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Oasis Demons
The Demon is one (or possibly many) of the sentient species of Mareth and the cause of all the trouble the land has gone through recently.

There are several types of demons. Some are spirits able to posess somebody's body (or body parts), some have a physical body of their own. The original demons were once powerful magic users. They became demons after finding out how to turn their own souls into lethicite, a powerful energy source. After that there are many demons that have been converted by other demons through seduction, rape and coercion.

Demon NPCs

The list does not include members of the various named sub-species.

  • Akbal
    Akbal - A demon (although he claims to be a God) trapped in the form of a jaguar by a curse.
  • Ceraph - An omnibus class demon with a fetish for piercings who can become a follower
  • Exgartuan - A demon that can possess tits or cock(s), found in the Desert.
  • Fido's Mistress - A milky cow like succubus class demon found in Utra's Fertility Quest, Master of Fido The Minotaur Lord
  • Hellhound Master - A masculine omnibus class demon who created the Hellhounds.
  • Ifris - A devil-girl found at the Gym in Tel'Adre. Ifris is unique among the NPCs in that she
  • Incubus Mechanic - An incubus class demon found at the Demon Factory.
  • Lethice - The Demon boss. Not implemented in the game yet but defeating her will be the ultimate goal of the Main Quest.
  • Unnamed Demon who has possessed Minerva.
  • Oasis Demons - A tribe of about twenty male, female, and hermaphroditic demons that have all given in to corruption and been transformed in various ways as a result, found in the Desert.
  • Omnibus Overseer - Boss of the Demon Factory.
  • Sean - A demon who sets up shop in the Deep Forrest Cave after the player has defeated Zetaz.
  • Secretarial Succubus - A succubus class demon found in the Demon Factory.
  • Syrena - Not yet in the game but mentioned by other characters.
  • Vapula - A succubus class demon leading a horde of demons against Owca

Becoming a Demon

It is not possible for the PC to become a Demon without loosing the game. But it is possible to transform into a Demon-morph.

Bad End transformations