and be repeatedly knocked up.
  • You can check in on your children with Izma and see what they’re up to.
  • Izma can knock you up, though currently she has no ‘fuck PC vagina’ scene as a follower, so it’s only possible if you beat her pre-follower and then refuse the herb.
  • Added some more genderless loss variants for the tentacle monster for different body types.
  • Added a genderless goo loss scene for generic harpies.


  • Minotaur mob ‘too pregnant to fuck’ pregnant blowjob bukkake written (Still a lot more to write for this encounter).
  • Cotton’s cereal snack-time coded. (Whenever Cotton comments on the player’s milk during sex it will queue up an event where she comes to visit you in the morning.
  • Numerous Izma typos and bugs resolved.
  • The blurb about Vala in Cotton’s yoga scene has been fixed for next update.
  • The PC will now be able to request two tiger shark tooth from Izma per day.
  • Coded an edit one of the bee-girl on male scenes that was pretty terribly written.
  • Coded new male & female victory rapes against shark-girls.
  • Centaurs now get bonus capacity to their vagina and asshole. This will make it harder for them to get stretched.
  • Nagas now get bonus capacity to their vagina (not as much as centaurs).
  • The minotaur addict tit-fuck scene has been replaced for Nagas with one where the PC does some tail-based prostate milking.


  • Cotton’s repeat sex scenes have all received overhauls.
  • Cotton now has better reactions for Nagas/Centaurs.
  • Giacomo has a new book he can sell (related to the above).


  • The bakery has a new encounter that will sometimes proc and allow the player to meet a chef. This can result in crazy confectionary coitus. It will also unlock a special, 500 gem item that will instantly max thickness and minimize tone in a single consumption.
  • Fixed a few Izma bugs.
  • Art by Jacques00 – you can thank him for Maddie even happening!


  • Izma can now be a follower after being defeated a sufficient number of times, or she can be told to stay at the lake.
  • Izma’s HP has been lowered by roughly 170 points – It looks like I overcompensated a little too far in the ‘hard’ direction.
  • Izma’s fatigue attack does slightly less damage.
  • Izma’s lust attack does five less base lust damage.
  • Izma’s bleed attack does less upfront damage.


  • Izma can now be found at the lake after meeting a regular shark girl.
  • Izma’s attacks and stats have been significantly buffed from the test build that was on the blog for a day or two.
  • Imp Food wouldn’t give red skin to players with wangs. This should be rectified.
  • Fluid addicted PC’s should now work again (the new skin adjective changes bugged it out).
  • Cultist loss rape scenes have been broken away from her outfits (now a 50-50 split between the non-centaur non-naga scenes). Expect more sexy nurse funtimes.
  • Kangaroo diapause perk no longer displays pregnancy boosting messages while the PC is not pregnant.
  • Some more typo fixes of course.


  • The game now displays testicular diameter. My jaw dropped when I realize one of my characters had 10-foot wide balls. D=
  • Fixed another spot in dick descriptions that could cause ‘weird commas’.
  • Added normal human face texts back on to shark and bunny face-texts.
  • Shortened bunny/shark face texts and slightly reworded them to mesh them in a little more snugly.
  • Reworded the ends of numerous face texts to make them blend into the masculinity/femininity bit more naturally.
  • Reworded the intro on the femininity/masculinity sliders to make it a bit more ‘normal’.
  • Hairdescript() modified to be more grammatically correct: (long, green hair instead of floor-dragging pink hair).
  • Cup sizes now go all the way to large ZZZ-cups. Go nuts and smother the world with boobies.
  • A lot of behind the scenes cut and paste happened to break apart skin descriptions a bit better for maximum grammatical correctness. The downside of this is your slimey, latex, rubber, or smoothness is only mentioned on the appearance screen right now. I’ll have to go through the game and hunt down all the references and replace them with or player.skinFurScales().


  • Tens of pages of typos and bug reports sorted. Those that were fixable should be fixed.
  • The most notable typo fix is that human cock description texts should no longer have an unnecessary comma.
  • Milkers were not properly adding lust at higher milk volumes. This has been corrected.


  • Avain-morph renamed to Avian for grammatical correctness.
  • Imp food now has a very low chance to turn skin color red or orange.
  • It is now possible to gain a demon tongue. First you must have a naga tongue and then it should have a chance to ‘upgrade’ when drinking the usual 2 main demon TF items.
  • Joey will now offer an ‘Androgyny’ treatment for 500 gems. It will give you the ‘Androgyny’ perk and allow you to become as masculine or feminine as possible, regardless of gender.


  • Fixed a crash in Kanga Fruit for players without penises.
  • Kangaroo bad end now requires full or nearly-full kangaroo morph.


  • Harpies now have a harpyScore() function and will display the racial name ‘harpy’ or ‘avian-morph’ depending on whether the PC is a herm/female or not.
  • Kanga TF is in, including a new penis type.
  • New Kangaroo penis is in. To get the TF you must first enhance the item with Lumi.
  • Kanga TF now has a feral bad-end.
  • A kick attack for Kangaroos, Centaurs, Hooved creatures, and Bunnies is in. It occupies the same special slot as constrict.
  • Some major back-end adjustments to penis descriptions were done.


  • Fixed a metric ton of typo reports. Please keep them coming!
  • Losing a fight to HP damage no longer reports the final blow as doing 0 damage.
  • Penetrations by large enough members should prevent the orifice from tightening back up immediately after, provided the member is at least half your capacity.
  • Exgartuan (Breasts) – should no longer cause you to play with your tits over and over while you sleep.
  • Corrupt Amily now has texts for eating eggs.
  • Fixed an error where Anemone dick descriptions would have blank spaces in place of adjectives.
  • A number of items now remove feather hair and feathery arms.
  • Probably some other stuff I forgot.


  • Captain Roxanne Poisontail can now be found at the bazaar during the afternoon to early evening.
  • Harpy Seeds can now be upgraded by Lumi to magic seeds. Magic seeds allow more possible chances to proc per dose and have no restrictions on the order the TF can take place in. You could get wings on the first dose, or harpy legs and feathery arms. WHO KNOWS!?
  • Ceraph will no longer finger non-existent nipplecunts before stealing boobs.
  • Ceraph will no longer consider boobs for stealing if they’re too small.
  • Attempted to fix an armor duplication bug utilizing Ceraph’s trapped piercing armor.
  • Various other small bigs. I didn’t get through all the bug reports but I gotta go to bed, so this is it for today.


  • Succubi Milk now has a much higher chance of causing PC’s with no vaginas to grow one (roughly 50%).
  • Harpy TF – Transforms the PC to be more harpy-like. Includes feather arms, human face, human ears, human skin-tones, cunt-sprouting for non-fems, feathery hair, thick thighs and butt with reductions to either if they’re too huge, feathery harpy legs, harpy tail, removal of extra breast rows, and reduction of breast size.


  • Flowers in the corrupted glade no longer cup your balls with their petals if you don’t have any.
  • Fixed one of the bee girl victory rapes not properly clearing the screen first.
  • Trading Bimbo Liqueur to Ceraph will actually fix fetishes now.
  • Tamani’s capacity for some of her sex scenes was brought more in line with her actual capacity in her combat stats (vagina of holding, I choose you).
  • Breast sizes have received another overhaul. Past DD’s the scale has changed to promote more gradual change. There’s now ‘big-<letter> cups’ that you’ll hit when you’re in the upper end of a cup spectrum.
  • The maximum breast size has been bumped up to MMM’s.
  • A few more adjectives found there way into breast descriptions.
  • Breast descriptions were organized to try to match the real life object descriptions that sometimes pop up. (basketball sized, etc.)
  • Removed a seldom-used breast-cup function.
  • Amily was always acting like you had changed gender suddenly if you met her as a genderless person and stayed genderless. Now she just acts bitchy all the time until you get off your ass and get a gender.
  • An old, barely used function was removed.
  • Typo fixes… blah, blah, blah.


  • Build named "More Ceraph"
  • Ceraph is now encountered slightly less often.
  • Every 30th mountain exploration should result in a new Ceraph scene for those who have been pierced. She will offer to remove all fetishes in exchange for bimbo liqueur, or a single fetish in exchange for a genital of her choice.
  • If she takes your cock or pussy, you may have dream sequences where you feel/see everything it’s new owner sees a few times a month.
  • You can now rape Ceraph in the butt. Your welcome.


  • Build named "Bugfix"
  • Sophie’s rage timer should actually countdown now.
  • Cinnabar can no longer fist your ass and pussy while giving you a handjob. Sorry, she’s not THAT talented.
  • Cotton can now stretch holes/take virginities during repeat sexings.
  • If Amily freaks out about corruption her wording is a bit more clear that she won’t give you another chance (non-follower).
  • Quick load buttons will not work unless there is a file saved in the slot they’re attempted to load.
  • Raphael was not properly awarding his sword or perk for completing his events via the Thievery path. This has been resolved.
  • Raphael’s rapier is now called the ‘vulpine rapier’ to eliminate grammar problems. The name will not update until unequipped and re-equipped.
  • Fixed a few other oddities with Raphael’s conclusion.
  • Fixed a bug where could get Cinnabar’s multidick scene with only 2 cocks.
  • Various other small bugfixes and tons of typos removed.


  • Build named "Slut Rat"
  • Bunnies and shark-girl faces were displaying the normal human bits and then a bunny/shark specific bit. I just cut it down to only the bunny/shark parts.
  • Minor tweaks to bunny ears and antennae to prevent word echoing.
  • Players libido can never drop below 15 and sensitivity will no longer go below 10. Having 1 or 0 in those stats is just plain silly. If the player is genderless the libido can be lowered to 10.
  • Cinnabar will now be available in the Bizarre Bazaar.
  • New back-end function – biggestCockIndex2() and biggestCockIndex3() – used for determining which two cocks are the second and third biggest respectively.


  • Fixed negative HP bug and a few other small problems.
  • Fixed some body part descriptions that echoed – jiggling ass jiggling with every step you take, etc.


  • Tweaked hipdescript() some – ‘waspish’ hips will now only occur when combined with pretty low tone. ’Flanks’ will no longer appear unless you’re a centaur. The ‘average’ and ‘normal’ descriptors were replaced with more pleasant alternatives like ‘well-formed’ and ‘pleasant’.
  • Lots more hip descriptions for the appearance screen based on thickness and masculinity. Mostly thickness though, I’m terrible at writing about huge masculine hips.
  • Equipment is making a triumphant return to appear on the appearance screen!
  • The extra texts for butts in the appearance screen should now have a high tone version of humans and centaurs. No more powerful muscle-butts that jiggle like jello when you walk.
  • Joey will now properly check for and charge gems.
  • A few typo fixes.
  • Added another rounding check to prevent decimal damages in combat.
  • Bimbo liquer now causes lost pussies to regrow. I didn’t want to have to do this but it was breaking bimbo tease.
  • Credited Heckel’s author and the Gnoll Spear-thrower in the credits screen.
  • Addict Counseling for Marble’s Milk is no longer available to those who have already completely mastered their addiction.
  • Players who met Amily as females will get nicer intro texts at low affection to make it better match the ‘first time’ scene that females get.


  • Buttdescript() overhauled to take into account tone. Tone over 65 results in more muscley butt-descriptions. Tone under 30 results in soft, pillowy, slappable, buttcheeks.
  • Appearance screen now has a line break between the head/face stuff and the body descriptors.
  • The ‘Bizarre Bazaar’ is now discover-able in the plains. It currently only hosts a massage parlor – ‘The Slippery Squeeze’. Lots of semenplay there. I went wayyy over on time so I never got to do the female masseuse with her tentacle-dicked assistant, but once I open up donation work for extensions she might make a come-back.


  • Gnolls drop less gems but XP remains buffed.
  • Gnolls can now drop items. Each gnoll has a ‘rare’ drop that players may find desirable.
  • Gnolls will also drop incubi drafts/succubi milk and brown/black dye.


  • Added a new Hyena girl to the plains – Hyena Spear-thrower. She shares the encounter chance with the other hyena girl, so the odds for the bunny/elixers are currently untouched. SoS edited it first so it should be pretty typo free, but I did catch a few spots of word echoing. As always, feel free to post in the bug reports forum with fixes/word replacements if something looks wrong.
  • Gnolls/Hyena girls got their XP buffed to 30ish and drop more gems.
  • Altered Heckel so she no longer requires low thickness – you can have high thickness and still be in shape (you’ll look like the hulk).
  • Lots of typo fixes in corrupt Amily and Raphael.
  • The race descriptor has been moved into it’s own function inside of No real visible changes should be noticeable.
  • The rare goblin skin tones now count towards goblin score.
  • Weapons and Armors shouldn’t have extra bonuses or perks carry over incorrectly during NG+ anymore.
  • Amily/Jojo’s children should no longer be referred to as ‘unclean spawn of some monster or beast’ in your appearance screen right before birth.
  • Dominika has a new scene to add some more drama to her encounters.
  • Once you’ve had a blowjob from Dominika, you can’t say no to her in her house anymore. You just look at those supple, black lips… and fuck some oral would be good.
  • Various other small tweaks and fixes.


