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Basic lust supporter capable of debuffing enemies and increasing their lust.


Class Prereq Job Tier Job Type Resource Learned From
Courtesan None 1 Seduction SP, LP Initial or Kia/Kai


This job is automatically acquired during character creation or during the introduction quest from Kia/Kai along with the other basic job you did not choose (Fighter or Scholar).


Name Description Type Target Unlocked
Fantasize Increase your own lust. Debuff Self Level 2
Charm Try to dissuade the enemy from attacking you. Debuff Single Level 4
Distract Raise enemy lust and lower their initiative. Debuff Single Level 6
Seduce Raises the lust of target. Debuff Single Level 8
Rut Hump away at target, dealing damage. Attack Single Master Courtesan Job


Mastering this job will award the character with the additional master ability: Rut


  • A character who selects the courtesan job during character creation will have the experience needed for each job level up halved.