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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Aquilius Eagle-morph Male Doctor Unknown Unknown Alder



An middle-aged, eagle-morph. Your eyes flicker over his, and he meets your gaze evenly, black pupils set in deep amber sclera. It’s a hard look, and he appears to be staring through you, giving you the impression that he’s not all quite there. With a shake of his head, he breaks the gaze and turns back to his duties. Aquilius’ precious pipe is firmly clenched in his beak, a thin wisp of aromatic smoke rising from the bowl as he takes drags from it, the eagle-morph sighing in satisfaction each time he inhales.

The rest of him, though, is in what might be charitably called “the prime of his life”. Aquilius’ feathers, while mostly a mixture of brown, gold and black, have begun to grey in patches; it’s most obvious in the wings that he usually keeps folded neatly on his back. Contrasting the usual hustle and bustle of the camp, the good surgeon moves with a relaxed demeanor; his hands - which while covered with feathers, are still humanlike - are steady, his motions deliberate and unhurried as he goes about his tasks with practiced ease. What vitality has left the surgeon as the years wear him down has been replaced with experience, and he’s clearly managed to leverage it to its full extent.

All in all, Aquilius is the very picture of a genial, middle-aged man who’s decided to put down roots, even if they’re not exactly in firm ground.



  • Himself
  • The daily-grind
  • The war
  • Smoke with him

Help Out

  • Gather Herbs
  • Tend to the Sick
  • Alchemy
    • Gain 2 Relationship with Aquilius.