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Hotaru artwork by Moira
Creators SuiinSea (character)
The Observer (writer)
Personal Information
Full Name Hotaru Sadakata
Occupation Seamstress
Religion Kerosite
Biological Information
Species Kitsune
Gender Female

"Please, allow me to introduce myself — I am Hotaru Sadakata, seamstress by trade, and you are welcome in my home. May I offer you refreshments?"

"Did you come to hear me tell a story? To recount your adventures to me? Or would you rather be a participant in one?"

Hotaru is a four-tailed Kitsune seamstress residing on the second floor of the Kurokawa Kitsune Den.


Hotaru stands at five feet four inches, further elevated another two or three inches by the platform sandals she wears. The colonial born, four tailed kitsune wears her lengthy black hair in a loose, messy bun held up with a copper hairpin. Locks of hair fall around the sides a traditionally beautiful face, sharp red eyes, a small nose and lips pulled up in a small smile — or smirk. By a rough estimate, you might say she's in her early twenties, although it's hard to tell without a fuller understanding of how these people age.

The fox herself is thickly clothed, deigning to present her handiwork rather herself to the world; as a bonus, the voluminous clothes and long sleeves give one little leeway to size her up at a glance. She wears a gray, flaxen pleated skirt that falls to her ankles, and what can only be described as a thick multihued robe covering her top half, decorated with a simple floral pattern. The way her clothes are folded and tied leave a hole in the back for her four silken black-furred tails to emerge, gleaming with a faint sheen in the light as they swish and shiver slowly.

History/Personality/Information of Note



  • Foxfire: Let her show you just how erotic foxfire can be (requires being Kitsune)
  • Tie Down: Tie her down with the tools of her trade and use her while she's bound.
  • Patslut: Pat Hotaru into a moaning mess.
  • Huff Fluff: Assault every last shred of modesty and dignity Hotaru has by huffing her fluff. You know this is why you came all this way.
  • Bath Roleplay: Have some roleplay in the bath with Hotaru.




Found within Hotaru's Bath Roleplay sex scene

Found within Pregnant Kohaku's Feed scene
(Hotaru extended scene):
requires having met Hotaru and a 50% chance

Found within Hotaru's Tie Down sex scene