Blank Scroll

From Corruption of Champions II
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Blank Scroll
Author The Observer
Type Offhand
Slot Offhand
Base Price 350
Additional Information
Accuracy 10
Spellpower 10
Spell Penetration 10
Additional Flags Catalyst
Version Added 0.2.33


While aesthetics may differ across cultures, the principles of magic remain the same. Kitsune and tanuki use scrolls instead of staves, totems or wands as foci, placing the attuned gems on either end of both rods. The paper itself often has a spell scribed on it for easy casting, making more powerful spells quicker to invoke than they otherwise would be. However, unlike a staff, the scroll itself is largely useless as a weapon in and of itself.

Adorned with clear quartz as focusing gems, a blank scroll is the most general of all foci, sacrificing the convenience of a prepared spell for versatility and power.