  • Build named "Fabulous Fornication"
  • Jasun’s author (jibajabroar) has been properly credited.
  • Herm Hyena girl from the gym contest is coded. You need to be a non-genderless, non-taur, and be fairly fit and trim.
  • Ifris added to the gym.
  • Added repeat messages twice a day for when you are in minotaur cum withdraw, just in case you miss the first one.
  • Apparently Jasun’s “First Time” sex scene was never proccing. This may have been some of the reason for some of the negative feedback I got on him…
  • Jasun will now rip and tear hymens.
  • You should no longer be able to use the quick-save keys at the main menu to create a character with no stats O.O
  • Fixed some issues where the game would improperly report you had gained a horsewang when you had a demon dick.
  • The usual bevy of small fixes and typo crushing.


  • Build named "Delicious Eclairs"
  • The authors of the newer submitted events have been properly credited. (Whoops, I missed Jasun’s – next patch jibajabroar!)
  • Tel’Adre got a bakery.
  • New Game+ for when you inevitably game over. It melts your levels into XP and lets you keep gems, armor, and your weapon for your next go-round.
  • Goblin Salon had it’s menu’s standardized and got some facials to help with the player’s masculinity/femininity.


  • Build named "Showers"
  • Visiting the changing room no longer costs gems if you’re a lifetime member.
  • Cotton no longer offers incorrect sex scenes during her first meeting.
  • There’s now an option to hit the showers after a hard workout, which leads to you discovering a goblin-made impregnation machine. Milks males, impregnates females, penetrates genderless, and performs all of the above to herms.


  • Jasun is in the changing rooms of the gym. Why did we need changing rooms? Why not.
  • The gym’s weight/thickness gains have been largely buffed.
  • Thickness/Tone formulas have been tweaked yet again to try and make them less pants on head retarded.


  • Cotton, the Horse Herm from the gym contest is coded and active in the gym.
  • Cotton rapes small-dicked males after spanking and forcefully breastfeeding them to sleep


  • Build named "Corruption of Amily"
  • Dominika now has scenes for horsecocks.
  • Coded an additional drama set up scene for Dominika but didn’t activate it yet as I’m unsure how Symphonie wants to handle it.
  • Added Oral Scene for Corrupt Amily to go down on girls.
  • Using Incubus Draft on corrupt Amily no longer has a purified incubus draft button displayed.
  • Added a Scissor scene for corrupt Amily.
  • Made some tweaks to the tone and thickness modification functions that should prevent them from displaying improper messages when nothing changes.
  • Fixed a ton of typos in Amily. I’m sure many more remain! Keep reporting on them
  • Amily should be corruptible after her and Marble tag team the PC or if she leaves camp due to tentacle Jojo. If these events already happened on your save you’re still screwed though. Sorry!
  • Various other small typos/bugfixes.


  • Build named "Corruption of Amily"
  • Adjusted the ‘takeDamage’ function so that it will report back the damage after modification from perks (Masochism only atm).
  • Updated some of the damage taking bits to use the new functionality. Notify me of any weirdness.
  • After meeting Amily the first time, she can flip out at corrupt players.
  • After Amily flips out at corrupt players, she’ll stay hidden in the ruins, though with the right items, you can make a special brew and start to stalk her…
  • Amily can be corrupted and recruited as a corrupt follower in much the same way as Jojo.
  • Corrupt Amily can now be given balls.
  • Amily’s max dick size is now 15×3.
  • Corrupt Amily has a different version of her in-camp birthing scene.
  • Corrupt Amily will use unpurified demonic items.
  • Corrupt Amily takes her Succubi Milks in a different way…
  • Corrupt Amily’s sex menu is different than normal Amily and currently has four possible scenes.
  • Seeing Amily while corruption is over 50 will result in her warning you. After receiving a warning if corruption is over 60 she will leave camp, starting the corruption path.
  • If you don’t start the corruption path and reduce your corruption below 25, she’ll move back in.


  • Build named "Sex and Bugfixes"
  • Assorted small bugs and typos fixed.
  • The ‘take advantage’ bonus paragraphs for certain dicks weren’t triggering properly. This has been rectified.
  • ‘Use dick’ and ‘Use vagina’ options for raping the bee-girl now have centaur options. Poor horses have a harder time guarding their backdoors though…
  • New Bimbo loss scene for nagas.
  • Fixed a number of pregnancies not properly clearing out until an hour after the PC gave birth.
  • Amily now actually consumes the Purified Incubus draft you give to her during the efficiency conversation as a herm.
  • Fixed the stat numbers and bars not updating immediately when loading from a file.
  • Fixed some inconsistencies in Amily’s cunt size. In some instances it was set to 40, in others 50. It has been evened to 50.
  • Added a check to the ‘fantasize’ option for the pod. It turns out you could fantasize to 100 lust, get the generic loss message, and wind up at camp.


  • Build named "Girl Look At That Body....I Work Out"
  • Fixed amily using the in-camp birth scene. GAH!
  • Added a basic gym to Tel’Adre.
  • In the gym you can lift weights (boosts muscle tone to 80ish).
  • In the gym you can go jogging (boosts tone slower but goes all the way to the cap AND reduces thickness).
  • Fixed a metric crap-ton of missing brackets on the ends of some of Dominika’s dialogues.
  • The self-egg scene for bee girls has a few fixes.
  • Fixed the usual assortment of typo reports and buggy stuff.


  • Tone and Thickness will now only go ‘one way’. For instance if you have muscle tone of 80, and take an item that boosts tone to 75, it will no longer have you lose tone to move towards 75. Of course items that make your tone low will still lower it.
  • Bimbo loss scene for goblins added.
  • Coded high corruption/strength victory rape scene for bees. Requires dick, naga tongue, big tits, or a vagina.
  • Overhauled bee girl victory sex – now when you choose to victory sex her you’ll be given choices between different bodily options to focus on. Note some of them have alternates available
  • Hopefully I didn’t horribly break anything else >.<


  • Amily can now give birth if the PC is not a male.
  • Amily should now be able to give birth in camp.
  • Amily can now pop hymens in the ‘take charge’ camp sex as well as the ‘let her’ camp sex.
  • Amily can now pop hymens in the herm on girl recruitment-sex scene.
  • If the PC turns on the ‘make children’ button with Amily they’ll now be able to get pregnant from Amily’s wang and/or knock the mousegirl up again.
  • Added the ‘make children’ and ‘no children’ button to Amily’s sex options to ask her to start/stop taking infertility herbs.
  • Amily will no longer meet with PC’s over 25 corruption. Whoops!
  • Tweaked some of the conversation dialogues to prevent girls and herms who aren’t yet ‘daddy material’ from getting some of Amily’s daddy conversation options.
  • Herm’s femininity cap has been bumped from 80 to 85.


  • I had everything all typed out nice and accidentally deleted it. So here we go again.
  • Amily can now be recruited as a female or a herm.
  • New sex scenes (girly/girly sex) and futa amily fucks pussy. Pre-camp sex will always priorities fertilizing unfertilized wombs when available.
  • New sex scenes for Amily in camp.
  • Amily now reacts to sudden gender changes (this could result in some unexpected weirdness).
  • ‘Take Charge’ sex in camp has been overhauled to actually allow the PC to choose.
  • ‘Let Her’ sex in camp has a new scene and has had it’s choice structure cleaned up.
  • AMILY CANNOT BE KNOCKED UP IN CAMP YET – Some groundwork has been laid but it is unfinished.
  • Fixed some errors in Dominika’s recent dialogue (accidentally had r’s slapped on the end).
  • Increased Dominika’s ‘teaching’ cooldown.


  • Build named "Doggie Dominika!"
  • Fixed a bug where second attack was only showing the text/damage of the second attack.
  • Dominika now has scenes for performing on dog dicks. Her author intends to continue adding new stuff until she has special texts for each type!
  • Dominika’s old scenes have a few extra sentences/corrections, and she also has a followup scene where the PC can ask her about Scylla and learn some interesting tidbits. Obviously it requires meeting/helping the nun first.
  • Added support for herm Amily during some of her startup scenes. There’s also a bit in the conclusion where she might act like you weren’t a male when you met her (even if you were). This is due to some new code in the meeting dialogue that characters who’ve already met her can’t go through, so ignore her assuming you were some weird gender.
  • Did some work preparing for female & herms romancing Amily by roughing out some of her other scenes.


  • Wrote the ‘have a smaller dick and receive oral from Isabella the cowgirl’ scene.She’s up to 6700 words total and almost a full 12 pages. Still a ton of writing left to do, but I don’t want more cowgirl right now.
  • Refamiliarized myself with Amily’s various flags, cut the ‘sneak up on her’ options since they contributed nothing, and started working through the ‘revised scenes’ document I’ve had sitting around. Namely it looks like it adds support for futa amily to some of the sex scenes. Looks like about 40 pages of writing to for herm/female recruitment paths. I haven’t even looked at the corruption one.


  • Build named "More Bunbun Transformation!"
  • Players with high bunny score can now be impregnated by the bunny girl and give birth to healthy bunny-kids when taking eggs in their vagina.
  • Centaur specific faerie scene coded for males.
  • New variations on the female victory rape against goblins for naga/centaur PCs.
  • New variations of the loss scenes for bees for centaurs.
  • Centaur girls have a chance at a new victory sex scene against an imp (50/50 split with the other imp + centaur girl variant).
  • Coded in ~M~’s bimbofied loss scene for imps. Note it requires you not be a centaur.
  • Coded in Grype’s proper hellhound rape scene for those with cunts who want to be double penetrated (not available for nagas!)
  • I’m sure there’s tons of typos here. Please report them as you find them to my email or the bug report forum so that I can keep track of them and get them fixed! I intend to clear the bug report forum tomorrow sometime.


  • Build named "More Bunbun Transformation!"
  • Bunny TF now increases cum production quite a bit so long as the PC has balls or a dick.
  • Bunny face TF added (not furry – human with twitching nose and buck-teeth).
  • Bunny Egg Perk possible – works in roughly the same was as the lizard oviposition perk.
  • It’s now possible to be a ‘bunny-boy’ or ‘bunny-girl’.


  • Build named "More Bunbun Transformation!"
  • Bunny TF is now much more in line with other abilities: +sensitivity to 60, +libido to max, +speed to 80, tail, ears, and feet TFs, ball shrinking, cunt de-wettens to 3 wetness. More to come!
  • The bunny faux-pregnancy now will randomly have 2 effects from the egg proc during each pregnancy. It’s tied directly into the item code so any more additions to the bunny TF will add on to the pregnancies.
  • Resolved an issue where Raphael could get stuck in a state where his events would never come to fruition (I hope).


  • Build named "Gnoooooooooollllllll!"
  • Dextersinister is properly credited for the gnoll girl on the credits page.
  • Add centaur-specific ‘get eggs in your butt from a bee’ scene (the auto-loss one)!
  • Fixed a bug with Femininity, Tone, and Thickness where whenever it was lowered it would actually lower it to the goal.
  • Femininity/Masculinity should no longer ‘backpedal’ if using items that are slightly less masculine or feminine. For example, the bovine items had a femininity goal of around 79. If you have 85 femininity and drink one, there should no longer be a chance. Only items that have a goal on the opposite side will lower it now (I hope!).
  • One of the prerequisites for the “Agility” perk has been changed from armor defense < 7 to “is the PC wearing light or heavy armor”.
  • Agility has received a roughly small buff to its effectiveness.
  • Killed some typos and issues. Remember guys – I can’t fix bugs unless you tell me about them. The best way is the bug report forum or by email. Blog comments are a good way to have me lose track of them.
  • The female ‘rape’ scene for faeries now has a centaur-specific variation. It still has the same intro/outro though, the difference is the creamy filling!
  • Gnoll should now take vaginal virginity when appropriate.
  • Gnoll attacks now receive some additional bonuses that match their attack texts. Getting hit in the gut is normal damage. Getting whacked in the head is 25 more than normal.
  • Three of the Gnoll’s tease attacks gained bonuses to their ‘damage’.


  • Build named "Gnoooooooooollllllll!"
  • Anemone’s can now be bribed with minotaur cum to leave you alone.
  • Arousing Aura now properly requires 70+ corruption.
  • Damage should be rounded off to nice round numbers again.
  • Adding a Gnoll to the plains. Beware of Psuedopenis! (Her scenes are a little on the brief side for my tastes, but satisfactory.)
  • Marble had a change of heart, and they say her cunt grew ten sizes that day (It’s still small by CoC standards, but not quite as bad!)


