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"DON'T RUN, PUNY HUMAN. THERE IS NO USE HIDING," the booming voice announces, sounding slightly amused. "YOU ARE IN MY REALM NOW, THERE IS NO ESCAPE."


This is the first demon that you encounter and he is also responsible for transporting you into another world via Purple Gemstone and a Golden Mirror.

He takes extreme pride and joy while he chases you up the mountain and up its peak. He attempts to get you to rape the two, defeated imps, in an attempt to corrupt you.

At the end of the chase, Uru catches him off guard when he claims to be the ruler of this realm, inevitably ending in the defeat of the Giant Demon by Uru, with the single flick of a finger! Whether he is truly dead or merely gravely wounded is unknown.



A multitude of spikes and horns rise from its hairless head in a chaotic mess. The demon's lip-less mouth, filled with incredibly sharp teeth, is spread in a huge grin spanning the entirety of the creature's red skinned triangular head. Two sunken eyes burning like hot coals search the area, trying to find you. On it's back two great black wings. The thing must be at least a hundred feet tall.

Battle Stats

  • Level: 35/25
  • HP: 1783
  • SP: 1693
  • LP: 753
  • Base Strength: 100
  • Base Stamina: 150
  • Base Dexterity: -40
  • Base Intelligence: 5
  • Base Spirit: 80
  • Base Libido: 80
  • Base Charisma: 50

Battle Actions

The Giant Demon has a couple of actions, the most common one being to laugh at your futile efforts. Other actions include him shooting a beam at you that raises lust or getting bored and creating a third imp for the encounter with him.

After the Battle

After you defeat/loss to the imps the battle is over and you now have the option of climbing again or taking advantage of the defeated imps. If you take advantage of the imps then the Giant Demon will give you the option to enhance yourself. You can do this up to three times. once you have enhanced yourself, you can continue to take advantage of the imps but you will not receive any more enhancements.

  • Men: Larger Cock, More Cum, Anal Capacity
  • Women: Vaginal Capacity, Anal Capacity, Bigger Boobs