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"My name is Kai/Kia, and I serve lady Aria....I have been nursing you here since your arrival to Eden, about a day ago."


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Kia Elf Female Acolyte Unknown Unknown Alder
Kai Elf Male Acolyte Unknown Unknown Alder


Kia/Kai is a female/male elf that is a member of the Temple of Aria. Kia is a female and Kai is a male.


As you muse on how you escaped death this time, you become aware of a warm shape pressing against you. Someone quite slim and scantily clad is lying on top of you, their hands lovingly caressing your body. A glimpse of very large purple eyes and long pointed ears peeking out under a silky mass of silver hair confirms that, whoever your bed mate is, it is no regular human.

The elfin creature starts to sensually suck on one of your nipples, spreading a tingling feeling through your entire body. Even so close, you are not quite sure if it is male or female, either due to the poor light or their very androgynous face. Kai/Kia is in their fifties despite appearing to be 18 due to the slower aging process of the elves.

History/Personality/Information of Note

She/He is rather shy about anything sexual and is kind-hearted as well.



As the first companion / party member she will join you from the beginning automatically.


  • Why She/He Left

"One day, a priestess came to my village," Kia tells you, and pauses briefly, clearly deciding what to say next. "Though we did not worship Aria, she was still generous to us, and aided us with healing. I was impressed as much by her as her abilities, and I saw also the goodness of Aria within her. I decided I too wanted wanted to be able to help people as she did, and went with her to join the priesthood."

  • Culture of Elves

"Eating is not disruption, [Insert Name]. Predators, and even parasites, are part of nature. Even herbivores prey on plants, and plants often kill one another as they compete for sunlight and nutrients," she explains.

"What the elves oppose is depletion. They want the world to be a lush forest, full of life, not an arid desert. To work towards that, they take only the lives they know will be replenished, and do their best to maintain an equilibrium in nature. When elves harvest plants, they also replant them. When they kill animals, it is only when the species is doing well, and often they do so to prevent overpopulation."

  • Parenthood

"Elvish women are fertile only rarely," Kia explains, blushing slightly at discussing this topic. "There is a grand cycle of abundance in nature that affects the elves. It runs about twelve years, although it varies a little from one to the next, and it is only when the cycle is at its peak that an elf can be fertile. And even if that condition is satisfied, i-intercourse will only rarely take and result in a child."

"So you see why children are so precious for my people."

  • Childhood

"There is much time for a child to grow up among my people. Until the child's fifteenth year, the elves place no constraints, no demands, upon the children, provide no education unless the child asks for it. The child is left to learn about the world and explore at her leisure."

Is it really alright to let children run wild like that?

"Of course," Kia tells you. "It gives them a chance to learn the beauty of nature first hand, and my people know children have time to learn the necessities of life as they grow older."


All three choices lead to you obtaining the ability to allow you to gently finger her/him anally. The first scene will only involve two fingers, but the second scene and every scene afterwards involves three fingers.

"Save the World!"

If you choose to be the hero and "Save the World," will lead to a scene where you can ask Kia/Kai to orally pleasure the PC or ignore the feelings, If the PC chooses to have Kia/Kai pleasure them they can choose either to do the same back , anal finger Kia/Kai, or do nothing.

"Go Home"

If you choose to return home, she will understand. However, you can still put her in her place by being "The Boss" or you can simply "Accept" her following of you.

  • Upon choosing to "Accept," you are given the option to eat her vagina out, finger her anally, or let her give you a blowjob.
  • Upon choosing to be "The Boss," you when you are feeling something stirring in your nether regions, then you can choose to force her to give you a Blowjob or ignore the feelings.

"Gain Power!"

If you choose to be more villain-like and decide to gain an immense amount of power, then you will have forcive control over her.

  • First, you must declare yourself as "The Boss." Then, you are feeling something stirring in your nether regions and can choose to force her to give you a Blowjob or ignore the feelings.
  • The only other sex scene available is the same scene for "Healing" to occur.

Anal Sex Scenes

  • From talking to Kia/Kai it is possible to unlock an anal sex scene. After having previously done enough "Healing" if you ask her/him to explain her celibacy several options including the option to "Confront" Kia/Kai become available.
  • Upon choosing "Confront" the "Sex" option becomes available.
  • The "Sex" option leads to choosing who receives anal.
  • Having Kia/Kai receive (This option requires the PC to have a penis, keep the enlarged clit Uru gives if character has a vagina, or a strapon (prompts the player to be "Gentle" or "Rough" leading to two separate dialogues, one being more caring and the other rough as described). Eventually after enough use of the option Kia becomes more use to anal and the dialogue changes and is rough regardless of choice.
  • Having the PC receive (this option requires Kai, or Kia with a strapon) prompts the options of "Take Control", "More" or "Begging". The first option is more dominate, second is neutral, but leads to higher Rel towards the PC (limit of 75), the third option has the PC act submissive towards Kia/Kai (at this moment Kia/Kai can only become 50 in Dominate.)
  • The effects of anal sex with Kia can be seen in her appearance,where her rectum will change and eventually will be described as her "Slutty Sphincter"
  • When equipped with a penis or a strapon that is too large for Kia/Kai, a third option, 'Ruin', appears after choosing Kia/Kai to receive anal. Text states, "You are beyond caring about anything other than your own pleasure. Your huge penis is way too big, but you'll make her take it."



  • Cost: 10SP
  • Effect: Heals some damage, single target.