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"Welcome, young one...I am Aria, the ruler of this realm. I know you must have many questions, but before that, I must remove the taint from you."


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Aria (aka 'Goddess of Light') Unknown Female Goddess Unknown Unknown Alder


Aria is a goddess of light - she has powers of the light, which are made of pure energy. She is the one who saved you from Uru and who cleansed you of the corruption that you obtained upon first entering these lands. She is also responsible for sending you to Eden, which is when/where you meet Kiai for the first time.

It seems that she has a psychic connection with your mind when she speaks to you. It is possible for the player to encounter her in a dream sequence, where the player can either ask her for advice or solicit her for sex - though this is most likely just a dream.


  • Celestial Gardens - She currently resides in the Temple and can only be interacted with during certain occasions.


There is no doubt in your mind that she is indeed a goddess; the heartachingly beautiful woman before you stands by a fountain, a worried expression on her perfect face. She is clad in a long white dress that seem to almost float above the ground, as if it were underwater. The skin on her smooth limbs is fair and unblemished, and an expanse of golden locks falls to her waist in a mass of curls. She carries herself with regal composure and is well over six feet tall.

Her dress - while tastefully chaste - expose part of her generous bosom. Realizing that you are ogling her, your eyes rise to study her face instead. Her eyes, rather than having regular pupils, are pools of shining light, partly obscured under thick lashes. As she speaks to you once more, her full red lips do not move.


  • Herself
  • Uru
  • Portals
  • The Bird

Battle Stats

Her battle stats are unknown, but it would appear that she is much stronger than Uru, as she was able to save you and Uru could do nothing about it.