Kitsune camp

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Kitsune camp
Kitsune camp.PNG
Not much room to wiggle
Region Old Forest


"A bend in the river creates a natural respite from the swift currents, and it's here that a sturdy jetty has been erected. It's clear that this was built before Hawkethorne was founded, but you're not sure exactly by who. The fact that it's still standing despite its age and the water's attempts to erode it away are testament to its craftsmanship, though. One way or the other, it seems to have once been repurposed by the folk of Hawkethorne, with logs and scraps of rotting rope lying here and there; unfortunately, with recent events as they are, the jetty has fallen into disuse once more.

Light at the end of the old elven jetty catches your attention; someone lit a fire in one of the stonework's many potholes, creating a makeshift firepit. You could approach Hinata and his posse, if you like."


Having met Hinata and his party of scouts turned bandits earlier in the Old Forest, you can encounter them once more if you didn't clear the Alraune from the path North and you travel South-West to the old jetty. You can only enter when it is night time (8pm to be precise), else the camp fire isn't lit to signal their presence. The poor Kitsune aren't in a great shape at all, so your presence is a welcome distraction - provided you parted on good terms at least. Once inside, you can talk about their situation, the changes they observed as well as them, their "feeding" habit and more.


No mention of the camp presence will appear until the Kitsune will tell you where it is located. For that they must be friendly to you.