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To begin with, the side of Eden that the player wakes up in. There is more to the island, but lets start with this. Assume that not every single thing in the world is printed on the map, it is merely a rough guide. Distances may not be to scale.

Far below you, the light takes on a slightly different hue, a fluffy mass of white. Surprised, you realize that you are looking at a bed of clouds. A tiny dark speck appears, growing larger as you come closer. You are moving incredibly fast, although, you do not feel any wind. Below you is a small island with a single tree on it, floating in the middle of a white sea.

As you get closer, your sense of scale skews as miniature mountains, lakes, cities, and forests become visible. No, wait, not miniature - the island itself is actually huge, the great tree at its center gargantuan, its crown thousands of feet above the ground.


  • 1_Crossroads/the keystone - At the center of the great grassy plains, many paths cross. On a low hill, a large monolith with strange runes on it stand. It is said that this stone can act as a conduit for opening portals to other realms. When portals opened on Eden prior to your arrival, it was usually in this general area. While technically under the authority of the kingdom, it is seldom enforced.
  • 2_The Nomads camp - The nomads are at odds with the kingdom (3) but not considered outlaws. Many of this loose group have their origins on other worlds.
  • 3_Rigard - Largely populated by humans or light morphs, this is the largest civilization on Eden. The rulers - the royal family, their followers, and the royal guard - are almost exclusively human, to the point of discrimination. The city has a large merchants street and many facilities such as bars, taverns and brothels. The grand plaza in front of the castle has a statue of Lady Aria, who is considered the protector of the city. The castle is off limits to the general populance.
  • 4_The Great Tree - Undoubtedly the most striking thing on Eden (excluding the fact that it is an island floating in the sky), is the Great Tree. Ancient, hundreds if not thousands of feet tall, the tree is the oldest living thing on Eden. Some people even worship it. It is located at the exact center of the island, surrounded by a large forest.
  • 5_Gwendy's Farm - One of the many farmsteads on the plains. The owner is a female human, who took over the farm after the death of her parents several years past.
  • 6_Burrows - A colony of rabbit-morphs. Will be some kind of dungeon.
  • 7_Outlaws' Camp - Those who do not follow the law of the kingdom are branded outlaws. One of their camps is hidden in the forest, relatively close to the city. Bandits or freedom fighters?
  • 8_The shrine of Aria - Close to the base of the Great Tree is the shrine of Aria, a priesthood dedicated to serving the lady’s will on Eden. Kia/Kai lived here most of their life. The priests and priestesses have been asked many times to move the shrine to the capital, but so far they have preferred to live in isolation.
  • 9_Desert - A place of drought and death. The only way to safely traverse the sand dunes is by joining one of the caravans, heading towards...
  • 10_Oasis - A paradise hidden in the desert, not affiliated with the kingdom. A large part of the population have reptilian qualities.
  • 11_Hills - Lawless country inhabited by dangerous wildlife and primitive tribes.
  • 12_The Boneyard - The last resting place of the ancient dragons. The place is infested with drakes and lesser dragon morphs, and is considered one of the most dangerous places on Eden.
  • 13_Mountains - A nest for bandits, who have their stronghold in the caves beneath the great mountain range. Some of the highest peaks almost reach as high as the crown of the Great Tree.
  • 14_Lake - A peaceful lake, close to the capital.