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“I am Uru, friendly neighborhood omnibus, at your service.”


Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Uru Omnibus Herm Unknown Unknown Unknown Alder


Uru is an insanely powerful omnibus, with an insatiable thirst for conquering and corrupting realms. Very nomadic once she accomplishes a goal, Uru will usually leave to claim another world, though she's been sealed off thanks to Aria. However, upon meeting the player (and inspecting their gemstone), she may yet make an appearance again...



A female demon with long black hair, piercing orange eyes in a perfect face and crowned by a pair of long, curved demon horns. She has a pair of exceedingly well-shaped legs and her feet have great spikes sticking out of them making her, at first, appear to be wearing heels. Your eyes feast on the most glorious butt you have ever seen. Her knockers could knock you flat any day, and her hourglass figure is nothing but exquisite. She also sports a sixteen inch demonic cock, resting just above her cunt. It is only in hindsight that you realize that the amazing creature in front of you has red-tinted skin and a tail ending in a heart-shaped tip.


Upon speaking to her, Uru will ask you how you arrived to this realm. You can lie to her or tell her about the mirror, so far there doesn't seem to be any consequences for either.

After she ask you what your dreams for the future are.

  • Power
  • Love
  • Peace

You can also have weird dreams and nightmares about Uru.


  • Fuck vagina
  • Fuck anal
  • Get fucked

Note: If you are a girl Uru will grow you a clit cock.

Battle Stats

Level: ??? HP: ??? SP: ??? LP: ???