  • Build named "Dominika The Fellatrix & Perks II"
  • Marble’s Milk has been tweaked. It should no longer cause maxxed out characters stat loss when it wears off (unless it was drank before they were maxxed).
  • Marble should be able to select an appropriately sized penis from multiples for night-time fun-times.
  • Two new libido-based perks: “Masochist” (reduces damage taken by 30% but you gain a little lust every time you take damage. Requires 60+ libido to work.) and “Well-Adjusted” which reduces the standard lust gained per hour by 50%.
  • Two new corruption-based perks: “Arousing Aura” (increases enemy lust every round, requires 70+ corruption to function) and “Sadism” (increases your attack damage by 20% but raises lust every turn).
  • One new miscellaneous perk: “Resistance” (Reduces lust gains by 33%. Only available if lust resistance is less than 50%.)


  • Build named "Dominika The Fellatrix & Perks"
  • 2 New Strength Perks available after clearing the factory: “Thunderous Strikes” (+20% standard attack damage, requires 80+ strength) and “Weapon Mastery” (Doubles attack bonus for ‘large’ type weapons, requires Strong Back Perks I&II).
  • Fixed some minor bugs.
  • Fixed the function{} () crap from an improper hairDescript() call in Dominika’s text.
  • 2 New Toughness Perks available after clearing the factory: “Tank 2″ (+1 HP per point of toughness) and “Regeneration 2″ (4x the effectiveness of Regeneration).
  • Adjusted flags on some weapons/armors. Recommend you un-equip and re-equip your favorite items to get full benefit of the new perks.
  • 2 New Speed Perks available after clearing the factory: “Agility” (Boosts defense on light and medium armors by a portion of your speed. Light gets more.) and “Speedy Recovery” (Boosts fatigue recovered when rest/waiting by 50%).
  • 2 New Intelligence Perks available after clearing the factory: “Medicine” (Provides a 15% chance per round to clear poisons/drugs.) and “Channeling” (Adds an additional 50% on top of other spell modifiers.)


  • Build named "Dominika The Fellatrix"
  • Added Dominika to the game (at the bar, hours 18 & 19, no other requirements).
  • Fixed females getting dick scenes added on the bottom. I missed an ‘else’!


  • Build named "Followups and Anemone Wangs"
  • Anemone-grown wangs will no longer be 5″ long and 5″ wide. Don’t ask me how that happened. I blame communism.
  • Urta should actually stop offering to pay for new doors now. If she doesn’t this time, I’ma cry.
  • Raphael’s bodysuit was not setting stats correctly and could be changed by cultists. This should be fixed now.
  • Updated the cock-milker to support characters with tiny, tiny amounts of cum.
  • Fixed some other bugs.


  • Build named "Followups and Anemone Wangs"
  • Recoded anemone venom – there should be no net loss or gain of stats after combat has concluded.
  • Anemone’s can now pop cherries.
  • Fixed some Anemone typos.
  • Fixed some Urta typos.
  • Removed Urta offering to pay for the door on repeat Scylla+Urta visits, since you’re no longer breaking it down.
  • Fixed some Lumi typos.
  • Fixed some Jojo meditation/rape stage 1 typos.
  • Fixed typos in minotaur cum item.
  • Fixed typo in amily village discovery.
  • Fixed typo in lake equinum discovery.
  • Fixed goblin salon typos.
  • Fixed formatting on all the marcus dialogue to match other dialogues, as well as various typo reports with it.
  • Fixed typos in the scene where a bee-girl is breast-fed by a PC with the feeder perk.
  • Typo fixed some Amily/Marble dick growth/removal stuff.
  • Fixed typos in the TF2 mountains reference.
  • Fixed typos in Rathazul’s reactions to corrupt Jojo.
  • Fixed typo’s in the ‘too big + make it fit’ scene for goblins.
  • Fixed a few typos in minotaur loss BJ scene.
  • Random item drops (Ceraph’s trap armor, easter egg drops from the easter event) will no longer drop in place of special plot related loot (Dungeon fights and the like).
  • Fixed a typo in a Ceraph piercing scene.
  • Fixed an error in the Scylla + Urta that could result in an incorrect cock noun being displayed.
  • Fixed some scenes that had “legs” hardcoded instead of using player.legs().
  • Ovi Elixers will no longer wreak havoc with the bunny TF pregnancies.


  • Build named "Followups and Anemone Wangs"
  • “Turning the tables on kelt” has been updated with a special variant for nagas.
  • New Centaur loss/’let her’ scene for Tamani.
  • Urta’s post-Scylla conversation is implemented.
  • Turning Raphael in now carries a monetary reward from Urta.
  • Fixed a bug where the PC could explore at max lust if fatigue was over 40.
  • Scylla + Urta scene is now repeatable (same text in the sex, just a new intro and a few dialogue tweaks).
  • Snake/Cat dicks were missing some bonus masturbation lines. You guys have no idea how much writing this actually worked out to be when combined with the change below.
  • Anemone-dicks now added to the possible dicks a PC can have. Gain-able in a surprising way (don’t let an anemone penetrate you if you don’t want them…)
  • While doing the above stuff, added some ‘default’ lines for masturbation in case I get lazy again so people don’t miss out.
  • 2 hotfixes have been rushed out to get the anemone thing working right.
  • Another hotfix to fix Anemone Dick birth not updating gender.


  • Scylla’s addiction counseling ‘take advantage’ option is now quite sex-filled if you have enough dicks for the girls to share.
  • Scylla part six is done. It’s not repeatable like the addiction group, so choose your options wisely. If your lactating the scene can go two different ways. I prefer the non-lactating version so its a 50/50 either or for right now. (Right now the non-lactation scene has a bit about them licking your nipples and not getting anything, even if your lactating. It’ll be fixed next build!)
  • Total new text: over 20 pages.
  • A few bugfixes I knocked out this morning from the laptop.


  • Build named "Addicts & Urta + a Nun"
  • Minotaur cum addiction bukkake scene in the salon for the cum addicted.
  • After the above scene the PC can buy bottled cum for 60 gems.


  • Build named "Experimental Body Types & Face Mods"
  • The Facial Gender, Body Thickness, and Body Tone tweaks should now display a message and show how much they’ve been modified.
  • Many old items have had their formatting overhauled to be less inconsistent. Let me know if you see any items having extra spaces or weirdness.


  • Build named "Experimental Body Types & Face Mods"
  • Fixed a bug I accidentally introduced into Marcus’s scenes.
  • New stat: Femininity/Masculinity. It’s a sliding scale from 0 to 100. 0 = uber-male, 100 = uber-female. Males cannot go past 70, females cannot go under 30. Herms can go from 20 to 85. No beards for non-males! FEN HAS SPOKEN! Don’t worry, your traps can still have pretty feminine faces, and girls can get a somewhat squared jaw if they really want to.
  • New stats: Beard length and beard style! Styling options won’t be in this patch but might make an appearance later. If you have enough masculinity and hair growth is not stopped for your character, they’ll start growing a beard. By default males won’t grow beards unless they take man-enhancing items to cross the thresh-hold to awesome-viking-town.
  • A few improvements on the save to file/load to file code were written by furniture and added to try to let people know what’s going wrong when something goes wrong with a load. (The most obvious being that the CoC.swf has to be in the same folder as the file or it will not work. CURSE YOU WINDOWS!)


  • Build named "Raphael & Hellhounds"
  • Bimbo tease now properly overlaps seduce (Bimbo tease gets bonuses if you have seduce too).
  • Took a reference to the player’s cock out of the female 69 with the bunny. Whoops!
  • Getting bred by kelt now reduces lust.
  • Losing to Zetaz/the Imp Horde now resets lust and tosses +100HP your way incase you press the debug/ezmoade button.
  • Fixed numerous typos.
  • Fixed a bug with Raphael that would result in receiving multiple bodysuits instead of having him bitch you out for being ugly.
  • Vala will properly increment pure female PC’s height for her Tel’Adre sex.
  • Level up button & arrow will no longer overlap onto the main menu if you decide to go to the main menu from camp.
  • Fixed an ancient bug where you could click on desert and it sometimes would do NOTHING. Such a simple fix that eluded me for SO LONG.
  • Goblin Ale now has bolded notifications for the major changes.
  • Fixed some spacing issues in some of the slime monster scenes.


  • Vala can no longer be ‘sexed’ by genderless folks in any form (I hope).
  • Akbal’s firebreath got a slight nerf.
  • It’s now possible to get the hellhound bad-end. Just be mostly dog, have 2 dogdicks (or be pregnant with a hellhound), and go to the mountains. You’ll also need Marae’s whole lethicite for the bad-end, or at least a part to get hellhound fire-breath.
  • Raphael now requires the PC has 5 gems, the chest, and has discovered Tel’Adre before he can be encountered.

Known Issues:

  • There’s numerous Typos in Raphael’s early texts and the fencing path because I didn’t have the edited text. I’ll go through and re-code that tonight I guess.
  • Hellhound fire is being switched to deal lust damage to intelligent foes and HP damage to mindless foes.

Raphael’s Full ‘Dislike’ List (These Stop You From Encountering Him):

  • Centaur/MLP, Naga, or Goo
  • Tits over E-cup or under C-cup.
  • Hips less than girly (rating < 6)
  • Huge ass (rating >= 13)
  • Taller than 6 feet or shorter than 4.
  • The presence of dick or balls.
  • Genderless.


  • Build named "Raphael & Hellhounds"
  • Raphael, the Russet Rogue will be encounterable by female PC’s with body proportions to his liking (less than 6′ tall, bigger than 4′, not GIGANTIC ass, needs a lil’ bit o’ hip, not GIGANTIC or tiny tits, level 2+).
  • No bar Vala sex for genderless folks anymore. Which doesn’t matter that much since she doesn’t have a genderless scene to begin with.


  • Build named "Small Patch is Small!"
  • Corrupted Glade flower should boost cum production always. Having no balls or have small balls? They boost it even more. Enjoy my ball-less futa brethren! (It used to only provide tiny boosts up to a max of 2 total. Basically worthless.)
  • Players who have the speed perk from creation should no longer have a net speed gain when Naga venom wears off.
  • Tweaked a few things in credits.


  • Bunny 69 scene will have less candy after CoC’s easter season (last day is the 10th I think).
  • Bunny 69 now has vaginal 69.
  • Fixed more bunny bugs.
  • Bunny text will change to be less easter-centric after easter season.
  • Bunny now has a repeat version.
  • Seeing bunny play with herself increases lust slightly.
  • Constrict no longer works on pod. Cheaters.
  • Succubi Whip is now available from teh Sean’s shop.


  • Fixed a crash in the anal scene if you didnt have a vag.
  • Properly locked 69 scene if you dont have a wang.
  • (Hopefully) fixed the vaginal scene containing DP when you only have 1 dick. It uses some experimental new ‘does it fit’ code to select a second dick and it was picking the first one twice >.<
  • I have more to fix but thats all i got time for.
  • Bonus egg drops are working now.
  • Pure Vala sex should now pass time and no longer is quite as effective at reducing corruption.
  • Fixed some bunny typos/bugs.
  • Bunny ears should now display in appearance.
  • Pure Pearl should now properly allow Vala to be healed.
  • I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t post new builds before bed :P


  • Fixed various bunny bugs – wrong scenes loading, 1 reported typo.


  • Build named "Easter!"
  • New Location – Plains – currently empty save for our new easter gal.
  • Added a special easter encounter – a bunny-girl herm! With over 5000 words of sex written by me, with a 2000 word 69 scene by Adjatha, she should be delicious.
  • Warning: Taking her dick in your vagina, ass, or mouth will result in some slight bunny TF.
  • Addendum: I intend to tweak the bunny event to be less ‘eastery’ and more general (so I can keep her). Adjatha’s 69 scene is pretty candylicious so that might take some doing on my part.
  • From the 7th of the 10th of april there’s now a chance that every enemy will drop an egg instead of normal loot.
  • Bimbo Liquer won’t give duplicate perks if you do something silly like chugging it in debug mode.
  • The ‘Pure Pearl’ from Marae can now be used to heal Vala.
  • Fixed a bug where Zetaz could give you multiple stacks of faux-heat that would take a few combats to go away.
  • Straps & Nurse Outfits should now provide proper tease bonuses.


