Room 369

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Room 369 - perfect. You shove open the door, a little surprised to find it unlocked, and push through, stumbling slightly.

Behind you, you hear Kai’s alarmed voice, as the door slams shut, seemingly of its own volition. Confused and a little startled, you stumble toward the bed, grabbing on to one of the bedposts for balance.

“Oh baby,” a voice drawls, coming from the air all around you, “you can lean on me, and I’ll hold you up all night.”



A sentient room with a bed, a small table, and a cabinet. They look a little dated, but not particularly out of the ordinary.


You have to rent a room then drink at the bar till tipsy. After head to your room and don't except help if asked. You should randomly encounter Room 69 in your drunken state.



  • Sentience -Ask why the room can talk and move
  • Leave - You need to get out of here. Now.
  • What now - You need to know what it wants from you

Maybe having some fun with Sixtynine won’t be so bad

  • Agree - You are not quite sure if the room can be reasoned with, but you’re willing to try
  • Argue - Maybe a shouting match with the room will convince it to let you out, although Sixtynine probably wouldn’t be happy about it
  • Force - Try to break down the door.

If you break the door or argue you will be on bad terms with 69 and next time you return to the Inn you can apologize


Apologize to 69 for breaking door:

You head up to the third floor, feeling a little guilty about the way your last encounter with Sixtynine ended. An oak door has been installed to replace the one you broke, making the room blatantly stand out compared to the ones around it. Looks like they managed to finish the repairs very quickly, though you wonder if they sacrificed quality to get it done. You hesitate for a moment before the entrance, before raising your hand and gently knocking. There is no response, and you are about to knock again when the door flinches away from your hand, swinging inwards.

'How about you not hit my door?,' Sixtynine finally speaks up, sounding petulant. “I’m still getting flashbacks to the last time you did that. In fact, why don’t you go away and never come back.”

  • Apologize - You came here to apologize to the room.

You then need to go to the Merchants and get new hinges for 69. (Cost 120 coins)

Apologize to 69 for being mean:

"It’s you,” Sixtynine offers, sounding less than pleased by your presence. “Come to tell me about my fleas again? Or perhaps this time you’re going to wax loquacious about all the cockroaches you have spotted? One does tend to thinking of his/her own kind, I suppose.”

Ah, this isn’t starting so well. You came here thinking of making up with Sixtynine, but damn if it doesn’t tempt you into bickering with it...

  • Apologize - Provocation or no, you probably went a little too far...
  • Insult Fight - You are '"not"' letting it get away with that. If it wants to fight, you’re sure your wits are up to the challenge! Int(#)> 40

Either way you end on good terms with 69