Aunora & Ikora

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Aunora & Ikora



Aunora & Ikora by Moira
Creator QuestyRobo
Full name Aunora & Ikora
Alias Marefolk Stylists
Species Marefolk
Gender Female (Ikora)
Hermaphrodite (Aunora)
Occupation Stylists
Family Each Other (Sisters)
Location Marefolk Village
Version Added 0.5.4


You jump a little when you realize the voice didn't come from her. You look around and don't see anyone else. Before you fully commit to the idea that the tent is haunted, a small horse face peers over the counter. "Apologies, I seem to have misplaced my stool. Welcome to Ponytails! Keeping everyone beautiful for four generations! I'm Ikora and this is my little sister Aunora."

Little in age only, obviously.

"We offer a wide variety of services for fashion-minded adventurers such as yourself, at a modest price. Dyes, hair cuts, beard trims, the works! So, what'll you be having today?"

Aunora & Ikora are the Marefolk sisters that run Ponytails, the cosmetic shop in the Marefolk Village.


Ikora is the smaller of the two sisters by a significant margin. At just a tad over five feet, she's small by the standards of many of the races in the Marches, but among the marefolk, she's downright diminutive.

Her fur is brown and as well-trimmed and maintained as you'd expect from a stylist. Her hair is dirty blonde and mostly pulled back into two large braids. Atop her head sits a red bandana. Her feminine muzzle is topped by a pair of large, glossy red lips. Her bright blue eyes shimmer and shine as she looks at you.

Her torso is covered by a long dress that hangs down to her calves. It's primarily yellow with patterns of red, blue, and light green scattered throughout. Underneath that, you see a pair of red pants with a decorative gold frill. Despite the looseness of her clothing, her over-generous curves shine through easily. Two mammoth tits hang off of her chest like a pair of prize-winning watermelons, wobbling so freely with even the slightest jostle that it's plainly obvious that her dress is the only thing keeping them covered.

Her tremendous hips give her a heavy hourglass figure that's plain to see through her dress. Around back, her plump rear makes a similar impression to her chest; the massive spheres of her ass cheeks bounce and sway at every provocation, giving the height-challenged horse-folk a very bouncy swing in her step.

Aunora may be younger, but she's by far the larger of the two. Standing a few inches over eight feet, she's fairly tall even among the marefolk.

Like her sister, she has brown fur and dark blonde hair. Her hair is fairly short by comparison, only having it come down to around her cheeks. She wears a red headband, similar to Ikora's but with more ornate patterns. Her lips are painted a glossy black and her horse ears are adorned with large, decorative ornaments. Aunora's eyes are the same shade of bright blue as her sister's, though there's a hint of pink around her irises.

Aunora's dress is far more ornate and layered than Ikora's. The top layer is mostly black with stripes of red, decorated with white patterns. Underneath that is a red shirt with golden patterns and frills and a large, white skirt with red trim and red pants underneath. Unlike Ikora, Aunora is mostly flat-chested, so her dress isn't tented by any massive breasts. The dress also gives no indication of how muscular Aunora is. She's no body-builder, but she could give some of the village's warriors some work-out tips.

Underneath her dress you know she has an around eighteen inch horsecock with apple-sized testes hanging underneath. Despite her unimpressive upper body, her lower body is decidedly more robust. She has scrumptiously wide hips leading into thick, muscular thighs and a big, meaty bubble butt.


Aunora & Ikora's prompt menu.

  • Appearance: Stare at them uncomfortably and make awkward observations about their genitals.
  • Talk: Just get to know them a bit.
    • Them: Start simple, ask about the duo.
    • Aunora: Ask what she means when she says Aunora is "different."
    • The Shop: Ask about their shop. It’s certainly… unique.
    • Libido
  • Services (See Ponytails)
  • Sex: Get some action from the equine sisters.


You’ll need to get to know the sisters a bit before you can sex them.

  • Get Railed: Let Aunora run wild on you while you and Ikora do stuff, maybe even lewd stuff.
  • Service
    • Ikora: She may be small, but she’s definitely filling!
    • Aunora: You want a tall glass of what she has!
  • Rail: Take one of the sisters to pound town. Heck, maybe both, if you’ve got it in you!
    • Ikora: Classic, feminine, and compact. Perfect for a manly dicking!
    • Aunora: Strong, muscular, yet still sinfully thick. You’re sure she’s a wild ride!