  • Build named "Zetaz's Return++!"
  • A seven room ‘dungeon’ featuring Zetaz!
  • New enemies in the dungeon: Imp Horde, Encapsulation Pod, Vala, and Zetaz.
  • New item in the dungeon – Bimbo Liquer – one time encounter-able item that causes some changes guaranteed and gives some new perks. See below for more on that.
  • New Perks: Bimbo Brains & Bimbo Body. Bimbo Body unlocks the new perk, boosts minimum lust and adds to lust resistance, and prevents tits from going below DD’s. Bimbo Brains makes you dumb and caps intelligence at 50.
  • Added a new variant of tease, “bimbo tease”. Much higher success rate than normal tease and stacks with seduce but has caps on the “damage” it can inflict.
  • Added a generic blurb for tease that informs the PC if lust attacks are pointless on that foe.
  • New item: Numb Rocks – reduces sensitivity, sometimes intellect, reduces current lust, can cause anti-masturbation status, and can provide natural +2 armor from tough skin.
  • Fur now adds +1 armor rating.
  • Scales now add +3 armor rating (does not stack with thick skin).
  • New item: Sensitivity Draft – increases sensitivity, sometimes induces ‘Lusty Tongue’ status (like the one from drinking from the corrupted tree-boobs in the glade), cures anti-masturbation status, and increases lust slightly.
  • Lust Dagger & Coiled Whip lust increase bonuses from corruption has been halved.
  • New item: Succubi Whip – Performs similarly to the existing whip and dagger, but more powerful, and slowly corrupts with each use. It also has a chance of increases the user’s lust by a small amount with each strike.
  • New item: Jeweled Rapier – 13 damage & ignores armor.
  • New Item: Skimpy Nurse’s Outfit – 2HP regained per round or hour, unlocks ‘Seduce’ tier teasing, and increases the effectiveness of the heal spell by 20%.
  • New Item: Bondage Straps – Increases own lust if afflicted by Ceraph’s bondage magic. Chance of inflicting 5 lust damage to the enemy when hit with basic enemy attacks.
  • A vendor that will sell some of the new items and reducto to corrupt characters after clearing dungeon 2.
  • Encapsulation pod has had its total HP reduced by 50.
  • Adjusted some encapsulation texts that assumed you had a wang. Let me know if there’s still problems with it.
  • Fixed an error in the Zetaz rape scene.
  • Fixed the ‘fly to sword’ appearing for characters that couldn’t fly.


  • Build named "Anemonemone!"
  • A new enemy, written by Ziekfried(sp?) is now encounterable when rowing your boat!
  • A new, non-combat encounter is available at the lake, and hints at the direction I plan to move this game into in the future.
  • Wingsticks will no longer accidentally trigger an enemy double-attack.
  • ‘Zombie Jojo’ will no longer let you watch you masturbate after he’s been killed.
  • Fixed another bug with Edryn’s kids switching gender mid-conversation in the after birth discussion.
  • Talking to Amily will slightly lower corruption.
  • Numerous typos, issues, etc.


  • Build named "Bad Ends!"
  • Added a bad-end for the cock milkers that is triggered by using them multiple times a day with max fatigue. BAD IDEA.
  • Added slightly longer repeat herm scene for the cerulean succubus. (Please test & verify it's working for the initial and repeat scenes.)
  • Added repeat scenes for genderless chars & the cerulean succubus. (Please test & verify it's working for the initial and repeat scenes.)
  • Resolved not being able to leave Scylla's addiction counseling.
  • Resolved missing newlines on Wingstick text.
  • Resolved a bug with Scylla's addiction counseling where it would always act like the first time if you keep leaving without taking part.
  • Resolved a the followup text for addiction counseling not clearing the screen before adding text.
  • Resolved numerous typos in the new Exgartuan scene.


  • Build named "Addiction Counseling!"
  • Scylla has a fifth scene available. It’s repeatable and always at the bar @ 6p at night. She offers addiction counseling for the various addictions that Mareth has to offer. Of course her sessions don’t exactly help THAT much.


  • Build named "OH NOES!"
  • Whitney now has a finite ‘fluids’ budget that she will not exceed per week. 500 gems in a normal game. 1000 gems in easy mode. 9999 gems in debug mode. Next build the 9999 gems will be a per milking limit for debug mode and not have a weekly cap, but I made that change after uploading so you can wait. Because debug mode is for cheating apparently.
  • Moar typoz.
  • Pregnancy update texts have been reviewed and reformatted with better newline placement.
  • Edryn will no longer call her daughter a son or vice versa. Wow she had a short memory!


  • Build named "Autofellate The Demon"
  • Exgartuan will sometimes force himself into your mouth at night if you don’t get off for 24+ hours.
  • Resolved wingsticks not displaying damage or pushing enemies into negative HPs.
  • Wingsticks cant be used out of combat anymore.
  • Edryn can now properly give birth to daughters (WHOOPS!)
  • Urta won’t mysteriously stop being drunk/horny if you refuse one of her scenes due to low corruption.
  • Added a line about Lumi’s yellow skin to her description per TDM’s request.
  • There shouldn’t be ‘flat manly breast bra’ possible in the breast descriptions anymore. I hope.
  • Fixed some (but not all) of Zeikfried’s bug reports. I’ll get the rest later today.


  • Build named "More Stabbies"
  • Fixed a bug with milking and gel armor that could result in them creating multiple status affects (causing slight save bloat). This should be resolved.
  • Fixed spells not allowing you to cast at very high fatigue when you had the mage items and enough reduction to make the difference.
  • Mage items now only reduce fatigue cost on spells.
  • Jojo in-camp meditation has received a buff/nerf. Corruption will now be reduced by up to 5 at very high corruption levels. Other stat gains will be capped.
  • Fixed some errors that could give blank Amily sex scenes or make huge donged PC’s unable to BJ herm Amily.
  • Added a weapon shop to Tel’Adre. The shopkeeper is a furry. OH NOES! Inventory includes a katana, huge claymore, massive warhammer, whip, wizard staff (just in case you need another), wingsticks (RAGE!), and a spear. Eat your heart out Skyrim! CoC has a spear!


  • Update named "Fixes"
  • Resolved Marble not starting to build her nursery when PCs have VERY fast pregnancies due to perks.
  • PC’s who have abused Jojo meditation had so much meditation cooldown built up no amount of waiting would let it work for them. There is no a one time script that will run to clear out any duplicate meditation statuses.
  • Fatigue mods for the spellcaster items shouldn’t be inverted anymore (SORRY!)
  • A few other odds and ends.


  • Rathazul now sells gray dye.
  • Player name will be displayed in the sidebar.
  • High intellect players can now find a wizard staff in the desert that reduces fatigue usage.
  • Harpies have a small chance of dropping wizard robes that reduce fatigue usage.


  • Update named "Scylla & Marae"
  • Fetish Zealots should now only be encountered at the boat AFTER the factory is shut down.
  • Our favorite Nun, Scylla has a new adventure she can go with on the PC at the bar. It treads a little close to age regression than I care for, but it’s hot so I’ll allow it.
  • If you’ve corrupted Marae, regardless of the outcome there is a new second scene that will give you a shot at picking up one of her perks or having your old perks upgraded!
  • Harpy’s ‘Uber’ attack should now always follow up with the second half instead of randomly choosing from among her abilities.
  • Jojo Meditation has a cooldown. It actually did for quite some time but was broken and was causing save file bloat. It has been fixed.
  • All the bug and typo reports from the forums I cleared out today.


  • Update named "MILFy Mountain Cougar Harpy"
  • Sophie, the motherly, slightly cougary harpy is now encounterable in the high mountains. She’s very untested so beware of bugs!
  • Fixed a bug in the harpy lipstick status that could result in lust over 100.
  • Fixed a bug with Sophie where failing to rape her as a girl/neuter would not piss her off.
  • Goo ‘fluid addicted’ characters will now always swallow marble’s cum when giving BJs.
  • One of Amily’s herm sex scenes wasn’t getting triggered. It should now.
  • The check for whether or not you waited with a regular harpy’s uber-attack has been fixed. (It was reversed).
  • Honey now melts off demon wings.
  • Fixed a problem that could give you loss scenes but give money/XP if victory AND loss conditions were met.
  • Redonkulous amounts of gems now display as “LOTS”.
  • Tons of other small bug fixes/typo corrections.


  • Update named "High Mountain Ranger--Err, Harpies"
  • Fixed some ‘cock-errors’ in the new harpy stuff.
  • Yes the oral scene is supposed to cost you gems.
  • Now the oral scene will still award XP in spite of your drugged raping.
  • Double-attack will use effective strengths up to 60. Players above 60 strength will be too bulky for double-attacks and will revert to single strikes. It was always meant as a way to buff effectiveness for people who wished to play ‘lean’ characters who weren’t covered in muscle.
  • Demons will now ‘humanify’ your face even if you don’t have fur/scales.
  • Lots of typo corrections and rewordings in the harpy scenes.


  • Fixed the ‘cuntChange’ function. It was incorrection causing stretching 100% of the time in certain scenarios that should have been 25%.
  • Edryn now has a limit on how many items she will give out to ‘fix’ size, and time will pass when accepting them.
  • Tons of grammar and bug fixes.
  • ‘High Mountains’ unlocks after 40ish explorations of the mountains or exploring the mountains when above level 5 or so.
  • Generic harpies, Minotaurs, and Hellhounds are currently encounterable up there. I’ll be swapping out the hellhounds for harpy MILF later on.


  • Update named "Save To File"
  • Removed an incorrect variables for the checks on Amily’s corrupt Jojo encounters and Amily + Marble freakout.
  • You can no longer tease/seduce blind enemies.
  • Fixed an error where single cat/lizard dicks could not be TF’ed to horsewangs.
  • Losing the feeder perk no longer wrongly reports ‘gaining’ it
  • Other bug fixes and typos removed.
  • You can now save files discretely. Be aware it is fairly limited due to how flash is sand-boxed in most OS’es.


  • Update named "Waifu Freakout 2"
  • Marble and Amily can now freak out about each other. It’s supposed to happen after bringing one back to camp, but if your save already has both it assumes Marble was there first.
  • NOTE: It appears the amily/marble fight isn’t triggering properly. I need sleep and have work tomorrow but I promise I’ll have it working tomorrow nite.


  • Most followers now have interactions with other followers. Jojo will invite Rathazul to meditate, Amily and Jojo will have a re-union, etc etc. Just be aware Amily goes pretty nuts over corrupted/tentacle Jojo. You’ve been warned.
  • Edryn’s old scenes will now refer to your largest wang that fits in multi-wang scenarios.
  • Edryn will properly stop showing up if you’re a raging asshole.
  • Quicksave keys (f1-f5) should have some of their errors resolved.
  • Extreme rape scene for Ceraph. Requires a huge dick (500+ cock area, high corruption, and either Exgartuan, full Jojo corruption). Involves forced gape-TF, internal organ shape-shifting, and all-the-way-through (something I never planned to do). I got a little carried away.)
  • Fixed ‘lick’ cat-masturbation showing male/female scenes for incorrect genders.


  • Update named "PrEgdryn"
  • Flexible cat-folks can now ‘lick’ masturbate. Convenient.
  • Whisker Fruit and Reptilum both have a ‘catch-all’ +HP event if no changes occur.
  • Edryn can be gotten pregnant by those with very high cum output (low chance), Marae’s Gift – Stud Perk (good chance), or the Christmas Elf fertility perk (decent chance).
  • If your dick gets to big or two small after having a kid with Edryn she may give you items to get it back to where it needs to be.
  • Edryn was modified to have sex if any of your dicks fit her size criteria, however the cockDescript calls in the old scenes have not been updated yet, so there may be a little weirdness till next build.
  • There was some mucking around with save code that may have made Autosave or notes a little screwy. Let me know if they act different from the last build.
  • The event submissions legalese is now up and official. You can view it on the event submissions page. All new submissions must have their authors agree to it to have it submitted to the game.


  • Snake Oil will now properly drop from Nagas half the time. My bad!


  • Update named "Lizan's: Vol II"
  • Reptilum can now cause physique changes – legs, tail, horns, scales, and faces.
  • Reptilum can now stop hair growth.
  • Those with vaginas can gain a perk from reptilum that will allow them to lay eggs (like ovi elixers) once or twice a month.


  • Update named "Lizan's: Vol I"
  • Reptilum now drops from nagas in the desert about half the time.
  • Nagas – strength, toughness, and armor ratings have been slightly lower to bring them in line with sand-witches.
  • Reptilum can affect statistics and sexual characteristics.


  • Update named "Same Neko Junk + MOAR Fixes"
  • Fixed some weirdness in the ooze milk raep scene.
  • Fixed a glitch where you could save as you were entering combat, then load it and be fighting ‘You’, with an imp description. Amusing!
  • Capped how many times you can queue up cerulean succubi encounters @ 3.
  • Seeing the Cerulean succubus the night before the bad-end clears out any more queued encounters. Now you have to drink the stuff again to finish digging your own grave :3
  • If you throw away the cerulean succubus’s item the game then properly resumes the sleep cycle rather than making you click ‘sleep’ again.
  • Fixed an error where it was possible to have knots grow on dicks that weren’t dog-dicks. WHOOPS!
  • Lots of typos, grammar, and consistency fixes. See here for an example!


