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Full Name Species Gender Occupation Family Nationality Creator
Orvin Unknown Male Innkeeper Efri (Daughter) Unknown Unknown


You can’t quite tell the man’s age, but he seems to be well within his prime. There are a few streaks of grey in his dark brown hair, but his face is unlined, and his gaze attentive as he surveys the room. He’s wearing a black vest over a white shirt, which somehow remains spotless despite handling the drinks he so often mixes.



Orvin is the current owner and purveyor of the Lady's Blessing's Inn in Rigard. He also rents rooms for 100 coins per night.


When his great-grandmother was 15, she left her parent's farm as a result of a horrible harvest to leave enough food for her family to survive. For four years she worked at a shrine belonging to Lady Aria, she would have worked for longer had the High-Priestess not lend her the money to start her own inn due to her hard work and determination; in turn, she named the Inn "Lady's Blessing's".

The Inn is handed down to the most determined and passionate child.


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