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Hip Size is one of the stats that determines a character's appearance. It is defined as a number, normally between 1 and 20 (with 20 described as "inhumanly wide") but can be increased even further.


Your hip size is included in the description of the character viewable by clicking on the "Appearance" button. The description doesn't specify the hip size in numbers though, instead it includes one of a selection of phrases. Each value has several descriptive phrases and one of them is chosen at random:

Hip Size Descriptions
1 Boyish hips/thighs

Tiny hips/thighs

2-3 Narrow hips/thighs

Slender hips/thighs Thin hips/thighs

4-5 Hips/thighs

Well-formed hips/thighs

6-8 Ample hips/thighs

Girly hips/thighs Noticeable hips/thighs

9-14 Flared hips/thighs

Curvy hips/thighs Wide hips/thighs

15-19 Child-breaing hips/thighs

Fertile hips/thighs Voluptous hips/thighs

20 Broodmother-sized hips/thighs

Cow-like hips/thighs Inhumanhly-wide hips/thighs


Initial Hip Size

A character's hip size at the start of the game depends on his/her gender and body type:

Gender Body type Hip size
Male Lean 2
Male Average 4
Male Thick 4
Male Girly 2
Female Slender 6
Female Average 6
Female Curvy 8
Female Tomboyish 2

Changing Your Hip Size

There are numerous items, actions and events that may affect your hip size.


Name Increase Decrease Limit Comments