  • Update named "Same Neko Junk + Fixes"
  • It’s possible to fuck up badly when pregnant with Marble’s child if you have the first kid and then accelerate the pregnancy before the nursery is built (untested).
  • Equinum vs W.Fruit drop rates should be evened up for good.
  • Numerous typo reports cleared.
  • The cock error 99 in Equinum OUGHT to be fixed, but I can’t promise anything.


  • Update named "Neko Kawaii Vol. II"
  • Fix going into heat when pregnant from Whisker Fruit.
  • Whisker Fruit can now give a feline penis. Please report any weirdness or missing text from any encounters.
  • Set up the back-end support for a snake/lizard/naga wang type. Basically purplish and bulbous.
  • Whisker Fruit will now shrink cat penises until they are under 6″ at a fairly quick rate. This will affect all cat-penises at once, but not other penises. Beware under-endowed cat-bois!
  • Whisker Fruit will shrink breasts until they are just under D cups on females, or just under B cups on those without vaginas.
  • Added two ‘cat-dreams’ that came submitted with the cat TF.
  • Added mention of whiskers to cat-faces in appearance.
  • Whisker Fruit can now be found at the lake. Conversly, Equinum is found at the lake half as often as it used to be.
  • Having cat ears, tail, and paws gives you a new perk – ‘flexibility’ so long as you have the requisite body parts. It’s a slightly less effective version of Evade, and yes, they stack.
  • Fixed a bug with the “feeder” perk/status – it did not properly regrow breasts if they dropped under DD cup and would spam repeatedly about them regrowing. This has been fixed


  • Fixed Whisker Fruit accidentally raising corruption by 10. Turns out I bumped the ’1′ key above the ’0′ on my numpad. Whoops!


  • Update named "Neko Kawaii Vol. I"
  • “Whisker Fruit” added to the game. Currently affects numerous basic stats, causes heat, and changes ears/face/tail/lowerbody/fur. There is not a ‘catch-all’ change for if any of the TFs/stat changes happen and no dick/sexual characteristics changes yet. They will be in volume 2.
  • Whisker Fruits now drop from Akbal sometimes.
  • Heat now only raises lust in combat when facing someone with a penis. Beware of dongs.
  • Debug mode adds a new explore option, right now it only gives you neko fruits. Yes I know the text is buggy.
  • Kawaiiiiiii!


  • Update named "TONS of Typos & Grammar Fixes"
  • Exgartuan will no longer stop lactation if you are a feeder.
  • You’ll now get it up from Edryn if you’ve ever fucked her before, no matter what dick or body-type you have, even if you’re not corrupt.
  • Several threads worth of typo reports.
  • Added a back button to Rathazul’s dye options.
  • Too many typos and other bugs to remember.


  • Update named "Akbal + Centaurs & Nagas"
  • Akbal now has modifications to his scenes for centaurs & nagas.
  • Feeder will now appear in the perks screen when you gain the effect.


  • Update named "Forced Boobaliciousness"
  • LaBova/ProBova can induce a new status effect called ‘Feeder’.
  • The new status prevents lactation output from decreasing.
  • Not having your breasts thoroughly milked with the new status will increase sensitivity.
  • The following monsters can be forced to drink your milk when you defeat them: Imps, Ooze, Goblins, Minotaurs, Bees, and Fetish Cultists. Please not imps don’t survive losing by HP so you can’t breast-feed a dead imp.
  • The new status reduces the amount of int lost by having a crazy high int and using the milker.
  • The new status is removed by lowering your corruption to a maximum of 20.
  • Ceraph’s 1-shot kill attack gives a bit more warning, and high int characters get an obvious warning as to what action they should take.
  • Marble won’t sleep with you at night if you have worms. Better get that shit checked yo.


  • Fixed an issue where trying to delete an empty slot would save there.


  • Update named "Small Untested Tweaks"
  • Saving now allows you to add notes.
  • Saves can now be deleted. You have to pay attention to the yes no choice so you don’t do it accidentally!
  • Auto-save now has a tool-tip.
  • The function hot-keys have been added to how to play.
  • Probova now gives black and white spotted fur and a cowface per the item creator’s wishes. Tis a sad day for quad-nippled human cowgirls everywhere!
  • Resolved an issue where one of Tamani’s Daughters’ bad-ends was not correctly closing the game as a bad-end.
  • Resolved (I hope) an issue that could cause genderless folks not to get the hilarious scene Dxasmodeus wrote.
  • Resolved an issue that could cause genderless players to get a followup scene meant for players with dicks.
  • Adding intellect to the damage calculation for Akbal’s firebreath and allowed it to benefit from the mage perks. One quick note – the main contributor to its damage is the PC’s level, not a stat.


  • Update named "Cerulean Succubus Quits"
  • ProBova should now be able to swap the third row to quad nipples if you gained the third row after TFing the first two (you’ll still have to drink more to do it, its not automatic).
  • Fixed another third row nipple-TF issue for ProBova if its your first swig.
  • Added a FAQ to the data screen so I can stop answering questions about it.
  • Farm ‘Work’ and ‘Explore’ options will now take you to Marble if you are in withdrawal.
  • Marble’s milk now restores some HP and fatigue when drank from the source.


  • Update named "Cerulean Succubus Quits"
  • Cerulean Succubus has herm scenes and a genderless scene. The genderless one is pretty hilarious and shatters the fourth wall. (These might be kinda buggy.)
  • Edryns capacity has been boosted from 4' long or 130 area to 4' long or 300 capacity. If anyone bitches about her being to small at this point they’re wrong.
  • Fixed a bug with canine peppers where changing lower bodies other than hooves or feet would not display a message.


  • Update named "Centaurs Suck"
  • Centaurs can now only masturbate if they have nipple-cunts or a dick longer than their horse body.
  • Centaurs are allowed to explore or go to places at 100% lust after their first attempt to masturbate.
  • Fixed typo in Instructions screen.
  • Tamani’s Daughter scenes can no longer be encountered with no wang.
  • ‘P’ key now activates perks menu.


  • Update named "Tougher Goblin Mobs"
  • Fixed some of the ‘too big’ texts for certain Edryn scenes.
  • Added an ‘Instructions’ Section available on the game’s title screen.
  • Added tooltips to the three options on the title screen.
  • Implemented the ‘lustVuln’ attributes. Tamani’s daughters are now 50% resistant to lust.
  • Tamani will now sometimes use potions when in the combat with the daughters.
  • Improved combat resolution with the daughters.
  • Correctly set ‘plural’ tag to the daughters. Combat texts involving them should have better plural agreement. If you see a line in combat that looks off, report it on the bugfix forum so I can get it fixed up.


  • Update named "Goblin Orgies"
  • Tamani’s Daughters are in the game. They require Tamani to birth 24 girls to be encountered.
  • New variables for NPCs – plural and lustVuln. Plural is active, lustVuln still needs activated – expect to see the daughters become MUCH more resistant to lust based attacks in the next release.
  • The “Marae’s Gift – Stud” perk now boosts Tamani’s litters by 3 baby goblins.
  • Made a change to Marble to prevent players from somehow maxing the addiction value before discovering her milk is addictive and choosing a path.
  • Fixed numerous small bugs.
  • Succubi’s Delight will grow balls even if you don’t have a wang.
  • Pink eggs will now shrink or remove balls. BEWARE..
  • Probably many other small things I’ve forgotten.


  • Update named "Scylla & Naga on Bee"
  • New Scylla the Nun Scene in the bar. Same requirements as before, and the scenes are equally as messy if not more so as before. (It has a variant for double-dicking in an unexpected way if youve got the tools!)
  • New Naga on Bee Victory Rape scenes. They’ll completely replace all other bee win rape victories to ensure there’s no inconsistencies.
  • Probova can affect the 2nd and 3rd rows if they were gained after the first one got quad nips.
  • Probova will no longer take your virginity.
  • Lots of typos fixed (again).
  • Amily should no longer handle dicks over an area of 40. Sorry folks!
  • The armor/weapon blurb now disappears from the appearance screen due to some singular/plural disagreeements in available armor names.


  • Update named "Some Amily Items & Moar Nun"
  • I got about 1200 words of goblin milking machine smut written too. Basically the PC gets dragged back to their cave, hooked up to a dick milking machine, and given an aphrodisiac/cum-booster enema. You can imagine where things go from there. I sure as hell can’t because I haven’t finished that part yet.


  • Update named "Alchemy & A Nun"
  • Without further ado, here is a nun! You can find her in Tel’Adre’s bar after shutting down the factory if you have a big wang.
  • Also a goblin alchemist (Lumi) who will sell you the following: Lust Drafts, Goblin Ales, and Ovi Elixers. She can be found the same was as Giacomo.
  • Also, there are now imps and goblins you can fun into using the generic ‘explore’ option. Prepare your holes for raep!
  • Oh yeah, and minotaur blood will induce ‘rut’ now.
  • Also - the enhanced items the alchemist can make can give you quad balls or quad nipples on each breast.
  • (New character names: Lumi and Scylla.)
  • EDIT: Lumi had a bug enhancing LaBova, and LaBova had a bug of actually giving quad nipples to the top row. This has been resolved. Make sure the game displays 0.5.10a on the title to ensure you have the fixed version.


  • Update named "Mouse Waifu: Chapter 2"
  • Many typos fixed/resolved.
  • A few simple bugs resolved.
  • Resolved some of the newer fetish cultist/zealot outfits not reverting to comfortable clothes and locking up removal.
  • Amily is now encounterable and probably hella buggy and riddled with typos.
  • New loss scene for the fetish cultists if the PC is a centaur with a dick n’ balls, written by Astronomy.


  • Update named "Mouse Waifu: Chapter 1"
  • First half of Amily added to the game. Player must be below 20 corruption to go anywhere with her.
  • 'Town Ruins' added to the Places menu, accessible from the Lake.


  • Update named "Christmahanakwanzikah Present Fix2"
  • Added a vaginal scene for Urta.
  • Raised minimum level to encounter Ceraph to 3.


  • Update named "Christmahanakwanzikah Present Fix1"
  • Added “rut”, a male form of heat.
  • Added more variance to heat lust gain per round. Overall its a slight nerf to how fast it raises lust.
  • Urta can now fall in love with the PC, altering and replacing many of her existing sex scenes with new variants.
  • Urta can now get pissed off about Marble if she lives in your camp.
  • There is an event that will happen at night, once per character, from the 25th through the 31st of December. It is one time and has a few options. (You’ll have to wait or change your system time to the 25th, but I know none of you would cheat!)
  • Two new scenes for the fetish cultist – one for centaurs and one for snake-peeps.
  • Raised minimum level to encounter Ceraph to 3.
  • Fixed ‘function function’ bug in centaur cultist rape scene.


  • Update named "One Time Cheat ^ + v + < + >"
  • New item: “Hummus”
  • New one use cheat code (Up, down, left, right)
  • Now the ‘humanizing’ item is done and in the game. You can get it with a one time use cheat code. Don’t use it more than once. You have been warned. Also don’t try to cheat the cheat item using debug mode.


  • Update named "Ceraph + Hair Grows Nau"
  • Your hair now grows in CoC. Because CoC is not about things growing at realistic rates AT ALL, it grows at at a tenth of an inch a day.
  • Your fetish is to use hair-care products to make your hair grow at twelve times the normal rate? The salon has new hair extension serum just for you!


  • Update named "Ceraph - Pierced To Submission..."
  • Updated CoC to insert Ceraph’s missing scene.


  • Update named "Ceraph - Bugged to Hell And Back"
  • early build of Ceraph is up...
  • She’s encounter-able at the mountains, though after you get the first piercing she won’t show up anymore – but you might notice a new random drop that other monsters will drop. ITS A TRAP!
  • Anyhow, it’s probably hella-buggy, missing some things that could be added to other events to reflect the fetishes, and the bad-end hasn’t been tested. Be sure to hit me up if you run into weirdness with her. Also her piercings are currently irreversible, so avoid them if you don’t want their fetishes!


  • Update named "Bug/Typo Cleanup"
  • ...caught up with a bunch of bug/typo reports in various places and posted a quick bugfix build. There’s no new content in it, so don’t get too excited about it.


  • Update named "Minotaur Cum Addiction"
  • Goblin salon now allows you to work the glory-holes as a male if you’re really into that sort of thing.
  • Fixed the “Cock Error” in the minotaur addict tit-fucking scene.
  • Finished minotaur addiction and released it to the world!


