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One of the player's eight main stats, Fight determines how much damage you deal in combat when using the Attack command.

Actions that grant Fight experience include:

-Using the Attack command in fights (amount varies based on opponent, repeatable)

-Using the Weights at the 24 Hr Get Fit in New Ark City (+10, repeatable)

-Pony play with Fawn (+40, repeatable)

Fight-gated actions include:

None known

Items that affect your Fight while equipped include (except Lust Doll Plus):

Item Name Equipped Slot Fight Modifier
Bloomers Lower Body +1
Cargo Shorts Lower Body +1
Crowbar Held +1
Dress Shoes Feet +1
Knife Held +1
Metal Bat Held +2
Sneakers Feet +1
Thick Sock Sneakers Feet +1
Windbreaker Upper Body +1