Be Witched

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Be Witched
Creator Balak
Quest Giver Viviane
Requirements Palace of Ice Completed
Level Range 5+
Quest Type Companion
Reward Viviane Recruited as a Companion
Location Old Forest
Timed? No
Can Fail? No

"Hmmm... fluid, likely milk based on color and viscosity." Viviane pops the cork off and takes a quick waft of the air, giving a gentle nod after. "Yup, that's definitely where the vagina smell was coming from. I'm hesitant to even question what kind of milk smells like the female orgasm, but then, I'm guessing that's why you're here, huh?"

Writer Credit

Balak Knightfang

Quest States

State Acquisition Description
0 Obtain Succubus Milk after completing Act 1 You've found a strange vial that's contents look like milk in the hands of a demon. You should take one to an alchemist for further inspection.
1 Collect the materials Viviane has agreed to study the vial and its contents, but will require more for proper study.
2 Obtain 9 Succubus Milk You have enough materials for Viv. You should return to her.
3 Return to Viviane with the materials You've delivered all the material she needs for study. Now you just have to wait for her to be done with her research. It'll probably be another three days.
4 Wait three days Viviane should have had enough time to complete her research. You should check in with her.
5 (complete) Return to Viviane Viviane, upon finishing her research and discovering more on the nature of corruption, has offered to join you. (if you warned her about the Succubus Milk) / Viviane's research and experimentation resulted in her turning into a demon. Additionally, she's offered to join your party. (if not warned)


Once you’ve completed the Palace of Ice and have obtained at least one Succubus Milk, you’ll receive this quest.


After giving Viviane the first Succubus Milk, you will have the opportunity to [Warn Her] that it came from a demon, or [Say Nothing]. Regardless, she will ask you to bring her 9 more for further study.

If you still have Farrah at the Wayfort, you can just buy the rest from her. Otherwise, you will have to loot them from enemies. However you do this, once you have 9 Succubus Milk, you can return to Viviane to progress the quest.

This will be your last chance to warn Viviane about the Succubus Milk and your choice will have lasting effects, as Viviane does her testing by consuming the materials.

After three more days pass, you can return to Viviane to conclude the quest.


No matter how you finish the quest, Viviane will propose to join you as a companion. If you accept, she will move her house to the Wayfort permanently.