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This page contains a list of Frequently Asked Questions and their corresponding answers.

What happens if my question isn't here?

Please post the question in the forum's Questions & Answers for CoC2 (link:[1]) and it may be answered by staff or community members.

I found a bug, where do I put it?

Please post the bug and its details under the forum:([2]). Please do read up on bug report formatting ([3]) to make the lives of the coders much easier.

My user interface looks weird/Text doesn't align well

Please note that CoC2 (browser version) is only supported by Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, other browsers such as Internet Explorer, Microsoft Edge, Safari and Opera are not supported and will most probably have multiple user interface issues but the game itself should still be playable.

Character X or Item Y isn't on the wiki, why?

The main editor is cripplingly slow, my apologies.

I would like to contribute to the wiki, where can I help?

As much as possible please ask in the forums CoC2 Wiki thread here: [4] or in the CoC2 channel in the Public Fenchat (Discord). This is primarily done to prevent conflicts, set and instruct formatting guides and to prevent arguments with people on high-horses.

Multiplayer when?


Will CoC2 have a [Insert Language] translation?

Before we even get into the technical issues with a translation, I want you to take the following into consideration: the average novel has anywhere from 60k to 90k words. As such, you're looking at the effective equivalent of roughly 19 novels worth of text to translate. According to this, an experienced professional translator can translate around 2.5k words a day. If you were a professional translator who could attain these translation speeds, it would take you approximately two years to catch up to the game's current state. With this in mind, it's worth noting that several of our writers can produce upwards of 3k words a day, and do so regularly.

Now we get to the technical issues with a translation: the parser system. The "simple" parser system would need completely reworked, a task similar in scale to the translation, as you'll have to completely rework the grammar rules that it follows and make sure that it works in any given translation point. Meanwhile, in order to properly translate, you'd be forced to completely rework any other existing parser usage in the game, as the placement and formatting of each is incredibly dependent on the minute mechanics of the English language.
Balak Knightfang

I would like to write a new thing for CoC2, where do I start?

There is an Event Writer's Guide found in the forums: ([5]). Please read as well the various sticky threads found in the CoC2's Event Submissions section: ([6]).

I would like to write a scene for an existing character

Please do ask the writer/author of the character and staff before doing so. This is to avoid a waste of effort. See as well the links of the question above.

How do I play/access Backer builds?

To play backer builds, one must be a current Patreon for CoC2 (link:[7]) and the patreon account must be linked with the Fenoxo's Blog account (link:[8]). Note that the Blog account is different from the forums account should one already have one. To link accounts, go to the Profile tab (found in the blog) and look for CoC2 Backer Status, there should be a Log in with Patreon option.

Once the two accounts have been connected, simply go to the Backer Builds tab and play the desired version.

What Flashplayer do I need to run CoC2?

CoC2 is made using JavaScript such that the download version has its own standalone executable application.

"CoC2 is almost entirely JavaScript. I use a lot of ES6+ stuff. I use React for the UI. No major frameworks other than React are used. It's all it's own scratch engine."
—Upcast Drake, lead coderman

My Save is suddenly corrupted!

Please make sure that you are playing on the current or newer version of CoC2 that the save made made on. Loading a save that was made on a newer version to an older version will list the save as corrupted.

Can't run CoC2 on PC?

CoC2 requires a 64-bit operating system, if you have a 32-bit operating system you'd have to stick with the browser version.

What Android Version Do I Need To Run CoC2?

Minimum playable is version 6, however the UI will work as intended on versions 9 and newer.

How do I open the downloaded version?

Sometimes when downloading a version of CoC2, it becomes an unknown file type. Simply rename the file with a .zip or .apk (if on mobile) and the problem should be fixed.

Save Editor Related Questions

Please note that the Save Editor is not officially supported, such that questions and bugs involving it will not be entertained by the staff.

When do the Public Builds usually come out?

Public builds are monthly and usually come out on the 2nd week of the month.

How updated are Public Builds compared to Backer Builds?

My local saves are gone!

If you had done any of the following:

  • Cleared browser cache
  • Played in Incognito mode
  • Ran any cleanup software
  • System was low on storage space

Then your saves were most probably deleted, it is highly recommended that you occasionally use the Save to File option found in the game.

How do I upload my icon?

There is technically no pixel resolution limit but the file itself must be a maximum size of 30Kb.

Can I become a Taur?

No, the player cannot become a Taur. It is because Taur content has very limited support and not every writer is willing to accommodate for it.

How do I dual-wield?

Dual wielding if both weapons have the [Light] category.

Where do I get [Reagent Name] for Alchemy?

Reagents are purchased from Ivris at Hawkethorne.

Transformative Questions

How do I grow/lose a Cock?

Consuming any of the items (mixed with their corresponding Reagent) will do the trick.

Item Change Reagent
Blue Egg Grow Turgid Mushroom
Minoblood Wine Swap (with Vagina)
Cackle Berry
Belharan Stew
Wyld Wine
Milk Candy

How do I grow/lose Balls?

Consuming any of the items (mixed with their corresponding Reagent) will do the trick.

Item Change Reagent
Blue Egg Grow Chestnut
Minoblood Wine
Ring Peach
Glitter Dust
Pink Egg Remove

How do I grow/lose Breasts?

Consuming any of the items (mixed with their corresponding Reagent) will do the trick.

Item Change Reagent
Blue Egg Lose Wild Melon
Minoblood Wine
Pink Egg Grow
Gold Egg
Bovum Sherry
Manticore Nip
Cinderleaf Grow (if Female)

How do I grow/lose a Vagina?

Consuming any of the items (mixed with their corresponding Reagent) will do the trick.

Item Change Reagent
Pink Egg Grow Lush Orchid
Milk Tea
Gold Egg Swap (with Cock and Balls)
Bovum Sherry