Helping Aquilius

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Help Aquilius gather herbs from the Forest.

Note: This quest can be repeated daily.



Gather herbs from the Forest for Aquilius. You should be able to find them pretty close to the Outlaws' Camp.
  • Talk to Aquilius in the Infirmary in the Outlaws' Camp.
    • Select Gather Herbs.
      • He'll give you a list of herbs to gather.

In addition, Aquilius asked for some random ingredient. While not strictly necessary, you’re sure the old surgeon would appreciate you getting that as well.
  • He'll also select a certain herb to prioritize, and he'll give an extra reward for getting some for him.
  • Exit the Outlaws' Camp.
    • Search in Forest until you get an option that says Herbs. Click it.
    • You can keep searching The Forest if you haven't already received the specific herb that Aquilius wanted you to bring him.

Return the herbs to Aquilius in the infirmary.
  • Return to Aquilius with the herbs.
    • If you obtained the extra herb that he was looking for, you're given the option to hand it to him.


  • Increases relationship with Aquilius by 2.
  • If you had the extra herb, you will receive:
    • 1 additional point to your relationship with Aquilius.
    • 1 Pipeleaf