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Scholars of the occult who dedicate themselves to the healing and preservation of others, white mages study the magic granted to mortals by the gods long ago. as a white mage, you can use your magic to shield your allies from harm, heal their wounds, and to attune with nature for your defense. Maintaining the willpower to harness and control your magic is critical, but in the dangerous Frost Marches, you'll rely on your toughness and presence more and more to keep your party together. The life of a white magic is one of dedication to your comrades and those you deem worthy of your protection.

Class Details

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Backgrounds will increase your starting attributes, and some NPCs may either know you or have special interactions with you based on the background you pick.

Name Starting Boost Affinities Description
Noble Scion Presence +1 Presence
You're the youngest child of a noble family, with all the pampering and prestige that entails — not to mention training in arts of magic or battle to your hearts' content. As the youngest child, though, you had little hope of inheriting power and so now seek your own fortunes on the frontier. Your noble upbringing imparts a bonus to Presence.
Hunter Agility +1 Agility
You were born and raised in the wilderness of the northlands, surviving by your skill with a bow and your attunement with nature. Like you, your parents were adventurers, and left early in your life. You're used to living alone — you're quick, quiet, and fleet of foot after years of living in arboreal solitude. Your life as a hunter has given you greater Agility.
Scholar Cunning +1 Cunning
You were trained in the highest institutes of education in the south, which emulate the legendary colleges of ancient Belhar. The constraints of academia grated against you, however, and eventually you had to strike out on your own. Your rich classical education covered the basics of all manner of scholarly pursuits and the secrets of magic, granting a bonus to your Cunning.
Acolyte Willpower +1 Willpower
You were raised in a monastery of the Living Gods, trained in religious ceremony, scholarly pursuits, and the ways of healing magics. You eventually left your order to bring your knowledge and skills to the frontier, eager to help those far from the light of civilization. Your magical training grants you a bonus to Willpower.

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