  • Update named "Unfinished Minotaur Cum Addiction"
  • Minotaur’s cum is now properly addictive. Taking it anally > orally > vaginally as far as the addictiveness applied.
  • Addicted players gain more lust per hour while in ‘need’ (just before withdrawal), and even more while in ‘withdrawal’.
  • While in withdrawal you will auto-submit to minotaurs.
  • While addicted you now have access to two new rape scenes (Titfuck & Direct Anal Injection).
  • Added bottled minotaur cum, gives corruption, lust, and sensitivity.
  • Akbal’s rape scenario should be functional now.


  • Update named "An Anal Jaguar-Demon..."
  • New encounter in the deepwoods: Akbal the Panther-Demon. Calls himself the lord of terrestrial fire, has a bad attitude, and likes butt-secks. Oh and he can also give the PC firebreath, a telepathy-like power, and allows the player to use that power during a new corrupted Jojo masturbation scene.


  • Update named "Foxy Herm w/Horse-Bits"
  • Added a new NPC to the bar in Tel’Adre.
  • New NPC is named Urta and has a fair amount of sex scenes (and she’s a somewhat hyper herm).
  • Warning: Its easy to get ‘locked out’ from even having fun with her if you mis-handle the meeting in the bar. Good luck!
  • She’s there in the morning hours till about 4PM.


  • Update named "Mini-Marbles and Futa-Marble"
  • In camp Marble acts more ‘wifely’, and will fuck you at night if your turned on enough. Now that I think about it I need to tweak her lust generation down a bit because it’s happening every night. Might hotfix this soon.
  • Marble can get pregnant, build a nursery, and pile the kids there.
  • Marble can drink Purified Incubi Drafts.
  • Marble can consume Ovi Elixirs.
  • Marble can consume pink eggs to remove the ‘new addition’.
  • The player can get pregnant from futa-marble.
  • (Name reused up to Build 0.5.2d.)


  • Update named "3PM Schedule: Naga Transformations 101"
  • Turn into Naga.
  • Unlocks new naga on naga sex without a fighting with naga.
  • Two new unlockable attacks.
  • Tongue type variable added, so now I can have weird tongues.
  • New Goo sex-rape victory for Naga fights.
  • (Version 0.5.1a2 posted, titled "4PM Schedule: Naga Transformations 101".)


  • Update named "Naga-ette Bromide"
  • Naga Bitch (In Desert): There’s about 23 pages of smut at the moment for her, so I hope you all enjoy it.
  • THE TF ITEM IS NOT DONE YET. It will be done within the next few days, Skyrim and SW:TOR permitting.
  • (A few bug-fixes incorporated into a version 0.5a2.)


  • Update named "Dress For Success..."
  • 9 new clothes added to a tailor in the Tel’Adre, ready to help you out. I’ve also written some armorer scripts but adding armors is MIND NUMBING – have to add text and descriptions in like 5-6 different places per armor. Most of them don’t have much defense, but a few will give you the seduce attack :3


  • Update named "Your Hellhound Can Haz Wormz..."
  • It’s a small update, just adds some wormy hellhounds if you have worms enabled. The victory ‘rape’ scene is the same as per normal hellhounds, but there a number of new loss rapes (Infected PC, Uninfected Male PC with dicks big enough for…insertion, Girls, and Genderless or male with too small dicks). Enjoy if you’re into that. If you aren’t, they won’t show up if the worm toggle is off (unless I fucked up).


  • Update named "Moar Dildo Rape"
  • Fetish cultist drops things now. Rare chance of dropping clothes or a dagger than causes lust on hit.
  • Added dildo-rapes with the Sand-witch and succubus from the factory :3


  • Update named "Fetishy Dildo Rape"
  • Tamani’s Dildo can now be used to rape bee-girls and shark-girls.
  • There is now a Fetish Zealot (male encounter) available sometimes when using the boat.
  • Typos, bugs, and whatevers.


  • Update named "Kelt Revenge"
  • Numerous changes to Kelt’s logic – higher intelligence (generally 30-40+) will prevent a lot of the ‘auto-submit’ options high corruption could cause.
  • A chance to fight back: If you have 70+ corruption and 40+ intelligence you’ll see a “fight back” option at a number of Kelt’s choice prompts. Choosing it gives you one last chance to back out before you cause him severe pain, make him cry, and then never see him again. Enjoy :3


  • Update named "Sharks + TF!"
  • Fixed issues with the perk from slutty swimwear not applying correctly.
  • Fixed slutty swimwear nomming your old armors.
  • Removed sharkgirls from the lake – they are now only encountered while rowing the boat around :3
  • Reducto is now usable on butts :3
  • Sharkgirl TF item is live.Tweaked cock milker scenes so the overflow only happens if you’re producing 1L+. It seemed silly to overload the machine with a small bottle worth of cum.


  • Update named "Sharks!"
  • Tweaked cock milker scenes so the overflow only happens if you’re producing 1L+. It seemed silly to overload the machine with a small bottle worth of cum.
  • Coded centaur x centaur Edryn scenes. Sorry for those of you who mistakenly wasted gems on her >.<
  • Buffed liquid addiction strength penalty (to make bad end easier to get :3)
  • Sharkgirl’s Added (Lake or boat!)
  • Sharkgirl rare drop added – slutty swimwear.
  • Quick hotfix was updated. If you downloaded immediately you may need to click the download button then f5 to recache the new build. It fixes issues with the bad-end and some other small stuff


  • Update named "Pawn 'n Secks."
  • Added a pawnbroker in Tel’Adre that will buy any items you have. Prices are low across the board right now, I’ll add more variances later.
  • Added the bar area, though it is mostly empty.
  • Added Edryn the Centaur (you met her at the gate) encounter to the bar. Turns out if you’ve got the right equipment she’s a mercenary in more than one way…
  • Edryn’s Centaur on Centaur scene is not in yet (Sorry)!


  • Update named "Un-Pierced."
  • Added an option to remove piercings. Does not undo the original effects of the piercing but does cost 5 toughness and 100 gems.
  • Added 4 ‘Rare’ piercing materials.
  • Lethite piercings increase imp encounter rate relative to goblins.
  • Fertite increases fertility by 5% per piercing and cum production by 10% per piercing. (*abuses this*)
  • Furrite increases encounter rate for furry encounters (Jojo/Minotaur)
  • Misc other tweaks/typo fixes.


  • Update named "Pierced."
  • Tel’Adre is now encounter-able in the desert. For now anyone should be able to find it, but next build it will be locked till after the factory has been completed once for plot/dialogue clearness.
  • Tel’Adre is added to the Places menu once found.
  • Tel’Adre sports a ‘Piercing Studio’ where you can pierce 9 different body parts with 5 different types of piercings made from 8 or 9 different materials.
  • Rare expensive piercings will be coming in a later patch.


  • Update named "Exgartuan Titzilla"
  • Exgartuan can now possess boobies (could possess penises in an undocumented update).
  • Made some changes to his events to prevent them from triggering if you've suddenly lost your dick/tits somehow.
  • Exgartuan boobies have a few combat things messages and affects. Against enemies with dicks they’ll sometimes raise enemy lust. Sometimes you’ll also play with them without meaning to.
  • Exgartuan boobies have their own special masturbation sequence. Note it actually raises lust so you’ll need to masturbate normally after you manage to satisfy his desires.


  • Update named "Tamani & Fixes"
  • Tamani has been added, though her daughters haven’t.
  • Faeries can now be raped by girls and get high off pussy juice.
  • Full demon ending at the factory available if your very demonic and corrupted when you meet the secretary.
  • The secretary at the factory may not recognize you as the champion if you’re very inhuman.
  • Goo xform now properly melts wings.
  • Fixed some issues with the new farm system and encountering marble that could flub up the events.
  • Fix genderless Jojo rape. It works for tentacle-jojo but not normals.
  • Added some nipple fucking to one of the possible imp-gang scene, written by Xodin.
  • Producing very high amounts of milk while milking now has a negative effect on your intelligence, culminating in a new bad-end.


  • Update nicknamed "/d/ is for Dick-Milk"
  • Dick-Milker now useable
  • Numerous bug/typo fixes


  • Update nicknamed "Slime TF Ahoy"
  • New item 'Wet Cloth' added
  • Slime trasnformation added


  • Update nicknamed "Fixing Some Derpy Bugs"
  • Numerous bug/typo fixes
  • Bee Armor.


  • Update nicknamed "Farm Test"
  • Added a new farm submenu that will let the player select what you want to do.
  • Player has to work at the farm for your canine peppers.
  • Player can now talk to Whitney, raising intellect (to a point).
  • Player can now explore the farm and go for a run for speed boosts.
  • Added 5 new ‘rare’ canine peppers – each has all the normal peppery goodness + either extra stuff or enhanced effects that always happen.
  • Added the ability to hook up the breast/cock milkers at the farm.
  • Added the ability to USE the breast milker. (COCK MILKER NOT USABLE YET)
  • Kelt has his own button.
  • Numerous bug/typo fixes. Seriously there is a double-dick bee girl rape that’s been in a long time that was/is full of typos.


  • Update nicknamed "Deepwoods Faerie"
  • Deepwoods area unlockable (explore forest enough and you’ll discover it). Contains high probabilities of tentacle rape and corrupt glades.
  • Faerie added back into the game. She’s now catchable by males, and will be easier to catch the more you ‘interact’ with her.
  • Bee autorape no longer happens UNLESS your libido + corruption is high. Love me!


  • Update nicknamed "Barbershop Quartette"
  • Lots of goblin typos destroyed.
  • Bug in replacing existing weapons that could vape marble’s new hammer/beautiful swords destroyed.
  • Marble can now be raped. Note rape will still make her stop showing up.
  • Marble can be fought afterwards, and will try to hammer your face in. Hammer is lootable.
  • Obviously hammer weapon added too.
  • Cowgirl/boi dreams at night added.
  • Jojo can now be moved into the camp without horrible corruption for easier meditations.
  • Demons wings can be grown by the very corrupt when drinking the demonic transformation items.
  • There is now a barbershop in the mountains. Get hair cut, lengthened, or buy goblin dyes. You’ll have to pay in an odd way though… (note only 2/4 possible payments written).


  • Update nicknamed "Goblin's First Bugfix!"
  • Fixed some issues where male players would grow vaginas but not be able to conceive.
  • Everyone should now be given a fertility of at least 6% whenever they have a vagina. If your character currently has this problem you may have to lose and regain your vagina in order for it to become fixed.
  • Pregnancy will now increase your fertility by up to 3% per birth, up to a maximum natural value of 50%. This is before perks and status affects.
  • New Perk – “Brood Mother” automatically gained after a significant number of pregnancies.
  • Increases the rate of your pregnancy develops at. Stacks with Marae’s pregnancy related perk.
  • New Perk – “Acclimation” chosen at level up, this perk becomes available if your minimum lust is high enough, and reduces the rate at which you gain lust.
  • Tweaked rest/egg birthing to properly give you the ability to actually collect your egg in all circumstances.
  • New anal masturbation scene for genderless folks.
  • New hair dyes the goblin can drop.


  • Update nicknamed "Gobble-in!"
  • Added a new enemy – goblins (an all female imp equivalent).
  • New drop – goblin ale (gives you goblin-like traits and other things).
  • Various other bug fixed.


  • Update nicknamed "Timed Events Overhaul!"
  • Overhauls of the rest/wait/sleep/time passage systems.
  • Some possible errors due to new overhaul.
  • Various other bug fixed.


  • Update nicknamed "Cerulean/Marble Fixes!"
  • Fixed errors for Marble Camp Sex Scene.
  • Various other bug fixed
  • Fixed issues with the cerulean potions succubus night time encounters.


  • Update nicknamed "Odds & Ends(gigity)!"
  • New Marble Camp Sex Scene.
  • New Centaur x Sandwitch Rape Scene.
  • Various Bug Fixes
  • Lust Draft item now dropped from fetish cultists.
  • LaBova item can now be purified & Purified version can be used.

  • Update nicknamed "Drunk!"
  • Resolved numerous typos/small bugs.
  • Other unknown edits

  • Update nicknamed "Lethicite + Jojo = Tentacles!"
  • Jojo + Lethicite option. And new Jojo funtimes scene if you pursue the option.
  • Fatigue moved to ‘combat stats’.
  • Resolved an error with LaBova where a herm’s gender wouldn’t update correctly after losing the penis.
  • Resolved numerous typos/small bugs.
  • Added ‘wait’ button when wrapped up by the tentacle monster. (EDIT: Fenoxo screwed this up. Wait doesn’t let it keep attacking you. He’ll fix it next build)

  • Update nicknamed "Magic System Revision 1!"
  • Black Magic
    • Arouse - Arouses your opponent like the imp spell. More effective on highly corrupt foes.
    • Heal - Heals your wounds, but has a chance of backfiring and boosting your lust.
    • Might - Makes you stronger/tougher for the duration of combat but has a chance of backfiring.
  • White Magic
    • Charge Weapon - Increases weapon damage for the duration of combat.
    • Blind - Blinds your foe for a few rounds, increasing miss chance. Enemies might blink and resist it.
    • Whitefire - Deals direct damage regardless of enemy's defenses.
  • Miscellaneous Changes:
    • Spells use fatigue, fatigue is restored by resting or sleeping.
    • Some tweaks to sleep/rest to make them work better.
    • 2 new intelligence based perks that increase the potency of spells.


