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*Found within [[Mistress Matiha|Mistress Mathia's]] Tower during [[The Mistress]] quest.
*Found within [[Mistress Matiha|Mistress Matiha's]] Tower during [[The Mistress]] quest.

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Spiraled Blade
Sp. Blade
Type Weapon
Slot Primary
Base Price 600
Additional Information
Damage Penetrating 25
Elemental 15
Damage Type Physical
Crit Bonus 5
Spellpower 5
Armor Penetration 5
Evasion 10
Additional Flags Bladed


An otherwise ordinary sword, this weapon has a long, continuous spiral running all the way up its slightly oblate blade. Infused with liquid ley-crystal, it pulses with magical energy, and the long spiral helps to amplify that power. It seems that at the start of each day it pulses in a different color.

Special Effect

The Elemental damage cycles between Blight, Acid, Fire, Frost, Storm, and Holy each day.