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The full list of background races is not yet available, but will be as the other wiki pages are updated,
hence the outdated category

Races under this page are those that are mentioned to exist, whether that be within the game's mechanics or in the world itself, but do not have a character that can be interacted with. Additionally these races do not have a codex entry and may only be mentioned in passing conversation. If a race under this page does get an interactable character or a codex entry, they will be moved to their own race page.


With the addition of the Ursus Bulb transformative item in version 0.3.46, came the addition of Ursine body types. Ursine body types fall under the Bearfolk race, although there is no other mention of Bearfolk. Related terms: Bear, Grizzly, Ursine.


With the addition of the Pink Truffle transformative item in version 0.2.34, came the addition of Swine body types. This body type does not fall under any set race. The term Porcine is only found in appearance, under the context of having a "...a set of porcine hooves.", and the other is when the Champion describes the grunting noises Arona gives as she wallows like a pig atop the ancient jotun treasury in the Abyssal Depths during the events of the Winter Wolf.


Primarily mentioned when referencing the appearance of the satyr-like Fountain Goddess, and Wooden Pipes are traditionally associated with satyrs. With the addition of the Ampela Grapes transformative item in version 0.5.15, it became possible for the Champion to be recognized as one. Related terms: Goat, Faun, Caprine, Goat-like, Buck.