Master Whisper

From Corruption of Champions II
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MasterWhisper DCL Bust.png

Bust of Master Whisper by DCLzexon
Creator The Observer
Species Mecian
Gender Male
Occupation Cult Master
Excavation Overseer
Title Master
Religion The Demon Cult
Level 4
Health 265
Resolve 100
Strengths Master Whisper has 3 action points.

"But come, even if we are enemies, we should have at least some small measure of civility. Allow me to introduce myself — you may call me Whisper. And you?"


A tiny mouse-man — or boy; given the proportions, you're not quite sure which. Fully animalistic, complete with a muzzle, soft ears and twitching whiskers, he's covered in a fine pelt of fuzzy brown fur where he's not covered by the dark, voluminous cloak he's wearing. Perhaps under more ordinary circumstances, he might have been cute, even adorable; any hope of that is ruined by the rows of tattoos on his muzzle about his lips, giving them the impression of having being stitched shut when they're together.

The diminutive mecian is a shadow unto himself; his voluminous cloak engulfs his body as he darts this way and that, making it hard to judge where underneath all that cloth and leather is empty air and where is mouse. A serrated dagger in each hand, Whisper cartwheels and tumbles, dodges and rolls, the edges of his being blurring into the darkness that pervades the buried ruins.


Master Whisper will be encountered at the altar during the events of Getting Into The Closet. Even though they are enemies, Whisper has a sense of civility and will introduce himself and will ask the Champion for their name. He will also explain to the Champion what the cult has been doing in at the altar and why he is helping Tollus with his goals. It is, of course, a ruse to stall the champion while his underlings escape with their find.



Attack Power: 27 Spellpower: 18
Sexiness: 14 Armor: 24
Physical Resist: 11 Warding: 17
Magic Resist: 17 Focus: 16
Mental Resist: 18 Evasion: 42



  • 500 XP