  • Update nicknamed "Spells Test!"
  • Includes six spells and the items to learn them (which drop from appropriate enemies).
  • Known Issues:
    • Spells are not correctly disabled by out of bounds lust or fatigue values.
    • Fen hasn't bothered to set up fatigue recovery from resting/waiting.

  • Update nicknamed "Camp Marble!"
  • Marble's camp entry is now more than just sex.
  • Marble will give you presents if she lives in your camp.
  • Marble will point you towards the dungeon if you haven't done it yet.
  • Added some back-end to track her anal virginity for future events.
  • Added a new item available from Marble's gifts (and droppable from a monster or two) that will make you a similar kind of cowgirl. Note that this is different from the item I want to do that gives your four nipples(TEATS!) per breasts.
  • New armor available.

  • Update nicknamed "Mild Home Improvement!"
  • Rathazul can now move into camp after the player has completed 3 transactions with him.
  • The imp gangbang will become much more common as the player births more imps.
  • There is a new 'followers' screen the player can use to access Marble/Jojo/Rathazul, although obviously Marble/Jojo are still strictly sex.
  • Added 'reducto' item to Rathazul's stock once he moved into camp. I think the name implies what it can be used for well enough.
  • Added an option at Rathazul to use a portion of the Lethicite to grow a canopy of vines as a defense (to protect against troublesome airborn foes who like to gangbang, and any others that come in time.)

  • Update nicknamed "Preggers Fix!"
  • Fixed some bugs with birthing triggers and the enhanced Ovi Elixers pregnancy speed increase.
  • Resolved a rare issue with minotaur blood that could cause it to crash when players without a penis used it.
  • Resolved an issue with my cockDescript function that could result in crashes.
  • Added the male/alternate imp gangbang scene (switches between asshole/vagina as appropriate).

  • Update nicknamed "Random Gangbang!"
  • Tweaked Kelt's archery values so they raise a bit quicker (and actually go up).
  • Balanced the rate submission climbs for kelt a bit.
  • Buffed the Bee Sting attack players can get (requires less stored venom to use, both the lust and paralization effects are better).
  • Small marble tweaks.
  • Hooves from Minotaur Blood are wayyyy easier to get.
  • If you can keep from getting fucked in the vagina/butt they will regain tightness over time.
  • Kelt doesn't expect to find tits on you if you're a dude now.
  • Modified the intro to his bad-end epilogue so it makes a bit more sense for how your character would up like that.
  • Male centaurs no longer receive the brood mare bad-end. Genderless are still vulnerable!
  • High int will warn you once if you are a centaur before you get the centaur bad-end.
  • Fixed some bugs in whiteny/kelt encounter rate.
  • There is now a small chance of being gang-banged by imps when you sleep. The chance is higher if you are in heat. Centaur males will not see this event. The scenes are very long (6-7 pages each in word).
  • The 'speed up pregnancy' of Oviposition elixers is much much stronger on long pregnancies now.

  • Update nicknamed "Kelt Preggers & Bad-End!"
  • Kelt now has a bad end if submissiveness gets to high.
  • Kelt now has bad end if you are a centaur. Stay the fuck away from him if you don't want to become his breeder.
  • The players hidden 'submissiveness' value now declines over time, so you can stay away from Kelt to lower it.
  • Kelt can now impregnate you if you are in heat and land the right scene.


  • Update nicknamed "Bows and Horsedicks!"
  • Added a new encounter at the farm with a centaur named Kelt (Male).
  • Kelt has a bad end and possibly a pregnancy planned but they are not available at the moment.
  • Added a new secondary weapon (its a key item, not a replacement for your current weapon) in the form of a bow.
  • Added a special attack for using the bow.
  • Tweaked and fixed some more Marble (a cowgirl at the farm) stuff.


  • Update nicknamed "Marbled Bug Squishin'"
  • Various fixes to the logic in Marble's events.
  • Fixed a few holes where withdrawl and/or marble's milk were not being properly applied/removed.


  • Update nicknamed "Marble Madness Test1"
  • The trees in the corrupted glade can now be interacted with in high-corruption scenarios.
  • A new encounter at the farm involving the cow-girl, Marble. She won't appear till the farm is in your places tab (50% chance after that). Be aware that she is a vastly different type of encounter than Jojo.


  • Update nicknamed "Uber Update"
  • Worms can now be removed by pure Jojo or Giacomo (for a fee).
  • Various small tweaks to some sex-scenes to better accommodate centaurs.
  • New victory rape scene for defeating imps (remember, you can only beat imps if you beat them with lust) and centaur characters. In total it was a 9 page word document so hopefully it will satisfy you centaur-ifiles.
  • New orally focused loss-scene for the minotaur (50% chance - disabled for centaurs because it wouldn't make sense).
  • Minotaur autorape chances have been tweaked to be more easily avoided.
  • Added perk descriptions to the perk display page. These will only appear for new characters or perks that have been gained since this update.
  • If you have hooves the equinum bad end will not happen until after you've got full centuar. This should make centaur grinding a bit easier.
  • Added a new and potentially fourth-wall breaking event in the mountains if you go there at a low level, are weak, and run into a minotaur.


  • Update nicknamed "Fixed Foilage"
  • Resolved hangup in imp rape.
  • Resolved some tentacle bugs.
  • Resolve some minotaur urethral penetration issues.
  • Other stuff
  • Fixed typos.
  • Large Blue eggs now remove multiple breast rows (1 at a time).
  • Put a number of error-catching/reporting checks into the various body part description functions to prevent crashes and allow me to fix them more easily.


  • Update nicknamed 'Knee-Jerk Bugfix 2'
  • Fixed a few typos in cunt/ass stretching.
  • Fixed anal virginity loss not reporting.
  • Fixed speed and intelligence being in reverse order on the level up stat selection list.
  • Fixed a few typos.
  • Whitney's farm is now a bit easier to relocate to places (and a bit more clear when it does.)
  • Minotaur double-dick scene should be a bit easier to encounter.


  • Update nicknamed 'Fickle Foilage'
  • Untested by Fenoxo as of Aug. 4th, 2011 (might be buggy)
  • The boat will now find Marae much more often since the lake is so boring atm.
  • Tentacle Monster is now fightable
  • A new bad-end has arrived for when you lose to the tentacle beast numerous times as a corrupt herm. Pro-tip: Don't lose!
  • New herm-multicock on bee-girl victory rape event by Mallowman.
  • Additional tentacle monster loss rape text for very milky players.
  • New player-on-bee double-dick rape text available. The text is pretty damned messy so there may be typos or run on sentence.
  • Minotaur Urethral Penetration rape scene by Nightshade. Requires dick <= 4" thick, and greater than 14 inches of length.)
  • The option to take the incubus' member now exists for those who like that sort of thing.
  • Anal stretching now happens.
  • Tweaked vaginal stretching
  • Bee girls now support centaurs (mostly just small changes to the sex).
  • More typo fixes.
  • Tentacle monster no longer always shows up in debug mode (and fixed a bug with the imp overlapping it).
  • Fixed an issue with some of the bee-girl text missing.


  • Update nicknamed 'Final Dungeon Release'
  • Fixed a bug that caused equinum to crash out when trying to change your dick to an equine member.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause bee-rape to crash out (and cause next to loop to a fresh rape scene a few times).
  • Fixed a big with key item removal. Trading away hentai comics should now properly remove it from your key items.
  • Rewrote item storage to be more efficient and stop claiming its full before you even pick an item (potentially buggy).
  • Rewrote a chunk of the inventory system to avoid losing an old equipped weapon when switching to a new one from a stack of multiples.
  • Reworded some of the breast/nipple masturbation to prevent nonsensical phrasing.
  • Corrupt Jojo now drops Incubi Drafts and Succubi Milk.
  • Enter/Space are now hotkeyed to 'LEAVE' as well. This should make Giacomo and the Alchemist a bit less painful to encounter.
  • Perks/Appearance buttons now hide when leveling up, to prevent you from accidentally leaving the level up choices before picking a stat/perk to increase/gain.
  • Fixed many typos.


  • Update nicknamed 'Dungeon Release Candidate 4'
  • Purified succubus milk no longer changes skin color.
  • The beautiful sword event no longer functions once marae becomes corrupt.
  • If marae's text gives you a vagina, you actually get one.
  • If you shut down the factory and then submit to the incubus it is now handled appropriately (with violence!)
  • The incubus can now take virginities.
  • Genderless characters will now be given a vagina to enjoy the full 'losing to an omnibus' experience.


  • Update nicknamed 'Dungeon Release Candidate 3'
  • Fixed VAGINA error for genderless people failing to steal a crystal.
  • Losing to the incubus after shutting down the factory does not generate a bad end.
  • Incubus Draft can no longer shrink tits to nothing.
  • BreastCup Error reporting has been improved.
  • Gro+ has been renamed to GroPlus to avoid font problems.
  • Combat resolution has been improved and certain monsters will no longer leave you 'stuck' in combat with 100 lust.
  • Hitting GroPlus for your clit, then encountering the tentacle monster should no longer report your clit swelling to a smaller size.


  • Update nicknamed 'Dungeon Release Candidate 2'
  • Hellhound/Oviposition pregnancy mixmatch fixed.
  • Corrupt people can now find the dungeon after getting punted by Marae.
  • You can no longer ignore the incubus once you enter his room (unless he has something to distract him.)
  • Genderless succubus loss no longer presumes you have a pussy.
  • Genderless incubus rape no longer has you shooting off an imaginary penis.
  • Tweaked combat victory/loss determining slightly to reduce the chances of triggering simultaneous losses or victories.
  • Many typos and small gender bits in dungeon sex scenes resolved.


  • Update nicknamed 'Dungeon Release Candidate 1'
  • A new dungeon containing: Three New Monsters, Multiple New Items, Multiple Bad Ends, and One New Perk.
  • New perks available at leveling up.
  • New encounters at the lake, starting when you find a boat (prerequisite to entering the dungeon). These encounters include two new perks and bad end.
  • Players can now acquire a demon cock through an event in the factory.
  • Masturbation has been updated with a few tweaks for the new cock type.
  • Wait command has been added to combat.
  • Dungeon now appears in the places menu once discovered.
  • Masturbation is not possible while inside the dungeon.
  • Saving is not possible while inside the dungeon.
  • Breasts now grow slower as they get larger. Game breaking tits should be nigh impossible (unless you spam debug mode) now.
  • Fixed many bugs with the early dungeon test builds. There are probably many more.


  • Update nicknamed 'Testing 123'
  • Turned down the fail on the imp food height shrinkage. It will work for sure next build.
  • Retooled canine peppers, equinum, and minotaur blood. Changes will now happen in the following order (if appropriate, mino blood/equinum are a little different): Tail -> Ears -> Feet -> Fur -> Face. This should make it easier to stay /d/ without going full furry.
  • Canine Pepper breast enlargement/growth should now only happen if you have a vagina.
  • Changing to a centaur with minotaur blood & equinum had its probabilities lowered since most scenes do not accommodate centaurs.
  • Minotaur face morphing will require you to be nearly eight feet tall before you gain a minotaur's visage.
  • Minotaur horns require you to have a minotaur tail and ears before appearing.
  • Many of the minotaur's cosmetic changes had their success chance lowered to be more in line with the Peppers & Equinum.
  • Your race in appearance may show as 'bee-morph' or 'minotaur-morph' now.
  • Logic for placing items in storage will now fill stacks with room before starting a new one.
  • Work started on overhauling tits to allow partial growth (thus allowing slow growth as they get larger).
  • The Hellhound is now properly credited to 'The Dark Master' in the credits.


  • Update nicknamed 'Fetish Expansion'
  • Imp Food will now allow you to reduce your height down to about 3'6".
  • Added a bad end to the fetish cultist if you lose to them with low enough intellect.
  • Added a new player on fetish-cultist as a nun scene.


