Kunoichi Bodysuit

From Corruption of Champions II
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Kunoichi Bodysuit
Author BubbleLord
Type Attire
Slot Armor/Chest
Base Price 1000
Additional Information
Armor 30
Ward 30
Evasion 25
Sexiness 20
Bonus Resistances 10 (Magic)
10 (Physical)
Additional Flags Light
Version Added 0.3.4


The upper part of the uniform worn by the Den's kunoichi. This flexible skintight bodysuit covers everything from your shoulders to your ankles. Both of its wrist-length sleeves are just as tight, yet the entire suit never squeezes too hard when you move; it's almost like wearing nothing at all. Its lotus-colored tabard with a deep neck exposes much of your chest, too, but dim embroidered bands around the collar and waist of the tabard let you easily adjust just how little — or much — you show off. Its extra length can easily be wrapped and secured as a skirt or let hang loose, depending on how much ass you want to show off.


Picked up, along with the Kunoichi Footwear, from Kohaku at the end of Ninja Stylin'.