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Linda, the scientist

Head scientist in New Ark's Science Lab Tower.


Start her storyline:

Can be done after discovering the Deserted Base.

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Become infected with a parasite from the Deserted Base (by losing a fight with an infected male or female.)

-Go to the Science Lab Tower in the northeast section of New Ark City, and have your parasite removed there.

-Come back later. There'll be an event.

-Return to Deserted Base. Beat Mistyra, and ask for her help.

-Return to the Science Lab Tower.

Find her again:

Can be done after the event at the Science Lab Tower

Spoilers! Click to reveal:

-Complete Science Lab Event and you will be prompted to go back to Deserted Base.

-Talk to the scientist at the top left of the Science Lab Tower main floor.

-Gather ingredients and create the parasite sedater.

-Find Mistyra in the Deserted Base and beat her again. Use the parasite sedater when prompted.

-All deaths in the proceeding event (with the exception of the random encounter tentacles) result in a bad end. Save often!