  • Update nicknamed 'Hotdogs'
  • Hellhounds event added


  • Whitney's Farm will no longer be encountered at the lake once it is in the places tab.
  • There is a new low-probability encounter at the lake with a potential new weapon that scales in power based on your purity.
  • Comfortable clothes should no longer disappear when equipping new armor.
  • The fetish outfits will revert to comfortable clothes if unequipped.
  • Five 'natural' colored hair dyes are now in the game, purchaseable for 50Gems from Rathazul.
  • All items should now have tooltips.
  • Coded in an in-camp storage system, to be unlocked by finding chests during your exploration. Only 1 chest coded so far


  • Raping the ooze should no longer sometimes give fetish cultist rape scenes.
  • Herm double-rape scene for the fetish cultist has been fixed.
  • Minotaur Blood's height change now happens somewhat more often and gives a larger increase in height.
  • Fixed a duplicate line in the cunt-nipple masturbation scene.
  • Places can no longer be accessed when debilitatingly aroused.
  • Bee-girl rape option is removed for the genderless.
  • Fixed purified incubus drafts still adding corruption.
  • Losing to the fetish cultist now makes you slightly dumber and leaves a little lust behind.
  • More typos fixed.
  • Fetish cultist now focuses on entirely lust-based attacks.
  • Lots of typos/tweaks to the fetish cultist rape scenes.


  • Fixed typo of 'bed' instead of 'bet' in alchemist encounter.
  • Debug mode no longer force you to lay black eggs.
  • Items are no longer equippable in debug mode to prevent weirdness and bug reports for things that aren't bugs.
  • Black eggs will now lay the correct size of egg.
  • Fixed a bug with running from the worms that could result in you being in combat with your last foe.
  • Fixed a bug where the runner perk would malfunction and cause weirdness.
  • Fixed the gel armor to be plural like all other armor names ('comfortable clothes, etc).
  • Fixed the fetish cultist so the text at the end properly reflects whether or not your armor is permanently changed.
  • The Fetish Cultist's 'penis' sex scene should now work fine for those with a singular penis.


  • Fixed some of the masturbation for nipplecunts + single cocks that are long enough to autofellate.
  • Fixed some errors in the masturbation code regarding multi-cocks + nipplecunts, as well as few that could crash out of the masturbation scene.
  • New loss scene when losing via lust to imps. The scene requires your primary cock to be at least 4 inches thick. (Urethral insertions ahoy!)
  • Added "black rubber eggs" to the game. They can transform your skin/hair to rubber or latex. Hair/skin will match materials, though which you get is the luck of the draw. Not you need a large egg to actually get the skin transformation.
  • Added a "Fetish Cultist" encounter to the lake who can sometimes change the player's clothing into something a bit more...fetishy.
  • Adding a droppable riding crop item to the new fetish-cultist.
  • Added a droppable axe to the minotaurs with axes (sometimes it breaks before you can take it, and you have to be big enough for it.)
  • Added an alchemist.
  • Added a non-consumable green-gel drop to the slimes.
  • Added a use for the green-gel drop.
  • The alchemist may purify certain demonic potions for a fee. Purification removes the demon-specific morph effects and the +corruption effects of the item.
  • The places menu will appear after encountering Whitney's farm enough times, allowing you to go directly to the farm.


  • Capped Gore damage @ 35 for normal hits and 70 for crits.
  • Removed automatic mention of tattered scrolls from sand-witch whether she dropped them or not.
  • Recoded nippleDescript() to reference nippleCunts more.
  • Fixed a bug in winning against the demon pack that would set your lust to a very high value.
  • Fixed cerulean potion so you stop thinking Giacomo has cheated you after experiencing one first-hand.
  • Bee-girl has two new multicock rape scenes.


  • AutoSave - There is now an autosave feature that will save your character at the conclusion of each night of rest. This can be turned on/off from the data menu (not at the title screen though as it is re-set upon character creation).
  • Fixed 'eggs eggs' appearing when getting the egg-count during birth.
  • Fixed a VAGINA ERROR in one of the new minotaur texts. I accidentally used vaginaDescript() instead of assDescript(). WRONG HOLE, WRONG HOLE!
  • Fixed failing to run away from the worms.
  • Fixed Jojo so you can no longer use him as a masturbation aid when genderless (Sorry!)
  • Fixed getting "flankthighs" for your hipdescript().
  • Added nipple-length tracking. Not fully supported yet.
  • Added fuckable nipples.
  • Added white egg that will grow nipple length. Large white eggs can give nipplecunts. Old masturbation code should be good to go with them, but it's untested and pretty experimental.


  • Debug is back to off by default.
  • Being pregnant with oviposition elixer should no longer break the appearance screen.
  • Slime monster should take virginities and stretch cunts as appropriate.


  • Ovi Elixer item that will allow you to lay different colored eggs (blue/pink/purple/brown done).
  • 'Who Cares' button fixed as well as the problem that could result in you seeing worms despite picking 'turned off'.
  • Fixed worm rape scenes not showing when you lose to them by a method other than the infest attack.
  • Fixed multi-cock tentacle masturbation (had a few blank spots in it)
  • Two minotaur scenes involving multicocks (requires tentacle-dick)
  • New multicock vs sandwitch variant.
  • New knot-the-sandwitch scene.


  • Infest tool-tip now contains more information about how it works.
  • Dangerous Plants now has a tooltip in Giacomo's shop.
  • Losing to the demon pack via HP defeat should now properly exit combat.
  • Losing to the demon pack when infested should no longer end with imp events.
  • Worms should now be removed by loving all male endowments.
  • Added a 'who cares' toggle to the worms selection event that allows you to still encounter them, but at a lower rate.
  • Vines in the forest will wind up in your mouth more often.
  • Credits screen added to the title menu. Time to give my contributors some limelight.


  • Made perks button disappear properly on new game.
  • Fixed demon pack encounter to reduce vagina errors and prevent genderless players from encountering the rape scene.
  • Fixed "vagina error" for non female players at the oasis sex-scene.
  • It is now easier to gain a tail from canine peppers.
  • Minotaur blood can now change your ears/face.
  • New worms encounter available at the mountain, and totally avoidable if it grosses you out.
  • f1-f5 quicksave to slots 1-5, f6-f10 quickload from slots 1-5.
  • Obligatory typo fixes.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the dream text from displaying in certain situations.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented demonic items from properly re-applying a human face.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented your lower body from changing to paws if it was already morphed by something else.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented bee-girls from dropping bee honey.
  • Recoded item looting to fix a few small bugs that would cause weirdness when looting.
  • Added a new oasis encounter to the desert, complete with a horny pack of demons who want to rape you.
  • Added 'perks' button to view your current perks.
  • Updated perks to automatically alphabetize perks as they are gained. Those with old save files will not benefit from this change until creating a new character.


  • Canine/Horse bad ends now bad end slightly less often and give you more warning before hand.
  • Equine cosmetic changes now have some bold text to make them harder to miss.
  • Standard lust gain/hour has been approximately halved, however depending on your libido & corruption you may trigger sexy dreams that boost lust. The dream you get is random based on the differing attributes you have. Dreams are fairly limited, but I'll accept text for any hot-ass dreams anyone wants to write. Also there is a dream that foreshadow's the new dungeon
  • The "Messy Orgasms" perk will now multiply cum output by 150%, in addition to the initial cum multiplier boost it provides.
  • The "Fertility+" perk now also multiplies cum output by 150%. Yes they stack.
  • Whitney's farm now causes an hour to pass.
  • Getting your 'reward' for the wanderer event now causes an hour to pass.
  • More demonic cosmetic changes are bolded for emphasis.
  • Succubi's Delight no longer increases your cum multiplier or ball size if you don't have a penis.
  • Ears are now tracked separately from face, giving you a bit more warning before you get stuck with an animal-muzzle.
  • The succubi/incubi items now will re-humanize your face (but not ears) before they can defur you.
  • Appearance is updated to deal with the new ear code. Really just minor changes, let me know if any wonkyness shows up.
  • Updated Tooltips for all existing perks.
  • Added a "BeeHony" item that can be gotten from defeating bee girls. It is the same as pure honey only it does not help with corruption


  • Canine/Horse faces are now approximately as easy to acquire. Before horse faces were many times easier to get than dog faces, now it is a bit more balanced.
  • Fixed a bug where the minotaur could get you pregnant with mouse-babies.
  • You no longer silently gain antennae when losing horns from pure honey.
  • Putting an item into a slot that already has five of that item in it no longer destroys the entire stack.
  • Added 4 new perks - Two for libido and two for corruption.
  • Fixed a bug that would prevent players with the Tank perk from properly healing.
  • Basic Whitney implementation copied from UTG.
  • Stimbelt and All-Natural Stimbelt now take your virginity.
  • Multiple cock descriptions should now properly accommodate tentacle dicks.
  • Fixed Equinum to properly change a single tentacle-cock back to a horse cock.When you have no room in your inventory, you may now immediately use an item when you find it.
  • Fixed Canine Peppers so they no longer silently morph your dog-cock to a tentacle cock.
  • Added 'qwert' hotkeys for the bottom 5 buttons, making left-handed play easier.
  • Added a new event in the desert (though it doesn't happen very often) and a new item to make balls bigger than before.


  • Fixed a few small errors in slime rape scene.
  • Fixed a bug where regeneration would restore you to full health every round.
  • Added tooltips for: Cerulean Potion, Jojo Masturbation, Gore, Sting.
  • Fixed metric fuckton of typos.
  • Fixed a bug in canine peppers that could give you a negative cup-size for your third breast row.
  • Item slot 5 will now properly load.
  • All-Natural Stim-Belt now clears the text
  • Fixed something with minotaurs that could cause no display if you had any of the new feet morphs.
  • Hotkeys no longer stop working if you click on a button that disappears.
  • Losing your bee abdomen to a demonic tail now has more appropriate text.


  • Fixed a bug that would prevent the new masturbation menu from appearing.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the regular stim-belt from working sometimes.
  • Fixed up a bug in the corrupted glade where big hips could prevent butt growth.
  • Tail-venom recharge rate gain from pure honey increased 25%, max raised approx 15%.
  • Bee-wing's are in (small/large versions).
  • Large bee wings make it easier to escape combat (enemy is considered 20 points slower for the calculation).
  • Pregnancies can now enlarge your hips or ass. Some pregnancies do either, some only do hips or butt. All of them have different limits on how high they will change either attribute.
  • Minotaur horns now allow a special 'gore' attack. Horns must be a minimum size of six inches to be used for gore, and smaller horns miss more often/do less damage.
  • Jojo is now encountered 60% less often after being raped.
  • Corrupted Glade now occurs more often, tentacle beast and tripping less often.
  • Coded the Strong Back, Strong Back 2, Regeneration, Evade, Runner, and Tank Perks. I'm trying to get the first 2 perks for the main stats done first, then I'll double it up later to 4 for each stat down the road. The above are Strength/Toughness/Speed.
  • New User Interface - textured buttons, new button fonts, a background image & sidebar borders. It's a big step up. I also made sure all buttons and sidebar things are better aligned, so they should look slightly better.
  • Fixed a bug that let imps almost always knock you up.
  • New Slime Monster - ignore the item drop text, it isn't done yet.


  • Bee encounter rate halved
  • Fleeing now properly advances time.
  • Bees are now flagged as having vaginas in the code and should show arousal messages in combat.
  • Imp Food now clears old text when used.
  • Fixed Traveler's Guide bug - it should now recognize you own it immediately at Giacomo's, and it will now offer a chance to avoid the bee-girl.
  • Added rough but alphabetizer to key items to make the list a bit more manageable.
  • Pure Honey now adds antennae, changes your legs to be chitinous up to your mid-thigh, and allows you to grow a bee abdomen with stinger (Sting attacks not coded yet).
  • Masturbation Menu retooled to allow you to select any of your onaholes or stimbelts.
  • Giacomo's Erotica Store & Masturbation Menu item names shortened to fit, and given pop-up tooltips.
  • Tons of typo fixes


  • Bee encounter-able in the forest.
  • Pure Honey added, but is unfinished. It only has a few mild effects at the moment.
  • Updated stimbelt/onahole to have texts for repeated use.
  • There is a new bad-end for one of the sex-toys
  • Minor bug/typo-fixes.


  • Minotaur gender change that would result in you seeing many "VAGINA ERROR"s as well as some events locking is fixed.
  • Minotaur blood ball growth effect now actually happens.
  • Minotaur blood cow tail should no longer keep happening after you get one.
  • Fixed a "fur under your fur" typo in the description.
  • Fixed a few small other typos.
  • Tweaked tentacle encounter rate significantly. (also added in some relatively rare filler events)
  • Jojo bug that would result in him starting with less than his proper amount of HP once corrupted.
  • Minotaurs sometimes (33% of the time) have an axe that gives them +25 str. This will now properly display in their appearance.
  • Some others I probably forgot. I had a big long list in the comments of the last post but blogger decided it didn't like it and ate it.
  • Added basic leveling system
  • Some work with key items to make ready for Giacomo's triumphant return.
  • Work started on adding a new item (imp food). It's very basic.
  • Work started on some new plant encounters.

Unnamed Text Game

Current Release: 0.2.6B