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The location that you initially enter after going through the mirror.


There is no way to get back here.


You are in an unfamiliar place, an endless plain of red cracked earth, occasionally dotted with black thorn bushes. The sky looks like something from an insane painting, vivid red streaks clashing with dark brown, gray and black clouds. Occasionally, red lightning flashes across the sky, flooding the dim and dreary wasteland with sharp light.

In the far, far distance, you can make out a large mountain range, the impossibly high peaks hidden in the clouds. There is no sign of life anywhere.

The Mountains You are at the base of a towering mountain range, rising like massive black pillars toward the chaotic sky. Below, on the wasteland, you can see the demon striding toward you in long steps. Behind it, fire is spreading out, the cracks from the demon's heavy footsteps opening up into an endless abyss.

The only way left to you is up, but you have no idea how to climb. Up close, the mountain is a sheer cliff, almost vertical.

The Cliff Side You are on a small outcropping on the sheer mountainside where you fought with the imps.

The huge demon is blocking the path back down, but it seems to be ignoring you for now, no doubt cooking up new ways to torture you.

You could try to continue the climb up, though you doubt you could escape the demon's wrath for long. Still, not much choice, is there?

The fallen imps are out cold on the ground, you guess you could check them for loot, or maybe - just maybe - get some release.

The Peak You are at the very peak of the mountain, on a flat circular plateau no more than twenty meters across. Around and above, the sky is a calm meld of red and pink, and you realize that you are far above the rioting storm clouds. In the middle of the plateau stands a throne of stone.

There doesn't really seem to be anything interesting on the mountaintop, beside a few broken pillars and the large throne in the middle of everything.

The throne itself is made of black rock, polished to a sheen. Veins of light blue snake their way across the surface, as if the thing was made of jet black marble. The throne has no particular ornaments on it, but you notice that the seat is uneven and strange, with unnerving protrusions poking at whoever tries to sit on it.

It doesn't look like it would be very comfortable.

Engraved in the stone are runes in a strange language, glowing faintly. You don't understand their meaning.

Beside the throne stands the omnibus who saved you from the demon. She follows your moves with interest, eyes pinned on you like a cat focusing on a toy.