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A secondary Blacksmith's Stand that can be found in Tel'Adre. Whilst Yvonne's blacksmithery sells armor, this nameless and short-tempered husky-morph sells weapons instead.

Items for Purchase


Name Description Cost in


Attack Notes
Large Claymore A massive sword that a very strong warrior might use. 1000 15 Has a strength requirement of 40. Classed as a large weapon. Item Code: Claymor


A huge war hammer made almost entirely of steel that only the strongest warriors could use. 1600 15 Has a strength requirement of 80. Classed as a large weapon, and may cause the enemy to become stunned. Item Code: Warhamr
Katana A curved blade that cuts through flesh with the greatest of ease. 500 10 Ignores 5 points of an enemy's armor defense. Item Code: [Katana ]
Spear A staff with a sharp blade at the tip designed to pierce through the toughest armor. 450 8 Ignores all of an enemy's armor defense.

Item Code: [Spear ]

Coiled Whip A coiled length of leather designed to lash your foes into submission. 500 5 Attacks may cause foes to gain lust.

Item Code: [Whip ]

Wizard's Staff An oddly bent piece of solid wood favored by spell casters. It is said to be made from one of Marae's roots and allow for easier magic use. 350 3 Grants the Wizard's Focus perk, reducing spellcasting costs by 40%.

Item Code: W.Staff



This pair of metal gauntlets have the knuckles tipped with sharp spikes. 400 5 May cause the enemy to be stunned.

Item Code: S.Gaunt

Flail A weapon consisting of a metal spiked ball attached to a stick by chain. 200 10 Classed as a medium weapon.
Wingstick A tri-bladed throwing weapon. A Wingstick is only good for one use. 16 N/A Not an equippable weapon, but can be used in combat to attack the foe. Deals 40-100 damage with each hit.

Item Code: W.Stick

Encounter Weapons

Beautiful Sword - Attack: Varies. Area: Lake

Dragon-Shell Shield - Attack: N/A Area: Swamp

Eldritch Staff - Attack:UNK Area: Tower of the Phoenix Quest

Hooked Gauntlets - Attack:8 Area: Lake

Inscribed Spell-blade - Attack:8 Area: The Wet Bitch, Tel'adre

Jeweled Rapier - Attack:13 Area: Deep Cave -Fungal Pod Fight

Large Axe - Attack:15 Area:Mountain - Minotaur Fight

Large Hammer - Attack:16 Area: Farm, Marble Rape

Lust Dagger - Attack: UNK Area: Boat, Fetish Zealot

Pipe - Attack:UNK NPC: Green Slime, Goo-girl, Akbal

Riding Crop - Attack:5 Area: Lake, Fetish Cultist

Succubi Whip - Attack:10 Area: Deep Cave, Bought from Sean

Vulpine Rapier - Attack:UNK Area: Campsite

Wizard's Staff - Attack: 3