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As you make your way, the fields around you grow wilder, more unkempt, until after walking for a few minutes more, it’s hard to imagine that anyone works the land here at all. Wild grass reaches almost to your waist, and weeds sprout in prickly bushes.

You’re not sure why, but it seems that cultivation has been abandoned in this area. A little further, at the top of a small incline, you spot a derelict farmhouse, confirming your guess. Its roof is tilted at an odd angle, and where glass windows must have once been, empty holes gape onto its interior.

To your surprise however, a warm orange glow pours out the windows. Someone’s burning a fire inside. Curious, you approach to investigate, your companions in tow. As you get closer, you hear a sheep braying somewhere on the other side of the house. Deciding to take no chances with the sort of desperate men who would live in such a desperate place, you crouch down by the window, and after listening for a moment, peek inside.

You see a dusty room with furniture that’s on the edge of falling apart. Around a table at one end are four men and women, conversing conspiratorially. They seem to be discussing something about whether they can keep staying there or need to move.

Even in this abandoned place, they keep their voices low, so you do not hear many details of what is said. You also notice the sounds of another two people moving around in a room in the back.

Suddenly, your eyes are drawn to the purple overcoats they’re all wearing. Wasn’t that the sign the sergeant told you to watch for? They must be the bandits that have been harassing the local farms!


  • Report them
  • Attack
  • Exort